ugh i still need the shirt

I work at a craft store where we sell T-shirts and fabric paint, and things. I was on the T-shirt aisle today, stocking, when a girl in her late teens asked me if we had any fabric paint. I showed her what we have but it’s not a huge selection. To help her narrow down what she might need I asked what she was making. She smiled wide and replied, “A rebel flag tshirt”. My stomach sank. I live in the south so it’s not super surprising but still. I wonder what this girl would have said if I was black. And I still had to help her… Ugh

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OK. UFNJ. I MANAGED TO CATCH THEM ALL OUTSIDE THE CONCERT. DINAH I SAW LIKE THREE TIMES AND SHE'S LIKE UNREAL BEAUTIFUL, LIKE, IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN IT? BUT YOU SEE HER AND I DON'T KNOW OMG. by the way, i thought cs were dead, and LITERALLY every person i talked to at the concert, hotel, everything, were ot5 and cs; just saying in case anyone thinks they are extinct lmao.

(cont.) Normani i saw when she was entering the hotel, i can confirm her smile is brighter than my future and she looks like an ethereal greek goddess descended from heaven. and her abs are magical and you can see them from 10 kilometres away. and her live vocals on this album are crazy, she hit them aLL. Lauren i saw when she was eating in a restaurant and she was rambling about something very passionately, like moving her hands all over the place and throwing her head back when she laughed. and she looked like fetus lauren, she’s a puppy; a P U P P Y. but sadly i didn’t get an interaction with her that day the last day though, i went with a friend to the hotel, and we were roughly 10 people because everyone thought they were already leaving. i saw the entire band; all extremely cute and friendly, i cry. i saw dinah in pyjamas. i saw ally in bathrobes, she threw kisses at my friend and i. she’s extremely beautiful omg, like you think she’s pretty but then you see her and your head explodes and your gay goes from 100 to 600 and lastly, lauren. she was drinking wine with lauren fuller, who is very cute and small and i fell in love with. she kept looking at us every once in a while and laughing when she saw us freaking out. she looked like, all fanfic laurens together. like no-bra, dope, white t-shirt and black ripped jeans, and untied vans. but cute, innocent, puppy lauren, smiling all cutesy with a glint in her eyes. she POUTED and waved and — ugh, idk how am i still alive. she's– they all are indescribable. And if any of you has the slightest chance to go to the PSA tour, or to the hotel, to the airport, anywhere to meet them; please do. i’d been lacking so much connection lately with them with all this drama, this was exactly what i needed. they are beautiful inside and out, they make you feel loved, you are reminded that they are just learning, and the bond now is so much stronger. and the show is amazing, i have no words. this three days put so many band-aids over my heart, i’m so happy.

I May Hate Myself In The Morning (ethan/reader)

requested by numerous people :’)

based on i may hate myself in the morning by lee ann womack

a/n- this should be the last part, but ya’ll know i have no self control so lets see what happens lmao

part one part two

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Hyung line trying to get you and Haechan together
  • can y’all believe that hyuck saved us all with his teaser pics??
  • ugh, i’m so in love, let’s start this already plz
  • so, both of you were like bffs since always, the kind of bff that do everything together and see each other everyday
  • and everything was going fine between both of you until like a month ago when hyuck started to act like a bitch
  • oh my god, #drama
  • from one day to other he started to,, avoid you??
  • like, he suddenly started to ignore your texts and calls and basically all of you, lmao
  • and it was super weird bc both of you were friends since y’all were babies¿?? what¿
  • he would get all awkward if he’s by your side and he wouldn’t talk or even look at you
  • and this change was so sudden?? and you were so heartbroken aw :((
  • this last months hyuck started to have internal fights with his own feelings
  • “y/n is so beautiful”
  • “you can’t be in love with your best friend, donghyuck”
  • “she only sees you as a friend”
  • “i’ll never have an opportunity with her”
  • and he was so tired of all this
  • the only answer he could think about this was to distance himself from you, and well.. he did
  • and you eventually gave up and respected his decision,,
  • you didn’t talk to him and you didn’t show up to the dorms anymore aND OF COURSE THE MEMBERS NOTICED THIS
  • they were so !!! and ???
  • and y’alls feelings didn’t dissapear but just grew instead, because yes, you had a little crush on this prince too
  • and this was only making both of you sadder and make y’all think about each other more and more and aw :(( so sad oh my god
  • both of you were hurting each other so much but, oh well, you already did the mistake so,, to bad, gotta suffer now right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • this is a 100% how my logic works, lmao
  • but don’t rprry because the oldies r gonna save y’all
  • because baby hyuck was being so silent and distant from everyone and it was so obvious that he wasn’t feeling well
  • “we have to do something about it”
  • “but hyuck started all of this, he should resolve all of this, not us”
  • “yeah, but it’s because hyuck likes y/n”
  • and all of them look at jaehyun like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) good 2 know
  • the next day you had all the older members texting you and trying to convence you to go to the dorms that night
  • and of course there was something weird in here right, so ofc you said no at first but eventually agree
  • bc having ten people texting you was fucking unbearable
  • and even if you knew that they were planning something you still did show up that nighit to the doorms
  • but you froze in your spot when after knocking the door when was hyuck who opened it for you
  • he was wearing his grey sweats + a white t-shirt + hIS MESSY WAVY HAIR FGDHSJKL I’M-
  • you haven’t seen each other in so long and wow, it was so weird
  • you could even see a little smile in his face and ugh i love him
  • this last days you finally confirmed your feelings for him, and when you saw him and felt butterflies you wanted to die
  • “t-the members invited me”
  • he didn’t even had the strengh to get angry at all of them, not after realizing how much he needs you
  • “they’re still in practice b-but you should enter anyways, i-it’s cold outside”
  • and you smiled at him and fucking let him dead, d e a d
  • both of you started a small conversation that ended up being hours long
  • y’all even had dinner together and stayed talking until late
  • basically, the members planned a sleepover with both of you?? because it was fucking 1 am and they weren’t in the dorms yet
  • you were getting so sleepy and you were snoring every two seconds and so was he
  • so yeah gurl, you where spending the night there
  • he gave you some of his clothes and y’all washed up together
  • “i-i think you should sleep with me, j-just in case the members come y-you know? ah-”
  • once y’all were laying in his bed together he confessed all his feelings
  • “i-i’m really sorry for being a dick with you this days, the truth is that i-i like you a lot, y/n, i-i just didn’t know how to react about it”
  • you smiled widely at him and hugged him as you confessed your feelings back and ugh, it felt so good
  • “then,, let me do it right this time, do you want to be my girlfriend, y/n?”
  • “of course i want!”
  • ugh, y’all are so cute i‘m on tears
  • y’all cuddle each other to sleep and the next morning it was like nothing never happened
  • y’all were so smiley together and started to bother the rest of the members again
  • “we shouldn’t have plan this, this was a mistake”
  • lmao
  • the end <3
  • ugh, sleepovers requests are so damn cute
  • i fucking love writing those, anyways, bye lmao
Wake Up Call

Warning ⚠️: Just Smut. Smutty Smut.

::::buzzzzz buzzzzz Beep Beep BEEP::::

Aaron rolled over and silenced the alarm on his phone. He gently set it on his nightstand and adjusted the covers to get comfortable underneath them again. He wrapped his arm around her and snuggled closer. Aaron let out a sigh as he settled into his new position and the dog jumped off the bed thinking it was time for breakfast.

“So help me God if that alarm goes off in 9 minutes, Aaron.” Her voice mumbled sternly in the darkness.

“Shhhh… it’s only a few more days.” He whispered.

“This is day 4 of your 6am call times and I just can’t.” She whined.

Just let me snuggle a little longer.“ Aaron pleaded.

“Ugh. Fiiiine.” She begrudgingly agreed. He made it impossible not to, and she definitely didn’t mind the extra snuggle time. “I still don’t understand why you need to wake up before 4, which wakes me up before 4, when you don’t need to be there until 6 and there’s literally zero traffic or delays to get into Manhattan at this ungodly hour.”

“Babe, you know I don’t like to be late.” Aaron responded softly. She let out a sigh and settled into his arms. She felt the material of his soft t-shirt against her back and couldn’t be mad. Their breathing synced. She felt so safe and comfortable when his arm was around her, and he felt happy and content. She just started falling back asleep when…

:::buzz buzz BEEP BEEP BEEEEP:::

“Aaron Kyle. I will throw that phone against the wall if it happens again.” She warned.

Aaron chuckled to himself. God was she adorable and so sweet, but SO cranky if she was up too early. He thought her empty threats were cute too. Aaron turned quickly and shut the alarm off.

“Sorryyyy.” He whispered. “I forgot I set a back-up.”

“Aaronnnn, I have to work later and I’m going to be so crabby today.” She whimpered “And so tired.” She rolled closer to the edge of the bed away from him and settled into her pillow.

Aaron sat up, rubbed his eyes and leaned against the headboard. He sat for a moment and checked his emails and the news headlines for the day. His eyes adjusted to the dark room and he saw her lying there so peacefully. He leaned over toward her. She had one arm under the pillow for support, the other arm over the covers, her shoulder exposed. Aaron kissed her shoulder, and whispered, “It’s only another few days. Next weekend, we can sleep in as late as you want.”

“Promise?!” She asked sleepily.

“Promise.” He said, he moved in closer and kissed her cheek, then he whispered in her ear “Or we could just stay in bed all weekend. Ya know, whatever.” He then began to softly kiss her neck right behind her ear.

“Babe, come onnnnn. That’s not fairrrr. I’m sleeping.” She said as she squirmed.

