ugh i'm still in love with this show

“if I can introduce just one person to this show i’ll be satisfied.wmv”

I’ve had Making Fiends on my mind for a while now… if this video doesn’t convince you to watch it, here’s a few more reasons:

  •  It’s the first animated series ever created based off a youtube series
  • Seriously I think it deserves more credit for that alone
  • The creator (Amy Winfrey) also voices Charlotte, the overly optimistic (if not curiously morbid) main character
  • The voice cast is the same as the original series. There are a total of three voice actors. That’s it. Not three main voice actors. Three. (except Dee Bradley Baker guest stars once as a pony)
  • Aglaia Mortcheva, who was an animator/character designer on several classic shows, is possibly the most melodramatic villainess Nick has ever seen
  • It has a hilariously dark sense of humor, seriously if you like Invader Zim you will love the humor on this show
  • You can literally watch the whole show in a matter of hours; there’s 18 six-minute episodes and they’re ALL available on youtube

I could think of more but I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Please, everyone, please go watch this show

ughnnn the way yara looks at dany when dany states her terms is killing me. i’m not even talking about any sexual tension. it’s not about eye-fucking. it’s about immediate mutual respect and understanding these two share on the spot.

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dany says “no more reaving, grooving, raiding, or raping”, and yara is in disbelief. she’s incredulous at first. because that’s “their way of life.” she was brought up in this environment where violence and abuse are normalized; but the way she phrased her initial argument is all the more important, because to me it shows that yara herself does not share those beliefs. she simply accepts that it is how her people have lived for a long time, and it would be incredibly difficult to have them back her up on this. that’s the feeling i got from her words; she’s more worried about people not supporting dany’s terms than she is worried about not getting to freely indulge in violence. 

but dany’s strong, stern “no more” is so heavily loaded with everything dany’s experienced herself. that was some excellent delivery from the actress. “no more” as in “i’ve had enough”; but also “my people have had enough.” that’s the type of ruler daenerys targaryen is; she’s just and all she wants in the end is peace. she wants to leave a better world behind - her words that hit very close to home for yara. but also remember when they talked about their fathers? awful power-hungry men who ruled with fear and death. dany doesn’t want that and, after careful probing, she realizes yara doesn’t want that, either. and this is another reason why dany’s “no more” resonates so strongly with yara. “no more” as in “no more of the things our fathers have done and reveled in.” and that’s why, when dany says that, yara is awestruck. there’s a hint of realization on her face that is quickly replaced by understanding and awe that this young woman, the daughter of the mad king, is wiser and stronger than most of the rulers in all of the lands. and so she says it back. “no more.” as in “we will do better than them.” as in “i believe in you. i believe in us.” 

A Kraken’s Daughter and Mother of Dragons, standing for better world. Warrior Queen and Dragon Queen. Sea and Fire united by one goal. what kinda epic shit I’m-

I’m gonna take that picture of the Mosque (or ex Mosque) that Yousef sent to Sana as a sign that he’s gonna go back to being a Muslim and I’m gonna write an after season 4 ends yousana multichapter fic about this topic exactly which will end with them getting engaged because we NEEDED THAT YOUSANA RESOLUTION AS MUCH AS THE OTHER LOVE INTERESTS IN THE SHOW

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UGH BOO HISSSSSS at LR haha but I'm sure we'll get some SC moments too. Maybe not in the way we want but I'm sure some will shine through. I'm focusing on what SC say. Last time Sam praised Cait saying she's the main reason to watch S2. W/ this being a strong season for Sam I'm sure she'll praise him. That's what matters. These 2 legit think the world of each other. Genuine praise/love/respect will still shine from S to C & C to S. This shows more than any denial or anything LR tries to ruin.

