ugh idk what it even is

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

let’s play a game called ‘how many people is percy jackson shipped with’
there’s the following:
1. annabeth
2. nico
3. jason
4. piper
5. calypso
6. rachel
7. reyna (don’t deny it i bet at least one person ships it) (not me)
9. bianca (was this only in the titans curse because if it’s after then he’s being shipped with a dead girl)
10. thalia (see their ship name is cool but i don’t ship it)
11. zoe (i saw it once i swear)
12. luke
please tell me im not missing any

UPDATE: he is also shipped with every god/goddess ever, octavian, will solace, hazel, frank, leo, sALLY, movie percy, chaos, gabe (i think someone said this??), nancy from the first book, and probably, off in an alternate universe, a different dimension, there is fanfiction of percy x buford the table.

Ignore my ugly mug, this was the week sent from Hell and our country’s lost its fucking mind. On a personal front I’ve opened up the shop for the past two weeks, waking up at 3am every day, and I am spent. None of that mattered in this moment because a Certified Angel graced me with her presence and swerved every single A. Morgan-jersey clad fan, signaling me out and stopping two security guards from pushing me away. I’ve cried so much these past two days both with my customers and my co-workers, friends and family, and yet - this woman and this team managed to make it one of the best nights of my life. Christen Annmarie Press, is golden. I know she always makes it a point to sign for fans with signs specifically for her, but the fact that she went WAY out of her way, and came ALL the way back to the end zone - that she technically wasn’t allowed to go to (as a USSF rep came running over immediately when he saw she was walking over to sign for me and asked her repeatedly to make her way towards the sidelines) I am absolutely floored by your kindness and gratitude, and I have yet to catch my breath. I wish I had more than those 20 seconds to have told you that you deserve that starting spot, and to keep fighting - it’s yours for the taking. Seeing her in action tonight only solidified my love and appreciation for what an all-around special player she truly is and I hope that Jill Ellis f i n a l l y realizes it. Beyond that, this woman is intelligent and kind-hearted and brave. She has the brightest and warmest smile and no one deserves a night like tonight more than her. On a selfish note - I am so fuckin happy this happened in The Bay.

I’ll never be able to move on as long as the air between us still lingers with the possibility of a future. I’ll never be able to look for a new happiness if there’s even a chance it might be standing right in front of me.
—  it’d be easier if you’d just said it’s done.
the stages of watching tld

1. the hell is this drug trip?
2. no like seriously
3. is Moffat on acid?
4. aw Sherlock had an enjoyable(?) evening!
5. ugh the spray tan on Smith
7. that’s right reptile get out
8. everyone stops after three hehehe
9. irene…am i happy? idk
10. the confession! the acknowledgment of your demons!
11. Sherlock’ face when he realizes john is talking to mary…😢
14. ah john’s at the therapist and he’s so much happier:)
15. what
16. whAt
17. WAT
19. ohmygod
20. do i cry?scream?laugh??
honestly a masterpiece.
*pterodactyl squealing*

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by hateful posts, did you mean the diego y gael 'white privilege' posts? it's a valid discussion tbh and is entirely carried by the latinx tumblr side so idk about it being hateful. people on the latinx activist side of tumblr have done their research and found that alejandro luna has little non white heritage and he doesn't identify as mixed, this is why the whole discussion started. so diego is white mexican for all purposes to the latinx tumblr now. i am just explaining what happened here.

of course they have white passing privilege and even more because they are men, i’m concious about it, but i’m really annoying about the fact that there’s people saying that they don’t represent mexico, and i’m like wtf, those people who say that aren’t even mexican… diego and gael represent us, we are really proud of them and those fucking racist can shut the fuck up… why they have the need to do a research of someone else?? do the research of YOUR heritage and let other people identify themself as they want to… (diego identify himself as mexican because he was born in mexico, he lives here and as you can see he is really proud about it)

real talk callie’s group home really isn’t that bad? Like she’s acting like it’s this hell hole but half those ‘drug addicts’ have a much better attitude than she does and she’s easily the problem child there? and ugh, brandon and callie are like that teen nightmare couple that think they’re special and doomed and are actually just really immature and self-centered and boring. hope their sl ends soon.

Peter, You Absolute Dipstick

Prompt: One shot pls, Peter gives the reader hickies (I mean love bites) and when reader comes to Avengers tower, Steve and Thor see the hickies and they ask if someone hurt y\n and she has to admit what happend even though she finds it embarrassing. 
Note: ANOTHER @imagine-being-you request fulfilled. Idk if this is any good but I’ve been in a car for hours and I need something productive to do. From the word ‘trousers’ you can probably tell I’m British lmao. 

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Crown of Midnight- Mort

Idk if this has already been established but in CoM when Celaena first meets Mort their conversation goes:

“What is your name?”
“Celaena Sardothien,” she ground out. The skull barked a laugh.
“Oh that is too funny! The funniest thing I’ve heard in centuries!”

Mort knows everything and Mort, being the sinnnamon roll that he is, laughs in her face because he knows damn well who she really is even if she won’t admit it.
Gold Derby chat: "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner on Sansa, co-stars and more
Gold Derby Editor Ralph Galvan chats with "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner on her role as Sansa Stark, her co-stars, awards and more.

At 19:30 Sophie mentions how there’s lots of tension between Jon and Sansa and how it’s been building for seasons. And then she stares right at the camera with this evil smile on her face.

Dear God, is she teasing Jonsa UST or a Starkbowl WHAT IS THIS WOMAN DOING TO MY HEART

standing by and waiting at your backdoor || highschool! shidge au

ok but snippet of this little fic i’ve been working on coz plot bunnies are annoying af and i’m too excited to post it even if i barely have a quarter of it done whoops 

…so of course when she noticed that Lance had caught her in one of her moments of (admittedly longingly) staring at Shiro, Katie’s first response was to scowl at his shocked face.

It proved to be ineffective.

“Hunk. Hunk. Hunk.” He chanted his name repeatedly all while slapping his arm. Hunk had the misfortune to have been drinking water when Lance started hitting, eyes watering as he promptly swallowed a little too quickly while Lance kept hitting him like some excited lunatic.

Which he kind of was at this moment, now that Katie thought about it.

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Because I have so many free time on hand, (and worst case of feels for these nerds from 70′s)  here’s a tribute dedicated to the phenomena which controls a major portion of my life.

So the holiday break has killed my writing motivation but I’ve been thinking about doing a FFXV au with the third gym gang. I’ve been coming up with headcanons for fun, but I might actually gather the motivation to start. Figured I’d see if anyone would actually read it?

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ugh ok idk if I'm just being overly sensitive or what.. but when people ask my 'body count' & I ask if my rapist counts, they say yes... it wasn't even consensual sex though... just makes me, the victim, feel like it's permanently apart of me. that he's a permanent number marked between my legs


No, it doesn’t “count” because you did not choose it, it was violence inflicted upon you and grouping it in the same category as consensual sex you’ve had is really messed up and inconsiderate. (Also am I the only one who finds the term “body count” really creepy?)

so im on instagram and came across the account of some girl who went to my high school. i started screamin bc the last pic is her + some other girl, both in white dresses. the other girl with an engagement ring, the girl from my high school with a little sign that reads “she said yes!” and the caption is “Engaged 💍 💕 ” so i was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. but then i realized they’re not actually getting married, it’s the other girl who’s engaged. and i just… idk lmao it’s like.. they either made it look like they were getting married, on purpose, for laughs (i dont really think they did this) or they just didnt even think someone might be confused about what’s going on lmao yea bc nobody would see this pic and think the two girls are gettin married right?????? lmao ugh