“But you’re talking, which means, you’re awake.” He said.

She turned her head over her shoulder and kissed him. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness and she could see him grinning. “You have a call time to get to and I have sleeping to go back to.” And she kissed him again and rolled back over.

He snuggled up closer to her, wrapped his arm around her and continued to softly kiss her neck. His hand traced down her arm to meet hers. He laced his fingers between hers and squeezed as he playfully bit her ear. She gasped. “Just give me 15 minutes.” he said in a low, husky voice with her ear between his teeth.

“Fifteen?” She asked, sounding insulted, still half asleep.

“That’s all you’re going to be able to handle.” Aaron responded.

“Oh really?” She said with intrigue. She loved when he took charge, especially in the bedroom.

“Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Aaron said.  He rolled her over and they began to kiss passionately, slipping their tongues in each other’s mouth. She slipped her tongue in and ran it over the roof of his mouth. He started to pull away and she gently bit his lip. He smirked. His hand intertwined with hers came up. He let it go and she found her way to his hair, gripping it and pulling hard. He moaned, his mouth still on hers. His hand slipped under her loose tank top, grabbed her breast and began to play with her nipple, which slowly hardened under his touch. He moved down kissing her neck and collar bone and stopping at her other breast. He pulled her shirt down and rolled his tongue back and forth against her nipple, while still grasping the other. She moaned.

He began to move his hand lower, sending shivers down her spine. He slipped his hand between her skin and panties and felt the pulsing wetness awaiting him.

“Oh babe, you’re so wet for me.” He said. As he started to gently tease her clit. She reached down slipped her hand in his boxers and grabbed his hard dick. “Fuck.” was all he was able to say as she stroked him.

“God, Aaron!” She moaned breathlessly as he rubbed her clit faster. She pulled his head closer to her face and they kissed again.

“Hold on.” He warned.

“What do you mean hold on? What are you gonnaaaaAA-” Her voice trailed off as he slipped two fingers inside of her and began to pump them in and out. “You’re so tight.” He said in that low husky voice. She was panting and bucking her hips, begging him to go deeper. She needed him to fuck her.  "Oh god! Aaron! Please! Fuck me! Now!“ She said in between gasping breaths. “Don’t make me beg.”

“Not yet.” He said, as he threw the covers off and pulled her panties down.  He moved down the bed and got between her legs, throwing one leg over each shoulder, spreading them wide and went down on her. His tongue sliding in between her grooves, sucking her clit and tasting her. He continued to suck her and slipped two fingers inside her again. She squealed and panted.  "Oh my god! Don’t stop! Holy fuck. Don’t. Stop. Aaron!“ She had her hands running through his hair, beads of sweat were forming at his hair line.

“You’re so tight and wet.” He said, playing it up knowing how much the dirty talk got her hot. He went back to sucking her and pumping her with his fingers. He added thrusting a third finger into her pussy and she sat up in ecstasy. “God. Aaron. Please just put your cock in me.”  He did not comply, he kept finger fucking her faster and sucking her off. She was moaning so loud she was afraid she’d wake the neighbors, haphazardly running her hands through and pulling his hair.

“Aaron, I don’t know how much longer I can last. And I NEED you to fuck me.” She moaned.

“What was that? I can’t hear you down here.” He said playfully looking up at her with those soft, gentle, but devilish, blue eyes. He loved hearing her beg.

She looked down at him and pleaded: “Fuck me with that huge cock of yours before I wake this whole damn building!”

He smirked, sat up, and pulled his boxers down. He lined himself up with her and hovered over her, she could see the outline of his incredible arms and he gently eased his hard dick into her. “Ohhhhh! Oh my god. Holy shit. Babe. Babe. Fuck.” she could hardly stand it.

He thrusted his hips moving in and out of her. She moved her hips to match his rhythm. “You feel so good babe.” He said to her as he kissed her. He moaned.

“Aaron, faster.” She commanded. “I’m so close.” He complied moving faster and deeper with every thrust.  

“Cum for me babe.” He said kissing her again.

“Oh god, I’m right there Aaron. Aaron!” She moaned.

“Come on babe. Don’t you love it when I fuck you like this. Cum for me.” He said moving his one hand to her breast squeezing it and and grabbing her ear in his teeth while he thrusted deep inside of her. “Cum for me.” He said in a growl right in her ear.

The growl sent her over the edge. She squealed and her body began to shake underneath him. As she climaxed, Aaron felt her pussy pulse and tighten around him and he thrusted hard cumming inside of her. He collapsed on top of her, kissing her neck. They were both out of breath.

After panting for a few moments, Aaron broke the silence. “See. This. This is one reason to get up early.” He said, kissing her forehead.

“I don’t mind THIS kind of wake up call.” She kissed his nose. “Now hurry up and shower you don’t like being late.”

“What are you going to do?” He asked her.

She rolled over and said “I’m going back to bed. I can still sleep for 2 hours.”

He laughed, kissed her shoulder, “Sweet Dreams, Babe.”

Not feeling good today guys. Throat feels like I swallowed acid. Could use well wishes and promptis (rps or art [sfw and nsfw]). {bonus points if you find me porn I haven’t seen} *sidenote* I really need this shirt to say “I ride chocobros”. *IM ALSO STILL TAKING WIG COMMISSIONS*

Behind The Scenes 3 (15/???)

Author’s note: One day I will figure out how many parts there are… But for now, there are only like 3 or 4 cities till the end. I know I said I would do longer scenes, but for the sake of dramatic effect and my habit of procrastination, I need to buy myself more time to finish the last of BTS 3. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Let’s say fluff for now (Jungkook)

Word Count: 2675

City: Manila (Day 3)

Summary: Y/n and Jungkook spend almost the whole day together.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You opened your eyes to see that Jungkook had already woken up. He was sitting next to you as he watched TV.

He smiled down at you as you stretched awake. “Good afternoon sleepy head.”

In your groggy state, you stared up at him until the details of who he was, where you were and what year it was finally came back to you. “… Afternoon?” you mumbled.

“It’s 3pm on the dot!”

“Oh damn!” you muttered as you rubbed your eyes. “What did you do while I was asleep?”

“I washed up, ate, watched TV, took a nap with you, then Jimin and Tae showed up. I’m surprised you didn’t wake up, we were kinda loud as we ate lunch. Then they left when Tae had to go to the deal with Namjoon, so now I’m back to watching TV.

You sat up next to him. “It sounds like you had a long day.”

“Eh, it was kinda boring with you asleep… Go wash up and let’s go eat down stairs! Then we can come back and be lazy again.”

“Ok” you smiled.

It wasn’t long before you both were dressed in matching button down shirt and were enjoying a meal at the restaurant. For once, you and Jungkook had a fun and drama free time. The late lunch date was filled with laughter from making bad puns and having a staring contest while you were waiting for the food to arrive.

After the meal, you and Jungkook took a walk around the hotel grounds. Most of your time was spent walking in the hotel garden.

Jungkook being Jungkook convinced you to take the “most thug” pictures possible with all the flowers. At this point, you were having so much fun with him, you didn’t care how stupid either of you looked to the people around you.

Once it got dark, you and Jungkook headed back to the room.

Jungkook let you in the room first, but quickly pulled you into a hug after he closed the door. When he pulled you into a kiss, you pulled back, but kept your arms wrapped around him. “What was that for?”

He shrugged. “Nothing really. I just realized that I didn’t get a kiss from you today.” He said as he attempted to kiss you again. “Ya! You told me we get to be lazy when we got back.”

“Fine, fine. You get in bed and I’ll get my laptop ready.”

“Laptop?” you asked walking to the bed. “Why don’t we just watch TV?”

“TV? What TV?” He asked as he pretended to not see the large TV mounted on the dresser where he was typing in his password.

“Oh, you know, the huge ass one right in front of you!”

“Oh, that TV! Yeah, that doesn’t work.” He said, crawling next to you.

“It doesn’t work?”

“Not at all!” He kept his eyes glued on the computer as he typed in the website.

“Then how were you watching TV when I woke up?” you laughed because you knew you caught him.

“… That’s not important right now jagi. That was then this is now, stop living in the past.” He grinned.

You rolled your eyes at him and let out a small chuckle. It was probably just best to play along with whatever he was doing right now. You decided to just rest your head on his shoulder. “What are we going to watch?” you asked as you looked at what he was scrolling through on the screen.

“I’m not too sure. I just clicked whatever. I think it’s an anime.”

“Yeah sure, you “randomly” chose an anime.”

He smiled at you but only responded by pressing play and starting the episode.

The episode wasn’t even halfway through the intro when Jungkook paused it. “Let’s lay down. My neck hurts.” He laid back and rested the laptop on his chest.

You lay down and scooted a bit closer to him to see the screen.

Once again, the episode didn’t play for long before it was paused again. “Wait, my back hurts. I have a better idea.” He moved onto his side to face you and supported himself on his elbow. Then he moved the laptop over to the empty space next to you and played the video again. “This is better.” He mumbled as he left his arm draped over your waist.

You held back a laugh as you looked up at him. He was staring intensely at the screen trying to hold back his own laughter because he knew you were staring at him.

You rolled onto your side, taking his arm and wrapping it around your shoulders.

A small chuckle escaped him and he held you tighter.

The rest of the episode was constantly interrupted by Jungkook’s cute antics. He took whiffs of your hair, commenting how good you smelled despite having used the exact same shampoo as well. You proceeded to have trouble keeping track of the plot and the characters because Jungkook began playing with your hair. His attempts to braid it always resulted in knots and tangles.

