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So I was rewatching some Magi: Kingdom of Magic episodes and…wow. My friend is right, Titus reminds me of a certain someone…

So have two blondies I started off hating before they grew on me ridiculously fast! :’D

The Touch of a Fingertip [NC-17; 1 / 6]

A series of one-shots featuring Kurt discovering his body through masturbation. Starts when he’s sixteen (Season 1) and will follow through canonical events from all seasons. Canon pairings and crushes will be mentioned, but this fic will solely focus on Kurt.

Warnings for this chapter: some unrequited Kurt/Finn, masturbation, fingering, underage (Kurt is sixteen in that chapter)

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Many thanks to Kris for being such a great beta reader, like always! ♥

The first time, it happens by pure accident.

Kurt’s going through his nightly moisturizing routine when a finger slips into his crack. Breath hitching a bit and eyes growing wide, Kurt stills and lets the lotion-slick finger linger on his hole for a couple of moments.

He likes the feeling for reasons he doesn’t entirely understand, the way he can slowly rub his wet finger over his rim and feel it respond by fluttering and sending small waves through his body.

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Product of today!
Drawing of the happy couple, man I wouldn’t mind a hug like that.

Several hours on Photoshop and a bit of editing afterwards in FastStone.

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