ugh idek what is this

i dont know how to say this but… this fandom needs more gay content

Random af, but does anyone else remember the time when third PV was out and there were people speculating about Chris being Charioce’s twin? (ya know, the good twin/evil twin trope)

I mean, would you think about it now? Two Charioce in the show, h a lp

Sometimes, we take the kid out with us. While real handy in a sticky (geddit, sticky?) Situation, Spidey has a habit of taking far to many photos. 
Most of these photos, of course, end up deleted once I get ahold of them. 
But this one was pretty nice. 

James holding his coffee in that weird way he does, 
The arm condom. 
My weird squinty happy face.
Overall, a good day. 


“I forgot for a minute it’s not about me, it’s about them that turn to us for help in time of need. Weak, defenceless. Old, young. Especially the young.”
– Fred Thursday, Neverland