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Sawamura Eijun  Seidou’s Mood Maker

Doug: Was that the guy?
Carol: Yes. That’s the guy. But I’m not seeing him or anything.
Doug: Yeah, you’re not ready to commit, that’s fine. You wanna screw firemen, fine. Just don’t humiliate me in front of my friends.
Carol: Humiliate you?! What about the surgical tech in the on-call room? Or the peds nurse in the parking lot? How about the drug rep with the fake breast and the big hair? I’d have to do the entire Bulls lineup on the damn admit desk before I even begin to be equal with you.
Doug: Is that what this is about? Is this about getting even for things I did a long time ago?
Carol: No. This is about me needing some time and you being really pissed off that things are working out exactly as you planned. I’ve spent years, years of my life changing to fit your needs, working around your schedules, your insecurities, your inabilities to commit. Well, you know what, Doug? It’s not all about you. I know that may come as a shock. But a relationship is give and take. Two people as equals, and right now I need something. So you can grow up and accept it, or you can go on being the same selfish celf-centered bastard you’ve always been and refuse to give me the one thing- one thing I’ve ever asked you for.

Okay. The scenes with Len and Jasper, pre-breakup was so cute! I was literally squealing as I watched it. Jasper, Eleanor and Sarah Alice are literally family goals. Ugh I hate Jasper’s father. I love that Jasper was willing to give up his only chance of happiness to make sure that Len wasn’t made to be in a different light. I almost started crying when Jasper was talking to his father and said “you don’t know what you just cost me.” I firmly believe that Sarah Alice or James is going to give Lenny that story book and tell her that Jasper only broke up with her to protect her. You could see when Jasper was hugging Sarah Alice, he was trying so damn hard not to break down and not worry Sarah Alice. I really hope that Len and Jasper figure things out and get back together. I also hope that Jasper tells Len why he did what he did. Here’s hoping next week is a bit better.

I’m having a little fangirl moment, please excuse me;

I can’t believe how handsome Kasamatsu was in Extra Game; LIKE’

LOOK AT HIM. This precious being. He’s so happy and proud.. UGH. He’s literally so cute and adorable and.. JDKFJL.




BUT NO. I mean.. I was hoping for a nice version of him.. I WAS NOT prepared for a mature, strong, HANDSOME version of him!! I just.. I’ve been looking at this all day (before AND after I got off work) I literally kept tweeting about it because he’s just.. OMG.


No matter how hard he works, no matter how hard he tries, there has always been this insurmountable wall.

An obstacle that he just cannot overcome.

He attends every practice.

He polishes his skills with intense, hard work. 

He pushes through the pain, through the straining muscles and heavy lungs.

He refuses to give up, even when they lose year after year.

Every year there is the hope - next year, we’ll get them.

There’s always a next year.

A next time…

Until now.

This loss is final. The end. Their last chance, in their last year of high school, to finally snag victory-

But they couldn’t do it.

And Hajime, as the ace?

He fails.

He has his chance, his opportunity to score the winning point - but he can’t do it.

His spike is picked up and Seijou ultimately loses.

The knowledge that he has held them back is almost more than he can take.

He keeps his brave face up. He barely lets himself feel - forcing himself to dry his eyes and stand next to his team while they shake hands. It feels robotic, it feels forced, but he can’t lose it here.

Not in front of his teammates. He just can’t.

It isn’t until he’s finally alone in the privacy of his room that he really allows himself to feel.

He can’t even bring himself to take off his uniform. He just collapses on his bed, breathes in deep, and cries.

No, he doesn’t cry - he bawls. He shakes, trembling, curling himself up into the tiniest ball imaginable. He can’t even remember the last time he’s cried like this. Everything hurts. 

He chokes down sobs, trying to quiet himself, but it’s to no avail. He vaguely remembers that it doesn’t matter - his parents are out of town, so nobody is gonna come and find him - but it’s only a fleeting thought. He cries until his vision is fuzzy, his head hurts and his throat burns, heavy from the effort of trying to force in breaths. He’s still trembling, but he doesn’t register any of it.

All he’s thinking about are the plays. 

The plays he failed to make that day.

Did he play alright? Maybe. But he can’t help himself; he sees all the ways in which he could have jumped higher, hit harder, been better-

It’s frustrating. He’s angry, he’s sad - he’s a complicated mess of emotions, none of which he can begin to understand while focusing so hard on where he’s sure he has failed.

