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UGH HAHA I wish/thought you were real

Sadly we are not but I’ve made so many incredible friends between my darling soulmate @shawnstraps my gf @latteshawn my rapper friend DJ 4Chainz @shit-to-kinda-okay my love and fellow sinning partner @ffoleyasitis my lil’ pumpkin @brighterthanluckystars my sweet sweet friend @gentlemanmendes my probably first supporter on this blog @themercyseries the fabulous @shawnsleo the darling @mendesfiction the incredibly talented @illumeshawn  AND SO MANY OTHER INCREDIBLE PEOPLE I WANT TO TAKE A MOMENT AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS AND SUPPORT AND LOVE AND I HOPE WE CAN STAY FRIENDS AND CONTINUE SINNING ABOUT SHAWN AND TALKING ABOUT NOT SHAWN RELATED THINGS ASWELL I LOVE YOU ALL 


Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey at the Make-A-Wish Gala.

Deokhwa a Deity?

This is just so interesting! And I have been bothered by that subway scene  between Eun Tak and Deok hwa and that knowing look in his face. 

And him reciting exactly what Kim Shin was internally wishing. 

I mean, he could’ve made up something different right? But WORD PER WORD? And why didn’t he tell Eun Tak what it means? Why did he try and cover up the true meaning of the letter? He didn’t have any reason not to right? As far as we’ve seen, he’s also “clueless” about the situations that are happening.
Does he not want Eun Tak to know because if she learns the truth about the real reason why Kim Shin want the sword want to be pulled, she ain’t gonna do it (MIND BLOWN!!!)

(ugh I’m feeling the angst from episode 8 again)

And what if this that scene about Deok hwa telling GR to call Kim Shin brother was not was not a joke from the writes but literally a hint from them for us. This drama is SERIOUSLY all about hints, they make us crazy! It creates these loopholes, that can lead to different outcomes! 

(OR/and for the other theory that majority thinks is canon, that GR is the past king, still that would make Kim Shin his “brother-in-law” right? hahaha)

If these genius theories are true, them that meeting of him and Samshin in the first episodes epic, imagine them talking about what the future holds!
Them discussing how to handle the messy future our characters are gonna go through. How they’re gonna “correct” things or something   

Of course this Theory has loopholes (like every darn backstory/theory of this drama hahaha) Still right? It’s amusing!

Is there no normal person in this Drama? All has funny/epic backstories it’s epic!

I’m still not over the discussion about GR and Sunny’s past, because seriously either can be canon because, anything can be canon/plausible and people have these “evidences” and throw the show’s small hints into that as well, I’d like to think that GR is the king Sunny is the Queen just to end this confusion that I have, that has been my thought to begin with anyway even though theories like this always pulls me back into reassessing the show damn it! hahaha (still, It’s amusing)  

Please do read the the OP’s thread that made me post this HERE.

With these theories that we come up with, the Goblin fandom should write their own stories! 

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I'm having a night
  • My profile: I just started my Masters in Library Science this goal is to be either a school or youth services librarian in a public library.
  • Me: *messages guy about what books he's reading*
  • Him: *Replies with a link to his goodreads* So what are you in grad school for?


1. The Other Side - Woodkid || 2 .Made of Stone - Daughter || 3. Way Down We Go - Kaleo || 4. Numbers - Daughter || 5. New Ways - Daughter ||
6. Human - Of Monsters And Men || 7. Hand - Made - alt - J || 8. Wilder Mind - Mumford and Sons || 9. Hunger Of The Pine - alt - J || 10. Loner - Mikky Ekko || 11. Tell Me It’s Real - Seafret || 12. Awake My Soul - Mumford & Sons || 13.  Swim To You - Dotan || 14. Empire - Of Monsters And Men 

basically i really love the-dane-of-my-existence ‘s wedding aesthetics of hetalia characters and wanted to draw my favourite girlfriends first.

also bonus basch/vash(?):