Well into the second episode, you felt his stray kisses landing on your ear, your neck, and your jaw.  At one point, his kiss on your cheek made his hair flop forward and he covered your view of the screen.

That was the last straw and you paused the show. “Hey!” you whined. “I missed what happened! I thought we were supposed to be watching the anime you chose.”

“Aw, I just want a kiss.” He pouted.

You pulled him down for a small kiss and tried to turn back to the computer.

“Ok, wait! Another one! Please~!”

You gave him another one so he would behave, however, that kiss lead to another and another and soon it was much more than just a kiss.

It wasn’t long before he was on top of you with your fingers gripping into his hair. He had learned his lesson from the last time and his hands didn’t dare move from your hips. From the way, his mouth and tongue moved with yours, it was obvious how bad he wanted you. You found yourself wanting to take things further and you knew it was wasn’t going to happen unless you said something.

As if he could read your mind, he went after your weakness. His mouth moved down your jaw and was sucking the sweet spot on your neck. Again, you let out a small moan and you knew you wanted to take things further.

You unraveled your arms from around him and brought them to your chest. Jungkook took it as a sign to stop and swiftly pulled himself back. “Jagi, what is it? Did I do something wrong?”

“Huh? No… It’s just…” your fingers played with the top button of your shirt. “… I feel like you want a bit more… I kinda do too… so then maybe we could…”

His eyes focused on your fingers “… Well, baby only if you want to.” But the look in his eyes begged you otherwise.

You very slowly unbuttoned the first button. The second you pulled back the collar to open your shirt a bit, his lips attacked your newly exposed skin. He kissed all he possibly could before he reached the fabric once again. You undid the next button and his lips moved further down, not letting a single spot go untouched.

You had just unbuttoned the third button, giving him access to your chest, when a stupid loud laser sound went off. You both knew that meant Jungkook just got a text from V. However, the sound itself was so unexpected, it practically scared the shit out of you.

The annoying ringtone didn’t stop and it was getting you out of the mood. The incessant ringing didn’t bother Jungkook though. “Just ignore it baby.” he said in between kisses. He had already finished unbuttoning your shirt and his hands were under your back, unclasping your bra. You let everything just slip off your upper body and Jungkook threw them across the room. The texts still didn’t stop. His phone became frantic with incoming messages and it was hard to ignore.

Jungkook unbuckled his pants and his hands moved fast to the waistband of yours, but you stopped him. “Jungkook, just see want he wants then turn off the phone or something. It’s so annoying.”

“Ugh, fine.” Jungkook stretched over you and grabbed his phone from the nightstand.

As he scrolled through the messages,ou unbuttoned his shirt, letting your hands roam his body.

“Fuck!” He cursed through his teeth.

You stopped at his seriousness. “What happened?”

“Fucking Tae says he needs to fucking talk to me about some stupid shit.” He huffed.

“I thought he was out with Namjoon still.”

Jungkook sat up to catch his breath. “Well apparently they are back now.” he looked down at you disappointed that the moment was ruined.


He sent back a few texts before he got up and walked across the room to pick up your shirt and bra. “While I go to Tae’s room, you have to stay with Jimin.”

Your inside flipped around from guilt instantly. “Why?!?”

“Well according to Tae, what he needs to talk about is something he needs to tell just me… and its best you not be alone…” he said as he handed you your clothes.

You quickly put them on, avoiding his eyes. “Oh…  well, yeah. I get that…” you mumbled.

Jungkook sat at the edge of the bed now. “Yeah?”


You felt the urge to cover yourself up as much as possible at the thought of being stuck in a room with Jimin, so much so that you even got up from the bed to get your shoes on, but Jungkook grabbed your wrist and pulled you between his legs. “It’s nothing personal jagi. We can’t leave you alone in general.”

“Yeah I get it, but why Jimin?” The last thing you wanted to do was face Jimin. There was already so much guilt and anxiety growing inside you.

“Well, you aren’t talking to Yoongi or Hoseok. You most definitely are not going with Hiro, Namjoon or Jin. Minho is your only other option, but he isn’t the easiest person to be around. He’s pretty weird sometimes and I don’t completely trust him all the time.”

You let out a sigh. “Ok, yeah, I get why it’s to Jimin’s room I go.” You gulped.

He grabbed your hips and pulled you close to him. “But when I get done talking with Tae, you and I can go back to what we were doing.”


Jungkook knocked on Jimin’s door and waited for him to open it. “Don’t worry baby, it shouldn’t take me long.”

“Don’t call me that!” you whispered harshly.

“What? It’s not like he’s gonna hear us through the-“

The door slowly opened and Jimin appeared. “What does Tae have to talk to you about anyway? I texted him about it but he didn’t really tell me anything.” He said to Jungkook.

You could feel your face on fire. You couldn’t even get yourself to look directly at Jimin because you felt he could read your mind or something.

“Oh, uh, I don’t know either.” Jungkook shrugged. “He just insisted that I go to his room and talk with him. It’s probably some crap with Namjoon and the deals or something.”

“That’s weird. It’s kinda late to be talking right now, but then again if they barely got back from a deal then I guess I get it… But it’s whatever. As long as I don’t get dragged into all the dealing drama, I’m good.” Jimin’s phone buzzed and he pulled it out to read his message. “Jungkook get your ass over there. He’s still waiting and I want these messages to stop.” He said as he typed away.

“Fine, you and y/n have fun.” Jungkook said as he walked off to V’s room.

Jimin gave you a smile and moved back to let you in. You very awkwardly smiled back and ducked your head as you entered the room.

“It nice to see you finally up.” he laughed. “How did your free afternoon go?”

“Ha-ha” you laughed nervously. “Uh, I was alright I guess.” You could feel your forehead sweating. “We- I mean- I didn’t really do anything different! Nope just ate and watched TV as usual…”

Jimin definitely noticed your behavior. “Y/n are you okay? You’re acting a bit weird.”

“Shit!” you thought. You tried to think of a lie to tell him. “Oh, uh, I’m fine! I just uh, I uh, I drank some espresso in my room cuz I wanted to see what it would taste like… I probably got a bit too carried away trying it. Ha!” you let your nervous jitters out and prayed that he believed you.

“Well then you must have been having some fun then.” He smiled again.

“I need to change the subject fast!” you thought. “So how do you like having your own room?!?” you blurted out. “I feel a bit weird not sharing a room with you anymore.”

Jimin smile grew. “Well, don’t take this the wrong way, buuut… I like having my own room again.” He blushed.

You dropped your jaw dramatically. “I take full offense!” you laughed.


Lailani stood in front of the standing mirror, doing one last check of her dress before he got to the room. She grabbed the cellphone from the top of the dresser and sent a text to Jimin. *Jk says y/n will be with you. send her to my room in 15*. She then went to the door to idly wait for the young idol’s arrival.

Finally, she heard someone knocking and she rushed to get it open.

She could see his face turned sour as he looked down at her. He was quick to shift his gaze on anything else but her and cleared his throat before he spoke. “Lailani… Just came to talk to Tae.” Jungkook said awkwardly.

She smiled up at him and stepped to the side to let him walk in. She closed the door, but made sure it didn’t click shut, as Jungkook went about the room in search of V.

“Um, so, uh, where is Tae?” Jungkook asked nervously.

His awkwardness was a bit off putting, yet completely adorable. Lailani had a feeling that was going to make things a bit more fun. “He’s not here.” She said blankly.

Jungkook looked confused and it only made her want to laugh. She held herself back and stayed as serious as possible.

“Then why did he text me?” He asked more to himself than to her.

“Oh, he didn’t text you, I did!” She smirked as she held up V’s cellphone that she swiped from his coat pocket before he left.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at her. His jaw clenched a bit. It made him look so much manlier than a few moments ago. “Ok! What is this about?”

She took a few steps up to him, just close enough to brush her chest up against his. “Nothing much, I just wanted to talk about old times.”

He scoffed at her. “You gotta be kidding me. I don’t have time for this.”

He tried to walk out of the room, but she dashed in front of him. “What’s the rush? Aw, you look tense.” She said as she slid her hands up his strong shoulders. “Why don’t I give you one of my massages. You used to love those, remember?”

He brushed her hand off him. “No thanks.” Again he headed towards the door.

In a panic she went straight to her last resort. “How do you think Y/n will react when I tell her about us?!? Better yet, how do you think the tabloids will handle the news?” Those words stopped him in his tracks. “If only there was a to keep me quiet.” She said tauntingly.

First of all, I want to thank you all for all the activity I got over the last scene. You all literally made my day. I had the BIGGEST smile on my face every time I saw how you guys reacted to my question and who you guys were choosing y/n to be with. Even on the stuff I got from some of you today, almost a week later (let’s be honest here, I couldn’t wait anymore to post this part up) , just made me feel so good. The activity and the reactions/comments I got from you all made me so happy.

Second, I didn’t think this would happen, but I kinda like writing now… so idk, I was thinking of starting a side blog for scenarios or something. I am not too sure yet. I have many idea for other scenarios/drabbles, but I don’t want to congest this blog with any more stuff. If I do make another one, the BTS series will still be post on this blog (I don’t want to deal with moving links and changing the watermark on the GIFs). I am still debating it though.

“How ‘bout I take my shirt off? That would make it much less hot for me. Right?” Sam asks softly when he and Dean are taking a break from sparring.

John was away, had been away for a week now, but had still called to drill them about how they need to spar once a day at least. Which definitely meant fifteen awkward minutes rolling around on a dirty hotel floor with Dean. It was a hot summer, they both were sweating so terribly that their worn cloth shirts became soaked through and the best thing Sam could think of was, to take it off.

