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Ok, so I just discovered your art and I FREAKING LOVE IT!! I'm hoping to buy some merch on your Redbubble, and I had a question about the stickers. For "Cuddles" and "Baby Angel" do you know if the text bubble and the art are two separated stickers? It kinda looks like they are, but I'm not sure. Thanks! <3

HI OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS SO PRECIOUS I’M CRYING THANK YOU ALOT OMG I CAN’T WRITE UGH AAAA💗💗💗💗💎✨😍😭 I think they’re separated! But i can make the one piece only! Tell me if you want to!

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I want Tom to come cuddle with me right now, I am freezing. I just want him to wrap his arms around me and entertwine our legs together as he whispers how much he loves me and my shitty jokes while I lay there giggling trying to figure out how I got so lucky to have a boy like him in my life.

Cuddling With Fred Weasley Would Include:
  •  You two would be constantly making up excuses to cuddle
  • “Love, that Quidditch match really took a toll on me… can we cuddle in my dorm?”
  • “I’m pretty sure I failed my Potions test, Fred. Can we cuddle so I can take my mind off it?”
  • Laying together on Fred’s bed during rainy days
  • Falling asleep in each other’s arms
  • Fred’s fingers tracing random patterns along your skin
  • George always accidently walking in on the two of you
  • “Hey Fred you want- ugh not again! I swear, do either of you ever leave that bloody bed?”
  • Endless conversations about the universe, the future, magical creatures, Muggle morals, and other arbitrary topics
  • Fred kissing every inch of your face
  • “Ah- Fred s-stop… it tickles!”
  • Straddling Fred’s waist and pressing your lips firmly against his, taking him by surprise
  • Constantly changing positions
  • Arguing over who gets to be the little spoon
  • “But darling you’re always the little spoon-”
    “It’s not my fault you’re abnormally tall.”
    “Well it’s not my fault my girlfriend is as tall as a first year.”
  • Struggling to wrap your arms around Fred’s frame when you finally agree to letting him be the little spoon
  • Fred poking his tongue out at you and due to the closeness accidently licking your cheek
  • “Fred! You’re disgusting!”
    “Don’t be like that, Y/n. I know you love it.”
  • No two cuddle sessions being the same
  • Fighting over the blanket
  • Moving Fred’s bed towards the window so you two can watch the rain fall on rainy days 
  • Your clothes slowly being discarded as the heat becomes unbearable
  • Eventually just cuddling in your undergarments
  • “I like your cute lacy bra, love. It really makes your… eyes pop.”
    “Stop it you cheeky bastard.”
  • Fred casually pinching your butt when you’re about to doze off
  • Hermione snatching photos of Fred and you when you two aren’t paying attention
  • Leaving trails of kisses along each other’s chest and necks
  • Falling asleep with your foreheads pressed against each other
  • Subconsciously playing footsies
  • Interlocking your hands together
  • In some cases your essentially harmless/innocent cuddles take a more… sexual turn
  • Giving each other hickies when things turn dirty
  • Lazy cuddles
  • Tickle fights
  • Sweet talk
  • Fred refusing to let you leave despite how late it is, insisting that you spend the night

-Daizy xx

honestly a qp relationship would be so great like you’re my best friend and we do best friend things but you’re like more than my best friend because I love you with all my heart but platonicly and we don’t have to do romantic stuff but we totally can if you want it’s chill and we can cuddle and tell each other everything without it being weird and we can eat ice cream and sing at the tops of our lungs and annoy the people around us with how in platonic love we are with each other and we can just hang out and find comfort in each others company even if we don’t say a word to each other like all day and I know you’re there and you know I’m there and we’ll just help each other and support each other and ugh qp relationships


What is love?
Is it an unconditional acceptance of each other?
Is it laughing more than you fight?
Is it getting lost in his sea of auburn eyes, and realizing that you’ll never want to experience the feeling with anyone else?
Beats me. I’ve never felt anything close to it.

But I crave it. I crave love.
I crave the cuddles and the laughter.
I crave the hugs and the aroma of cologne as I grasp onto him a little tighter.
I crave the hand holding and how his thumb moves slightly back and forth over my hand.
I crave the kisses and the fireworks that I feel.

I crave the affection.

And I may never know what love is. But I sure as hell crave the feeling of being in a relationship. I miss that adventure of trying to figure out if he’s the one, or if you’re meant for each other. I miss the fun dates and the places you would take me that I would end up falling in love with. I miss it all.

I miss being wanted.
Because lately I feel completely unwanted.
And completely unloved.

Just thought I’d post this since it’s been in my drafts for a while now.