He has no idea how much time has passed before the throbbing in his head starts to alleviate. His body starts to relax and he sighs, quietly, feeling a warmth settling into his face.

He hears a voice, but it sounds far away.


It sounds kind of like his name, but he can’t really be bothered to listen. He feels pressure on his temples, small but firm, rubbing away the tension there. 

He feels like he can finally, breathe, finally move, so he cracks his eyes open. His vision is hazy, but he recognizes the person sitting on the edge of his bed almost immediately. A heavy weight settles in his stomach as he realizes he’s been caught.

He tries to sit up but his whole body rejects that idea, pain seeping through his muscles.  He winces, and those hands massaging his forehead move to his chest, pushing him back down.

Hajime chances a look up and he doesn’t see Tooru looking at him with pity. No, rather, it’s something else entirely… something gentle. Something vulnerable.

Something… caring?

Tooru bites his lip; he presses himself a little closer, a hand running through Hajime’s hair, pushing the dark strands out of his face. His thumb brushes against his forehead, before he leans in and presses a slow, gentle kiss right in that spot.

“It’s okay,” he says, and his voice is so soft. “It’s okay, Hajime. I’m here. I’ve got you…” He huffs a breath, his hand continuing to move through Hajime’s hair, massaging his scalp. The action is soothing, and Hajime finds himself relaxing, body slowly uncurling from where he’d been tightly wound on his side.

Tooru doesn’t stop there. He continues massaging his scalp, but his other hand continues his ministrations on his temples. Once he’s satisfied there, he lets his fingers continue their exploration, searching out the tense muscles in Hajime’s neck and shoulders, pressing into them until Hajime heaves out a sigh of relief.

The trembling stops. He stops thinking about what he’s done wrong. Instead, he focuses on the warm feeling of Tooru touching him. It’s the same warm feeling as he feels when they’re out there, together, on the court-

“Hajime,” Tooru’s voice breaks him out of his thoughts, “You know, it’s like you always say. There are six people out there on that court. We all played together. We win together… and we lose together.” He feels the hands halt their movements. The bed dips, and Tooru climbs in, settling in behind Hajime.

“You made me so proud today,” Tooru tells him, his breath hot against the back of Hajime’s neck. “You’re strong. You’re capable. You’re the best damn ace we could have ever asked for.” 

Hajime doesn’t have to ask for it; Tooru just knows. He wraps his arm around Hajime’s waist, pressing their bodies flush together.

“Don’t ever think otherwise, and don’t try and hide from me, okay?” Tooru punctuates this with a kiss to the back of his neck. “I love you.”

Hajime’s vision blurs again, but this time he’s not alone.

He lets Tooru stay, brushing away his tears, kissing him, holding him. Loving him.

He lets Tooru stay and he lets himself feel everything that he needs to.

And the next morning, as Hajime wakes up, the warm weight at his back and the fingers tangled with his remind him that he’s not alone.

These obstacles might be a challenge, but they’re not one that he’s facing alone.


-Obi Hajime

Gintama Ch.551, Farewell Shinsengumi (Latter Part). Saying Goodbye.


alvin + full body shots

My Thoughts on FT Chapter 522-523

this is it!!!!!

I am so impatient with this chapters and I am so glad we got the movie info (sadly I can’t read in japanese). but, I am so happy with this cover:

Juvia and Gray… with matching grey tops!!!… ugh my Gruvia heart beats so hard!.

based on 522, I can say that Gray… is still not known that Juvia is saved. but, if he still decided to use Iced Shell only for sealing Zeref… hm, I think he’s very selfish.

well, at least, I am so happy to see Gildarts and Cana. both of them are so cute and strong, somehow, I am sensing… we’ll lose another one character, and I hope I am wrong.

and I am so happy that Natsu is coming to save Gray. and also, I am hurt seeing Natsu crying. 

anyway, seeing Acnologia in front of Fairy Hills (I found it funny), I thought both of Fairy Tail and Zeref, should realized that all they need is uniting their magic. I hope I can see Mavis x Zeref, or maybe Natsu x Gray x Lucy x Zeref x Mavis unison raid… well, I don’t think that will be happen, tho.

anyway, I am so satisfied with those chapters!.

