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after being rescued by kageyama, hinata has to stay in his tub! he’s ridiculously embarrassed (not just cause hes around kageyama now, but he also feels like a burden) its very awkward in the beginning :’)

Tsukikagehina hc #2

Hinata kicks in his sleep almost every night and Tsukishima and Kageyama have given up trying to stop it. However, at some point they turned it into a competition to see who would be kicked out of bed less. Although sometimes Hinata kicks both of them out and they end up cuddling on the floor instead.

(Current score: Tsukishima is winning; 74 to 79)

I’ve always had this headcanon that Tsukki names Yamaguchi’s freckles after stars.

Tsukki traced Yamaguchi’s freckles with his lips.


Yamaguchi was as still as a statue, but he was warm under Tsukki’s hands. He kissed his forehead. 

“Betelgeuse,” Tsukki said solemnly, his face unreadable.

His lips trailed down slowly to Yamaguchi’s cheek. He could feel it leave a burning trail down his cheekbone. He suppressed a shiver. 


He moved languorously, lips ghosting over Yamaguchi’s left jawline, before resting on a spot just at the corner of his mouth. 


He looked at him intently for a long, drawn second, his features lacking its usual jadedness. He was all shadow and light. Pure, Yamaguchi thought, like the moon.

Finally he kissed him on the lips, full and warm. Yamaguchi sighed into him, slipping his hand to the back of Tsukki’s head. He could feel the tall boy’s short curls tumble silkily in his fingers, and the smooth skin at the nape of his neck burn.

He was beautiful, this Tsukki. The one without the salty face and snarky words. He certainly tasted nothing like salt now. He was sweet and warm, like the honey of his eyes. He chuckled at the thought, unbidden. What would Tsukki say if he knew Yamaguchi was comparing him to honey, of all things?

He withdrew. “What?” he asked, eyes dazed. Nope, not the usual Tsukki at all.

“Nothing. It’s nothing,” Yamaguchi said with a small secret smile.

They kissed until the stars shone brightly, a backdrop against the constellations on Yamaguchi’s face.

new captain Yahaba makes it his personal duty to make sure new ace Kyoutani stays in line and in shape.

As a result, every time Kyoutani acts out in school or practice, Yahaba makes him do push ups wherever they’re at and Yahaba definitely sits on his back to make it more difficult.

Kyoutani continues to act out despite this and Yahaba’s life is hard until he figures out Kyoutani just wants to be close to him and doesn’t know how to vocalize it


Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.02.07
┗ Black work-out clothes & pushed up sleeves next week! ♥ ♥ ♥