ugh i still can't believe this is real

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i actually do have delusions and struggle to tell fiction from reality. this is a constant, paranoia driven part of my life i'm forced to live with, and then when people come along and claim to be a fictional character and shit, its so disrespectful and annoying. ugh. i literally used to believe fictional characters were real and stuff, and to this day i still can't fully convince myself the worlds i built in my head arent real. when people turn it into a trend its so fucking annoying :/


So I’m moving 300 miles away from my family in a week (for college, basically) and as exciting as it all is, one of my biggest struggles has been having to move away from my Spikey. I love my dog a whole hell of a lot and the thought of being so far away from him and not seeing him every day really killed me. I had this idea to get a yellow Lab plushie that looked like my dog to take with me to the new place so I’d have something Spikey to hang onto even though we’d be so far away from each other, and eventually ended up deciding on this Build-A-Bear dog because I needed a dog that had his tongue sticking out (since Spikey’s most distinguishable feature is his spotted tongue). I was all set to go down to my nearest store and get the dog and everything but then other expenses piled up one on top of the other and I realized I didn’t really have the spare cash to get the dog. Even though I tried to brush it off and make it seem like it wasn’t a humongous deal, deep down I was seriously heartbroken. Well, I go into the kitchen today while my mom is home on her lunch break to a box on the table. She said something came in the mail for me. The minute I saw the Build-A-Bear logo on the box, I instantly knew what was going on. I opened it up and sure enough, there he was: the yellow Lab I wanted. I ended up taking a purple Sharpie to his tongue to draw in the signature spots but other than that, he was perfect. And my mom went absolutely above and beyond: she recorded Spikey’s barking so that when I squeeze the plushie’s paw, I can hear my actual dog barking. To say I cried would be a big understatement.

“I have to believe there is redemption in the darkest of circumstances;
otherwise it’s too bleak for me.”
~Paddy Considine

that final robron scene wrecked me tho

  • the way robert went straight to aaron and just came out with “I love you” so fucking easily
  • how aaron ignored it and asked about work LMAO they’re so perfectly them
  • robert acknowledging how fit aaron is in a suit
  • aaron wanting to fuck robert in their suits
  • robert apologising?? he’s an idiot and still hasn’t told the truth but he’s so sincere and real in his apologises to aaron, his fucking face and the love in his eyes like all he wants to do is make aaron happy but he knows he fucks up and he hates himself for it UGH
  • they’re boyfriends. they’re fiancés. they’re both wholly in love with each other and it’s the most beautiful thing
Some things from Troye’s listening party
  1. His Blue Neighbourhood themed nails are gorgeous up close
  2. LOST BOY has a killer chorus 
  3. The studio version of YOUTH is just like the live version (and I still have no idea what he’s saying in COOL)
  4. Troye’s favorite lyric from Wild is “Tell me all the things that make you feel at ease" 
  5. He refuses to choose between collaborating with Halsey or Melanie Martinez because he’s afraid of their fan bases coming after him
  6. He seems very gentle and soft-spoken 
  7. When fans were told not to touch his butt during the photo-op, he shrugged and gave a do-what-you-do look 
  8. Leland was there and he seemed really cool 
  9. Dani had a snazzy daisy sweater on
  10. He went to a “magic lady doctor” that worked with Ariana Grande and other big stars who gave him back his voice 
  11. He’s a real person and not a figment of our imaginations
  12. Alessia Cara and Tori Kelly have previously told the people at Z100 that Troye was killing it 
  13. His biggest fangirl moment was when Adele and Taylor Swift tweeted about him 
  14. He listened to a lot of Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift while writing the album
  15. If a film is made about his life, he wants Thomas Brodie-Sangster to play him because they both seem to not age
  16. A new single will be premiered soon on Z100 (!)