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No one has ever told me that I inspire them before! ;______; <3 <3 <3 I don’t know what I do that’s inspiring (I’m so lame omg), but I hope I keep it up, whatever it is! :) Thank you so much; you’re such a lovely person.

There are times when my bones ache
for attention, for someone to simply
cry out my name and ask me how I am.
But other times, times when my
heart is fighting out of its prison
and my brain is pounding the side
of my skull I plead for solitude: the hushes of the wind swaying of the trees
are all I need. It’s crazy to think that
when I’m alone I reject it, but later
when I actually need the solitude
the bothers and the wishes of others
never cease, when will they leave? When will they understand?
—  My Writing

Favorite Character Meme - [5/7] Scenes

↳ Rin struggles with the heat

“Man it’s hot… Wow, I better eat this thing fast before it melts.”


04-01-16 ∴ Fly

Blacklist AU - Thomas Keen & Gina Zanetakos

A pair of highly skilled agents, assassins, whatever they need to be to complete the mission. Fighting a secret war, wearing false faces, moving like ghosts all over the globe. Too often apart, their dedication to their cause is only overshadowed by their dedication to one another.