ugh i want to cuddle you

honestly a qp relationship would be so great like you’re my best friend and we do best friend things but you’re like more than my best friend because I love you with all my heart but platonicly and we don’t have to do romantic stuff but we totally can if you want it’s chill and we can cuddle and tell each other everything without it being weird and we can eat ice cream and sing at the tops of our lungs and annoy the people around us with how in platonic love we are with each other and we can just hang out and find comfort in each others company even if we don’t say a word to each other like all day and I know you’re there and you know I’m there and we’ll just help each other and support each other and ugh qp relationships

Monster Rp starters

(This is for like monster people and Au’s, not something like a person so horrible they’ve become a monster)

“Hey you got your feathers all through my jacket again!”

“Did you just…eat that mouse…?”

“I just ate a mouse and I feel sick”

“Stop chasing your tail, your a grown (man/women/adult)”

“I know you love me but please let go of me, I can’t breathe”

“Jesus your a lot taller then I thought you were”

“Are you…making a nest? Why?”

“Do you need help putting your contact in?”

“What’s it like only having one eye?”

“So if your stomach has a mouth does that mean it eats too?”

“Your pointy ears are adorable”

“Please don’t steal my soul, I have class in like an hour and the soul stealing thing takes all day”

“Stop scratching the couch oh my god”

“Screw you I’m gonna scratch the couch if I want to”

“Please stop touching the light bulb, I know it’s pretty but you keep hurting yourself”

“Hey can you help me find my (body part)”

“Do you need help looking for (body part)”

“Hey I’ve lost my body! Help me look for it before it does something stupid!”

“Why are you eating catnip?”

“I just ate catnip and can’t feel my legs”

“Hey throw the toy I wanna catch it!”

“I don’t want to throw the toy…ugh fine give it here”

“I know it’s supposed to be cold today but the sun is out and if I go outside I’m probably going to catch on fire”

“I can make snow from my hands! Wanna see?!”

“Wow you can use magic?! Can you teach me!?”

“I know I’m not supposed to like a human, but I’ll make an exception because your cute”

“I just wanna tie you up in my web and cuddle you forever!”

“I need water, I’m getting dehydrated and I’m starting to smell like dead fish”

“I accidentally got slime all over your wall when I tried to kill a fly…I’m sorry”

“Hey it’s okay, it’s just a bit of slime”

“I accidentally set your clothes on fire when I was trying to fold them”

“Hey scratch my ear it’s itchy and you don’t have claws”

“I may or may not have got fur all over your couch when me and (random name) where playing”

“I accidentally broke your door and I’m sorry but maybe get a stronger door next time”

“This is the sixth door this month, stop slamming them please”

“Is it rude to ask if I could ride on you back?”

“What do you mean you want to ride me? I’m not a horse, well I mean, I’m not THAT kind of horse”

“How do you stop yourself from decaying? I mean, you are kinda dead after all”

“What’s it like having six tails?”

“Here, sit down and I’ll brush your wings”

“How did you get flees? Oh well time for a bath huh?”

“I wanna cuddle but I’m kinda scared I’ll crush you, so maybe you just sit in my lap and I hold you?”

“Hey I’m thirsty can I have some of your blood? Just to hold me off until we get home”

“Hey can you turn on the air conditioning? I know it’s like twenty degrees but I think I’m gonna melt”

“Hey pay attention to me! I want love!”

“I came here to get your soul but honestly I feel like if I take it, it’ll just Make me sad”

“Please take my Soul I’m so depressed”

“So I may or may not have accidentally broke my neck when I feel off the roof sooo, surprise! I’m a ghost now”

Alistair Theirin - He would be half asleep and confused, smacking his lips as he tried to get the cotton taste out of his mouth. He’d grow more awake though, eyes snapping open. An awkward chuckle would bubble out of his lips and he’d raise an eye brow. “Can you…Uh…Can you run that by me again? Didn’t quite hear you correctly.” When he’s reminded, though, his face goes a little red. Awkwardly shifting under the covers, he’d scoot to the side. “Uh. Sometimes, some of the younger Templar recruits would. Ya know. Want to…snuggle or whatever. Just um. Pretend to be small.” He understood wanting to feel safe at night, so he’d try not to feel awkward about it. Key word being try.

Alistair Theirin (Romanced) - Alistair wouldn’t even bother with waking up. He’d just grunt, lifting up the blanket so the warden could climb in. When she did, he’d wrap the blanket around her, slinging a leg over her and tugging her close. The warden has dug her own grave. Now she will never escape.

Zevran Arainai - He was a light sleeper. Had to be, really, what with the grisly business he was involved in. He would peer out at the opening of the tent, the knife under his pillow ready to be drawn out in a moments notice. Of course he had no need of it! Because there they were, the Warden. A grin curled onto his lips, eye brow cocking up. “Oh? Visiting me, in my tent, in the dead of night? How scandalous, dear warden. What would dear Wynne say?” Upon hearing their request, he’d hum. “A bit too tame for my liking, but yes yes, come in.” He’d demand to be the big spoon, of course, arms holding the warden to his chest. He’d listen to them breathe, silent, a smile curling on his lips as he closed his own eyes.

Zevran Arainai (Romanced) - Chances are they were both already in the tent to begin with. Zevran would not be ashamed to admit he’d be a wee bit disappointed in the fact that he would not be making love to his warden tonight, but he would have no qualms. He’d press a soft kiss to their neck, still demanding to be the big spoon, a hand sliding up their shirt to gently rest on their stomach, gently stroking their skin. “Goodnight, my Warden.”

Leliana - She, also like Zevran, is a light sleeper. Though not as paranoid, a knife not under her pillow. She blinked sleepily, tilting her head at the Warden at her tent flap. She stayed silent, waiting for them to talk. They seemed troubled, and she hoped the smile on her face put them at ease. Though, at there request, her smile fell, eye lashes fluttering. “Oh? Well, I don’t see any trouble in it. I mean, my tent is small, but yes! Come in.” She smiled, patting the spot next to her. She coaxed them to relax, her arms wrapping around them no matter how large they were. Though, they would be waking up with a foot in their face and an elbow in their ass. 

Leliana (Romanced) - The warden is more than aware of her cuddling habits and have long since learned it is best to have their arms wrapped around her as tight as possible, lest they wake up with a mouth full of hair.

Morrigan - She would be asleep, and less than happy to be waken up. Her piercing yellow eyes would glare at the warden, an eye brow slowly raising as she tapped her thigh. “Yes? Spit it out! As it were, we do not have all night. Time is precious rest.” When she hears there request, she looks shocked. She is the last person one would ask for a…’cuddle’. And yet, here they were, asking her. “What do you take me for? Your mother? Warden, you are not a child, and I am certainly not here to mind one! Tis most disappointing that you…that…you.” Her lips would thin as she stared at their saddened eyes and quivering lip. “Ugh. Fine. But if at any moment in time I want you to leave, you go, or you will have to get your ‘cuddles’ as a toad!” Morrigan is a cuddler. The warden would wake up with her curled up, nuzzled into them, face calm. And if they brought it up at any moment in time it was like asking for death.

Morrigan (Romanced) - Morrigan, despite proving that she was indeed a cuddler, would still be hesitant. Though, waking up, curled up, safe and warm in her wardens arms? Worth it.

Ohgren - “…Bah! Not drunk enough for this.” He’d grumble, grabbing the closest container of ale he could get his hands on. He’d chug it, let it burn his throat, then move on to the next one. After he considered himself suitably inebriated he’d give a vague wave of his arm, allowing the warden in. On that day, the Warden learned that Ohgren truly did smell as bad as the others say, but that he was the warmest out of them all.

Shale - No.

Sten - A double no.

Wynne - She would probably be awake, reading or whispering to herself, eyes far away. Her attention would snap to the flaps of her tent and she’d tilt her head, a warm smile coming to her lips. “Hello? What is wrong?” And then they said what they needed to say. A part of her, long forgotten, abandoned and buried ached when she heard their words. When they both heard their words. Her smile grew worried and she was silent, then she gestured for them to come in. She guided them onto their side, their head on her lap. “Here. Sleep as much as you like.” She said softly, hesitantly petting their hair. She wondered, for a startling moment, if this is what it would be like with…with Rhys. She continued to gently stroke their hair, tears pricking at her eyes.

Dog - The dog is already sitting on your chest. Hope you didn’t enjoy having lungs. Because you don’t have them anymore. You did this to yourself, Warden. I hope your happy.

Morgan Rielly #7

Requested by Anon:  Super cute Morgan rielly one where you guys are dating and you always hang out with the team

*Just something cute and a little fluffy. I’m not the best at writing drabbles with multiple players in the actual imagine but I hope you enjoy this one! :)*

Word count: 918

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

“Okay but you guys really need to get a room,” a smirking Auston Matthews said as he plopped on the love seat across from you, his hand deep inside the bag of chips you were saving for a bad day. You eyed him carefully; taking note of how he spreads his legs on the chair and make it seem like it’s a single-sitter chair. The kid is HUGE.

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Whenever you talk about Alec in Magnus lap just straddling him I want to scream because just yes, like for any circumstance kissing, dancing, just being a big koala bear and cuddling just ugh

listen this is exactly what i love

i love thinking about him settling on magnus’s thighs, them kissing until magnus shifts them over and suddenly those long legs are wrapped around magnus, alec’s fingers pressed into his back.

magnus loves hoisting him up in hugs and during kisses, up against walls and setting him up on counters and feeling his legs slide around him, pressing him closer

the idea of magnus hoisting him up and the two of them swaying like that kills me, so much laughter in each other’s mouths and magnus’s fingers pressed into alec’s ass

alec loves straddling him or sitting on his thighs with his back against magnus’s chest, those big arms around him. or being half in his lap and half out of it, anywhere he can possibly get

William Nylander - Lightweight

Originally posted by matthews-nylander-marner

“Hi, can I have rquest? With Will Nylander when him and the reader are at the party when they celebrated winning gold and he is drunk and funny? Thank you❤️” @veroniikasm

Word count: 463

warnings: drinking, innuendo

_X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_

“WILLY! WILLY! WILLY!” Everyone was chanting as your boyfriend took 3 shots of tequila in a row. You shook your head and laughed and how wasted William was. Team Sweden won gold and Willy got MVP; which brought you to this penthouse party in celebration.

With eyes glazed over and an intoxicated, but cute as fuck, smile, willy stumbled over to you and wrapped his arm over your shoulders.

“HI! You’re cute. Where’s your man at? imma steal you from him.” Willy giggled into your ear. Rolling your eyes, you couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re so wasted, babe,” you boop his nose causing him to scrunch up his face and his glasses fall down to the tip of his nose.

“I’m not wasted. I’m Willy!” he protested. This night was going to be filled with endless head shaking and eye rolls on your part.

“Whatever you say, Wasted Willy.” you say, leading him out to the rooftop lounge to get him some fresh air. Luckily, the first person you spot on the rooftop is Alex.

“Oh, no. how bad is he?” Alex asks, walking up to you.

Immediately William starts protesting (in Swedish) about not being that drunk. Alex simply taps him on the shoulder, causing Will to nearly knock you over.

“Okay, maybe I’m a liiiiiiitttttllleee tipsy.” Will smiles.

“Y/N I think you should take him home, now. Before he gets any worse and we have to literally carry him out of this place.” Alex suggests. You nod in agreement. Will is oblivious to the conversation that just took place as you start leading the way out of the party.

Once you’re on your floor and walking to your room, William realizes what’s going on.
“YOU’RE TAKING ME TO YOUR ROOM?” William gasps. You roll your eyes and giggle.
“Yeah, babe. So you can knock out!” You explain your intentions.

“Nu-uh you want some of this Nylander goodness all up in those sheets.” He points at the bed as you enter the room.
“You’re too drunk for that, Willy.” You say as you help him change out of his clothes.
“Ugh, I guess you’re right…” he whines as he crawls into the bed, in nothing but his boxer-briefs.

You roll into bed next to him and he is eager to wrap himself around your waist.

“I’m not too drunk to cuddle.” He sings, causing you to burst into a fit of giggles.

“I suppose you have a point there. We can cuddle, Willy.” You begin to run your fingers through his perfect hair. It’s unbelievable how messy-drunk he can get but still maintain a perfect head of hair.

“Thanks for taking care of me.” He hums as he shimmies his body closer into yours.

“Anything for my MVP.”

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headcanons for how main 3 + phichit would care for their s/o when they are sick?

Feeling inspired by this prompt, since I’m having a bit of a fever myself. I love the caretaker troupe honestly. There’s something so cute about being taken care of by someone you love, I guess :3 I think these boys would be the world’s greatest nurses tbh. I got a bit carried away a wrote a lot, but I honestly can’t help myself :3 I hope you enjoy this; I loved writing it! Thank you for the request! 

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s the world’s biggest coddler, so you’re going to have everything you could ever possibly need at your disposal with Viktor around
  • And no matter how many times you insist that you’ll get him sick, he’ll basically shush you and tell you that he doesn’t mind; you need to be taken care of and he’s glad to do it
  • and of course he’s going to be Mr. Extra™ the entire fucking time lmao but could you expect anything less ????
  • Let’s be real: Viktor’s going to fucking spoon-feed you whether you like it or not
  • “(Y/N), babe, you know I love you, and I know you’re completely capable of feeding yourself, but I need you to let me do this. You need to rest up!
  • He goes to somewhat unnecessary lengths to take care of you, but he thinks it’s worth it to be close to you, and he loves to pamper you
  • Viktor gives you massages, facials, puts lotion on for you, and—of course—cuddles with you until you physically have to push him off of you
  • “Vitya, get off! I’m hot from my fever and you’re too warm to be close to me. Just let me rest and leave me alone!”
  • “But babe ;-; my cuddles cure everything, and you’re letting Makka lay with you! and i thought you were gonna let me give you a bath later ugh wtf babe let me coddle you forever
  • Of course, he splurges on the name brand medicine and those tissues with Vicks in them; he only wants the best for his baby
  • and he’ll insist that the tissues are named after him but you’re like “no, vitya, vicks is not short for viktor and you cannot take credit for it”
  • Viktor adores being able to coddle you and pamper you for days on end, but you will probably need to reciprocate when he gets sick, too

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Yuri doesn’t get sick too often, so he barely knows how to take care of himself when he’s sick, let alone another person
  • you’ve heard of “anxious” yuri now get ready for “my baby is sick and idk how the fuck to help them and I’m freaking out” yuri
  • He practically runs to the store to get you the medicine you need, but he’s in such a frantic and nervous rush that he doesn’t know what to do; he takes one of each type of medicine and buys all of them
  • “(Y/N), I had no idea there were so many kinds of medicine and I didn’t know which one you would want so I got them all. We’ve got stuff for congestion, headaches, nausea, chest pain—“
  • “Yuri, I love you, but please shut the fuck up”
  • Even though he can’t seem to figure out what medicine you need, he knows what flavor of cough drops are your favorite, and he always has a stock of those on hand, just in case
  • Once you’re properly medicated and as comfortable as you can possibly be in your situation, he calms down enough to take a more delicate approach to taking care of you
  • Yuri sits on the floor and has you lay down next to him so your head is in his lap, and he takes a rag dipped in cool water and dabs along your forehead and neck to help you get some relief from the heat of your fever
  • and honestly he does it super slow and gentle and it’s so sweet ???? and his heart absolutely melts once you fall asleep in his lap
  • Yuri carries you to bed and decides to cook a hot meal for you to eat when you wake up; he decides katsudon would be a nice treat for you
  • When you come down to eat with him at the table. you ask him to spoon-feed you, and he blushes harder than he did after your first kiss
  • Even though he’s dying of embarrassment, he feeds you anyway, allowing you to rest against him while you eat, just happy he can be the one to nurse you back to health

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri can kind of take the ‘tough love’ approach when it comes to a lot of things, but not when you’re sick; he’s surprisingly a good and nurturing caretaker
  • He usually pins you down and forces you to take medicine whether you want to take it or not, but it’s only for your own good
  • “Yuri! Get the f u c k off of me right now! I can barely breathe as it as and you’re hurting me you ass!”
  • “(Y/N), shut the  F U C K up and take this shit before you get pneumonia and die you piece of ass fuck I’m sorry ily babe
  • It takes some time, but he’s able to get you to relax and take a nap to sleep off the worst of the fever you’ve come down with
  • You might be half asleep, but you’re positive you can hear Yuri outside your bedroom door and talking on the phone
  • “Grandpa? It’s me. (Y/N)’s sick, and I could really use some of your soup to help. Can you come over soon?”
  • While his grandpa cooks, Yuri checks up on you periodically, covering you up with another blanket every time to make sure you’re warm and comfortable, even with your fever
  • He eventually just sits on the edge of your bed and watches you sleep; you look so warm and cozy that he can’t help himself from laying down and curling up next to you, enjoying the warmth
  • and when you confront him he denies any accusation of cuddling with you, and he blushes and it’s super cute lmao
  • Yuri brings the soup to your bedroom and you eat together under the covers, watching Netflix on Yuri’s phone until you fall asleep on his shoulder
  • He checks your forehead while you rest, noticing that your fever has come down considerably, and he’s grateful that you’ll be healthy again soon

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • He’s a strong believer in ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ so Phichit is going to go to the ends of the earth to get you to laugh
  • and if he can’t do that, he’ll at least make himself laugh by being an adorable asshole lmao
  • While you’re napping through your fever on his couch, he’ll sit on the floor and take tons of snapchat videos of you, playing with the filters and laughing like an asshole in the background
  • His story becomes very long in a short amount of time, and he swears he can count this as an ab workout, because his stomach hurts so much from laughing so hard
  • It doesn’t take long for you to stir in your sleep at the sound of him laughing, and you awake from your fever dreams
  • You check your phone and see the first few seconds of his story update, and when you see yourself passed out with the dumb dog filter on you, you throw your phone and Phichit and he runs away giggling like an idiot
  • of course he got it on video; and yes, it’s going on his story lmao
  • Though he may act a bit stilly, he truly cares for your wellbeing and makes sure you’re properly medicated and comfortable as possible
  • The second you become a bit delirious or emotional from your fever, he puts the phone down and does his best to comfort you
  • He’ll pick up his phone, though, to find cute and funny animal videos to show you to keep you calm and occupied while the worst of your fever blows over
  • and he probably has a whole youtube playlist put together of your favorite animal videos tbh like he would totally do that for you aw
  • This bean will be there to take care of you happily, and he’ll keep a smile on his face the entire time, just happy that he can spend time with you

how would sabo ace zoro and mihawk when their partert want to cuddle? sorry for the bad english :‘v

A/N: I’m not joking when I say that I had so much fun writing this, I didn’t check so there might be some words that don’t exist… now they do so it’s cool, thank you for requesting!!


  • Sabo would react different to his s/o wanting to cuddle, depending on the situation
  • If him and his partner were with other people or out in public, he’d probably get a bit uncomfortable and embarassed
  • He would still cuddle with you tho, bc he just loves to cuddle
  • If you were alone however, he would tease you a bit and act like he doesn’t really want to
  • “Cuddles? You really can’t live without me, can you? Am I really that great?” - “…Shut up, Sabo..”
  • “I don’t really feel like it, I’m just so busy at the moment, ah…” *fake yawning* “But if you really want to, I guess I can take a little break for my fans- Hey! Where are you going!”
  • He actually asks for cuddles more often then you do, bc he’s so… ugh cute
  • His hugs are very intimate, he doesn’t really like to have too much body contact with people he doesn’t really like/knows, but likes to touch the people he loves (does this sound weird?)
  • He likes to hold his s/o close, hold the back of their head and put his chin on the top of their head
  • If his s/o is taller/the same heigh, he likes to have his arms around their hips and just lazily support his head on their shoulder
  • blows on your neck bc you hate it and then kisses it as an apology
  • hate that kid
  • i don’t


  • Okay, this guy…
  • Oh I have to search for XX, but you want to cuddle? Sure!
  • Oh I have to help XX with this thing, but you want to cuddle? Yes!
  • Oh I have to fight this dude bc he’s danger to the world, but you want my hugs? Of course!
  • Anytime, anywhere, just call for him and he will be by your side
  • Loves it when you ask for him and shows it visibly with a big grin
  • Is a sunshine whenever you need him
  • His hugs are the bestest, no joke
  • They’re warm, tight, long and just feel so right…. god
  • Ace likes to stay in the arms of his s/o as long as he can, because he just feels so good with them
  • lazily kisses your cheek/neck/jaw/head whatever he’s close with, maybe even spins around with you still in his arms
  • feels like he’s needed when you ask for him and that makes him feel good, that’s why he likes it so much :(
  • If you both lay together and try to sleep, he’ll most likely be the big spoon and just stroke your back with his warm fingers
  • Everytime you wake up tho, he’s the little spoon and you’re just like…. ace do you maybe want to be the little spoon tonight?
  • “UhM, nO?!….. ok maybe.”
  • Once fell asleep while he was hugging you, the others noticed and asked if he really just fell asleep and you went like nah he’s just playing so they wouldn’t tease him, see that’s what I call true love


  • Umm, excuse me what?
  • A swordsman doesn’t cuddle, he suffers
  • Get’s extremely embarassed if you ask him for cuddles if others are around
  • He just turns into: “?!?!”
  • It’s weak to cuddle and he just can’t go around, showing everyone that he likes to cuddle, what the hell dude!!!
  • Turns into a little puppy in your arms
  • Is not really into PDA, especially if the stupid cook is around, so he asks you to stop asking for cuddles in public
  • You get lowkey hurt and just go ok :/ but then he sees you being sad and kisses the top of your head while he walks by and you just go :)
  • If you’re both alone, he likes to “hold you in his arms only”, especially when you take a nap together but you guys just cuddle with each other, kisses and stupid jokes and stuff
  • You like to trace his muscles with your finger and he just feels so… manly
  • Acts like he doesn’t but his stupid smirk gives him away
  • There was this once time where he had gotten lost somewhere for days and you got so scared that when you met again, you sprinted into his arms and hugged him like crazy in front of everyone
  • Everyone just went like YOOOO what
  • Snooji didn’t stop teasing him for days and then one day you just turned around and went
  • “at least he’s getting some”
  • Zoro kissed you for 5 seconds straight in front of crying jamie oliver


  • He just stares at you for a few seconds, sighs and opens his arms for you, only a tiny bit, but you saw it and now you’re in his arms
  • If you’re with other people, he wouldn’t care at all, just act like he always does and throw his arm around you in Mihawk- style
  • He likes to play with your hair and slowly go through it
  • Secretly smells your hair
  • Seriously, he does
  • I’m not joking
  • His hugs sadly don’t last very long, he’s a rather private person and doesn’t like someone being too close to him for too long, no matter who it is
  • Makes an exception if you’re emotionally not feeling well
  • Kisses your temple once and strokes your head in Mihawk- style
  • Mihawk likes to drink wine with you in his lap on some days, only if he’s feeling rather… wild ;-)
  • Perona caught you once in his arms and went like wow mihawk you have feelings who would have thought that
  • and he just goes fuck off peasant *sexy annoyed mihawk- style stare*
  • Is not really into cuddling before sleep, but is OK with you being the little spoon
  • starts to like it after some time bc you always smell so good
  • why is he so weird what the fu-

Summary- Jack has to work, but you’re on your period and want to cuddle.

Word count- 700

Pairing- Jacksepticeye x Fem!Reader

Warnings- Fluff, and maybe cursing idk if there is any

A/n- I’m sorry i’ve been gone! I’ve been on my other blog and I haven’t really been paying attention to this one, but I promise I’ll keep writing, and I’ll get those requests! Please just be patient with me, and you’ll see somethings soon!

Tags- @lapseasteelis @mycuddlycorner @winchester-negan-one-shots @not-moose-one-shots @dannnyphantomm

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Dear Journal,

Today I woke up to an empty bed. I usually wake up before him so I missed walking up with his arms around me. I put on my fluffy socks and walked to the kitchen, feeling the smell of pancakes tickle my nose. Sirius was flipping some pancakes with a bit of struggle. He was shirtless with his pyjama bottoms on and I could see some hickies that I made on his back. I wrapped my arms around his thorso and he chuckled.

“Goodmorning love.” He said.

“Goodmorning..” I mumbled, my face burried in his hair.

“Come see this, it’s adorable.” Sirius said, taking my hand.

We walked to Teddy’s room and he slowly pushed the door open. Teddy was cuddled against James Sirius, sleeping peacefully.

“Oh they’re so cute..” I said.

“Do you think he sneeked in?” Sirius asked, walking back to the kitchen as I closed the door.

“Yeah, Teddy must’ve had a nightmare..” I said, sitting down the table.

“Why doesn’t he come to us anymore when he has a nightmare? My little baby..” Sirius said, handing me a plate of pancakes.

“Babe he’s in love.. I use to come to you too when I had nightmares..” I said, tasting the pancakes.

“You’re right.. ugh I just don’t want him to grow up..” He said.

“I know.. But he will always be our baby… By the way, the pancakes are delicious!”

“Really? I did them without using magic!” Sirius said, proudly.

“Wow that’s great!” I laughed.

Suddently we heared Teddy’s door crack open and Teddy and James Sirius came out of the room, wearing their bed head.

“Hey sleeping beauties! Who wants pancakes?” Sirius asked.

The boys stopped in their tracks and looked like they’ve just been caught.

“Hum.. I actually have to call my parents, they will be wondering where I am..” James Sirius said.

“Oh they already called! I told them you were staying here for the day! C'mon boys I made pancakes for an army!” Sirius said.

“Oh okay! Thank you for letting me stay.” James Sirius smiled.

“That’s no problem! C'mon eat what you can! I think I made a bit too much pancakes..” Sirius laughed.

We ate this delicious breakfast and Teddy and James went for a walk with Thunder. I was doing the dishes when Sirius took me on his shoulder and ran to our bedroom.

“Put me down!!” I laughed.

He layed me on the bed and stood over my body

“Now It’s time for you and me to have a little bit of fun…” Sirius smirked.

“Merlin.. The boys could come back at any moment!” I said.

“That’s why i’m going to lock the door and put a silencing charm on our room..” he winked.

“I live with two teenagers!” I laughed.

“Babe i’m forever young!” He said, removing his shirt and exposing his tanned muscled chest.

“How could I say no to that?” I smirked, looking at his beautiful body.

He smirked and kissed me. Let’s say we did have some fun.

June 15th 2014

okay alright I’m having some aroace feelings and I need to get some shit off my chest because I’m having a hard time coming to grips with some things like

there is shit I want that I feel like I can never have just because of being aroace you know??? Like I don’t want to share a home with anyone I don’t really wanna share my life with anyone but I love being close with people?? I love laying my head on someone’s lap, giving really great cuddles, laying next to someone in a bed, just feeling that something warm next to me but it is completely and unquestionably non-sexual and non-romantic

also I hardcore prefer these activities to be with women? but I don’t know if that’s just a society based bias because we’re always told men ‘want’ something like?? ???? like can you be platonic gay?? is that a thing??

wait fuck that is a thing, queer platonic relationships FUCk I want one of THOSE

anyway, labels aside that isn’t what really bothers me, what really bothers me is the thought that I can’t have this, I feel like I can’t have it because other people won’t understand it like, ugh, if I had someone to cuddle with and be close to I would need them to understand that it is platonic only, and I’m afraid I could never find someone who would be comfortable with this kind of set up without 'getting anything’ from it

I mean I wouldn’t necessarily even need one person! and I already have a bunch of friends and even family that I’m super close with and are comfortable with cuddles and pecks on the cheek and they know it is platonic only and it’s perfect when I can hang out with them but, I’m afraid of when they all get into relationships of their own, will that make things different? will I make their partners uncomfortable?

one of them is already in a relationship but it’s with a friend who’s familiar with the dynamic of our weird group so he doesn’t care if I sit next to his girlfriend and lay my head on her shoulder and kiss her on the cheek, but I’m concerned about outsiders, people who aren’t familiar

and I see my friends so rarely anyway because of my job and just everyone’s lives and I just feel kinda lonely… but I don’t know how to talk about it with people who aren’t aroace because everyone always assumes loneliness is fixed with romance and I DON’T want the 'you’ll find someone for you!’ talk I cannot handle that shit goD

I mean even a pet would make me feel better but I can’t get one right now because of my living situation and even if I did I have like, this anxiety about germs and washing my hands after touching animals and fur gives me allergies so, even if I had a big dog that I could cuddle and have sleep next to me for comfort I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the germs and the hair all over my house and I’d feel like I’d have to wash the bedsheets every day

I just feel like, I can’t have what would make me happy… and I’m just really bummed out about that right now, maybe if I could find another aroace spec person who gets it? but I’d have to find someone who is not only ALREADY rare to find, but also in my area and gets along with me, I only know one other aroace person and we… don’t really talk any more so, she’s not even remotely an option

the society we live in is not built to make people of my sexuality comfortable, and that makes me feel… really shitty right now, I just want someone to hold me and be held by me and not expect anything more than that, why does that have to be so much to ask?

Cuddling With Fred Weasley Would Include:
  •  You two would be constantly making up excuses to cuddle
  • “Love, that Quidditch match really took a toll on me… can we cuddle in my dorm?”
  • “I’m pretty sure I failed my Potions test, Fred. Can we cuddle so I can take my mind off it?”
  • Laying together on Fred’s bed during rainy days
  • Falling asleep in each other’s arms
  • Fred’s fingers tracing random patterns along your skin
  • George always accidently walking in on the two of you
  • “Hey Fred you want- ugh not again! I swear, do either of you ever leave that bloody bed?”
  • Endless conversations about the universe, the future, magical creatures, Muggle morals, and other arbitrary topics
  • Fred kissing every inch of your face
  • “Ah- Fred s-stop… it tickles!”
  • Straddling Fred’s waist and pressing your lips firmly against his, taking him by surprise
  • Constantly changing positions
  • Arguing over who gets to be the little spoon
  • “But darling you’re always the little spoon-”
    “It’s not my fault you’re abnormally tall.”
    “Well it’s not my fault my girlfriend is as tall as a first year.”
  • Struggling to wrap your arms around Fred’s frame when you finally agree to letting him be the little spoon
  • Fred poking his tongue out at you and due to the closeness accidently licking your cheek
  • “Fred! You’re disgusting!”
    “Don’t be like that, Y/n. I know you love it.”
  • No two cuddle sessions being the same
  • Fighting over the blanket
  • Moving Fred’s bed towards the window so you two can watch the rain fall on rainy days 
  • Your clothes slowly being discarded as the heat becomes unbearable
  • Eventually just cuddling in your undergarments
  • “I like your cute lacy bra, love. It really makes your… eyes pop.”
    “Stop it you cheeky bastard.”
  • Fred casually pinching your butt when you’re about to doze off
  • Hermione snatching photos of Fred and you when you two aren’t paying attention
  • Leaving trails of kisses along each other’s chest and necks
  • Falling asleep with your foreheads pressed against each other
  • Subconsciously playing footsies
  • Interlocking your hands together
  • In some cases your essentially harmless/innocent cuddles take a more… sexual turn
  • Giving each other hickies when things turn dirty
  • Lazy cuddles
  • Tickle fights
  • Sweet talk
  • Fred refusing to let you leave despite how late it is, insisting that you spend the night

-Daizy xx

anonymous asked:

Cuddling Max Ian and Joji pleaseeeeeee

  • you would probably initiate the cuddles
  • especially when he’s in perfectionist mode and is really stressed trying to edit or something
  • and you basically have to force him into bed and take a nap with you
  • thus ending in him being the little spoon
  • but sometimes he’s initiate them
  • LIKE if the two of you were to into a fight because of something dumb he said (which is what causes 9999% of your arguments) and you were lying in bed mad
  • he’d probably sneak into bed with you and just holds you in his arms
  • because he hates when you’re made at him
  • and you’d let him wrap his arms around you because sappy max is the best max
  • just imagine laying in bed with him and he’s laying his head on your chest and running your hands through his hair
  • like tbh cuddling with him would be the best thing
  • i feel like he’d be so nice and warm
  • ugh someone give me a max please


  • cuddles would be initiated by him 200% of the time
  • and it would be the only way to calm him down when he’s stressed
  • he’s really gentle but firm at the same time
  • i.e no escapes allowed
  • depending on his stress level he’d probably be the big spoon
  • but if he’s having a /really/ shit day he’d probably want to be the little spoon
  • even if he won’t admit it
  • cuddling would either end up with the two of you falling asleep
  • either that or probably some fluffy sex
  • because “he can’t be that close to you and not get horny”
  • but he thinks cuddling is 10/10 and is his favourite past time
  • especially when its with you <3
  • honestly ian is huge on cuddling
  • and he will always be the big spoon
  • mostly because he wants to hold you in his arms but also because he’s way too tall to be the little spoon
  • but i feel like you wouldn’t spoon that often tbh
  • i feel like he’d want to actually face you
  • just imagine the two of you laying on your side with your leg bent around his hip so you can be as close as possible
  • and just staring into each other’s eyes because no words need to be shared
  • like he’s snarky bastard during the day but lovey boy at night
  • a n y w a y
  • i don’t feel like he’s be the type to initiate it but when it happens he gets so needy and probably would hold you a little too tight
  • as if you’d disappear if he were to let go
  • honestly cuddly ian is just a dream
Matthew Tkachuk #5

Requested by Anon:  can you please write a matthew tkachuk imagine please?? your imagines are literally the best ive seen. could write one where you both are used to being the big spoon and it leads to confusion during cuddletime? (if he could admit to liking being the little spoon that’d be nice. thanks!

*Thank you sooo much! I bet there are better writers out there but still, I appreciate it. I hope you like this one. It really did make me grin like an idiot. Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 891

Originally posted by mattsmartin

The teeth that hit your forehead felt like a knife tearing on your skin, making you wince a little before bursting into laughter. Matthew, on the other hand, didn’t find it funny. Instead, he reached up and massaged the tender skin just above your eyes.

“Babe,” you chuckled, “you should learn to close your mouth when you wanna cuddle,” you pushed his gaping mouth close, “your teeth are dangerous,” you snorted.

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Hyung line trying to get you and Haechan together
  • can y’all believe that hyuck saved us all with his teaser pics??
  • ugh, i’m so in love, let’s start this already plz
  • so, both of you were like bffs since always, the kind of bff that do everything together and see each other everyday
  • and everything was going fine between both of you until like a month ago when hyuck started to act like a bitch
  • oh my god, #drama
  • from one day to other he started to,, avoid you??
  • like, he suddenly started to ignore your texts and calls and basically all of you, lmao
  • and it was super weird bc both of you were friends since y’all were babies¿?? what¿
  • he would get all awkward if he’s by your side and he wouldn’t talk or even look at you
  • and this change was so sudden?? and you were so heartbroken aw :((
  • this last months hyuck started to have internal fights with his own feelings
  • “y/n is so beautiful”
  • “you can’t be in love with your best friend, donghyuck”
  • “she only sees you as a friend”
  • “i’ll never have an opportunity with her”
  • and he was so tired of all this
  • the only answer he could think about this was to distance himself from you, and well.. he did
  • and you eventually gave up and respected his decision,,
  • you didn’t talk to him and you didn’t show up to the dorms anymore aND OF COURSE THE MEMBERS NOTICED THIS
  • they were so !!! and ???
  • and y’alls feelings didn’t dissapear but just grew instead, because yes, you had a little crush on this prince too
  • and this was only making both of you sadder and make y’all think about each other more and more and aw :(( so sad oh my god
  • both of you were hurting each other so much but, oh well, you already did the mistake so,, to bad, gotta suffer now right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • this is a 100% how my logic works, lmao
  • but don’t rprry because the oldies r gonna save y’all
  • because baby hyuck was being so silent and distant from everyone and it was so obvious that he wasn’t feeling well
  • “we have to do something about it”
  • “but hyuck started all of this, he should resolve all of this, not us”
  • “yeah, but it’s because hyuck likes y/n”
  • and all of them look at jaehyun like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) good 2 know
  • the next day you had all the older members texting you and trying to convence you to go to the dorms that night
  • and of course there was something weird in here right, so ofc you said no at first but eventually agree
  • bc having ten people texting you was fucking unbearable
  • and even if you knew that they were planning something you still did show up that nighit to the doorms
  • but you froze in your spot when after knocking the door when was hyuck who opened it for you
  • he was wearing his grey sweats + a white t-shirt + hIS MESSY WAVY HAIR FGDHSJKL I’M-
  • you haven’t seen each other in so long and wow, it was so weird
  • you could even see a little smile in his face and ugh i love him
  • this last days you finally confirmed your feelings for him, and when you saw him and felt butterflies you wanted to die
  • “t-the members invited me”
  • he didn’t even had the strengh to get angry at all of them, not after realizing how much he needs you
  • “they’re still in practice b-but you should enter anyways, i-it’s cold outside”
  • and you smiled at him and fucking let him dead, d e a d
  • both of you started a small conversation that ended up being hours long
  • y’all even had dinner together and stayed talking until late
  • basically, the members planned a sleepover with both of you?? because it was fucking 1 am and they weren’t in the dorms yet
  • you were getting so sleepy and you were snoring every two seconds and so was he
  • so yeah gurl, you where spending the night there
  • he gave you some of his clothes and y’all washed up together
  • “i-i think you should sleep with me, j-just in case the members come y-you know? ah-”
  • once y’all were laying in his bed together he confessed all his feelings
  • “i-i’m really sorry for being a dick with you this days, the truth is that i-i like you a lot, y/n, i-i just didn’t know how to react about it”
  • you smiled widely at him and hugged him as you confessed your feelings back and ugh, it felt so good
  • “then,, let me do it right this time, do you want to be my girlfriend, y/n?”
  • “of course i want!”
  • ugh, y’all are so cute i‘m on tears
  • y’all cuddle each other to sleep and the next morning it was like nothing never happened
  • y’all were so smiley together and started to bother the rest of the members again
  • “we shouldn’t have plan this, this was a mistake”
  • lmao
  • the end <3
  • ugh, sleepovers requests are so damn cute
  • i fucking love writing those, anyways, bye lmao
Prompts/Blurbs List

I put together a list of different prompts and blurbs about the Dolan Twins! Feel free to request which ever ones you want. Also, If you do happen to use any of these, please give credit! 

1. “I miss you.“ 

2. “Would you feel better if I let you hold my hand?”

 3. “Do you have any feelings whatsoever? Or are you always just a complete dick?" 

4. "I don’t love you anymore." 

5. "Hey babe, did you eat my sandwich?”

 6. “I thought you were different." 

7. "I’d rather be smothered with a pillow in the middle of the night then go on a date with you.”

 8. “Wait a minute..Are you jealous?" 

9. "Fuck off, she’s mine." 

10. "I’m glad you find my boyfriend attractive, now fuck off." 

11. "I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

12. “Do you love her?”

13. “Wait.. You’ve never had your first kiss?!”

14. “Oh, and that’s Dolan. He’s the perfect example as to why condoms are necessary.”

15. “Did you just smack my ass?”

16. “Are you kidding me? This shit was expensive you twat.”

17. “Stop being a tool and put your fucking shirt down. You’re taking a picture for Instagram, not sending ab pics.”

18. “You’re not welcome.”

19. “And you wonder why we broke up in the first place.”

20. “…My bad?”

21. “Do you not trust me?”

22. “Have you ever masturbated?”

23. “Can I play with your hair?”

24. “If you say like one more time, I’m gonna like totally choke you the fuck out!”

25. “By all means, go fuck yourself.”

26. “Can you shut the fuck up?”

27. “Wow nice job. 5 brownie points for you!”

28. “Fuck that was so hot.”


30. “You belong with me.”

31. “Hey, I’m right here. Shh you’re okay.”

32. “Do you seriously have a boner right now?”

33. “Were you staring at her tits?”

34. “This isn’t the first promise you’ve broken.”

35. “Don’t you ever fucking do that again, you hear me?”

36. “Yes, Daddy.”

37. “My ex was never like this.”

38. “Is that my football jersey?”

39. “Hey babe, do you have any tweezers?”

40. “Why are you crying?”

41. “You know I never meant to hurt you, right?”

42. “Y-You thought I was gonna hit you?..”

43. “Your boobs are comfy.”

44. “I swear to god if you make one more smart ass comment I’m gonna stomp your balls, you dickwad.”

45. “What did you just say?”

46. “Did you just call me (Your/Ex’s/Name?)

47. “Hey baby, I’m drunk as fuck and I miss you so much. Please come home.”

48. “I’ll give you a blowjob if you go and get me some skittles.”

49. “How did you manage to fuck this up?”

50. “Do you ever regret it?”

51. “Shut your mouth and kiss me, damnit.”

52. “What the hell is on your face?”


54. “Can we just cuddle?”

55. “Baby, my tummy hurts.”

56. “You have such a nice butt.”

57. “Sorry, I-I can’t get comfortable.”

58. “I want kisses.”

59. “She came onto me, I swear!”

60. “Stop giving me the puppy eyes.. Ugh fine, fuck you.”

61. “Did you know sex is exercise?’

62. “You’re not going out like that.”

63. “You smell good.”

64. “You mean the world to me.”

65. “Promise me you’ll be here when I wake up.”

66. “I may be drunk but I know for a fact that I love you.”

67. “Uhm.. Your book is upside down.”

68. “That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

69. “Stop teasing me.”

70. “You’re gonna get it when we get home.”

71. “Pretty please?”

72. “What the fuck are you giggling at? it’s 3am.”

73. “Can you just hold me?”

74. “Can I be the little spoon tonight?”

75. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, bitch.”

76. “Obviously I’m upset.”

77. “Fuck that feels good.”

78. “Stop being so horny.”

79. “Sure, go hangout with your ex. I mean, I might as well text mine, too.”

80. “You’re mine. You got that?”

81. “I know I’m your bestfriend but I want so much more.”

82. “I think I should call heaven because it looks like they’re missing an angel.”

83. “I think I just shit myself.”

84. “I have to let you go.”

85. “You broke my fucking heart.”

86. “You mean everything to me. And I’ll be damned if I were to let you walk out on me right now.”

87. “I swear to god I won’t have sex with you for a whole month if you don’t kill that eight legged motherfucker.”

88. “I want to come home.”

89. “You’re so cheesy.”

90. “You need to chill, babe.”

91. “How do you spell aluminum?”

92. “Do I look fat in this?”

93. “You can do so much better that me.”

94. “Wow you have nice abs.”

95. “You make fun of me for being short, but do you see me making fun of your small ass dick? No? Exactly. Shut your ass up.”

96. “Wow you’re really tall.”

97. “You were the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.”

98. “Can I kiss you?”

99. “I know, this was just an excuse to cuddle.”

100. “Maybe we should just order some pizza..”

Cheating// Jason Todd x Reader

Okay so my blog mostly consists of reblogging post and fanfics but I decided to try and write something lol. I hope you guys like it and please give me feedback or anything would be nice :) Thanks guys.

Cheating// Jason x Reader

Jason glared across the buildings rooftop at the two people sitting down talking. The man had his back turned and Jason had a clear view of the woman. He growled as the man reached out and grabbed the woman’s hand while she just blushed and gently pulled her and looked away sheepishly. The man had said something because the young woman covered her mouth and laughed. Jason was frustrated because the young woman was the person who held his heart and at the same time crushed it. He took one more glance at them and saw her still smiling shyly and decided he had enough he turned his back and left. Unknown to him the woman, You were irritated beyond belief. You had believed that the invite to the cafe was an offer to talk about a business deal she had been hoping to close. But it had turned out to be just another pitiful excuse for a business man to try to get into your pants.

The last straw was when he asked you what a beautiful woman as yourself was doing in that kind of work and if you didn’t want to just settle down with a man liked him and have become a house wife. You sneered at him and told him you were done with meeting and excused yourself and left.

“What a asshole! Ugh I just wanted to punch him in his face!” You thought as you walked to your car kicking rocks and clenching her fists. “Time to get home and let loose and by let loose I mean go to sleep or something. I should really stop talking to myself,” You mentally cringed. What you really wanted was to get home to her boyfriend Jason, you had a stressful day and just wanted to cuddle and maybe make out or something. You giggled at that thought. You arrived at her apartment and unlocked you door just to be met with a lonely room. Disappointed was an understatement she had really hoped that Jason would be there. “What the hell? Why isn’t he here. Great just great. I’m going to punch him in the face when he gets here. But he didn’t know I wanted him here. Ugh you’re so dramatic Y/n. Let’s just call him,” You half thought and half said out loud. You took out her phone and dialed Jason’s number but it just went to voicemail. Again and again you tried but ended up at voicemail each time. “Hmm I wonder what’s he’s caught up in that he’s not answering me. Oh well I’m going to watch Game of Thrones without him. Sucks to be him.” You made some popcorn and propped yourself on the couch and started to watch your guys favorite show.

You were half way through the second episode when you heard the door open and Jason come in. You stood up to greet him because honestly you really had missed him even if it had only been a day that they hadn’t seen each other. You went up to him but Jason just brushed past you towards the bedroom. You were reAlly confused, what was up with him? “ Jay? Baby? What wrong?” You followed him into your room. Jason stayed quiet and grabbed a bag from the closet and starting shoving clothes into it. “Jay? Yo what’s wrong? What’re doing?” You reached out to grab him arm but he pulled it back and finally looked up to look at her. “What does it look like I’m doing?,” he growled while he glared at her. Y/n took a step back, shocked because Jason had never talked to her that way. You felt like crying but you regained your nerves and suddenly you felt angry. Why is he talking to you like that? You hadn’t done anything. “I don’t know asshole! That’s why I’m asking,” You seethed.

“You know what you did! Or have been doing for some time!”

You were so confused! What had you done? You tired remembering, maybe you had been a bitch or forgotten something important? “Can you just tell me what the fuck I did Jason!”

“Your fucking cheating on me Y/n” Jason’s voice broke, “ I saw you today with that guy. How could you do that to me! You’re my everything Y/n.” You felt so bad seeing Jason so broken made you feel like a vile human being. Even tho you hadn’t done anything, knowing that Jason was hurting because of you made your heart. You slowly closed the space between the two you and caressed his face. He was looking down and you could see some tears dripping down his chin.

“Jay. Jason. Look at me,” you softly whispered. He looked up to meet ur eyes. “ I didn’t cheat on you. I met with that man because he’s a business partner, or was. I would never cheat on you. I love with all my heart. Every time I look at you I wonder how I got so lucky. When I hear your voice all my doubts and fears wash away. Your very presence soothes me. Nothing or nobody could ever change that. I love you Jason Todd,” you softly told him and at the end you were quietly crying too.

“Really? Fuck, I’m so stupid!,” Jason pulled away and rubbed his face. “Of course you weren’t cheating on me.” You wrapped your arms from behind and he relaxed.

“It’s okay baby. We all make mistake even if yours are pretty dumb,” you laughed. Jason turned around smiling.

“I really love you Y/n,” Jason said with love in eyes. The sincerity in his voice made you wanna cry all over again but you refrained. Instead you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pressed your lips against his. He responded quickly and kissed you hungrily, full of love and desperation. You struggled with taking off his shirt while kissing but at the end both of you were naked. “I love you too Jason Todd.” And the rest of the night was filled with more love than either of you had ever experienced.