Sorry but I don’t think so. I’m going to be a total debbie downer right now so feel free to stop reading if that bothers you. Even though the last premiere was after the IFH, it was before the fake girlfriend. Before all the horrendous bullying. Before the more insulting denials. Before Baftas and all the other ridiculous appearances. Things are different now. We’ll get a picture of the trio looking sullen together on the carpet, Sam will most likely walk with you know who, Cait will walk alone. Lynette will find a way to take a dig at shippers. If Comic Con is anything to go by, Sam and Cait probably won’t even sit together. T will be at the after party and they’ll all avoid each other. No point in keeping up with it all. The nonsense is totally predictable. 

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Demi-sexual Jon anyone? Granted I think Jon does feel sexual attraction but the truth of the matter is that Jon will only lay with someone he loves, which is such a sweet thing!! Not to mention it makes the boat-lovemaking scene so much more meaningful than if it was just raw sexual tension being relieved (not to say that wouldn't still be awesome but ya know what I mean) I'm so excited to see the tender looks and vulnerability and ugh I could go on for days !!

Yes I like this idea! 

I think it applies a bit more to show!Jon since book Jon pretty clearly didn’t love Ygritte at the start of their relationship. 

But it does seem clear in show canon that the Jon we have now still has principles and values that are precious to him. I think that signifies the importance of him entering into a sexual relationship with Dany. It means that they have a future!

And like you I want it to be sweet and tender. There was a time when I wanted wild dragon sex but then the hand-holding scene happened and now I’m just a weepy mess who can’t stop clutching my pillow to my chest and crying my mascara off lmao.

Alec barges into Magnus’ loft, as usual, a couple days after they told each other they loved them.

Magnus hears the door close and the familiar footsteps. He’s just about to grab a fairy wing to freshen up his look when the footsteps stop behind him. He smiles and turns around, propping his arm up with his other one and wiggling his fingers. Alec huffs as he stands in front of Magnus.

“What’s wrong, love?” Magnus’ brows furrowing, smiling fading. He knew it wasn’t urgent from the look on Alec’s face but he seems… upset. Magnus uses his thumb to play with a ring on his middle finger.

“Did you tell anyone about… the other day?” He asks, looking at Magnus’ feet. Magnus smile returns quickly and he places a hand on Alec’s shoulder.

“No, darling, I’d actually rather keep that moment between you and me. It’s better for us, not for anyone else.” Magnus places a kiss on Alec’s forehead, reaching up on his tiptoes to do so.

“Okay, well how did Izzy and Jace find out? And the stupid vampire?” Alec softens a little under Magnus’ kiss but he still seems stern. Magnus takes his off hand Alec and walks into the living room. He hears Alec follow him, as usual.

“What can I say? I’m popular in the downworld. And you will be too now that it’s gotten out that we’re in love.” Magnus smirks, clasping his hands together, tucking them under his chin and leaning forward towards Alec. Alec smiles a little and shakes his head. Magnus then snakes his hands around Alec’s waist and smiles up at him.

“But for real,” Magnus says, pecking him on the lips quickly. “I would rather that we keep us professing our love between each other. Don’t you think that moments like that are much better cherished between two people?” Alec pecks back after he’s done talking and sighs.

“I guess I’ll have to see if the memory is more ‘cherished’” Alec places his hands on Magnus’ shoulders. “I’m just a little upset because I feel the same way. I don’t want that getting out to be the gossip of the town.” His hands slowly make their way to cup Magnus’ neck. Magnus’ heart skips a beat at Alec’s hand placement and he wonders why he still get butterflies from this man whom he’s known for awhile.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page then.” Magnus leans in for a kiss and Alec doesn’t disappoint. He kisses him slow and lovingly, all that Magnus needs.

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wtf how come olicity can have those basically explicit sex scenes but not westallen? they're both on the same network and they both air at the same time of night. westallen has been together during 90% of this season in different verses and we still have not had a real steamy love scene. idk if racism or bullshit or what but i'm very annoyed that one ship gets treated differently than another and they're on the same network by the same producers. ugh!

This is because the flash is a family orientated tv show. You have to keep in mind that kids watch this show and The Flash is rated tv-pg while Arrow is tv-14.  I don’t live in America so I don’t know how the rating system works so I’m going to direct this question to @valeriemperez .

