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palmetto state foxes →  the upperclassmen


Characters:  Sam x Reader

Summary:  Research leads to more between Sam and reader.  Basically a little plot, a little poetry and some good old fashioned smut.

Word Count:  2313

Warning:  Smut, language.  Sorta rough sex.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.


It’s a Thursday night and you are seated at an enormous table in a public library after hours. And no, you didn’t enter through the front door. The method of entry for you and Sam had been a window around back that Sam had managed to open with his pocket knife. Because that’s how hunters roll.

Sam is seated across from you. Books are stacked all around, piled high. Dean, the lucky bastard, is staking out the apartment where the suspect lives. You, however, drew the short end of the stick and are stuck doing research for the next ten billion hours. At least, that’s what it feels like.  

The upside is that between paragraphs, you can sneak peaks at Sam Winchester. The way his eyebrows draw together as he concentrates, the way his hair falls down to cover his face as he reads, it does things to you. Fucking hell, it doesn’t’ help that he’s wearing his Fed getup. That white button down shirt? Jesus Christ. It makes your cheeks feel hot in a cool room, your stomach does somersaults. He always has this effect on you, he just doesn’t seem to realize it. Which only serves to make him more desirable.

Blowing out the lungful of air that you’ve been holding in, you force yourself to return to the centuries-old text in front of you. It smells comforting, old leather and musty pages. As much as you hate research, you have a fondness for books. Fiction is more your speed. When it comes to research, you’d prefer some wifi and Google. Ancient lore, unfortunately, isn’t usually found with a few keystrokes.  

Okay, time to concentrate. Grabbing another book from the stack to your left, you quickly scan the table of contents. A chapter labeled ‘Kamadeva’ catches your eye. Flipping quickly to the right chapter, you read the text. Hmm, this sounds like it could be useful.

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A Way to You Again: Part 3

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Language, Excessive Drinking

Word Count: 1538

Part One | Part Two

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Ugh. The feels! Also - Bar Harbor is a real town in Maine that I am obsessed with/want to visit terribly! Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request.

Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed. Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!

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Waking up so early ended up being an advantage for me. It usually took over eight hours for me to get from New York City to Bar Harbor. It was a cozy coastal town that I had always found magical with its whimsical shops and beautiful scenery. My family spent most of our summer vacations in the little town when I was younger. During times of distress I somehow always came running back. The cottage itself was small, plain, and old, but to me it had always been perfect. It was nestled on the outskirts of town overlooking the ocean. It was home, and I felt the relief of my sudden return as I pulled onto the beaten gravel driveway.

As I gathered my things from the car I reached out to grab my phone. I had forgotten to turn it off or maybe I had left it on intentionally… I really didn’t know. I looked at the screen – no messages. Part of me felt slightly disappointed, but I highly doubted Tony had had the chance to rat me out since Steve and Bucky were most likely still on their mission. I sighed sadly as I pressed the power button until the screen went blank. If I was going to figure this out without any interference, I needed it off. There was of course the alternative – that I had already figured everything out on the journey here and that maybe I needed to walk away from it all. The thought made my heart sink. No – I wouldn’t go there yet. First I needed rest and copious amounts of alcohol.

I made my way up the uneven path to the house as I lugged all of my bags with me. I struggled with the lock on the door – swearing under my breath as I jiggled my key until I was finally able to open the door. I dropped my bags at the door and stretched wearily. I wasn’t worried about anything other than getting a drink and sleeping. The long drive had left me stiff and exhausted. I was worried that the main source of my exhaustion was the creeping sadness that I was trying to keep at bay. I knew I needed to think about what had happened the night before and what I had discovered this morning, but it was too new – too raw for me to process rationally. I ran my hand down my face as I wearily stumbled into the small kitchen. I opened the cabinet where my dad had kept his collection of odd coffee mugs from our various trips and reached towards the back – sighing with relief as I procured the bottle of whiskey that I had hidden for myself. I took the bottle with me as I made my way to one of the tiny bedrooms on the other side of the cottage. Luckily – since I paid for someone to maintain the cottage while I was away – it looked just as I had left it before joining the Avengers. I plopped myself onto the bed and snuggled my way under the blankets before unscrewing the cap of the bottle and taking a swig.

