ugh i'm so out of practice

ok so i got to the point where my hearts run out in Love & Legends and fcuk its expensive just to give the correct answer! UGH. i knew there were problems with the heart system but holy crap its practically unplayable. why would they do this??? obvs to make more money but i mean most of the fanbase is upset with this whole mess of an app and heaps of ppl are boycotting or just dropping it completely. why did they think this was an ok idea? and that we’d be ok with it? i was really enjoying Love & Legends, but what i’m more upset about is not being able to continue the other games like Astoria Fate’s Kiss, Gangsters in Love and Castaway! Love’s Adventure. if only we could keep those separate apps and buy more stories on it in the future. if only there wasn’t this silly heart system. if only they hadn’t made this silly move in the first place. 

Luke would definitely try and cheat on winning the Christmas cracker when you sat down at the table for Christmas lunch. He’d probably pout impossibly big when you still won, despite sneaking his thumb inside to try and leverage the win his way - even more so when it’s his brother on his other side so of course he didn’t win that one either - so after reading your terrible joke (who’s Santa’s favourite singer? Elf-is Presley) and failing to make him laugh with that you’d sigh and graciously unfold your flimsy purple crown and fix it atop his head, little tufts of hair sticking out, more curled from the heat of the sticky Australian summer and only then would a triumphant little grin replace his pout and you’d just shake your head and inform your dweeb of a boyfriend that any present with his name on it from you under the tree had now been forfeit in favour of the crown.