ugh idk if this was made before

idk if ive ever agreed/laughed harder at a video before but like every second of this embodies my feelings about Jimin in every way shape and form (creds to whoever made this)

I just got really emotional thinking about how Asami loving Korra before she left for the Southern Water Tribe is 100% canon now. But that made me think about how she finally had Korra back and thought she had lost her after the fight with Kuvira and the new creation of the spirit portal. 

In one day she was about to lose her father and the woman that she had loved for years. Like that’s fucking canon. It’s real, relatable, and so damn heart wrenching.

Eliza is jealous

*Eliza Schuyler x reader
*Word count: 1443

Summary: Eliza gets jealous over all of the things the hamilsquad makes Y/n do and she eventually ends up getting really possessive and angry and admits her feelings to her and kisses her in front of everyONE — it gets wild

Request: Hey I so that requests are open so… prompt: eliza x reader bffs and secretly in love. Hamilsquad wants eliza to confess her feelings so they keep putting the reader in situations that make eliza very very jealous till gets fed up at some point and confesses her love. Thank you in advance and I loved your last eliza x reader fic!!! - Anon

A/N: You guys are awesome! Thank you for sending me requests and helping me not be totally bored while I’m sick, love you guysss :) requests are open!

Warnings: cursing, fluff, kissing…? Idk

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“Eliza? Elizaaa? Ugh, Eliza, pay attention to us.” Those words made Eliza jump out of her seat and turn to her group of friends, frowning impatiently. “What?” She whined, looking at each of her friends before turning her gaze down to her cup of coffee.

The group laughed, Alex not being afraid to speak up, “so, when are you gonna confess your feelings to our dear Y/n?” Eliza’s head shot up, her eyes narrowing at Alexander, yet his smirk never faded, Eliza was never that threatening anyways, no matter how much she tried.

“Shut. Up. Alexander.” Eliza seethed, her face turning completely pink when she realized Y/n was nearby and could’ve heard the entire conversation. “Alexander, if she heard anything you just said, so help me…” She trailed off, narrowing her eyes at the smirking boy, the boyish grin never leaving his face as he watched Y/n walk up towards the table.

“Y/n, hey!” John smiled, motioning for Y/n to sit down between him and Eliza, which she did. Eliza closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down before reopening them and turning to smile at her best friend, as if the conversation between her and Alex never happened.

Y/n also turned to Eliza, smiling at her sweetly. “Hey ‘Liza,” Y/n grinned, leaning her head on Eliza’s shoulder. Eliza counted to ten mentally, begging herself not to do something she’d desperately regret.

“Hey y/n/n,” Eliza whispered, hugging her back before pulling away suddenly, causing Y/n to frown a bit but shake it off, smiling at her group of friends. “Hey,” Peggy began, “I think we should go clubbing tonight. This week has been sooo stressful,” she groaned, rubbing her temples to help prove how stressful the week has been, making the group laugh and nod in agreement.

“I’m down.” Y/n shrugged, nodding her head in agreement.

The rest of the table after that was filled with multiple voices yelling out “same.” Peggy grinned, her eyes on Y/n and Eliza the entire time, and Eliza frowned, she knew something was going to happen whenever Peggy smiled like that.

“Great! Let’s all meet her at 6:30 sharp,” Peggy stated curtly, getting up and motioning for the rest of the girls to follow suit so they could get ready. “Y/n, I have this perfect dress for you, it’ll make your ass look great and definitely get you laid tonight.” Angelica winked, causing Y/n to blush and Eliza’s face to light up in fury at the thought of someone else with Y/n.

And of course, everyone except Y/n noticed her reaction to Angelica’s statement. 

Time skipped to 6:10, all the girls had finished dressing up and adding small finishing touches to their looks. And it’d be a lie if Eliza said Y/n didn’t look amazing in her dress.

The dress definitely hugged her curves perfectly, the heels made her legs look like they could go on for miles, and her hair and makeup was done to perfection. Eliza winced, trying to get the thoughts of how beautiful she was out of her head.

Oh, who was she kidding? There was no way that was possible.

When 6:30 finally arrived, everyone was already there, buzzing with excitement to able to let loose and ready go. “Wow,” Maria whistled, taking in Y/n’s appearance and winking, taking her hand in hers. “You look great,” she smirked, noticing Y/n’s blush and Eliza fuming behind the two.

Maria was definitely aware of Eliza’s very obvious crush on Y/n… Well, everyone was except Y/n.

Once you all finally arrived, Alex and Laf wrapped their arms around Y/n, whistling and gawking at her appearance making Eliza flush red and try and steady her breathing, knowing that Y/n would never fall for their teasing, yet it still annoyed her to the extreme.