I was finding it impossible to not think about Bucky, and the night before. The feeling of his lips against my skin. How he laughed breathlessly as he teased me relentlessly. The way he had looked at me… like he had never wanted something so much in his life. The way he told me I was beautiful – the words dripping with admiration. I sighed to myself before taking several more swigs from the bottle. Of course all of these memories were tinged with self-doubt and a feeling of betrayal because of Nat’s revelation. Had he said the same things to her? Had he looked at her the same way? Did he still feel something for her – was that why he hadn’t been overly keen on being open about us with the others? Each thought called for a few more drinks. The stinging sensation of the alcohol as it made its way down my throat was much more preferable than the heartache I was currently feeling. I kept drinking until I drifted to sleep. Unfortunately, my mind seemed set on not letting me have a moment’s reprieve from my self-imposed misery.

My dream seemed to be a video montage of Bucky and I’s greatest hits. While the memories swirled into a blur the dream centered around the first time Bucky and I had spent the night alone together in Stark tower. It had been a month since Bucky had kissed me for the first time, and I was ecstatic to have time alone with him without the threat of someone accidentally interrupting. Bucky seemed to be absolutely bursting with nervous energy as the others prepared to leave for a weekend mission. Steve had been the first to notice after Bucky had accidentally tripped on a rug, as he was pacing in the common room, causing a slew of profanity to spill from his mouth while I tried to muffle my laughter.

“You…eh…you okay there, Buck? You seem nervous…” Steve had asked uneasily.

“No… no I am fine. Don’t worry about it, Steve,” Bucky was just a little too adamant with his response which made Steve chuckle under his breath.

“Suit yourself,” Steve replied. “We’ll see you guys next week,” he called as the others entered the elevator. Tony was still demanding that we didn’t trash the place in his absence as the elevator doors closed.

“Finally!” Bucky exclaimed as he threw his hands up in the air dramatically.

“Are you… are you okay?” I asked through giggles. He answered my question with his famous lopsided grin. The one that made me feel like I could have my way with him then and there – consequences be damned. “What’s gotten into you?” His behavior wasn’t very Bucky-like.

“Never mind that! You stay in here… you are banned from the kitchen until further notice. Promise you won’t come in?” he asked sincerely.

I chuckled at this remark. “Um Bucky… I’m pretty sure Tony banned me from the kitchen after the first meal I attempted to make for everyone,” I grinned at him sheepishly as I remembered the whole cooking fiasco. In my defense I had told them I was a terrible cook.

Bucky laughed at that. “Okay… Just wait out here and I will come and get you in a little while… promise?” he asked sweetly.

“Cross my heart,” I smiled back. He left the room beaming as I turned my attention back to my book.

A few hours passed – Bucky would occasionally pop out of the kitchen to see what I was doing and then eventually make his was back to continue his secret operations. Finally, he came out of the kitchen with a giant grin plastered on his face. I smiled back at him – his smiles were always contagious.

“If you will follow me, please,” he said formally as he offered his arm to me. I giggled at him and stood up from the couch, hooking my arm in his. As we entered the dining room I gasped. Bucky had prepared an entire meal – homemade fettuccine,  breadsticks made from scratch, and a fresh salad all covered the table. He seated me at the table and poured both of us a glass of wine. I smiled at him sweetly as he handed me mine, before taking his place across the table from me.

“So he cooks?” I raised an eyebrow playfully as I brought the glass to my lips.

He chuckled. “Doll, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me. I just wanted to do something for you. It’s the first time we’ve been able to just walk around this tower and act the way we actually want to…. And do whatever it is that we’re thinking,” he grinned slyly at me as he paused.

“What is it that you’re actually thinking?” I asked coyly.

“Of doing this,” he whispered as he leaned over the table to kiss me. It was sweet but urgent, and he pulled away too soon. “Consider this our first official date,” he added as he winked at me playfully.

I couldn’t help but smile. It was one the kindest things anyone had done for me in a very long time. “Bucky…. Thank you,” I whispered shyly across the table.

“Well don’t thank me until after you’ve tried it,” he laughed.

I woke up with a start. For a moment I was happy, but the moment gave way to bitterness as my brain reasoned with itself – it had just been a dream. A flashback to happier days. That night had been the first night that Bucky had told me I was beautiful. It was also the first night that he truly began to open up to me about his struggles with his past. Ever since then we had harbored a deeper connection between each other. Tears fell bitterly from my eyes as the bed shifted from the weight of someone else laying beside me.

I turned over slowly and let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you for coming,” I whispered before falling to pieces.

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Blackmail- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 2)

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Ok so don’t talk to me about the Caps/Leafs game I’m so salty rn… Can’t we just let the kids win? Ugh… anyway here you guys go! A little Auston Matthews love! Sorry it’s late! I promise I’m getting back on schedule!

