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Battle scar

(A/N): yaaasss, this was such a cute request! :3

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader has a scar on her breast (sorry if that’s weird, but I had skin cancer from a mole there and I hate my scar bc it’s so big ugh) and she’s v self conscious about it and Bucky is all sweet and curious about it and idk maybe it’s from a much more bigger reason? I feel like he’d be so loving and sweet and stuff with the reader that has a scar there 😩😩😩 thank you❤️

Warnings: None

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   You had always been self-conscious of the huge scar across your chest; it was big and it was ugly. Not only that but it hadn’t seemed to heal up properly so it was still a redish color instead of a soft pink or skin tone. You often hid it from everyone, refusing to let them see your chest or even get remotely close to it this usually led to problems especially when you needed to be patched up and you refused to let anyone help you.

    You did feel bad for being so adamant in not letting anyone see it, after all they were all just trying to help you and you were straight up refusing their services. You knew that they probably thought you were weird or crazy to not let them help you that way but you couldn’t take any chances, not when you had this giant ass scar on your chest. 

    You hadn’t ever shown anyone, other than doctors when you needed to, and you didn’t ever plan on showing anyone. Unfortunately the universe had different plans for you and your scar. 

   You had just gotten out of the shower after a long mission, guess you had been so desperate to scrub your body off all the blood and dirt that you forgot to lock the bathroom door. In one moment you had been all alone, drying yourself off and the next the bathroom had swung open and Bucky Barnes stood in the doorway. 

   You squeak in surprise, quickly wrapping the towel around your body so there was no chance that Mr. Beefcake could see your hated scar. He has the audacity to chuckle, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “It’s not like I haven’t seen of that before doll,” 

   He did have a point, he had seen everything that your large t-shirts wouldn’t cover. That was another problem with your self-consciousness, you were always refusing to take off the shirts you wore during sex. Bucky had thought it strange at first but when you told him that you were a little self-conscious is all he understood completely and didn’t push the matter further but you were sure it annoyed him sometimes that he couldn’t see all of you, touch all of you. 

   You chuckle softly, hoping it sounded more convincing than you thought it did. 

   “I didn’t know it was going to be you,” You provide simply, shrugging your shoulders lightly. “Tony likes to meander around the tower quite often,” Bucky nods in understanding, pursing his lips as he does so. 

   “Hey (Y/N)?” Bucky questions quietly, his eyes gaze locked on something you couldn’t quite  follow or see. 

   “Yeah?” Bucky takes a step closer to you and you instinctively take a step back. Bucky’s gaze flashes with concern and maybe a bit of hurt and his expression is akin to that of a kicked puppy. 

   “Um…if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with that scar?” He then points to your chest and you realize that your towel was more revealing than anticipated, showcasing a chunk of your large flaming red scar. You bite your lip as you stare down at it, tracing your finger along the exposed part.

    So now Bucky knew, there was no hiding this thing that painted your chest. Tears well within your eyes embarrassment floods through you and then you feel even more pathetic. You sniffle quietly, reaching up to wipe away at the tears that are now coating your lashes. 

   “I-I’m sorry!” Bucky tries to backtrack, hoping to remedy his little mistake. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or anything!” Bucky bites his lip as more tears begin to form in your eyes and your lip begins to tremble. God, you were so sad and pathetic. 

  “No,” you sniffle softly, “It’s okay, I guess you had to find out sooner or later right?” You give Bucky a weak smile, one that doesn’t quite reach your eyes. “When I was younger I had to have a mole removed, it was cancerous and well-” You gesture to the small bit of scar Bucky could see. “I was unfortunately left with this thing and I guess I’ve just always kind of been self-conscious since,” Bucky stares at it for a few moments, his gaze contemplative and thoughtful as he stares at your chest. 

   “Can I see more of it…? T-The whole thing I mean,” Bucky finally looks back up to you, his eyes wide and pleading and you just can’t say no to that beautiful face. You sigh softly, as you nod lightly, your hands going to drop the towel that had so far been keeping Bucky’s line of sight away from the rest of your scar. “Wait,” He murmurs softly, reaching out to grab your hands. “Let me,” You nod your head as Bucky’s fingers ever so lightly trail along your skin, stopping to gently undo the towel you had wrapped tightly around yourself. 

  The sudden cool draft of your bedroom hits your still dripping skin and you shiver, goosebumps rising to your skin. You go to wrap your arms around yourself to keep warm when Bucky’s hands are back on your sides, chest, and stomach, trailing along the skin he had never once touched. His fingers rise slightly and they’re now tracing over the long red scar that took up a good portion of your chest. He does this for a minute or so, just tracing his fingers along the scar, memorizing everything about it and then he leans in, peppering a number of kisses along it. 

  “Beautiful,” He murmurs in between his kisses, “and so strong,” another kiss, “you’re so beautiful,” kiss, “this is so beautiful,” Bucky pulls back to once again trail his fingers along the scar, his eyes damn near glued to it. You sniffle softly once again but this time your tears aren’t of shame embarrassment, they’re tears of joy, joy because Bucky Barnes thought that your hated scar was beautiful. His eyes finally snap up to yours and they’re so full of love and adoration you can barely contain your tears. He gives you a warm smile before he pulls you against his chest, his warmth chasing away your previous shivers. 

  “I think your scar is beautiful,” He whispers as he presses a kiss to the top of your head. 

  “Why?” You chuckle softly against him, sniffling to keep your tears contained. “It’s just this ugly, long-”

   “It’s beautiful because it’s attached to you, my favorite person on this planet and because it shows you’ve overcome something, it’s like your own Battle scar,” Bucky pulls away slightly, only enough to cup your face in his hands and stare into your eyes. “And it’s beautiful, okay?” Staring into Bucky’s wide, puppy dog like eyes was damn near entrancing and you find yourself nodding, smiling widely at the man holding you.  


Okay so like i know bey and Bruno really killed it and everything with their trademark dancing and things and i hella enjoyed their part of the show but like… Maybe I’m silly and defensive because Coldplay has been one of my all-time favorite bands for years but I’m mildly annoyed with everyone saying they sucked? Like, I’m not actually angry, just like…ugh. their part of the show was read as heck. All the colors and the marching bands and the orchestra kids playing on stage, and the music in general (even if those aren’t my favorite songs of theirs) was really gorgeous. I get it, slay bey, omg, but idk, Coldplay had just as much of a place in the show. They’re passionate about what they do and it shows and they make me happy. I dunno, i feel a little goofy babbling on tumblr about it, but that’s where I’m at.