“Oh shut up, Laf,” Y/n snorted, laughing as she moved Lafayette’s arm away from her and walked forward, immediately showing her ID off to the bouncer so she could get in, cheering when she caught sight of the bar making the entire group laugh and follow along.

“Give me a Sex on the Beach,” Y/n said, looking by her side to wink at a flushing Eliza and a smirking John Laurens. Y/n laughed, tossing her head back at Eliza’s reaction before turning back to the bartender, paying for the drink.

Once her drink arrived, she happily took it, thanking the bartender and sipping the drink, letting out a content sigh at the drink, Y/n then felt a tap on the shoulder, turning around to see some random - yet hot - man smirking down at her, “hey gorgeous, wanna dance?” Y/n bit back an obnoxious snort at the line the man used, only deciding to nod her head, despite Eliza slowly shaking her head, mouthing ‘no’ as Y/n took the man’s hand and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.

Eliza let out a frustrated groan, blowing a loose strand of hair out of her eyes as she watched the two dance together, trying to ignore the obnoxious laughter behind her. She turned around finally, looking at her group of friends laughing over the events taking place. “Well this definitely wasn’t planned,” Angelica admitted honestly once she finally got over her laughter, the rest of the group nodding in agreement.

Peggy smirked and turned her head in the direction of Y/n and the stranger, eyes widening as she let out a low whistle. “Damn,” was all she said, causing the rest of the group to turn, and eventually, the guys starting hooting and hollering: “gO Y/N!”

That’s it. Eliza thought bitterly, standing up out of her chair and walking up to them, despite the warnings to get back to the booth and grabbed Y/n from the man’s grip, turning her to her direction and pressing her lips firmly to Y/n’s, Y/n not moving for a second only to respond seconds later, wrapping her arms around Eliza’s neck, ignoring the pouting stranger who eventually walked off.

The kiss continued before Y/n eventually pulled away, letting out a soft gasp for air, “E-Eliza… What the hell was that.” She exclaimed, looking at Eliza with wide eyes. Eliza blushed, looking down and shrugging, feeling all anger and confidence fade, now all she felt was embarrassment.

“I-I…” She groaned, feeling frustrated with herself as she looked at Y/n, her brown eyes staring into Y/n’s eyes. “Screw it.” She decided, shaking her head as she took a deep breath, preparing for what she was about to say. “Y/n, I’ve loved you since we first met our first year of college.” She paused, before continuing again. “And I could definitely love you more than that idiot ever could.” She muttered bitterly, before looking to see Y/n’s reaction. Y/n’s eyes widened, and Eliza saw an emotion in her eyes she never thought she’d ever see in Y/n’s eyes, love.

“God dammit Eliza,” she breathed, a breathless smile appearing on her features. “Why didn’t you tell me before? Who knows how long I’ve loved you.” Eliza smiled, pulling her closer to kiss her once more, smiling into the kiss when Y/n reciprocated immediately. When they finally pulled away, they remembered their friends, who were probably cheering as loud as they could and filming everything that was happened. Y/n laughed and rolled her eyes when Peggy and Hercules high fived, exclaiming that their plan worked.

“Ya know…” Y/n trailed off, smirking cheekily as she took Eliza’s hand in hers, “you’re pretty hot when you get jealous.” She winked, causing Eliza to blush and slap her playfully.

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“Mhm I sure am.”

You’re intelligent? Wanna fuck?


So there’s this teacher at my school, probably in his fourties, and he isn‘t attractive AT ALL. Like, not even a little bit. He has been my teacher before, for one year, and since then there was something about him that made him so hot, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Until now!

He’s fucking intelligent! He has 2 dr titles (is that what it’s called? Idk) and he’s just so, so fucking intelligent and interesting and he knows everything about everything

Ugh I finally solved one of the biggest mysteries in my life

Intelligent men are my weakness


Prison Break Rewatch (1x05) English, Fitz, or Percy

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ok i really had to think about this before writing it but i'm still so upset about the song & what happened. like i just recently started calling myself bi & i can still be pretty unsure about myself & my sexuality but i love supercorp and to see them invalidate it like that made me feel weirdly predatory?? idk how to describe it but they made me feel like it was wrong & creepy for me to interpret supercorp that way even tho i know it wasn't. ugh it's just a mess

No I totally get what you mean. It’s one of the shittiest stereotypes about wlw: that our attraction to other women is predatory. And I felt the same after this whole thing because of people’s insistence that like “well female friendships are important too!! you’re so focused on shipping!1!” and it was messing with me a lot last night.