Warning:  None

@iangiemae Request: Awww, the Auston Matthews Damsel in Distress was cute. Do you think we can get a sequel? I really like your imagines.


              Here you were standing and staring at the Air Canada Centre.

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Days 22 and 23 of a 100 days of productivity

02.17.2016 - I failed my driving license exam for the second time (the exam is just stupid, only a few people can do it properly, the rest is too nervous to act normally, but after 20 hours training I feel like we all can perform those basic tasks, so…). Ugh! If I didn’t have to pay do try again I wouldn’t be so mad… Worked on a few future posts, let’s see where I can get, and spent sometime revising German (starting from the very beginning again, just to make sure everything is clear). As I’m on this German vibe… Ich weiß nicht, warum meine Kamera so werschwommen ist heute (why such a complicated word for blurry and that comma? German, why?). It seems like I’m still able to build up a sentence? I’m so happy for that! Except the punctuation, that never made any sense… 

Oh, what about yesterday? Finished studying Middle Age with a sassy mind map! Oops, I just love mind maps… 

Angsty Jamilton Headcanon

@spoiledbuni Okay so, I was reading up on this but his daughter Martha wrote that she was often the witness to his violent outbursts of grief. So like after Martha died he had them but like what if Alex was the only one who was able to calm him down from them and after he died in the duel, they got even worse because Thomas blamed himself and like no one could calm him down and he spent hours crying and just begging for this whole thing to be a dream and that he’d wake up and Alex would be there. And ugh… ANgst.

I apologize in advance for the rant-y-ness of this. Press J if you wanna skip.

I’m not a big anime watcher. I definitely used to be, especially in middle and high school. But for the past four-something years I didn’t watch anything until Osomatsu-san was introduced to me. So know in advance that I’ve only been on Crunchyroll and handful of times and of the nominees in this year’s weird anime awards thing Mob Psycho 100 is the only one I’ve seen.

I’m also aware that it is basically a popularity contest. That’s what I expected and that’s what I got.

THAT BEING SAID. I am more than a little miffed that in any category that had Yuri!!! on Ice it had over three times the votes on the runner up. I can’t say anything on the story or characters. I haven’t seen the show. However I have GOT to talk about the opening and ending categories because I am legitimately frustrated by those.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna go watch the opening for this. Who knows, maybe it’s really pretty and creative and has really nice animation” *watching* “Okay, watercolors are pretty nice, I’ll give them that. Nicely animated choreography. Not much colors but that’s okay. Okay, they’re skating. More skating. Uh, more skating. Okay, they just reused the same animation right there. Guys. Guys.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, that does not beat this.

Like. For real, outside of me liking the show for the characters and story and stuff, they did a fantastic job on the opening.

You can watch this a dozen times and STILL find things you never noticed before. And there is so much symbolism.

I mean even if the first part wasn’t as interesting, I’d still promote this just for all the transformation animation at the end.

Then there’s the ending. It’s a smidge typical. Most endings are relaxing and low-key, and that’s what you want at the end of a show. This one’s just Reigen getting ready in the morning.

However, it is animated using paint on glass.

Which for some reason I can’t find gifs of. >>>:[

But yeah, it looks cool as heck. <<< Link because tumblr has failed me on gifs.

Long story short, it’s a popularity contest. I get that. But the folks who worked on mp100 put a lot of effort on making things look smooth and cool and creative when they didn’t have to go that far and I just want to throw some appreciation out there for them, y’know? :(

Hey guys! I promised a tutorial so here’s a little one.

I’m just going to explain overall what I did and not go into anything too detailed. Feel free to throw me a question if something is left too unclear!

gif made by

My wings are articulated and they’re not attached to my hands in any ways (Though I’m planning to change that by adding a string connected to my hand because my original way of pulling them up didn’t work, they’re too heavy with the feathers).

Here are some pictures of the base:

The idea of articulated wings is that the whole structure moves when you lift/move one part.

As you can see from the picture there are 3 longer and 2 shorter pieces. They’re made out of plywood but I’ve heard that balsa wood is a better option.

There are a total of 7 (14) joints at the points where the pieces of wood overlap. Each wing is attached to the back with a hinge so that I can fold them behind me (Useful in crowds and when walking through doors).

Then there are the feathers, aka the reason I never want to touch scissors again

I used 7m (23 feet) of white felt. I soaked the whole amount of fabric (in pieces) in a mixture made out of glue and water to harden them. It takes at least one or two days for them to dry completely. I forgot to flip some of them around at least once so they got stuck on the floor, dont do that. Cover your floors! I used some big trash bags I found lying around.

