ugh it was actually pretty close

Moonbyul staring at Solar: gosh she’s so pretty. look at her. my solar. actual angel kim yong sun. so talented. so wonderful. yeba’s the best, i love her so much.

Solar staring at Moonbyul: ah shit she’s looking at me again ugh this girl close your damn eyes before I get lost in them! nope too late its happening!! fix it solar FIX IT stare somewhere else ANYWHERE else…..NOT AT HER LIPS!!!! omg i hate u byul yi

Me staring at both of them: *nodding in approval*

“hey, phil,” dan murmurs to his boyfriend, closing his laptop and leaning his head on his shoulder, “we should paint our nails. that girl gave us some pretty snazzy colors,” “ugh, dan, it’s so late though,” phil whispers, seeing that it’s nearly 11:30 at night. “11:30 is nothing,” dan teases, “old man,” “oh, it’s on now,” phil retorts lovingly, shutting his laptop and getting up to go get the nail polish. “blue, bla-” phil is cut off by dan whisper shouting, “black! obviously, do you even know me? you’re such a bad boyfriend.” phil just sighs and unscrews the cap, “you know, if i didn’t love you i think i’d throw you off this bus.”

bellamyblake  asked:

Top 5 emmerdale characters// places in the world // and songs pls :)

Top 5 Emmerdale Characters:

  1. Aaron
  2. Charity
  3. Marlon
  4. Cain
  5. Pete

Top 5 Places in the world: gonna be honest, I haven’t actually traveled all that much and I’m not really a place person so I don’t really have any? There are places that I find pretty but I can’t call them top places in world?

Top 5 songs (basically just my latest favorites):

  1. Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
  2. All Time Low - Jon Bellion
  3. 7 Years - Luka Graham
  4. If You Could See Me Now - The Script
  5. Dream - Imagine Dragons

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything

So I got a job

And it’s really quite nice actually, nothing super complicated, fairly relaxed and highly flexible hours that I can somewhat control. No need to  take vactions. Above minimum wage even.

Probably the best kind of job for me aside from something done from home… at least it gets me out of the house

But UGH I have to CALL via PHONE before pretty much EVERY SHIFT to see if they actually need me.

INTJ/Introvert hell I tell you.


I hate phone calls.

And it’s dangerously close to being too short notice… I am NOT a spontanous person. I like to know at least a day in advance what I’ll be doing.

I hope I can get my boss to handle it through messages instead >_>

Still think it’s one of the better job options for me atm, so we’ll see how it goes!


Ok guys. Imagine. You’re facetiming your close/best friend Jimin. He talks about you all the time to his hyungs but they’ve never met you.  So one time when you’re calling…

H: Who are you talking to?

JM: My friend

H: Which friend? Is it that girl you always talk about?

JM: Ugh go away can’t you see I’m on the phone?

H: *Teasingly* oOoOoh Jimin!! She’s pretty!!

JM: Ahh hyung! Seriously please leave!!

H: Ok ok I’m going. *seconds later* BYE JIMIN’S GIRLFRIEND


Then after he actually leaves, he turns back to you, completely red from embarrassment but all he can do is smile. You’re sitting there also shy and laughing at the awkwardness of it all and just the cuteness that he is. “Ignore him. He’s crazy.” He assures. To which you reply, “Haha no you guys are so cute”

“You think I’m cuter though, right?”

“Haha only the cutest!”

I'll do better

AN: if I don’t put sasuhina in the actual post it won’t post in the tag. Ugh. This is actually pretty stupid.


Hinata was minding her own business, which is normally when the strange stuff starts happening…but anyway, it was almost three in the morning and she was scrolling through videos of puppies on Facebook when a Snapchat Notification popped up on her screen. She clicked on it by reflex and was taken to the app.

TheSauceMan (a name given by Naruto to Sasuke) sent a snap. It was red and she was glad because she had no energy to make a video snap.

Her thumb hovered over the icon and realized that she wasn’t even close to the Uchiha male but he always randomly sent her snaps throughout the day…so maybe they were friends and she just didn’t know. The Hyuuga girl sighed and clicked on it. It was a black screen with the words:

“Are you hungry?👀”

It’s three in the damn morning? Sasuke was a character by far! Hinata went to snap him back but he sent another snap and it was a ten second picture of a hamburger with fries.

Sasuke was a vegetarian. He would be a vegan but… Hinata huffed in mid-thought. She knew a lot about him actually…or at least she learned a lot through Naruto.

“That’s meat though.” She just used the chat feature.

A few moments later he replied:

TheSauceMan: “I know. I ordered a veggie burger and they got the order wrong…but said I could keep this one. Why would I want meat?”

Hinata grinned in the darkness of her room. She replied:

“Are you letting me have it?”

“Yes. I’ll bring it over.” He replied back. Hinata agreed and remembered he didn’t know her dorm room number, so she told him. Free food in the morning? Great!

She sat up and stared at her phone. Now that she realized…ever since Sasuke got a snapchat they’ve become oddly close and ironically she was only following to see what Naruto was doing. It was harsh but the truth.

A few minutes passed and he replied saying he was at her door. She jogged there and opened the door. He gave her the bag. “Enjoy carnivore.”

She grinned, “Did you steal the tomato and lettuce off?”

He leaned against the doorframe and looked away. “Yeah…” Dark bedroom eyes moved slowly back to her while partnering with a relaxing smirk.

Her cheeks warmed when she noticed how close he was. Wait, no…was he trying to…flirt with her? She cleared her throat. “Okay…goodnight.” She closed the door in his face. Hinata held the bag against her chest and shook her head. That’s ridiculous, it’s Sasuke.

Pigs don’t fly. Sasuke doesn’t flirt.

With that in mind she went back into her room and began to eat the burger. She checked her snapchat out of late night habit. Sasuke just updated. She clicked on it to see a black screen with SHIT in all caps.

“So weird…” She mumbled and checked Naruto’s, an hour ago. “How’d I miss this?”

Naruto’s snap was a video of Sasuke ordering food with him in the background saying: “Veggie Cave Man Buy Meat For Him Crush”

Sasuke turns around and his threat is cut off. Hinata’s face heated in the dark. To prevent overthinking she just went to sleep.