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Listen to the song “Bound To You” by Christina Aguilera and imagine it in Zero’s point of view.

“You think a girl would fall for that?”

Oh hell yes.”

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here is stuff i wrote to the ppl i love

hi im not cool and savvy so ya a follow forever is not a thing but since it’s been a month and a day since i made my blog i thought y not do a ppl i love post to show I APPRECIATE U! cause i feel like i never tell my friends that i love them lol and ya its seperated in bullet points cuz lol y not im gonna but  keepreadinf cuz ya

  • ANONS I LOVE YOU ! i’ve never gotten anon hate and tbh IDK WHY SOME OF U CARE ABOUT ME SO MUCH like when im like starving myself u tell me to take care of me and when i ask for asks you guys leave them? ALSO SO MANY PEOPLE CALLED ME PRETTY WHICH IM NOT BUT SELF ESTEEM BOOST ILYYYY this blog wouldn’t be alive without u guys

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me trying to decide what my favorite song from Waitress is
  • Me: "She Used to Be Mine" is just amazing
  • Me: But "Everything Changes" and "I Didn't Plan It" are such amazing solos too!
  • Me: And "Door Number Three" is lowkey a really good solo too (minus Earl talking)
  • Me: But the group numbers...
  • Me: "When He Sees Me" is so funny omfg
  • Me: "Bad Idea" though (and its reprise because who doesn't love some "In the dark dark-chocolate pie")
  • Me: "It Only Takes A Taste" and "You Matter to Me" are both so GOOD how am I supposed to decide on this?
  • Me: And "What's Inside" starts off the show on such a good note ugh deciding this is so hard.
  • Me: "Lulu's Pie Song" will probs make you cry but like I don't mind because it's so adorable????
  • Me: Also any time Ogie "Never Getting Rid of Me" and "I Love You Like A Table." HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THOSE?
  • Me: OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT ABOUT "A Soft Place To Land." THE HARMONIES!!!!!!1111!!!11!!
  • Me: But "Waiting Room" has literally been stuck in my head all day so maybe that's my favorite?
  • Me:
  • Me: Yeah I can't choose either.
jung chanwoo as your boyfriend !!! ( ´・‿-)~♡

ikon as your boyfriend series..✲゚。(✿)ノ☆.₀:*゚✲゚*

chanwoo as ur boyfriend

- shy shy shy
- he lives to tease you
- especially about your height

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- forehead kisses ugh
- a moderate fan of skinship
- but too shy to kiss you in front of the boys or in public
- he’d just stick to handholding in public
- ALSO he likes to backhug you out of nowhere
- loves hearing you talk
- he essentially thinks your voice is the best thing on this earth
- SING OFFS (he’s actually a really good singer even though he doesn’t get much lines :-(  )

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- LOVES playing video games with you
- its one of his hobbies so he would love to include you in it
- y'all would play just dance!!!!! UGH
- it’d be so cute 
- cuddling on off days
- gets shy when you tell him how much he means to you
- AND he gets shy telling you the same

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-  loves taking pictures of you
- LOVES it when you wear his hoodie
- he just thinks you look super cute in them
- loves playing with your hair
- like tying it for you (don’t ask)
- he wouldn’t yell at you during fights
- but instead he’ll hear you out
- explain his side of the story 
- and whoever is in the wrong would apologise
- loves getting couple items with you
 you are yunhyeong 

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- slightly clingy
- not in an annoying way but
- but just extra protective bcs
- he’s afraid of losing you (´。• ᵕ •。`)
- the sweetest boyfriend tbh

yo this him video calling you after their concert 

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they orbit around each other, satellites caught in each other’s gravity — mesmerized by their jagged edges and inner beauty. 

tagged for @zenwisterias / @veraandalyn because okay so, i’m so so SO sorry this has taken so long, i’ve been super stressed out with university and life and dealing with a ton of emotional issues that have left me burnt out. but instead of sleeping like a normal human being i’ve decided to fuck myself up further so i can finish this long-overdue birthday gift to you!!!! 

anyways this is the full almost-sin version of this post, now chock full of vercalyn because this is a good OT3 to have lmao. they’re vaguely aged up probably and established dating between all of them, and right now the running headcanon is “living it up in a shitty apartment together”

“Happy birthday.”