I also glued some sticks to the longest feathers after cutting them out to give them more support and to make them look more feathery–like. I made probably 400–500 feathers. I recommend getting your friends to help cutting them if you don’t want to lose your mind :’D

Getting the feathers attached was a tricky part. You can’t just glue them to the base or they’ll be sticking into odd directions when opening/closing the wings.

They need to move around freely so basically I just sticked a loop of wire to each feather. Then I put another piece of wire through it and secured it into place by twisting the two ends together. After that I glued the thing to the frames.

So beautiful! But hey, they aren’t supposed to show. Hot glue is gonna be your best friend at this point.

The biggest feathers are all attached to one big ”ring” made out of thicker wire. Big mess and the backside of the wings.

The feathers are in 3 layers, each layer overlapping the previous feathers:

The primaries and secondaries (1st layer) are painted from both front- and backside. The 2nd and 3rd layers cover the framework so you’re gonna need a lot of feathers over them. Note that wings don’t look the same from both sides!

I used the same technique for attaching the 2nd layer as for the 1st (wire-thingy) but I glued 3 feathers into each other to save time.

The 3rd layer is just glued to the top because will face the right way even if you do so.

When I had attached the feathers they were just hanging straight down (gotta love gravity). I had to do something to get them to lift up when I open the wings so I sewed them together. There goes a thread in the middle of each feather giving the wings also a maximum opening point (which is pretty big). I made some knots that the thread doesn’t slip away.

You won’t be able to do anything with these if you can’t get them on. I made a harness that you put on like a backbag through a hole in the shirt.

And woop, there it is! A pair of hella big articulated wings.

A picture of them closed

…aaand open.


Some notes!

– This is kind of obvious but making wings like this is expensive and time consuming. I used probably around 100€ for the materials and the hours I’ve spent on this project are also close to a hundred (2 weeks of working from 10AM to 8PM or more, ugh)

– If you decide to do something like this please be careful not to strain yourself too much! I was crouching on the floor for many days in a row and my back and knees hurt like hell in the evenings. Also my right hand still hurts from bending all the wire although it’s been a week already.

– You’re gonna need space. No, not a small corner with a little table, I mean a huge amount of space. For the most of the time you need to work with the wings open (on a floor unless you have an enormous table), and mine are twice the size of me! tho I’m a 16–year–old short girl The wingspan is around 4+ meters, so, yeah. Of course you could always make smaller ones which I really do recommend.

– Surprise, this is also really messy! Especially the feathers make a big mess and you’re gonna get little pieces of felt stuck everywhere.

– This requires some sort of knowledge of using different tools. And skill. Feel free to challenge yourself but this isn’t the easiest sort of thing to do. It was hard even for me although I’ve made a pair of (still) wings before.

– These were surprisingly easy to wear around the convention even though the place was small. They are pretty heavy but not too much to not be able to wear them for 2 days straight.

– I bet that there are a lot better ways to do some parts and I’m fixing them & updating this tutorial when I can figure out better alternatives. (Also if you can think of something before me, send me a message!)

I hope that this was at least somewhat useful although it’s not really detailed. If you do make something inspired by this I’d love to see the results. Also it would be great to put a link to this so that other people can also get help making a pair uvu

Edit: Check out also my “davesprite cosplay” tag at my blog for more information!

WIP ugh I’ve spent about 3 hours on just this! god I hate digital painting! it takes sooo freacking long. Why-hy-yy??!!! I’d so much like to be able to paint  as incredibly as some artists I’ve seen on tumblr. So don’t get me wrong I love digital painting I just hate doing it so naturally I don’t get any better at it and I keep my flat style. Maybe one day…

winter break; dylric. part one of many.

for the past few weeks, i’ve been working on this concept with my really good friend @comradeklebold.
honestly bb ilysm and i hope you’re proud of me
also massive s/o to my main bitches @gaycoiumbine & @blackcombats for supporting me w writing and for other stuff in general like ily guys??? aaaaa???

summary: dylan klebold liked to base his entire life and his supposable love story off of mellon collie and the infinite sadness. this winter break, to dyl, proved a hell a lot of it to be true.
but it just wasn’t.

words: 1,473

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Kise: “The game at the Interhigh. It was my fault if we lost. I’m really sorry about that.”
Kasamatsu: “Idiot, what are you saying? You’re our team’s ace player. Did anyone of them said anything like that even once after the game? It’s the ace’s job to lead us to victory. But don’t shoulder the responsibility when we lose on top of that. That’s my job. The ace player only needs to look forward.”

