ugh it's been so off

…Yeah. So. Ink. Chances of me actually keeping up with this is SO not likely. XDa I’ve been struggling to art lately though, so on other hand, if I can keep up at all, maybe it’ll help. We’ll see. XD lol Course was day behind so here are two. loool (I did think about it last night… but then I accidentally fell asleep.) BUT ANYHOO.

TAG!’s first actual romance… YOU GO MAX. WHAT A OTP. *o*b

And some lil’ Virg…though not entirely happy with it. I’ve drawn far cuter small Virgils before, ack.

Ugh… inking… all those mistakes. Ugh. XD I’m gonna regret this.


make me choose

  • anonymous asked: Tom with fringe or Tom with no fringe 
molded leggings

I don’t understand why Mattel is so obsessed with molded leggings on Ever After High dolls. I’d one million times prefer to have bare skin colored legs than molded leggings. Stop. Just stop, Mattel.

Y'all need to keep up on my ass abt working on my novel lmao


beginning something uneasy and primitive

dallison + complementary colors

catateme9  asked:

Fic prompt: Future Lilo get-together. Louis pining for years. Late night writing session, and Louis is so tired that he forgets to hold back when Liams smilling face is so close to his, so he just leans in and kisses him. Either Louis runs away in horror because Liam is frozen, or Liam responds right away, your choice. Either way, Liam response is like "wait, what? That's an option? Why did I not know that that's an option!?". No cheating please, so like maybe some time after Sophiam break up?

this took me so long! i’m so sorry :( hopefully you like it xx

if this feeling flows both ways, louis x liam, 2000~ words




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