And Dean didn’t even tease him for being hard the whole time because, it wasn’t just Sam that always got worked up. Dean was just better at hiding it.

Size You Up

Summary: Jackson doesn’t think Stiles is good enough for Danny. Danny knows he’s wrong, of course.

Notes: KrazyK commented on this Stanny fic and wanted a sequel, so I wrote a little something! (Jackson is kind of an asshole in this fic, but that probably won’t surprise anyone.) (On AO3)

Danny has been waiting for this to happen for weeks.

“What the fuck?” Jackson says, looking at him in disbelief. “Are you really dating Stilinski?”

“I am,” Danny says, then sits down on Jackson’s couch. He has a feeling this is going to take a while.

“I cannot believe you’d—wait. Is this because you were wondering about his—” Jackson starts, looking suspicious.

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dragontails89  asked:

How about 86 for the prompts for days? Thank you :)

Sure thing! Thanks for the prompts! ;D

The Pendant

Hiccup ducked under a hanging chain, rattling it on his way to grabbing a set of tongs off the wall. He tested them before grabbing the heated sword in it’s grip with his right hand, grabbing the large hammer with his left and bringing it down and sending ringing pounds against the glowing red medal.

He huffed against the heat, because it was stifling hot in the forge. Didn’t help that today- out of all the days to have Inferno break- was one of the hottest day on Berk, really the only day that they had an actual “summer day”. The teens had even gone swimming down by the bay since it was so hot, and Hiccup hoped to finish this sword soon so he could go and join them. Perhaps he could even convince Astrid and the gang to go swimming with him in the cove, since he enjoyed the shadiness of the trees and how cool the water was there more so then the salty water of the ocean.

But he still needed to finish Inferno so it would be ready to take along when they returned to the Edge, and he would have it handy if they ran into any unfriendly foes or dragons. Thinking of dragons, Hiccup glanced over at Toothless who was drowsing by the doorway, the dragon eyeing the door wearily as though longing for the semi-cool fresh air outside.

“Go ahead, bud.” Hiccup urged, waving the heavy hammer towards the door. “I’ll be done in a bit.”

Toothless huffed thankfully before climbing to his feet and trotting out the door and quickly disappearing from sight. Hiccup sighed and turned back to Inferno, pushing it against the anvil and trying to reshape the broken medal.

Gods it’s hot… he thought tiredly. The heat and all the work was beginning to make him feel drowsy, and he really didn’t want to fall asleep before going for a swim…

He paused for a moment and looked down at his sweaty and thick red woven shirt, pondering if he should dare to remove it in a rather public space as the forge. But then he remembered how Gobber used to do that himself back in the day, but then the blacksmith had grown smart enough to wear a sleeveless shirt and therefore never did it anymore…

But Hiccup still wasn’t that smart. He had never liked exposing his arms- because he’d been so scrawny- but at this point he was just too downright hot to care. He felt sweaty and sticky, and the shirt was beginning to rob against his skin and irritate it…

He set the tools down and hastily pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it in the corner before picking up the tools and resumed the pounding on the sword. After a couple minutes he began to cool down, and felt more comfortable as he moved about without the wet fabric of his shirt rubbing against him.

He smiled in satisfaction and leaned back, eyeing the sword happily before setting it aside to cool. He would leave it for now instead of dunking it in the water, which would sometimes make the medal loose some strength. For now, he could go and take that swim he desperately wanted (and needed, to be honest. He was nothing but a sweaty and smelly mess) then return to make the finishing touches.

He was about to go and retrieve his shirt when he heard a light tap on the door, so he turned and smiled when he saw a flash of blonde hair and a blue shirt- sure signs that Astrid had come for a visit.

She stepped around the large anvil and flashed him a smile, freezing in mid step when she caught sight of him. Silence fell, only the sound of the cackling fire filling the room.

“Oh gods!” Hiccup exclaimed, realizing that he was still shirtless. “G-g-ive me second!” He rambled, making a mad dash towards his shirt. But he realized with a groan that it had landed in a large bucket of water used for cooling weapons, and he knew it would be pointless to try and pull a soaking wet woolen shirt over his head. It would cling to him and literally be a waste of time and energy.

“Uh… hold on!” He called back before stumbling towards the room in the back he used for all his notes, looking about wildly for any signs of fabric. Anything. He was sure he could even make a pair of trousers work at this point.

“Hiccup..?” came a voice from beyond the room. He frantically rummaged through his desk, groaning with despair when he realized not a scrap of fabric was in sight.

“Hiccup! Get out here right now!”

“Coming, Astrid!” he called back, once again resuming the search. Nothing!

“It’s fine, Hiccup. I just came from seeing Snotlout shirtless, I think you’ll be fine.” Astrid called out again.

Hiccup groaned before spinning around and opening the door, blinking down at Astrid for a moment, all words fleeing his mind and for a moment, he swore he’d never even learned the alphabet.

She was staring at him with wide blue eyes, and it was only then that he realized her hair was dripping water all over her shirt, dampening her shoulders. That led to another thing, her armor was gone. Now she only wore a soft brown skirt with her leggings and boots, along with her blue tank top. Shoulder guards were gone.

“H-hey…” Hiccup stuttered, finally finding his voice. “What’re you doing here?” He tried to sound nonchalant, but knew he failed miserably by the too high pitched squeak in his voice.

“Hey.” She smiled up at him, flipping her dripping bangs out of her face. “I came to see if you wanted to come swimming, it’s too hot to be working here today…”

Hiccup laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck before realizing that it was probably better to just… keep as still as possible until he found a shirt. “Haha, actually… kinda figured that out on my own.” He gave a small gesture to his upper half.

“You… you shouldn’t be so ashamed you know.” Her eyes flicked down towards his chest. “You look a lot better then Snotlout or Tuffnut.”

He offered a lopsided grin. “Thanks… I think…”

“That was a compliment.” she laughed lightly, her eyes sparkling.

She grinned again before biting her lip, once again doing a flip of her head. “I-I also brought you something…”

Please don’t be Yaknog! he thought desperately. Anything but Yaknog! He wasn’t sure he could keep it down this time… especially since it was so hot.

“Um, here.” She shoved a small bundle into his arms, and he glanced up at her in confusion. She eyed him before flicking her gaze at the bundle, urging him to open it.

“I-I got you a present…” she added, more like an after thought. “Open it!”

Hiccup smiled at her before unfolding the cloth, revealing a strange medal and leather cord, thonged together. He pulled it out, noticing first off how a black scale was attached as a pendant at the bottom, the medal beads and a black feather hanging around it.

He looked closer, and realized with a small gasp that the black scale belonged to a Night Fury- Toothless to be exact- and that the leather chord was intended to go around the neck. It was made well, guaranteed to hold up for a long time.

“You… did you make this?” He asked in bewilderment, looking up at the nervous girl before him.

“Umm… yeah- I-I did…”

Gods, she’s beautiful when she stutters…

“I’ve been working on it for awhile, and I didn’t really know if you’d like it or not. Since it’s-it’s not exactly manly…”

“What?” Hiccup asked, truly puzzled. “Why… why is this not manly?”

“It’s a chord for the neck- a necklace sorta…” She stumbled over the words, added with a blush. Hiccup grinned even more at the sight of the pink tint of her cheeks, loving the way she got embarrassed. For once it was her who was blushing and not him…

“Astrid, I love it.” Hiccup interrupted. “It… it means so much more to me because it’s Toothless’s scale, and…” He held it up to his neck, flashing her a grin. “It’ll look good with my leather, huh?”

She smiled and blushed a bit more, making him realize again that he was still without a shirt. It was his turn to blush now, and he lowered the necklace back into his palm.

“And it’ll remind me of you, since you made it.” Hiccup added softly. “Thank you Astrid.”

She smiled again before leaning forward, and he knew what she wanted. He gently pressed his lips against hers, the kiss quick and short but sweet none the less.

“Now, I really need to go find a shirt.” Hiccup said before stepping away, slipping the chord over his head as he did so. “Ugh, which means I have to walk through town… like this.” He gestured to himself again with another groan.

“Here, I’ll run up to your house and find you a shirt. But I thought you were going to go swimming?”

Hiccup paused, then laughed when he realized what she said was true. “Oh, right. I guess we could go straight to the cove then.”

“I’ll go get the others.” Astrid said with a smile before running off and disappearing out the door.

Hiccup looked back down at his neck, letting his fingers play with the scale and feather. How long had it taken her to make this? It looked complicated… especially since it was so small and she never liked needle work in the first place. Which was what made this little token so much more special.

I’m doing that thing I’ve been doing a lot of lately–hiding in my bathroom. Usually when I do this, I have no idea why I’m doing it. Today I know exactly why I’m doing it. I just put on a shirt I haven’t fit into in nearly a decade. It still doesn’t fit well (it’s a little too short because I’m wider than the body that’s meant to fit inside of it). I’ve decided to wear it anyway. This gym shirt actually looks better than all my other ones, which are swimming on me. I’m feeling incredibly self conscious in it though. I’m also paranoid that when my too big running shorts start to fall down, as they always do, there will be a flesh gap. Ugh! I really need clothes that fit!

Hello Detective Chapter 34

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The next few days had began like any other, until you got sick. It started just with vomiting in the mornings and then into the day it progressed into a nice cold. You thought it might have been food poisoning, but it seemed more persistent than that. It seemed to be a bad cold mixed with a stomach bug.

You called in sick for work and Lestrade told you to stay home until you were symptom free, he couldn’t risk you getting anyone else sick at work.