Eyewitness - sixth break

- Philip! Smiling! Is! Life!
- His first pic is of him and Helen! He just couldn’t wait once he got the film ugh I adore him
- “you weren’t around to ask” oooh papa Gabe is giving shade
- philkas kissing in a barn under moonlight! I can’t think!
- they’re so playful it’s gonna be the death of me
- “I don’t want a girlfriend” we know Lukas. Since the first episode.
- they’re sharing headphones and cuddling just ugh I’m so happy
- Helen was so fucking close I can’t wait until Kane dies
- this episode was a trip
- #philkasforever

Bts reaction to you being a sleep hugger

He would just be super happy that you would hug him in your sleep. It would turn him on a lot, but he doesn’t want to wake you up, so he tries his hardest to just lay down beside you and not doing anything. Another sleepless night for Jin.

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Would be really turned on. “Ugh y/n.. This is why I have to fall asleep before you” 
(Don’t mind J-Hope)

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You hug him and moan his name a bit. He was fast asleep, but now he’s wide awake, staring at you. He was twitching a bit to hide how much he was turned on. He tried to shake off every thought of pouncing on you for being adorable and kissing you. He instead just plants a kiss on your forehead (Which made him want to kiss you even more). “What are you doing to me..”

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He wouldn’t really care. He would cuddle you back and fall asleep, your head snuggled into his chest.

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Would wake you up to tell you how adorable you were. He would kiss you all over and would tease you about you moaning his name in your sleep and when you got mad at him, he would just find it cuter, “no! y/n! I didn’t mean it! Please don’t move away from me.. I love you..” *Pouts*

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“Wh-what is this adorable thing?”
*Pokes your face*
*You Moan*
“My god. What have I done.”

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Would be smiling like crazy. He would brag to the boys about how cute you were when you cuddled up to him while he was still awake, watching TV. He didn’t dare tell them about his growing problem when you said his name.

On the outside:

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On the inside: (What he wants to do for making him feel that way)

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~Admin Luna

Everyone liked my Kuroken headcanons, now here are some Iwaoi ones

- Oikawa had his passcode as Iwaizumi’s birthday and changed it to their anniversary when they got together and it’s so easy to hack into his phone because everyone knows it but he refuses to change it
- Oikawa wants to cuddle with Iwaizumi all the time especially when they’re going to sleep but Iwaizumi refuses during the summer because “it’s too warm out for that so stay on your side of the bed” but they’re cuddling when he wakes up
- Eskimo kisses do I even need to explain like ugh it’s so cute kill me
- Okay so there’s always those things that say that Oikawa would always talk about aliens and what not and Iwaizumi is the same way but with BEES. HE LOVES THE BEES AND WANTS TO PROTECT THE BEES. HE WOULD SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR THE BEES. Oikawa says he hates them and Iwaizumi went on this huge thing saying “No the bees are nice and doing bee things it’s the wasps you shouldn’t like okay LOVE THE BEES”
- Iwaizumi really likes it when Oikawa wears his glasses and always compliments him like “you should wear them more often you look so nice and sophisticated” and Oikawa melts
- Iwaizumi gives Oikawa one of his sweatshirts when they go off to college and sometime later Oikawa complains how it doesn’t smell like him that much anymore because he’s worn it so much
- Iwaizumi plays the guitar and all he has to do is strum it and Oikawa will stop anything he’s doing to listen because he finds it so calming
- Alright so Iwaizumi’s grandparents live on a farm and he sometimes goes out there to help and he and Oikawa were one day talking about how Oikawa wouldn’t be able to handle working on a farm for a few days so they make this huge bet and Iwaizumi brings him there the next time he goes and helps him and he’s right Oikawa can’t really handle all the dirty stuff so he lets him do things like feed the animals and what not and there’s baby goats there and Oikawa thinks they’re so cute and runs around with them and sits in their pen for like an hour and a half and all the goats are huddled around him and climbing all over him and Iwaizumi thinks it’s so cute but he would never admit it and oh Oikawa also really liked giving calves their bottles ugh
- “I want someone to look at me how Oikawa and Iwaizumi look at each other” -Makki
- Iwaizumi always watches Oikawa for a bit when he’s sleeping because it’s the cutest ugliest thing ever and kisses Oikawa all over his face when waking him up
- Iwaizumi has a box of memories between him and Oikawa like movies tickets from ones they saw together and all that and Oikawa finds out so they go through it together a few days before they go to college and it’s filled with both tears of laughter and sadness and they both remember everything in that box as if it happened the day before
- Just them being madly in love with each other okay

