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Can you do a small christmasy type blurb thing with one of the boys or you spend Christmas day with the boys or something but can it be really cute please? Thank you xxxxxxx

A/N: this is so unedited bc I’ve done it on my phone and yeah I’m so sorry if it’s bad but this is what I expect Luke to be like and basically Christmas with 5sos would be so cool

“ITS CHRISTMAS” someone shouted and before I knew it I was being jumped on by several bodies or maybe one I couldn’t tell.

“W-what the?” I tried to move my legs and arms but was restricted from the weight onto of me. Still half asleep I managed to shove the person or people off of me so I was free.

“Y/n get up its Christmas” the excited voice of Luke whisper screamed into my ear.

“Get off me” I said pushing him away as he was way to close to my face now.

“Come on get upppp I want to open presents pleaseeee” He whined

“Luke- jeez Luke its 6am what the hell! Go back to sleep!” I said no wonder I was tired I had only been asleep for 3 hours.

“Go wake the others up then come and wake me up” I said dropping my head back onto my pillow.

“Please y/n?” Luke begged giving the puppy dog look and who could say no to that and especially when it was Luke and his stupid dimples always popped out.

“Ugh- okay give me a minute” I said rubbing my eyes and sitting up. But Luke being the impatient person he was made me stand up quickly as he tried to drag me out of my room.

“Luke slow down, I’ve only just woken up”

“But I can’t, it’s Christmas and I’m so excited”

“I know you are” I smiled warmly at him as he was literally radiating happiness.

“Go wake the other boys up and I’ll make some toast with Vegemite so they won’t be so annoyed” I said

“Wait wait wait, you need to out this on first Luke said chucking it at me.

I looked to see he had just thrown a really over the top Christmas jumper at me. It had reindeers with red Pom poms on the noses and it was bright red and green. I then noticed that Luke was wearing a Christmas jumper and of course it had penguins on it.

I pulled the jumper on to make Luke happy and started to make breakfast while he had to go wake the others up.

I could hear Luke shouting stuff about Christmas at the boys to wake them up and slowly Ashton and Calum submerged from their rooms both wearing the Christmas jumpers Luke had given them.

I passed them their toast and they smiled in thanks to sleepy to form words. Luke had gone quiet now and obviously had stopped shouting at Michael to get him up as he knew it was a lost cause.

Seconds later I heard a shout and Luke came running into the kitchen hiding behind the counter as a very angry and wet Michael came running after him.

"Where the hell is Luke?” He said looking pissed.

I looked down at Luke who was hiding on the floor behind the counter. He looked up at me gesturing to not tell him.

“God that boy gets to excitable” Michael cursed as he sat down on a kitchen stool munching away at some toast.

“I’m sorry Michael I didn’t know how to wake you up, please don’t kill me I just want to open presents and play games and eat food” Luke said

“It’s fine” he mumbled

We ate breakfast quickly as Luke kept moaning about how we take ages to eat and we all got fed up with his whining and gave in discarding the rest of our breakfasts and following Luke who sat next to the tree handing out everyone’s presents to them so they had their own pile.

“Who wants to open their present first?” Luke asked and we all knew that he did.

“You do it Luke we all know you want to” I chuckled

“Okayyy if you insist” he said happily. He tore at the paper on a random one of his presents. I watched his reaction as his face broke out into a bigger grin.

“Thank you y/n” he said chuckling at the huge stuffed penguin I had brought him. He suddenly pounced on me hugging me tightly like he probably would to every single one of us after he opens his present from one of us.

We spent about and hour and a bit opening presents and then cleaning up the wrapping paper in which the boys were trying to wrap Luke up in.

“Guys help tidy up please” I said and they stopped messing about and helped.

Once that was finished we all helped make Christmas lunch which tasted alright in the end because none of us were exactly the best cooks but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

We ended up eating way to much so we were all really full and couldn’t move. Luke suggested that we should pull the crackers which resulted in Ashton pulling his too hard and falling off his chair. He claimed he was to full to move so he stayed on the floor for a while. Soon we all ended up on the floor laying in front of the TV watching nativity (the one with Martin freeman) I ended up crying towards the end because this film made me so happy, I looked over to the other guys seeing Michael blink a tear escaping his eye. We both looked at each other and laughed causing the other boys to tease us for crying.

Luke then dragged us to make mince pies with him and it ended in a disaster. There was flour all over the work surfaces and floor and even some on Luke’s nose which made everyone giggle as he was oblivious to it.

The day past in a buzz of laughter and happiness and the sky was becoming dark. One by one everyone retreated to their beds after we made our way through a whole tub of celebrations.

Luke and I were the last two people awake. We stayed up chatting right up until the minute Christmas Day was over.

“Well that was a perfect Christmas” I smiled at him “thank you”

“Nooooooo I don’t want it to be over yet” he whined pulling me back down onto the sofa, hugging me tightly so I couldn’t escape.

“Y/n… Don’t go to bed yet”
He whispered

“But I’m tired”

“But … it’s Christmas” he whispered.