You needed to go to a doctor, but you didn’t have a set one here, you had only lived here for about a year, and it had been a very busy year. You called John instead and told him what was happening. He told you he thought it was a cold too, but if you came over to the flat he could check you out and possibly give you some medication.

You did just that, you walked around the corner to Baker Street, wrapping your coat tightly around you as you walked.

John looked at you, and confirmed you had a cold and possibly also 24 hour stomach bug that should subside soon. You were sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket while John made you some tea. You probably looked terrible, you hadn’t slept well, and you were just sick. Suddenly the door flew open and the sight in front of you almost made you scream.

Sherlock was standing in the doorway with his white sleeves rolled up, his face and shirt covered in blood, and holding a harpoon.

“Well, that was tedious.” He said, casually.

“You went on the tube like that?” John asked him after handing you your tea.

“None of the cabs would take me.” Sherlock said, now turning to you. “You’re sick.”

“Obviously.” You shot back.

“Are you alright? Do you need anything? Lay down, rest. We’ll take care of you.” Sherlock said quickly, rushing to you.

“Okay mother, calm down.” You smiled. Sherlock left to take a quick shower and change his clothes. He came back out into the living room in his dress pants and white shirt, with his blue dressing robe on, still holding his harpoon. He began pacing in front of the couch, just watching him was making you tired.

“Anything?” Sherlock asked John, referring to the paper he was reading.

“Military coup in Uganda. Another photo of you in the er…” John began and pointed to a picture of Sherlock in his favorite deer stalker.

“Ugh!” Sherlock sighed while still pacing.

“Well, um, Cabinet reshuffle.”John read.

“Nothing of importance? Oh, God!” Sherlock yelled, banging his harpoon on the floor. It made you jump slightly.

“John, I need some. Get me some.” Sherlock said and you scoffed.

“No.” John said.

“Get me some.” Sherlock now turning back to face you.

“Absolutely not.” You said, laying down on the couch.

“Cold turkey we agreed, no matter what,”  John said, pointing his finger at Sherlock. “Anyway, you’ve paid everyone off, remember? No-one within a two-mile radius will sell you any.”

“Stupid idea. Whose idea was that?” Sherlock asked. John only cleared his throat and didn’t answer.

“Mrs. Hudson!” Sherlock yelled. He turned to his desk and began throwing papers everywhere. He was rummaging through every drawer looking for cigarettes.

“Look, Sherlock, you’re doing really well, don’t give up now!” John said to Sherlock, who was still turning the living room upside down.

“Tell me where they are! Please, tell me.” Sherlock said. His tone changed to almost a puppy dog look “Please.”

“Can’t help, sorry.” John said, looking to you and rolling his eyes.

“I’ll let you know next week’s lottery numbers.” Sherlock said, to which John only laughed, “It was worth a try.”

“You know where the are don’t you, Y/N?” Sherlock turned to you.

“Of course I know where they are, that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you.” You said, nuzzling deeper into the couch. Sherlock began eyeing the couch cushions under you, thinking the cigarettes were hiding under there. He took a step closer to you and began to bend down to look.

“Don’t even think about it. They’re not under there and I’m not moving just so you can check.” You scolded.

Sherlock groaned and jumped across the room to the fire place. He shook a shoe and threw it behind him when he found it to be empty.

“Yoo-hoo.” Mrs. Hudson said, walking into the room.

“My secret supply, what have you done with my secret supply?” Sherlock asked, making a mess.

“Eh?” She asked confused.

“Cigarettes, what have you done with them?” Sherlock asked.

“You know you never let me touch your things! Oh, chance would be a fine thing. Oh hello dear, are you alright?” Mrs.Hudson said, turning to you.

“She’s sick, we’re keeping an eye on her, well I am, Sherlock is…” John said, gesturing to Sherlock.

“I thought you weren’t my housekeeper.” Sherlock retorted to Mrs. Hudson.

“I’m not.” She replied with sass.

“Argh!” Sherlock yelled, leaving the fire place and returning back to his harpoon. You saw John make a ‘drink’ motion to Mrs. Hudson.

“How about a nice cuppa and perhaps you could put away your harpoon?” Mrs. Hudson told him.

“I need something stronger than tea. Seven percent stronger.” Sherlock said, making you worry. Last time he was bored without a case you had found him shooting a wall after he had gotten done shooting up.

“Sherlock…” You said.

“You’ve been to see Mr. Chatterjee again.” Sherlock said, now pointing his harpoon to Mrs. Hudson.

“Pardon?” Mrs. Hudson asked.

“Sandwich shop. That’s a new dress, but there’s flour on the sleeve. You wouldn’t dress like that for baking. Thumbnail. Tiny traces of foil. Been at the scratch cards again. We all know where that leads don’t we. Mmm. Casbah Nights. Pretty racy for a Monday morning, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve written a little blog on the identification of perfumes.” Sherlock began rambling.

“I’m sure there’s a crying need for that.” You muttered, Sherlock gave you a dirty look before continuing.

“It’s on the website. You should look it up. I wouldn’t pin your hopes on that cruise with Mr. Chatterjee, he’s got a wife in Doncaster, that nobody knows about.” Sherlock said.

“Sherlock!” John yelled.

“Well, nobody except me.” Sherlock said, was he having a psychotic break?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I really don’t!” Mrs. Hudson said, storming out of the room, slamming the door. Sherlock leapt into his chair, hugging his knees to his chest.

“What the bloody hell was all that about?” John asked.

“You don’t understand.” Sherlock said rocking slightly.

“Go after her and apologise.” John instructed.

“Apologise?” Sherlock said the word as if he had never heard it before.

“Mhm.” John nodded.

“Oh, John, I envy you so much.” Sherlock said.

“You envy me?” John asked in disbelief.

“Your mind, it’s so placid, straight-forward, barely used. Mine’s like an engine, racing out of control. A rocket, tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the launch pad. I need a case!” Sherlock yelled.

“You’ve just solved one, by harpooning a dead pig, apparently!” John yelled back.

“Ahh! That was this morning. When’s the next one? Y/N, does Gavin have a case?” He asked, both men turning to face you. They hadn’t realized you had fallen asleep. You hadn’t realized that John had mixed some medicine into your tea and it must have made you extra drowsy.

“Nothing on the website?” John whispered. Sherlock grabbed his laptop from his desk and handed it to John.

“Dear Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I can’t find Bluebell anywhere. Please, please, please can you help?” Sherlock dictated.

“Bluebell?” John asked confused.

“A rabbit, John!” Sherlock yelled, which surprisingly didn’t wake you.

“Ah, but there’s more. Before Bluebell disappeared, it turned luminous. ‘Like a fairy’ according to little Kirsty. Then the next morning, Bluebell was gone. Hutch still locked, no sign of a forced entry. What am I saying, this is brilliant. Phone Lestrade, tell him there’s an escaped rabbit.” Sherlock said, seriously.

“Are you serious?” John asked.

“It’s this, or Cluedo.” Sherlock said.

“Ah, no. We are never playing that again.” John said, removing the computer from his lap.

“Why not?” Sherlock asked, in all seriousness.

“Because it’s not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock, that’s why.” John said.

“It was the only possible solution.” Sherlock argued.

“It’s not in the rules.” John said.

“Well, then, the rules are wrong!” Sherlock yelled.

“Shh! You’re going to wake her up.” John whisper yelled, pointing to you.

“Fine, I’ll just move her then.” Sherlock said, moving to pick you up. He carried you into his bedroom and placed you under the covers. When he was leaving his room he heard the doorbell ring.

“Single ring.” John pointed out.

“Maximum pressure, just under the half second. Client!” Sherlock said.

While you slept, a client was brought into the living room. He showed Sherlock and John a documentary on the television about Dartmoor. Dartmoor was home to the military testing site Baskerville, which is rumored to be doing animal testing and genetic mutations. The client, Henry Knight, was in the documentary. He claims that a genetically mutated beast killed his father. Sherlock abruptly turned off the television and asked Henry what he saw. He argued that he was just about to say it on the documentary. To that Sherlock responded that he liked to do his own editing.

“Do you know Dartmoor, Mr. Holmes?” Henry asked him.

“No.” He answered.

“It’s an amazing place, it’s like nowhere else, it’s sort of bleak, but beautiful.” Henry began.

“Hm, not interested. Moving on.” Sherlock said rudely.

“We used to go for walks, after my mum died, my dad and me. Every evening, we’d go out onto the moor.” Henry began before Sherlock cut him off again.

“Yes, good. Skipping to the night that your dad was violently killed, where did that happen?” Sherlock asked insensitively.

“There’s a place, it’s a sort of local landmark, called Dewer’s Hollow. That’s an ancient name for the devil.” Henry said.

“So?” Sherlock said, unaffected.

“Did you see the devil that night?” John asked.

“Yes. It was huge, coal-black fur with red eyes. It got him. Tore at him, tore him apart. I can’t remember anything else. They found me the next morning, just wandering on the moor. My day’s body was never found.” Henry Knight said.

“Red eyes, coal-black fur, enormous… dog? Wolf?” John asked.

“Or a genetic experiment.” Sherlock smiled.

“Are you laughing at me, Mr. Holmes?” Henry asked.

“Why, are you joking?” Sherlock returned.

“My dad was always going on about the things they were doing at Baskerville. About the type of monsters they were breeding there. People used to laugh at him. At least the TV people took me seriously.” Henry said.

“And I assumed did wonders for Devon tourism.” Sherlock said.

