ugh im shipping them

Is it just me or does it look like: 

Kihyun: *internally* This does not seem right, what am I doing wrong??

Jooheon: *just casually waiting patiently*

Wonho: Oh man, oh man, why Jooheon? *puts hands up to mouth* Why can’t I be the one kissing Kihyun? I swear to god, Kihyun, if you’re enjoying that!

Changkyun/IM: Mom? *leans to peek* Mom?? That is NOT dad!

Shownu: IM? *peeks around the opposite side to look* IM, stop looking right now. The adults are trying to play a little game here. Go back to bed, little one.

Hyungwon: *can’t stop laughing because the beautiful DEVIL*

basically i really love the-dane-of-my-existence ‘s wedding aesthetics of hetalia characters and wanted to draw my favourite girlfriends first.

also bonus basch/vash(?):

(i’d like it if you stayed)
now we’re wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on
(you buy me orange juice)
we’re getting good at this 

happy ikarishipping day 2016!!!

people are gonna ship who they want to ship, and just because you may not like what they ship, doesn’t give you any right to be rude to the people who do ship them. just do your own thing, and they’ll do theirs. 

so please don’t be rude, just let them ship whoever they want to ship, and just let them be happy, okay?

there are like no words for how much i love baeksoo i feel like baekhyun is always doing dumb shit so kyungsoo will hit him because he just wants kyungsoo’s attention like a little toddler wanting his mommy to pay attention to him and kyungsoo probably knows and it and he probably hits baekhyun because baekhyun is genuinely a little shit to him but also because he’s fond of him and likes to give him attention and it’s just so fucking cute im gonna cry i need fanfiction