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get to know me » anime edition
↳ [5/10] female characters » Miyazono Kaori

“I’m going to struggle as hard as I can. Struggle, struggle, struggle, like there’s on tomorrow. It’s your fault. It’s all your fault, all of it. The reason I’m putting up such an unseemly struggle, why I’m so fixated on living… it’s your fault. You gave me this desire to cling to that time I spent with you.”

seeing jongin smacking himself in the head for just missing two little steps is so heartbreaking. for the simple face that no one would’ve noticed. he’s so hard on himself, i wish he would just leave some room for mistakes. he works so hard, and practices so hard. i can only imagine how many times he’s gone through the steps and practiced. he’s a perfectionist so i know its hard for him to accept missing a couple of steps, but its really heart breaking. he probably felt so disappointed in himself and i wish someone would just tell him its okay and to not be so hard on himself. he deserves the world and more. 

its so important to me, because he loves being on stage, and dancing is his passion, and the months that he couldn’t dance were the worst months for him, so now that he’s finally back on stage, i know he want to show his best and give it his all – but i just wish he knew that he’s perfect the way he is.. 

New volume, new arguments

Okay guys!
So today the first episode of Volume 4 came out! WOOOOOOOOO!!! Okay so now onto the bad part…

I can already see people bitching about “EW BLACKSUN!!1!”, “UGH JAUNE!”, “WHY IS THERE SO MANY GUYS NOW!!1!”, etc. And all I want to say is….


Roosterteeth works hard and puts all their time and effort into making sure each and every RWBY episode is the best. So what the fuck do you imagine when they go on social media and see so many (I’m not saying everyone does this) people bitching and trying to cry and whine about what I said with Jaune, Sun, and Blacksun. Which brings me to another point.

RWBY IS NOT A ROMANTIC SHOW. It’s a show that revolves around the badass creatures Hunters and Huntresses have to defeat plus some good ass bad guys that add some depth and even more badass scenes that makes RWBY..well RWBY. In no way does RWBY revolve around romance or ships. If anything, RT will make some ships canon but it will not be the forefront of the show. So if that means if a ship that you don’t like is canon, DON’T FUCKING BITCH ABOUT IT. It is RT’s choice of making their characters canon and they are not required to listen to their whining, bitching, spoiled “fans” that want to get what they want. So if they make BlackSun canon, don’t fucking bitch. Even though I ship Bumbleby with all my heart, I will accept RT’s decision. Vice versa with Bumbleby being canon, or Whiterose or any other ship. If it’s canon, don’t whine and bitch.

Now with more guys being added to RWBY, I’m more confused as to why some people are getting so butthurt and triggered about it. Yes, I know woman don’t really get put as leads in shows but as long as RT is capable of writing the males as awesome people and don’t like push woman away, then why complain? The RWBY universe is full of diversity so why limit it to one thing??

That’s the end of my rant. I’m really sorry if my writing sucks. I’m not really good with using my words!

Gypsy Bard (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
  • Gypsy Bard (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
  • Sherclop Pones

Uploading because I gave up haha. Old art, long post. A Lyricstuck of Gypsy Bard (The Living Tombstone’s remix). 

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“While writing the lyrics, I waned to say just this one phrase to everyone: We shall not say the word “forever”, [but] even though we won’t say forever, please be together with us for a long time. It is the start for us, now, right? I love you all.” 

anonymous asked:

I was just listening to The Fray, How To Save A Life a minute ago because I saw an aesthetic with a lyric I liked so I checked it out and realised I've heard it before on the radio and stuff but this was the first time I actually saw all the lyrics and they hit me so fucking hard it made me cry and I'm such an emo mess these days ugh. But there is a reason to this what are some of your fav lyrics?

aHHH omg i love that so much!!! ok here is a little list

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Ranting to Yoongi about weight 

Sorry guys, I just really had to vent. I was having a great day, my writers block gone and I was writing - though of course my brother wanted to hang out today so I couldn’t write as much as I wanted to - and I got to make homemade bread, which is my favorite food in the world, but in ended like this and now I’m in no mood to do anything other than lie in bed. I honestly hardly have the motivation to scroll through my dashboard… But I’ll get over it soon, I always do, and I hope to have a post up by Monday at the latest ^-^

ugh idk if it’s just hitting me hard now because i’ve been here for 4 days now or if it’s just because all of the others in my training class have all shipped out and headed home or because i don’t have a class to distract me today, but i feel so homesick right now and my stomach is turning so much and i’ve had that stupid lump in my throat all morning like i’m gonna cry and it’s honestly so irrational because i’m going to be home this afternoon but it’s like uggghhh

i just want to go home now