That being said, I can 100% guarantee you that racism is NOT the issue. It is just that both of these shows target different audiences :)

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It really really annoys me how some riverdale fans headcanon Jughead as gay ace. Like, that's blatantly ignoring and removing his aromantic identity and it's totally not okay to do that. Why do people think it's okay to remove the aro part of an aroace character?? Just because they ship them with someone?? Ugh it annoys me so much I'm starting to hate this show and fandom more and more every day I'm not sure if I can carry on watching it tbh

This is such a common thread, and it’s a great example of how even alloromantic aces can erase and hurt aros. “But we can still date/feel romantic love/etc.” is a weak argument precisely because it throws aros under the bus, and we owe them and ourselves more than that. 


If this podium interview has made anything painfully, viscerally clear (to hopefully even the most dense of us) it’s how aware Kimi is that his position at Ferrari is only safe so long as he keeps doing the dog and pony show that Ferrari wants: protecting their golden boy and always playing second fiddle.

Which, don’t get me wrong, I love Seb…. but it’s just so disgustingly obvious how big a dump Ferrari is taking on Kimi, and how he knows he just… has to let them do it… even though he has shown that he’s still more than capable… he’s a goddamn champion /too/ ffs…

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Pick two of your OCs and tell us what your opinion is on them and how they came to be.

Ok! 😊 Well, they’re from separate stories. This first one is nameless, on purpose. They’re kinda thrown into a post “end of humanity” situation with a demon stuck in their head as a third eye, with no memory as to why it’s there, or who THEY even are. The story’s all about humanity dealing with chaos, sense of self, ideas on religion and the presence of a bigger force, fate - just a lot of deep shit. This poor kid goes through way too much, basically. 

And then THIS ball of sunshine is Rei Kim from my story Fa1ry. It’s low key based off of shows like Neo Evangelion, in terms of the thing she uses to fight. I won’t get into details because it’s still a work in progress storywise, but REI is just. Ugh. Wonderful. Loud. Lovely. Brash. Perfect.

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Ugh I don't think I can survive voltron fandom anymore. Now Lotor made appearance and half of my followers are disgusted by him and other half wants to fuck him. The bullying is getting worse and as much as I love all the VAs they're not calming the fandom by engaging. Kl@nce shippers are annoying and I can't stand half of them even though I am pretty much hardcore kl shipper. Why do people make it a shipping competiton I just don't get it and I'm so tired.

We all are tired, fam

Why loving any form of media is the worst* thing ever: it makes a random combination of words that should not make anyone emotional make you tear up - case in point, I start to get misty eyed just thinking the words Power Bear, never mind saying or hearing them

*read: the best

Apparently at my show people were yelling really inappropriate things at Dallon and harassing him and I wasn’t aware of how bad it was but now that I am I’m honestly so pissed. Dallon is a person too, and he clearly is uncomfortable if you are underage (or even not because it’s still TERRIBLE) and you yell, “Fuck me” or “daddy” or “dilf” at him… Please leave him alone and treat him with the respect he deserves, don’t be one of those people…

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Post death Kyle I feel like is so underrated. Like what if you were the next supreme and his thoughts would be "woah I'm dating the supreme", "the supreme is in love with me". Or what if since he's the guard dog he'd be sooo protective of you and always have his arms secure and tight around you at night when you sleep. And before he could speak again and he wants to show you he loves you he'd just kiss you and squish his cheek against yours and purr and hold you.

I love the idea of puppy Kyle. Ugh. Like, I imagine he would just silently follow you into every room. And even though you’re the supreme and are oozing power, there’s still the added effect of having this boy who would literally die and kill for you. It’s that never ending loyalty that is so just sooooo good. Like yesss, that is some good shit. And he wouldn’t be able to communicate fully, but he’d be able to show you what he wants or what he’s trying to say. A soft touch of your jaw, a soft kiss on your temple. 



“I get the impression that Neal and Alex are still on unsettled terms.”
“Unsettled meaning what? She wants to bed him or kill him?”
“Fine line.”