Vera narrows her eyes at the boy and girl standing before her with mirrored mischievous smiles, and folds her arms together. “Okay, what did you guys do?”

“Why do you assume we’ve done something, V? We’re just happy for our gorgeous girlfriend whom we love and adore and totally didn’t make a plan for her birthday,” Percy says innocently, her smile only growing bigger. 

Vera looks at Alyn expectantly. He just tilts the corner of his lips up further in that infuriating crooked smile that always manages to send a shiver down her spine, but she can see the hesitance and adoration in his eyes, and so she puts on her infamous puppy-eyes and pouts. Out of the three of them, Alyn’s always been weakest to the girls’ charms, which Vera plans to fully exploit, because just what do they have planned for her birthday, she does not like surprises

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There was something puzzling yet enchanting about admiring him from afar. He made people feel like they knew him, but still kept parts of him to himself. Sometimes, if you got lucky, he would strip himself of his being and parade himself completely to those he cared about the most, almost as if he was reserving those little parts of himself to thank them for being in his life. And of course, they all accepted it because he was a gem and knowing even the smallest detail about his day was something to treasure deeply.

Every single day for the past four years, I observed him closely and watched his every move the best that I could. I had been led to believe that he was perfect, but I also knew that was impossible, so I kept my eyes open to his flaws and neither held them against him nor did I brush them off. But mistakes were rather seldom when it came to him because he carried himself well, and although my heart ached at the thought of him, I also wished he would somehow mess up just to prove to me he was just as human as I was and everyone else.

There was something dangerous in falling in love with someone you know vaguely. No matter how much I wanted to love him completely for who he was, because I only saw parts of him, that was what I fell in love with. I didn’t want to admit it, but there was a tugging bit at the back of my head that sometimes told me I fell in love with the idea of him instead of him as a person. It was absurd to think about, because I was rightfully convinced that I knew him and I could read and understand him better than he could do so himself, but that was what my thoughts fed me.

I knew my intentions were genuine because I never demanded anything from him in return. All I wanted was to absorb every fiber of his being, may it be that he let me or not, and that he continue to be himself.

So now, four years later, I am still here hurting at the thought of him. It was ridiculous, wasn’t it, how someone who is your main source of happiness can have so much control over you that they can also make you feel sadness and pain with their mere existence.

But then it always goes back to one thought, and then everything would be okay again. I was just glad to know that someone like him existed in this world that never really deserved his presence in the first place.

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omg I just get so happy but yet so sad thinking about OotP Sirius because he's so...god, he really is so fucked up. and it's so unpredictable because of where his mind is and all of the things he's been through and even the good moments are bittersweet, they're always a bit sad even if he doesn't realize it until later. but the fact that there are moments like that, where sirius is singing on christmas. the fact that those moments EXIST and for a moment, he's the same as he always was. ugh. bye.

thinking about sirius at all makes me super sad. ootp sirius though is just UGH. because he’s trapped in the place he has all of his worst memories and all he wants to do is avenge james and protect harry, but he can’t, and he must be wrestling with so many emotions, and yet, he still manages to bring a bit of happiness into the home. he still manages to try to make it welcoming to harry and that’s just so sad…

AHHHHHHHHHH OKAY i dont know if many heard the news but there’s going to be two new but closely related Pokemon manga starting in CoroCoro’s November issue (released on October 15th) and i think this is an image from the prologue in the October issue!!! now we have to hope it gets scanned

Day Six: Favorite Music Moment “and i don’t feel well/oh, couldn’t you tell?/from the way i touch my face?” “and i ain’t no/and i ain’t no/and i ain’t no hercules- charon; keaton henson

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Pines of Rome mvt IV: Pines of the Appian Way (Respighi) - Georges Pretre and the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra