ugh i want her hair

you know when a series has beautiful ladies that every now and then get different hairstyles, accessories, some eye makeup (even if it was just a basic eyeliner) and pretty clothes/outfits but then in later seasons the show’s producers/whatever don’t really put much effort in things like that anymore and the characters just wear casual clothes, the same hairstyle (the usual one, you know, just loosen hair), sometimes no makeup at all (apart from the one the cast use not to glow in camera), in every ep
i’m probs the only one but i get so upset about that?????

Well I’m a big fat liar >.< Took me a few more days to actually do this

Is it the best? no. Did I completely demolish it like I expected? also no. lol

sammwhiches  asked:

I DO NOT APPRECIATE THAT VIDEO FOR SO MANY REASONS. He looks like he loves and appreciates her, like she's a goddess but look at her stone cold robot expression like she did one those things that snooty gfs do like "You better kiss me or else!" It really doesnt look like she appreciates him or anything and just ugh I want to snatch her and just drag her by her hair for it. She looks more pissed off. Something is just off and I'm so not okay with it.

I get that ! I just love how apparent his love is for her because up until today we all assumed this whole thing was a joke. But he really loves her and I find comfort in that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suddenly a brylan shipper or anything lol

“Do I seriously have to read all this?”

Modern High School AU where Jack and Punz have a summer reading assignment, but of course Jack would rather have fun than do that “boring” stuff. Rapunzel thinks otherwise though~

I haven’t drawn in a while, but I hope you all like it! Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/night. ^_^

And When the Rain Falls

“…it turns to snow.”

For searlait’s book project. I’ve been wanting to play around with Elsa and rain for a while now. I like the idea of her not really being able to go out in the rain, since her powers would freeze it and wreck her clothes, or at least not being able to use her powers properly when it’s raining.