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bashes head through window tHIS TOOK SO LONG

Anyways, we know Reigen is pretty excellent at defending himself; he’s terrible at making real friends; and he once told Mob that he’d had a rough childhood…

Tragic backstory, anyone?

(lovely texture by @sandflakedraws!)

here is such a beautiful edit that i found, (i wish i was this talented) and it just shows the beautiful relationship between jonah & cyrus. tbh, they have one of the healthiest relationships on the show atm. the only person who hasn’t left jonah, is cyrus. i just really hope for a happy ending with both of them, because they are honestly so happy when they are together, i mean seriously.
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Um h-hey, so um how would UT sans and papyrus, US sans, papyrus and undyne and UF sans react/ what would they do if they found out their s/o more or less neglected themselves. for example, they never really bothered to eat anything or they'd go out in freezing cold weather in just a sweater or something cause they didn't really care about what happened to them (ugh I'm sorry for sending in not so happy asks again, I'm still not that great and my unhappy thoughts are all I have rn)

again, my message is open, darling! or my inbox. please, if you need an ear or a shoulder to lean on, lemme know ok? ~Mod Chrissu



He always worries about you. Usually, if he notices you haven’t eaten or that it’s been a while since he’s seen you get up, he tries to encourage you to eat or to walk around a little bit. If it’s really bad, he’ll actually bring food himself or teleport you outside (with a jacket for warmth of course) and walk around with you. He does the same thing, but you kept him in check anyways and he wants to do the same for you.


Self care is important for him, and it’s a priority when it comes to you! He always makes sure to bring you spaghetti when you haven’t eaten or ask for your company to go to the grocery store or brings a bottle of water to quench any thirst you may have. He loves you so much, he wants you to be happy and healthy, if he can help it. Also cuddles. He makes sure you get your daily does of “Papyrus Time” so that you won’t feel lonely.



Insists on helping you remember. Sets a glass of water beside you every morning, makes sure you go to sleep at a decent hour every night. Gently reminds you to take bathroom breaks. He cares for you a lot, he wants to take care of you but he knows he can only do so much. 


Tries to make it a little more worth to do something. Like for instance, if you haven’t drank any water, he brings you a glass and a bunch of face kisses. He wants to make sure that you feel loved. He stays by your side a lot, mostly because he’s lazy and doesn’t like to move, but also because he can make sure that you’re taking care of yourself.


She does the same things, actually. It’s hard for her to keep herself in check, and she tries to make sure you’re eating and drinking enough water. You also make sure she’d doing the same. You two get a system going in no time, making sure the other is taken care of.



Checks you every hour on the hour. Have you eaten something? Water? Are you cold? You mean a lot to him, he doesn’t want you to forget to eat or drink at all. Lots of skelekisses!


So today is my birthday..! yaaay..~ and unfortunately, I have been awake since 3 this morning due to a crazy anxiety attack and food poisoning…. and let me tell you, wanting to run away and throwing up is not a pleasant birthday present… ^^; ..but I am okay for now, still sick but on my way home from vacation.. talk about ending with a bang…^^ …

Anyways.. I made this cute drawing (awkward anatomy and uncomplimentary colors and all~) all in one day!!…  I’m probably going to hate this a few days from now.. Cx …I may have drawn it for me but feel free to use the other blank one for your own use… ^^ as long as you credit me… I’m all okay with that…! Hope that you all like this.. ^^ .. I’m just so happy that I was able to finish it before my birthday starts.. even if I am a noob at coloring.. ^^; .. & digital art in general.. 

… ^__^


every disney (and more) animation movies: snow white and the seven dwarfs (1937)

Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness. Change my queenly raiment to a peddler’s cloak. Mummy dust, to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the black of night. To age my voice, an old hag’s cackle. To whiten my hair, a scream of fright. A blast of wind to fan my hate. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now, begin thy magic spell.


“If you don’t get serious, he’ll catch up fast.”

the h8rs: ugh jaspearl?? shippers must really have to reach ://

me: we dont have to reach the ship does it for us #jaspearliscanon #jaspearlisendgame #poppingthebiggestbottleswhen

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In the beginning when Lexa was still an asshole to Clarke it was all just a con to deny her feelings. In reality though, she'd go home and gush to Anya and talk about how pretty Clarke was and how she just really wants her to be happy. Then Anya is like 🙄 then stood being a dick to her. Then Lexa's like noo I'm not enough for her she deserves the entire world and ugh she's so perfect. Anya is over here plotting a way to get them together calling Aden and shit.

Lexa was such a loser like she used to take extra long in the mornings to get ready and Anya would roll her eyes bc she’s taking SO long to get ready just to impress Clarke lmao

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;w; I just really wanted to say that I really love your artwork a lot. Just regular human Undertale characters or any papyton in gerneral is just amazing ;W; especially just the cute little things. Or even Underfell. It's creative to see not just having him in a wheelchair but to give some characters something they would have possibly in the real world ;W;

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I wish they had two parts for the Southern Raiders like they had for The Boiling Rock, that way we could see more conversation & stuff between Zuko and Katara, I'm sure they were gone a few days, they must've talked about so much, while they were eating by a campfire or something, ugh I hate the fact Bryke doesn't like these two together it makes me so mad, I already know they don't like Zuko but I'm sure they don't like Katara either with the way they write her, they just want her as Aang's gf

I think a 2-part episode for TSR like TBR would have been really cool. I would have been happy just with more talking between them. Out of all the field trips, theirs had the least amount of conversation and Katara was just yelling at him for the first half. The original script had “too much chemistry” between them, so I guess it was a LOT different than the final script, because I think Zuko and Katara had very little chemistry in the final episode. It gave the impression that Zuko just went along so he could kill a man so Katara would stop hating him and I can see why people don’t ship Zutara based off of their canon interactions. It’s why so many casual fans use TSR as evidence that Zutara is toxic and would never work, blah blah blah. That is what Bryke wanted, I’m sure. 

I agree it doesn’t seem like they like Zuko or Katara much given how little respect they show the characters. I don’t know why you would want to send the impression that any of the main characters are “toxic”. Especially after they receive so much development, like Zuko has. After 3 seasons worth of character development, the fact that they think Zuko would be such a horrible and toxic love interest and that he would be in a “dark” relationship shows they don’t really care about his character arc that much.

I’m obsessed with Colourpop’s eyeshadows I just bought two more palettes send help

Seeing Kai’s face in the movie when Kei rips his own throat with no hesitation at all made me wonder just how much powerless and useless Kai must have felt every time Kei had to die in order to survive. I bet he’s the self-deprecating type who always thinks it’s his duty to protect him. Even when Kei pushes him aside and leaves him alone. He never asked for anything more than Kei being happy on his own terms. He never complained to him whenever he was left behind. He just sucked it up and kept his smile on (and his smiling earrings) just waiting for the moment Kei would ask again for his help (as he was already packing the bag when Kei called. He knew Kei would eventually need him from time to time and he just waited for those times.)
So their relationship is really fucked up: Kai would gladly just stay behind and be the one who gets hurt (Kaneki much, anyone? ugh) if that means he can protect Kei and make him happy that way, right?
Well, now picture how crushing must be the feeling he gets every time Kei’s heart stops DESPITE ALL THAT. Even though he always wakes up. Kei is human in Kai’s eyes, but that only means Kai always pictures him never waking up again ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

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