“Yeah… Henry, whatever did happen to your father, it was 20 years ago. Why come to us now?” John asked Henry.

“I’m not sure you can help me, Mr. Holmes, since you find it all so funny!” Henry scolded, standing to leave.

“Because of what happened last night.” Sherlock said, answering John’s question to Henry, causing him to stop in the doorway.

“Why, what happened last night?” John asked.

“How… How do you know?” Henry asked.

“I didn’t know, I noticed. You came up from Devon on the first available train this morning. You had a disappointing breakfast and a black coffee. The girl across the aisle fancied you. Although you were initially keen, you’ve now changed your mind. You are however extremely anxious to have your first cigarette of the day. Sit down, Mr. Knight, and do please smoke. I’d be delighted.” Sherlock said. Henry moved and sat back in John’s chair.

“How on Earth did you notice all that?” Henry asked.

“It’s not important…” John attempted to save Sherlock from making his speech, but he seemed to go on and do it anyway.

“Punched out holes where you tickets been checked.” Sherlock began.

“Not now, Sherlock.” John tried.

“Oh, please. I’ve been cooped-up in here for ages!” Sherlock protested.

“You’re just showing off.” John said.

“Of course. I am a show-off, that’s what we do.” Sherlock argued. “Train napkin you used to mop up the spilled coffee. The stain shows that you didn’t take milk. There are traces of ketchup on it and on your lips and sleeve. Cooked breakfast, or the nearest thing those trains can manage. Probably a sandwich.”

“Ha. How did you know it was disappointing?” Henry asked nervously.

“Is there any other type of breakfast on a train? The girl. Female handwriting is quite distinctive, wrote her phone number down on the napkin. I can tell from the angle she wrote at that she sat across from you on the other side of the aisle. Later, after she got off, I imagine you used the napkin to mop up your spilled coffee, accidentally smudging the numbers. You’ve been over the last four digits yourself in another pen, so you wanted to keep the number. Just now though you used that napkin to blow your nose, maybe you’re not that into her after all. Then there’s the nicotine stains on your fingers. Your shaking fingers. I know the signs. No chance to smoke one on the train, no time to roll one before you got on a cab here. It’s just after 9:15, you’re desperate. The first train from Exeter to London leaves at 5:46 am. You got the first one possible so something important must have happened last night. Am I wrong?” Sherlock said.

“No. You’re right. You’re completely, exactly right. Bloody hell, I heard you were quick.” Henry said and Sherlock now had a smirk on his face.

“It’s my job. Now shut up and smoke.” Sherlock said, and Henry began to light his cigarette.

“Henry, your parents both died and you were what, seven years old?” John asked. Sherlock stood over Henry and inhaled his smoke before sitting back down. “That must be quite a trauma. Now, have you ever thought that maybe you invented this story, this… to account for it?”

“That’s what Dr. Mortimer says.” Henry said.

“Who?” John asked.

“His therapist. Obviously.” Sherlock said.

Suddenly your voice could be heard yelling from the bedroom.

“Sherlock Holmes if you are smoking I swear to God!” You yelled when you awoke to the smell of smoke. You opened the door and walked out into the living room wearing Sherlock’s blue dressing gown to see a man sitting in John’s chair smoking.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize you had a client.” You said when you saw Henry Knight.

“You’re that detective from the paper, Gregson. I didn’t realize… Are you two?” Henry asked, gesturing between you and Sherlock.

“Yes, we are, now back to your therapist.” Sherlock said, he waved you over to sit on the arm of his chair. When you did, he placed an arm around you. You were feeling slightly better now with a little rest and drugs in your system.

“Louise Mortimer. She’s the reason I came back to Dartmoor. She thinks I have to face my demons.” Henry said.

“What happened when you went back to Dewer’s Hollow last night, Henry? You went there on the advice of your therapist and now you’re consulting a detective. What did you see that changed everything?” Sherlock asked.

“It’s a strange place, the Hollow. It makes you feel so cold inside, so afraid.” Henry began.

“Yes, if I wanted poetry, I’d read John’s emails to his girlfriends, much funnier. What did you see?” Sherlock said, you placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed him slightly, silently telling him he was being rude.

“Footprints. On the exact spot where I saw my father torn apart.” Henry said, Sherlock sat back completely in his chair. He took your hand from his shoulder and absentmindedly fiddled with it, clearly Henry was boring him.

“Man’s or woman’s?” John asked.

“Neither. They were…” Henry began before Sherlock cut him off.

“Is that it? Nothing else? Footprints, it that all?” Sherlock said rudely.

“Yes but they were…” Henry began.

“No, sorry, Dr. Mortimer wins. It’s a childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. Boring. Goodbye, Mr. Knight, thank you for smoking.” Sherlock said, you gave Sherlock’s hand a little squeeze.

“But… What about the footprints?” Henry asked.

“Oh, they’re probably paw prints, could be anything, therefore nothing. Off to Devon with you, have a cream tea on me.” Sherlock said, standing up and waving him off.

“Mr. Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic hound.” Henry said, Sherlock was walking into the kitchen and stopped in his tracks. He turned around slowly.

“Say that again.” Sherlock said.

“They were the footprints of a gigantic hound.” Henry said.

“I’ll take the case.” Sherlock said slowly.

“Sorry, what?” John asked.

“Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it’s very promising.” Sherlock said, folding his hands under his chin.

“No, no, no, sorry what? A minute ago, footprints were boring, now they’re very promising?” John asked, confused.

“It’s got nothing to do with footprints. As ever John you weren’t listening. Baskerville. Ever heard of it?” Sherlock asked, he turned to you for the last part.

“Um vaguely I guess. It’s very hush-hush.” You said, slipping down into Sherlock’s chair.

“Sounds like a good place to start.” Sherlock said.

“You’ll come down then?” Henry asked.

“No, I can’t leave London at the moment, far too busy. But don’t worry I’m putting my best man onto it. I can always rely on John to send me all the relevant data, as he never understands a word of it himself.” Sherlock said, and you were confused.

“What are you talking about ‘you’re busy’? You don’t have a case! A minute ago, you were complaining…” John began to scold.

“Bluebell, John. I’ve got Bluebell! The case of the vanishing glow-in-the-dark rabbit. NATO’s in uproar.” Sherlock said, making you even more confused.

“Oh, sorry, you’re not coming, then?” Henry said, and Sherlock shook his head, almost giving John a pouty face.

“Oh. Okay. Okay.” John said, standing and retrieving Sherlock’s cigarettes from underneath the skull on the mantle.

“John!” You scolded. John threw them to Sherlock, he caught them and threw them behind him.

“I don’t need those anymore, I’m going to Dartmoor. You go on ahead, Henry, we’ll follow later.” Sherlock said.

“I’m sorry, so you are coming?” Henry asked, about as confused as you.

“Twenty-year-old disappearance, a monstrous hound? I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” Sherlock said as he walked Henry Knight out.

When he came back he saw you sitting in his chair.

“I’m going to need your help of course.” Sherlock said.

“Sherlock…” You sighed, “I’m sick, you seriously want me tagging along?”

“Of course I do.” Sherlock said.

“Sherlock… I think I need to be in bed, I have zero energy, I’m not going to be much help.” You argued.

“Please Y/N! We’ll find and Inn to stay at, you can rest, you have your very own personal doctor, do whatever you’re up to, then I can have someone to talk to.” Sherlock said.

“You have John to talk to.” You retorted.

“You know it’s different.” Sherlock said.

“Ugh fine. But I hope I get you sick for making me do this.” you told Sherlock.

On Location Pt. 10 - Touch and Go

Title: Touch and Go

Pairings: Reader x Jensen

Warnings: Angst, Blood

Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: As Jensen and y/n escape with Harper from the mob of paparazzi at y/n’s house, they are t-boned when Harper runs a stop light in a hurry to shake the news outlet that had followed her to the rendezvous with Jensen and y/n. Jensen’s injuries are minor and Harper is fine. Y/n’s injuries on the other hand are much more severe. She is touch and go from the moment the paramedics arrive and all Jensen can think is that she is in this mess because of him. It is all his fault.

A/N: This is pure trash. I’m really sorry. Hopefully I haven’t disappointed you. I stepped away from this series for so long and now its just… ugh. I’m terribly sorry! 

Catch up with the first 9 parts Here

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Prompt 113: Where did all these puppies come from?

It may be a bit long, and although it was supposed to be for mcxbecca, I added a 3rd. Hope you like it @asocialiguana

(Sorry if theyre any typos; I wrote this in a hurry after work)


Zack, no! That’s too much!

What, how? No it’s not. The guy said a baby bottle nipple thingy would wor–

He said a bottle with a nipple for a Premie, that hole is way too big! They’ll drown.

Oh my god, Em… Look, see? They’re fine! You’re overreacting. Just loo– Hey! What the hell, dude, give me back the bottle.

Nope, uh uh. No way. Fuck, look what you did; Spotted Dick wont stop coughing.

Well yeah NOW he is since you snatched the damn bottle. Ughhh.. What do I do; like pat him on the back?? What if he be breaks!

Uh.. um, I don’t know, I don’t know! Try tapping his back with two fingers. Shit. Look, I’m gonna go get the eye dropper ‘cause the rest still need to be fed. Just keep them covered and warm.

'Kay. Oh wait, a sec, throw this in the washer; Morgan pissed all over it. Or maybe it was Freeman. Eh, I dunno. Anyway, here, catch–

Wait, wha– this Becca’s shirt. Why is it wet??



I didn’t know it was hers! I just grabbed one off the floor like you told me!

