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Regalia University

Yoongi x reader

This au is based off a similar “school” concept from my previous fic, Telecom.

Genre: Strong language, love, angst, music, school life,

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Regalia is the school for dreamers and achievers. It is a school for widely talented people and you have always wanted to go there. The place that most idols, authors, and painters come from; was the university that you wanted to go too… And the university you were accepted to.

The exciting news sent chills through your spine as you thought of your exciting new future to come from it… But boy were you wrong…

It all started with your dorm neighbor…

Min Yoongi.

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The 100 + episode posters (part II of season 1)


“Hm… I can be serious. I think sometimes I can be… I can be a little cold and she’s [Olivia], she’s icy at times and hm… [Interviewer: You seem to laugh a lot though.] Yeah, oh I’m quick to laugh! [laughs]”

HENNY!!! HEEEEEENNNYYYY 2. Which scene was your favourite to write in (title of fic)? Since you didn’t specify I shall have a little fun and pick two. WAIT. AS I’M ANSWERING THIS YOU SENT ME ANOTHER ASK SAYING DALLIANCE. Fate has spoken lol. That is hard. Anything with Dorea Potter? I have a lot of favourites, one would probably be Lily and James’s wedding, another would be when Ron got to see his family in this time, Hermione and Remus kissing for the first time. Ugh, so many, I hate to choose. If I had to pick an ultimate though… Hermione walking in on naked Remus on his birthday ;) nah kidding. I can’t choose. Don’t make me. What’s YOUR favourite scene I’ve written for Dalliance?? ;p

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