ugh imo but in a good way, about that kiss ... is it a result of the andre talk? or is it a possible rewrite from the comics?

possible spoilers, you’ve been warned: 

so, we’ve all been supremely blessed with the latest promo from the walking dead featuring richonne in a very intimate kissing scene, as well as speculation of lots of sexy times in episode 7x12. this particular intimate moment got me wondering what what led up to this scene. 

i’ve already written a loose theory on this before, that it may be when michonne tells rick about andre - now, i’m wondering if it could also possibly be a rewrite from the comics for the “i love you” reveal.

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woW okay my tony thoughts atm:

  • my main thing is that i am honest to god SO relieved that natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812 got so much recognition……there was a decent chunk of prediction blogs who didnt even throw that show in the mix and it honestly was worrying me???? i feel like this is the unpopular opinion because everyone is rooting for dear evan hansen but i am 1000% for the great comet sweeping most of the awards, i think it is genuinely the best show this season and i am overjoyed that they got the most nominations.
  • v happy about two plays written by women this year
  • a tiny bit surprised eva noblezada got a best actress nom but i’m extremely happy for her!!!!!! and denee!
  • HELLA thankful for all the falsettos actors getting nominated holy shit!!!!!!! if stephanie j block didnt get a nomination i would have rioted
  • (in general, actor nominations are back to being white as snow and it suuuuucks. there are tons of nominations that could have gone to other people imo.)
  • im not surprised amelie didnt get any love but i’m way bummed about it
  • also anastasia got majorly snubbed tbh???? UGH (at least we have the once on this island revival to look forward to so an ahrens/flaherty show will be back again next year….but still. smh.)
  • lol @ cats and sunset boulevard not getting anything. good. fuck you alw.
  • overall…. i’m not super surprised. eh. the configuration of great comet/come from away/groundhog day/deh got old real fast tbh
  • hello dolly is so obviously winning best revival it’s not even funny. oh well.
  • i still honestly dont know what show will win best musical, though! agh!