Ugh, Fuck… No I said grab something off the floor, dude. Like a towel, a sock… Shit. She’s gonna kill me. No. Us. She’s going to kill us. That’s it, we are so officially dead. And fucked. We are dead-fucked.

Is…is that even legal?

Damnit, ok. Look, not a word of this to Becca, got it? It’s gonna be bad enough trying convince her to be cool with keeping the pupp–“Becca!”

“Hey.” You reply, casually leaning against the doorframe. “Nice of you to finally notice me.”

MC drops the shirt dangling from her fingers and quickly strides over to you, arms outstretched to embrace you, but deliberately wide enough to block your view. Meanwhile, Zack, using his jacket, struggles to conceal an object from view.

Seeing an opportunity, as she approaches, you step toward her, as though to except her embrace.
At the last second, you side step around her to gain a clear view of the room.

“Oh no you don’t! Zack, move the jacket. NOW.”

From his position in the corner of the room, he looks nervously between you and MC, who, from your peripheral vision, you can see frantically shaking her head behind you.

Annoyed with the pair, you loudly demand, “Zack. Jacket. Now. Move!”

He flinches at the suddenness of your command, but his hold on the jack remains steady.

You smirk, turning to face MC, and glare at her determinately. She matches your expression, and attempts to stare you down with a stare of her own, hands on her hips in defiance.

After a few moments of silence, from behind you, you hear, “Hey, guys? You know I always appreciate a good face-off, but my arms are getting a little tired, here…”

Recognizing defeat, MC throws her arms up in exasperation.

“Fine. Okay, damn. Zack, move the jacket. But look, babe, let me explai–”

You cut her off mid-sentence, “Explain what, exactly? That my shirt is apparently now ruined?”

She quickly bends to pick up the fallen clothing, but you’ve already moved toward the corner to join Zack.

He’s sitting on the floor, a cardboard box filled with assorted clothing items betwixt his spread legs.

You bend over, and cautiously look into the box.

“So… either of you wanna tell me where all these puppies came from?”

Shattered - Part 1

|Prologue| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10|

Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2082 

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: I kind of went through a crisis because I couldn’t find the same gif from the prologue, but this one works as well (do you see what I see? 😏). Anyways, here is part 1 of many more to go. Enjoy! Xx 

Originally posted by kths

“Eomma I want to go in here!” Your 5 year old son, Jaemin was pointing to a little toy shop across the street.

“Sure, but only to look at the toys Jaemin. You have plenty at home already.” Taking your son’s hand, the two of you crossed the street.

Jaemin was the light of your life. The moment you and your husband found out that you would be expecting your first child, the two of you were ecstatic. You and Hanseok have been married for 6 years now. The two of you met in university through mutual friends and at that time you two hit it off really well. Several dates later, Hanseok asked you to be his girlfriend and from that point on, you were so happy. After the both of you graduated, you had finally settled down. The two of you bought an apartment together and later on Hanseok popped the question. It was truly one of the best moments in your life.

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Conversations about Pole
  • Person: This girl I met does "pole fitness." I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if she wants to strip down to a bikini and strut her stuff around a pole... well, that's her prerogative.
  • Me: I know EXACTLY what you mean. I knew a guy once on a wrestling team.
  • Person: ...?
  • Me: I mean, sure, MAYBE it's exercise, but if he wants to strip down to a singlet and roll around on the floor with other men... well, that's his prerogative.
  • Person: Well, that's-
  • Me: And I saw a shirts vs skins pick-up game going on yesterday. Can you believe it??? SKINS?? Obviously they cared more about the girls walking by than about the actual sport.
  • Person: That's not-
  • Me: Ugh I just don't understand how guys can publicly admit they swim laps. Like, sure, I get that you are confident in your body, but there's no need to flash it around everywhere. Did you know they wear SPEEDOS??
  • Person: Not all-
  • Me: Yeah yeah, I know what you mean, not all sports have the same uniform requirements, but I still don't understand why you dudes are so comfortable watching football every weekend when it's obvious they only wear those tight pants to show off their thighs and buttocks.
  • Person: No-
  • Me: So you're a runner, right?
  • Me: Do you wear mini shorts?
Cream My Back and I’ll Cream Yours (Joe Sugg Fluff)

Summary ~ He doesn’t want me to burn and i don’t want him to hurt

Words ~ 1383

Requested ~ No

I stood in front of the mirror and smiled nodding. Not for vanities sake, I was the last person that would be checking themselves out. I had come on holidays with three of my best friends Joe, Oli and Caspar. They had first planned on going on a lads holiday, but they decided to invite me along. I was spectacle at first not wanting to intrude but I could not resist the chance after watch there LA vlogs. So I packed and hopped on a plane. I had arrive the day after them because I had to finish up some work things, but when I were arrived they were all asleep, so that made me feel like I hadn’t missed anything. The next day when they did wake up I was greeted by hugs and cheek kisses. They decided that they would spend the day by the pool and go out later tonight. So I stood in front of the mirror making sure that I looked okay in my swim suit. I grabbed my towel and went down to the pool, to see the boys lying on loungers already. I smiled and thought of something fun to do. I carefully placed my towel on the chair and slowly grabbed Joe’s camera. I positioned it on the table facing all three boys, then I went to the bar asking for a jug of iced water. I walked back jug in hand. I stood in front of the boys before shouting.
“Wake up” They all sat up fast as I threw the water at them. Oli shouted as the cool water hit him. Caspar rubbed his hands over his face groaning but also laughing, but Joe hopped up and ran towards me. He tackled me and we both fell into the pool screaming. We both resurfaced laughing, he hopped out and pulled me out. I dried off and reached into my bag to get my sun cream. I did all my body expect my back. I looked at Joe and sighed.
“Em…. Joe” I said.
“Yeah” He said not opening his eyes.
“Would you mind em…. putting some sun cream on my back?” I asked awkwardly.
“Yeah sure” He said not bothered. He sat up and I gave him the bottle, before turning and lying down. I felt his cold hands begin in the middle of my back. He ran them up and down getting every inch of my back. I started to relax as he almost massaged my back.I was very much enjoying his touch, until he moved his hands away.
“All done” He said sitting back down.
“Thank you” I said in a sigh.
We spent the rest of the day sun bathing, swimming, and drinking. We remembered funny things that had happened in the past and ordered the weirdest sounding cocktails. As the sun began to set we decided to go back to our room and get dressed for tonight. I went into my room and got dressed, making sure I looked good. I then went to the boys room. Oli opened the door looking very good and I was relieved that I hadn’t wore anything too fancy.
“You look very handsome” I complimented.
“So do you” He said as I walked past him. “Caspar is just finishing editing his video”
“Were is Joe?” I asked.
“He is having some trouble in the bathroom” Oli laughed.
“Oh….. Does he need some tummy tablets? Cause I have some back in my room” I said.
“No not that kind of problem” Oli chuckled. Before I could reply I heard Joe shout my name from the bathroom. I walked towards the door knocking and asking if he was okay. He opened the door in just a jeans pouting. I had to control myself so I wouldn’t stare at his body. It was hard enough having him beside me all day in his swim suit.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Look!” He said turning his back to me. I gasped seeing all the spots, wait? Not spots, bites. Loads and loads of bites all over his back.
“Oh my god them have eaten you alive” I exclaimed.
“Yeah I know, I am so itchy” He said trying to reach his back.
“Stop you will make it worse” I said swatting away his hand.
“Yeah well, I got this cream to stop the itching” He said holding up a tube. “But I can’t reach and those dick heads won’t help me” He said throwing the cream on the counter annoyed.
“I will” I nearly whispered.
“What” He said turning around.
“I’ll put it on your back, I mean I guess I owe you, because you put cream on mine” I said looking at the floor.
“Seriously?” He asked and I just nodded. “Omg thank you so much” He said giving me the cream and turning his back to me. I put some in my hand and took a deep breath. I started to rub in the cream. I ran my hands up and down his back. I felt his strong muscles as I rubbed it in. He kept sighing and groaning.
“Ugh I feel so much better” He said turning around.
“Good” I said looking at all the cream left over on my hands.
“Is that extra” He asked.
“Yeah, I thought you needed more then you did” I laughed.
“Please rub it here” He said pointing at his collar bone and biceps.
“Oh okay” I said placing my hand on his arm. I rubbed my arm up my muscles maybe lingering slightly. I moved on to the top of his chest as I went over his collar bone. I looked up to see him staring at me. I looked back down quickly, but I felt his hand under my chin. He tilted my head up and leaned down placing his lips on mine. I leaned into the kiss feeling my longing be filled. I have wanted this for so long and it is everything I thought it would be but better. He turned me around and pressed me into the counter, before he grabbed my hips and pushed me to sit on it. He stood in-between my legs as hands went under my shirt and mine ran up his chest. We heard a banging on the door and we pulled away quickly.
“Are you done? I need to use the toilet” I heard Caspar’s voice. I looked at Joe but he was looking at the floor. I walked out of the bathroom and smiled at Caspar.
“All finished” I walked over to Oli, waiting for Joe to get ready. He didn’t even look at me as he went around the room pulling on a shirt and looking for his shoes. I sighed nodding on the inside.
“Ugh guys I don’t feel to well” I fake groaned.
“Aw what’s wrong?” Caspar said wrapping an arm around me.
“Cramps” I lied.
“Do you still want to go out?” Oli asked.
“Not tonight” I said shaking my head. “I will just stay in tonight, but I promise that I will go out tomorrow” I smiled.
“Okay, but I’ll miss you” Caspar said wrapping his other arm around me, and squeezing me tight. I left walking towards my room as I started to walk through the door someone shoved me in. I screamed as I was pinned against the door. I looked up to see Joe.
“What do you want Joe?” I said sad.
“I love you. I have ever since Caspar made you try and kiss me. I liked you then, and I like you now. When you helped my pull the alarm clock prank on Caspar, I realized I loved you, and I still love you now” He said placing his lips on mine, the kiss deepened and he started pushing us towards the bed.
“Wait” He said breathlessly. “Tell me you like me too”
“I love you Joe, ever since I had to pretend to be Caspar girlfriend and try to kiss you” I smiled thinking of how we first met.
“I think I will stay in tonight as well” He smiled as we lay down.