I’m gonna rant who’s ready for Ashley rants here we go

Ugh I really just wish LGBTQ+ was so much more normalized and not fetishized. I want to sit down with my family and watch a happy Disney movie with lesbians, and read about two boys saving the world and falling in love, and see shirts sold in stores that say witty slogans about being aroace. I really want to be so much more open about these things in real life but I just can’t because it’s “not normal” and and I just wish it was fucking normalized so I could watch or read something without having to go through the same boring ass girl meets boy story. I want to read stories and watch shows with LGBTQ+ people that aren’t extremely sad, sexualized, focused on only LGBTQ+ issues, and involve death every. damn. time. I want space girlfriends. I want bisexual mermen. I want pansexual princesses. I want nonbinary heroes. I was on the boardwalk and I kept seeing the same “she’s mine” and “he’s mine” shirts (totally off topic but I always wonder how same sex couples would be able to pull those shirts off like?? Would they have to buy two different kinds so the arrows face eachother??) and then I saw a shirt with a rainbow background that said “can’t even think straight” and a rainbow shirt that said “pride.” Those shirts made me so freaking happy. Everytime I go back to the boardwalk and pass those shirts on display (I saw them last year and they’re still being sold) I smile. I grin so big that people must think I’m weird for happily smiling at a boardwalk store. Of course, I need to hide my smile from the unsuspecting family™. But it still makes me so happy. And that’s what representation would do for LGBTQ+ people. Do you know how happy the LGBTQ+ community would be if Finn and Poe were a canon couple in Star Wars, a HUGE movie franchise. Do you know how excited gay children would be if Elsa from frozen, another huge movie, was a lesbian? Do you know how many people would be educated on the topic and realize that LGBT+ isn’t 18+? Anytime I see representation I get so excited and happy as can be. I was watching America’s Got Talent. There was a trans woman and my parents were explaining to my little brothers what transgender was while I tried not to smile. Of course, they weren’t too educated on the topic but still, just seeing a trans person on tv expanded my brothers’ knowledge.

I just really want to see more representation. I want to read LGBTQ+ fiction and watch LGBTQ+ movies and shows that aren’t horrible and homophobic dammit! And thank god for people like Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko. Shows like Shadowhunters and Steven Universe. Media that displays queerness as something that can be shown in public and something that’s normal and not strange.

tldr: LGBTQ+ representation is so important. Fuck off with your heteronormative bullshit

Ok that’s all of my rant. (Which is probably full of typos this was written at 1am) Sorry for this long ass post if you didn’t want to read it, but I really needed to type this all out since I can’t actually talk to somebody about it.


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A- age: 17
B- Biggest fear: bloody wax figures
C- Current time: 10:33pm
D- drink you last had: water (boring)
E- everyday starts with: a shower
F- favourite song: long live by taylor swift tbh
G- ghosts, are they real?: no clue
H- hometown: nahhhhh
J- jealous of: people who can be motivated to do exercise 
K- killed someone?: sure
L- last time you cried: no clue
M- middle name: Mary (ugh)
N- number of siblings: 1
O- one wish: to know what i wanna do with my life
P- person you last called/texted: ma group chat
Q- questions you’re always asked: what are you doing at uni?
R- reasons to smile: good music and food and friends
S- song last sang: give me love by ed sheeran i think
T- time you woke up: 7:15
U- underwear color: black
V- vacation destination: somewhere in europe i think
W- worst habit: not sure, probs not getting up in the morning
X- X-rays you’ve had: none
Y- your favourite food: sponge cake
Z- Zodiac sign: virgo

i tag: whoever wanna do it, its fun

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Ennoshita Chikara

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

i love ennoshita!!! I wish he got a little more screen time. i know it’s not like he’s the only one who works really hard, but he is real captain material and an all around good player so I just have strong feelings for him

send me a fictional character


Calum being patted by his band members (x/x/x)

[a.k.a. ‘real life puppy’/ ‘everyone’s so fond of this cutie that they can’t help themselves’/ ‘iamcalumtrashandiwishicandothistohim’]

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A-Age: 19

B-Biggest fear: centipedes, fire, the deep web

C-Current time: 4:00pm

D-Drink you last had: tazo chai latte mix w/ chocolate almond milk :~)

E-Every day starts with: messaging @trashprince13x “ugh” is literally the first thing i’ve done every day for at least the past week

F-Favorite song: currently, the magician by andy shauf

G-Ghosts are they real: probably

I-In love with: my doggo

K-Killed someone: not today

L-Last time you cried: i don’t know i cry very often so it’s hard to keep track

M-Middle name: rose

N-Number of siblings: one

O-One wish:  to have lots of dolla {im keeping emma’s answer} {i’m keeping jam’s answer}

P-Person you last called/texted: @brambletea or @silwehrleining

Q-Questions you are always asked: “are you high?”

R-Reasons to smile: like 5ish weeks till f1 is back!! though i’m still trying to decide if that’s a reason to smile or cry. probably both

S-Song last sang: idk i don’t really sing ever but probably fergalicious

T-Time you woke up: 8:30am

U-Underwear color: grey

V-Vacation destination: any of the baltic countries or central america or thailand

W-Worst habit: i don’t really know??? complaining

X-X-Rays you’ve had: i had one x-ray when i was like 8 years old but i don’t remember why

Y-Your favourite food: rice or potatoes or broccoli 

Z-Zodiac sign: cancer

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