Boyfriend Chanyeol

  • Late night movie marathons + ordering from Chinese, Japanese and Italian take out because neither of you could pick just one place
  • Being super protective of him because he’s like an overgrown puppy who works so hard + comes home so late; tired, bags under his eyes, but smiling + asking to cuddle
  • He loves cuddles btw, like, ALL THE TIME!
  • Oh + forehead kisses. Because he’s so tol, it’s just quicker + easier to reach
  • Also, expect getting teased by the others
  • A lot
  • Getting calls in the middle of the night from Baekhyun because he wants ice cream but Chanyeol turned his phone off – “probably to cuddle with you, ugh! It’s like I’m invisible these days.”
  • Going on dates + the rest of EXO acting as a massive third wheel
  • But those dates are actually super fun and usually end up with everyone being kicked out due to noise levels
  • Suho tries his best, he really does, but those boys are wild when they’re hyped up + so I hope you’re not a light sleeper, or else staying over at the dorm will suck.
  • Lazy Sundays with Chanyeol strumming his guitar and you badly rapping his parts
  • Which usually turns into gentle sex ft. lingering touches and loving kisses
  • Either he texts you 24/7 with constant updates and shitty pic’s he snapped of the others or you won’t hear from him for 2 straight days. His schedule is messed up.
  • Arguments on very rare occasions, since he’s usually such a happy virus. But during those fights, that usually go on for days, all the boys nag you both until you make up because – “You both look like sad puppies, it’s annoying!”
  • He’s not the type to constantly state his love but shows it in little ways, like the way he touches or looks at you so you’ve never gone a day in the relationship without feeling loved

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Eth being a really bad cook (cannon) so Ty will make most of the meals and one day Eth wants to do something special for Ty bc he's been stressed or tired so he gets Mark to show him how to cook and Eth makes a big dinner thats actually pretty good bc Mark is a good teacher and Ty smiles the whole time and after when there cuddling asks "so are you going to stop needing me to cook for you? am I free?" and Eth laugh and said "nope, never, you wish" than Ty flips on top of him "No I can breathe"🎶

ugh this is too cute, and then Eth presses back and they have a lil play wrestle match but it just ends with Ethan in Ty’s lap again and they’re snuggling again 💙💖

I really just want to fall asleep with you. Not next to you. With you. I want to cuddle with you and I want to kiss every single bit of your face. I just really want to fall asleep with you beside me, and I want to just know that you’re safe and comfortable and warm and happy. I really just want to protect you and ugh. I want to just feel you, and I want to show you how much I love your smile, your eyes, everything. you. I want you. I want to feel your body (in the least sexual way possible) because it’s you, and I love you. and I just want to hear you speak and laugh and be happy all the time. I want you to be able to wake me up in the middle of the night to talk about a shitty dream you had. Or even if you want to talk about absolutely nothing important. I want to be the person you can rant to at the end of the day, and I want to be the person who lays in bed with you all day if you’re depressed or sick. I want to be the person you wake up next to. I want it to be me. and I want you to be the person I wake up next to. I want you. Everything that comes with you. I love you quite a lot. and you deserve every single bit of happiness I can give you.
—  Him. (5:10AM)
Waking him up because he’s going to be late for his schedule pt.2

the crooked edition


[Y/N] how are you such an angel when you sleep? c’mon wake up pabo…

[GD] *sleepy mumbles* hngg…

[Y/N] Get up! You’re going to be late Ji… *smack*

[GD] huh…what? Morning <3 <3

[GD] do you want to cuddle?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


[GD] fine… *hmph*

*20 minutes later*

[GD] Good morning jagi <3

[GD] I’ll see you in a few days, okay? Don’t miss me too much <3

[GD] UGH… I hate leaving you T-T I’ll miss you

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I wish i had a girlfriend. I wish i had someone who wants to be with me at anytime. I wish i had someone to cuddle with, someone who gives me gentle kisses. Someone who I can laugh with and someone who i can treat like she is the only one i see in the world. I just wish someone would go 100% for me, just as I would for her. I wish i could hold hands with someone and take could pictures with. I wish i could be myself with someone and i just wanna be loved ugh

Why don`t you come off anon, send me a picture of yourself with some personality traits and I will post it

I know for sure someone will send you a message :)

Accent Challenge
this ain't art
Accent Challenge

I was tagged by @berribaek to do the accent challenge game, so what better time than a lazy sunday to do it ♥

I wanted to keep this short but staying true to my nature I failed, i’m sorry y’all…(also for half the thingie you can hear messenger binging in the bg, pls ignore)

You may also notice I loose train of thought easily, but also my cat decided she wanted to cuddle halfway through and i got distracted 

tagging: @namjooneh (who i know has a beautiful beautiful voice), @jonghyunis, @jongkookie, @eatchim, @whateverjimin, @performanceunit and @everbad ♥♥

I don’t want Sherlock to be soft and cuddly, or to turn into a …teddy bear. (hinting to the Furlock bear on sale at the con) I mean… you know what His reaction to That would be? Hold that in mind next time you cuddle your ‘Furlock!’. Ugh. It just sounds so wrong!
—  Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)