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After A Reset Undertale Fanfiction

Before we get started I want to say that this was inspired by an artwork by @Deviant-yoshachu please go check them out. I really enjoyed their art. Now that that’s over with, let’s get into the fanfic.

It had happened again. Chara has been in control and sent Frisk off on a genocide route. Everyone from Toriel to Asgore had died, including Sans and his brother, Papyrus. He was the original universe, the first if you will, but that did not mean he was immune to resets. He never had the power to do one himself, but he had fallen victim to many. He never knew if it was going to be Frisk- the ever true pasifist- Chara- the genocidal maniac- or a mixture of both, creating a neutral path. This ended up being his most painful truth, seeing as he had to wait until he met the kid to be sure of which one it was going to be each time. This time he had gotten unlucky, ending up with Chara in full control over Frisk. He fought like he always did, but ended up in pain none the less. Whenever Frisk had even a little control in a run, she would always reset when it was over. And every genocide route ended in a reset from Frisk. It was a never ending cycle, and he hated it.

So his world reset- causing him to wake up in his bed three days before the kid came brought the ruin’s doors. He sighed and got up slowly, still in pain from his encounter with the demon of a child. He waited a few moments for he pain to subside and stood up. Luckily every Sans and Papyrus in every Au knew about the other au’s and resets, it gave the broken skeleton brothers a chance to speak to someone other than eachother that understood. So sans walked out of his room and knocked on his brothers door. He heard a mumbled response from the other side. He took a deep, steadying breath before walking in.

“Hey bro. How you holding up? That one was pretty rough.” Sans said in his quiet voice as he came and sat down beside his silently crying brother, putting a steady hand on he talkers shoulder.

“Y-yeah… I’ll be alright soon. She took me out pretty early on, I didn’t see many fall. How are you, brother? I know she lets you wallow in it for a while.” Papyrus said quietly, rubbing his eyes with the gloves heel of his hand. Sans nodded slowly.

“Oh yeah, I’ll be okay to. I’ve had to put up with this longer than you, remember? This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. I’ll live. Let’s go meet up with Cheeto and Blue, how about that? Never know, maybe Edge and Red will pop in too.” Sans smiled softly, grabbing his brothers hand and pulling him up as he nodded. It only took a few moments before the two were standing in the swap brothers living room. Cheeto- Swap Papyrus- heard the fimilliar sound of the opening and closing of an interdimentional portal and smiled.

“Heya! Who’s presence have I been graded with?” Paps smiled as he strolled into the living room with a smoke infront of his face. Said face fell when he saw the original skeleton brothers standing in the room with depressed looks on their faces. “Reset or your Chara?” He asked softly.

“Both. She went genocide and Frisk reset. It was a rough one.” Sans sighed, flopping into the couch with a boney hand dragging down his face. The taller owner of the house hissed in pity.

“Ouch. That’s always rough. Welp, you two have always been there for us. I’ll get blue and get him to call Red and Edge.” The orange sweater clad skeleton smiled warmly and headed for the stairs. The two broken looking brothers nodded in thanks and sat sadly on the couch.

Not long after, the skele bro’s from all three main AU’s were in the room, the classics being tackle hugged by Blueberry, this barely got a smirk out of them. So classic Paps was dragged of by his alternate selves to drown his thoughts in something sans probably never wanted to see his brother drink, but he let his brother do whatever. So the three Sanses sat on the couch. Blue was trying whatever he could think of to cheer classic up while Red just told him to suck it up, punching him gently in the shoulder. Blue scolded him lightly for that. The poor innocent fool even attempted a pun or two, causing him to since in discust at himself. It wasn’t until he poked the useualy happy skeletons side-by-side reciveing a squeak- that he thought of an idea to cheer him up. He smirked mischievously.

“what was that~?” Blue smirked at classic, resiveing a wide eyed look and a short of realization from Red.

“I… Ummm… Crap.” Classic gulped, getting up and starting to rush away, only for Red to do little blue a favor and grab his soul, keeping him still. “No! Wait wait wait wait!” The original squeaked as he saw Blue stand and walk slowly over.

“Thanks Red!” Blue smiled brightly before smirking at classic. “Trust me classic! This will do you some good! Can’t have you all was now can we?” Blue smirked before continuing forward. Fell released the other skeleton as he saw Blue lunge, allowing Classic to get tackled to the ground with a squeak.

“Wait! Blue! Seriously! Don’t you dare! C'mon! Gah!” Sans yelped, squeaking when he was prodded in he ribs. He held onto his dignity for exactly three seconds before Blue really dig into his lowest ribs. He TOTALY did not shriek. “BLUHUE!! Nohohohoho! Dahahahanmihihit! Cuhuhut ihihit out!! Gahaha!!!” Blue had suprisingly skill with this. It was making it all that much worse for classic Sans as he pinned his arms to his side’s and squirmed underneath the alternate him, not that it did much.

“You shouldn’t curse classic. I think that deserves a punishment.” Blue tisked, shoveling his hands into classics armpits, causing him to shriek.

“NohohohoHOHOHOHO!!!! GEHEHEHEHET OHOHOHOFF!! Tehehehell thahahahat tohoho Rehehehed!!!” Sans cackled, pinning his arms harder to his side’s.

“Hey now. Don’t you drag me into this! Your the one under the fingers and I would like to keep it that way.” Red growled, smirking a second later as a snort escaped the laughing skeletons mouth. “Jesse. He’s really ‘tickling your funny bone’ ain’t he?” Red laughed.

“Shuhuhuhuhuhut uhuhuhuhup!! Gah! GEHEHEHET OUT OHOF MY AHAHAHAHRMPIHIHIHITS!!!!” Sans shrieked, squirming madly.

“Oho! Did you just tell me to shut up? Well, now you’re really screwed. I don’t useualy do this, but you just insulted me!” Red growled playfully. He hadn’t done this since his brother was just a baby bones, but classic needed it. Why not? While Red was getting up off the couch, Blue tutted.

“Oh my. Well, I would remove my hands… But it seems that they’ve gotten stuck. Let’s fix that shall we?” Blue teased before Sans felt magic wrap it’s way around his wrists and pull his hands above his head. Sans squeaked and opened his eyes wide, only to see Blue’s eyes glowing. Sans was wide open! Just the thought made him laugh harder.

“NOHOHOHOHO!!! BLUHUHUHUHUE!! LEMME GOHOHOHOHO!!!!” Sans shrieked with a goofy grin on his face. He squirmed enough to flip himself over onto his belly, giving him a moment to breathe before Blue plopped himself right back down on-top of him, going at his sides. He shrieked and groaned in frustration through his laughter as it restarted strong. That’s when he felt a second pair of legs pin down his own. And then his slippers started sliding off. Oh no!

“WAHAHAHAIT!!! REHEHED! DOHOHONT! GAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Sans shrieked as Red started scribbling his boney fingers all over his feet. This made the edgy skeleton laugh.

“That’s what you get for telling me to shut up!” Red laughed and went at his victims toes. All the while blue was chuckling and going at his sides and ribs.

“OHOHOHO GOHOHOHOHOD!!!!! NAHAHAHAHAT THEHEHEHE TOHOHOES!!” Sans shrieked before cackling madly. After a few minutes, he was given a break that caused him to fall limp and start panting.

“Are you happy or do I have to continue?” Blue smiled happily.

“Nononono! I’m good! I’m happy! Y-you can let me up now!” Sans yelped and spoke frantically.

“Mmm… I don’t know… I think we might have to get your spine…” Blue frowned. Sans squeaked and started squirming again.

“No no no! Don’t you dare! Not the spine!” Sans yelped as he tried to get away.

“Nope. Definately need to get your spine.” Blue smirked, shoving his hands under Sans’ shirt and started scratching lightly at his spine. Sans shrieked and immediately started laughing like his brother.

“NO! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NYAHAHAHAHAT THEHEHEHE SPIHIHIHIHINE!!! PLEHEHEHEHEHASE!! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!!!! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Sans cackled and squirmed, unable to do a thing about his torment. It lasted another five muinets before it stopped and his hands were released. He quickly pulled his arms around himself and curled into a ball on his side, panting and still chuckling.

“You good or do I need to carry you to the couch?” Red teased, looking down at the giggling skeleton.

“I… Hate you… Both… Ugh… That was awful…” He painted both Blue and Red laughed.

“You don’t hate us! Besides, you feel better now don’t you?” Blue smiled.

“Ugh, I hate to admit it… But yes… Thanks, I guess. Where did either of you learn to be that good at that anyway? I mean, Blue, your younger here aren’t you? And Red! Your world is all evil!” Sans smirked.

“I, the magnificent Sans, am good at anything I do!” Blue stated firmly. Sans grinned.

“My world may suck, but I am an older brother. Even the boss was a little kid at one point.” Red shrugged. Sans smiled and finally got to his feet, sitting down and watching TV with the others for a while. It’s always good to have friends to be there for you when you really need it.