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It’s my wish, that she would choose me as her warrior.

White liberals: I care about all the marginalized groups! LGBTQ people, women, and…*looks at smudged writing on hand*…Jawas.

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Nine/Rose AU King Theta of Gallifrey was straightening the bow tie of his tux as he waited for his official escort. He'd tired of the endless line of would be queens and asked his assistant, Jack, to pick a girl with no royal ambitions. He was informed his companion for the ball was a career minded young lady by the name of Rose Tyler.

“Stop fussing with it!” His sister hissed as his hands reached up towards his neck once more. “It’s fine!”

“You know I don’t like bowties, Donna!” He whined. “Reminds me of all those awful functions we had to go to when we were younger, and the suit I had to wear at the funeral. I don’t know why I can’t wear a tie…”

She crossed her arms. “Because the even has always been black tie and you’re not changing that no matter how much you hate the neck wear. Now stop fiddling with it, I think your companion has arrived.”

The Doctor, named so after a childhood rebellion when he threatened to run away from the family and become a healer, reluctantly turned to see Jack leading over a blonde dressed in a dark blue dress that matched the embroidery on his vest. The dress was simple but elegant, allowing room for movement, and the scarf that heralded her as a member of the inventor’s guild was lopsided, as if she had been toying with it. He forced a smile when Jack escorted her closer. “Lady Rose. A pleasure to meet you.”

Rose smiled slightly. “Your majesty. I want to warn you in advance that I have to leave early. I have a former engagement that I’ve been planning for ten years.”

He blinked, but offered her his arm. “If you insist.”

The trumpets sounded out the fanfare, and he and Rose both grimaced at the noise. It was yet another tradition that he found tiresome, stuck in the past with a world changing rapidly around them.

Rose moved gracefully to the ballroom floor, since they had the first dance. “So, Miss Tyler,” he asked as the song started. “What is it that you do?”

“Besides babysit my brother free of charge?” She grinned. “I help my father out at his guild. I’m currently in team management.”

The Doctor blinked, finding his initial opinions of her shifting. “What’s that about, then?”

She shrugged. “Make sure everyone is on time with their projects, help out if needed, be a liason between the groups and the higher management. Sounds like there’s a lot of paperwork, but I actually get to help out on the projects a lot.”

“Your father’s guild is one of the best in the country,” he grinned. “And I’m sure that is partly thanks to you.”

Rose grinned. “Well, I help where I can. So what about you, Sire? What are your hobbies?”

He considered. “Star gazing, travelling, basically anything that gets me out of the castle,” he admitted. “Many people disapprove of how hands-on my reign has been, but they’re all old fogies who need to get their heads out of the sand.”

“Tell me about it,” she grumbled. “One matron dared to suggest that I wear a veil, as proper of a woman of my standing.” Rose tossed her head defiantly. “That accessory went out of style in all the neighboring countries at least a century ago, and don’t get me started on all the regulations I’ve had to find loop holes to in order to get some of the projects approved. Gallifrey is too mired in tradition in my opinon. Er, no offense,” she added, hastily.

The Doctor stared at her in astonishment, then beamed. “Rose Tyler, I think you’re exactly what I’m looking for,” He exclaimed.

“I am?”

“I’ve been looking for a consultant to get rid of some of the old laws, and you, my dear, are the perfect candidate. Want to help me Operation Bad Wolf?”

She grinned. “On one condition.”


“You join me in watching the Medusa Cascade tonight.”

He laughed, delighted. “The meteor shower? I would be honored. I was planning on having a peek at it myself.”

They stopped dancing as the song came to an end. “Well, your majesty,” Rose said, her tongue peeking out between her teeth, “I accept your generous proposal.”


lay down your burden

you are not alone

farewell ten

who else is out here feelin sad n lonely tonight?

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how do u feel abt weed?

not a fan


-endless list of heartbreaking tvd scenes ♔ (12/∞)

-best acting scenes Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert  (13/∞)

I finally finished the thing!! How many hours did this take? Too many tbh.

But it’s cute. So all’s okay.

The long and the short of it- I became Hidden Block Trash™️ because of the Hidden route in Asagao Academy, and wanted to draw a thing for it.

There were gonna be more toys and whatnot added to this? I had Mr Bunny added into the sketch and a bunch of other things I was gonna add scattered around, but ArtRage crashed on me and I ended up like an hour+ of sketching. I couldn’t be asked to add it all back in again, so I just threw in a ton of Nokeballs? Hana still has a Clefairy Clepixie plushie though. It’s just a headcanon I have that Hidden Block!Hana gets given a Clefairy plushie by one of the boys.

I gave Ian an antler. I don’t know why. The colours are a bit off I think, but it’s almost one am rn and I’m too tired to fix it.

Caddy please stop yelling, Hana has the sads. And you are the only one who hasn’t noticed, for whatever reason.

Anyway… hope y’all like this?