But! You know what? You’re not predatory, and I’m not predatory, and none of us are. Wanting to see ourselves represented on screen is not a bad thing. Relating to a character, seeing yourself in them, isn’t predatory, and the people and the system that tells us otherwise is fucked. We shouldn’t feel bad for wanting representation; I don’t have much advice because, as I said, I felt the same way last night, but I’m sorry. <3 

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Is it okay to headcanon the doctor as bi? Cause I know male doctors have only shown interest in women which would also apply to Thirteen but I dont think they said anything about her being a lesbian/only into women? And I would really really love a bi woman character that is not made so just so they can pair her with a guy(which is what's probably gonna happen if they confirm the Doctor as bi right now ugh) and instead have her be in love with women, have a wife maybe.

The Doctor has show interest in men before, so idk what you’re talking about, so yeah Thirteen is probably canonically bi/pan with a preference for women.

And if they DO set her up with a man, shit boy I Am Out Of Here.


the cast of lost girl + life imitating art (or vice-versa)

Get to know me if ya want!

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I’ve made one of these before but in case any of u wanna know, here it goes!

* Name: Diana
* Nickname: Di
* Zodiac sign: Leo!
* Height: smol
* Orientation: bi-curious
* Ethnicity: portuguese
* Favourite fruit: peaches, grapes, and tangerines
* Favourite season: fall is the best cuz everything’s cozy
* Favourite book series: I love The Name of the Wind!! Patrick Rothfuss pls give us more books
* Favourite flower: they’re all so pretty but i’m gonna go with peonies!!
* Favourite scent: idk ahhh
* Favourite color: they’re all so pretty too (but maybe green)
* Coffee, tea or cocoa: cocoa, sorry coffee lovers
* Average sleep hours: either 12 or 4, no middle ground
* Cat or dog person: doggos are my homies
* Favourite fictional characters: team voltron, bucky barnes, arya stark, jon snow and more
* Number of blankets you sleep with: none if it’s hot, a million if it’s cold
* Dream trip: an interrail through europe!!
* Blog created: a couple of years ago
* Number of followers: 568 total babes follow me right now!

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object of unknown origin. kinda like you.

it’s Higan’s birthday todaaaay :DDD ! ~

go wish a heppiiii basdey to da old man who smokes 24/7 ! :’D
….. goddammit his hair is so cool, favorite color >////>)… ! <3 ok actually his red hair is more like… fire-red, but here it’s more like crimson.. (? x’D )

anyway, hope u like it :> !

~ ahhh, I finally made a b-day pic in time x'DDDD <3 even tho my teachers are killing me with exams and presentations rn….ugh.
I'm almost done with my sketch for the Halloween-drawing ! >w>)~ but that drawing miiiight be submitted a few days later, probably, idk.

so many belated pics…. I’m so sry ;w; !!
at any rate it’ll contain another subclass this year =w=)! 2 years before : Sakkun - last year : Tsubaki n Bel….now someone else :> ! 



Full version of Anne’s song here:

~possible spoilers from here on out~

Just, Anne is singing here and the lyrics are so true. “And all the harm that e’er I’ve done/ Alas! It was to none, but me.” Everything Edward ever did, all the hurt he caused, in the end it never really hurt anyone but him.

But these few panning frames made me start bawling. Everyone who ever helped Edward that died, right here. These 6 people who helped Edward so much, who changed his life. All dead. And right here. Right before he starts a new era in his life.

Idk this just touched me so much I miss all these characters so much they didnt deserve to die

ugh i could prolly go on for like 3 pages but im gonna stop here because im still crying.

Even seeing him up there, being stupid, made me smile and I was so in love then that I thought I was invincible but then time found its way back and moved between us so we were farther away than before.
—  if only time was the only thing separating us (via fraagmented)

whew I wanted to do the Hamadas as gems for a while now, I’ve already posted a few pics of Tadashi before, but I got new ideas and such blah blah blah. idk I want Tadashi to be a fusion so he’s made of love
Hiro can conjure particles(like his microbots) and control them telepathically.
Tadashi has dual swords (tho I was too lazy to draw it ugh)

gay stuff patrick’s done for liberty vandaystrick bc idk if you’ve seen these before but im all for patrick acting all homo and u mentioned thing on ur blog so ye

pete touching the tiddies (also patrick bites lip the whole time. srsly. fucking hell.)

once he played doctor for pete on fucking mtv (seriously this is so fucking gay he’s poking between his legs?!?!?!?)

he held hands with gabe saporta once and bit his lip and i hate

he made out with joe troh before??? if he’s made out with joe how much u wanna bet something happened with pete

and then there’s more but im on mobile again lol but there’s like nine performances with various other bands where he throws himself at the (male) members and hugs them and idk it just makes me squeal so. also in the ballad of gay tony from robot chicken he sings about taking it up the ass and crossdressing so that’s gr8 and ye idk