Comic 17 - Tadpoles

How to Draw Chowder:

Bitty’s twitter account
Official CP! Facebook page

Notes on Comic 17 - Tadpoles

- NEW BABY HOCKEY PLAYERS!!! We take break from our regularly scheduled “when will Jack kiss Bitty and when will Bitty get to touch Jack’s butt” narrative, to present you with CHOWDER, NURSEY, and DEX THE BEST BABY HOCKEY PLAYERS OF THE SAMWELL CLASS OF 2018. Look at them! Tiny fresh-faced babs. Dex being awkward and uncomfortable with new things and unapologetically ginger. Chowder acting like he’s never been rink before and being that one kid who didn’t get his braces off in time for college. Nursey having 5 o'clock shadow like a 40 year old man. LITTLE TADPOLES.

- What’s going to happen to Johnson, the Metaphysical Goalie? Is Chowder going to replace him? Chowder’s replacing the FUCK out of Johnson because Johnson’s ass needs to metaphysically graduate.

- When do they get to play with the boys??? During Bitty’s next academic year. ;_; A long time I know. But hey you should look at the updated archive page so you can understand the Check,Please! timeline.

- Ugh, that sucks! Well, how will they be like??? A lot like this:

all Chowder wants is for his dmen to stop fighting and for no pucks to be in his net

- Oh! I should definitely mention that I used the Buffalo State Ice Arena as a reference for Faber! Thanks!

- Apparently there are weird rules surrounding gift-giving in the NCAA, so I legiterally spent 2 hours trying to figure out if Bitty’s rampant Southern Hospitality was going to cause the Samwell Hockey team to get audited. But it ended up being fiiiine. ~(˘▾˘~) But just imagine Bitty bribing the Boys with food and making a Tadpole Goodie Bag Assembly Line in the Haus kitchen. And Jack walking in and thinking “how. why.”

Next Update Will be Soonish!

We will return to our regularly scheduled hockey drama next week when the boys enter…The Playoffs.

So much has happened this week! Today, specifically, Rob got adopted and I picked up a new foster and the shelter I volunteer at had a party tonight to celebrate us fosters who are graduating. It was super fun and I spent almost the entire time talking w pre-vet peeps so naturally we got to the topic of snakes and I talked about them for, like, 30 minutes straight lol. The pre-vets told me I should be a vet (ugh yeah I know) but they also told me!!! About Texas Tech’s reptile room!!! APPARENTLY WE HAVE A REPTILE ROOM!!! You can work there for, like, $8/hour AND YOU JUST FEED SNAKES AND CLEAN ENCLOSURES. There’s only one employee rn bc everyone else is too afraid of snakes but??? I’m not???

I think I might apply omg. The snakes are for research, too, and when the researchers no longer need an animal they adopt them out. 👌🏻

My day so far: 

- Spent half an hour in between rain showers strolling through the Kingsday flea markets for a whiff of That Dutch Vibe and had the traditional orange pastry

- Finished a commission that’s been going back and forth for weeks, the final version somehow looks a lot like the first draft, which makes all the hours I put into it seem a bit silly. BUT HEY.

- Spent over three hours filing my taxes and figuring out if and why I have to pay so much

- It’s so much guys ugh. I mean, I have the money, but I also have a lot of other things I’d prefer to spend it on.

- I’m going to have to start setting aside some money every month so that next year I won’t be so overwhelmed

- Now let’s do something SUPER non-tax-related. Maybe play some Ori and the Blind Forest for a healthy dose of gorgeous colours and music.

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it’s not even fucking finished

What is supposed to be a pretty dress on a mannequin - @princekaisuncannyhotness I can’t fucking even right now. 

I didn’t finish it. There’s half an hour before midnight and there’s no way I can finish this on time. I want to bash my head against the wall why the hell didn’t I start this two hours earlier when I had the bloody time

I’m so sorry about this, this suck so much. I just, I kept getting interrupted while I was drawing and TWO RUBBERS went missing. TWO. I spent ten minutes frantically tearing apart the sofa and I just couldn’t find either of them and I can’t clean up without them and bloody


I thought this was going to be a good drawing too. I really did. I really liked how the main mannequin was turning out, I got the shape almost exactly how I wanted and I didn’t even put a pattern on the dress. 


main verse draco looks: whatever the hell the wizard equivalent to armani is, perfect hair, immaculately shined shoes, wizard gq lookin motherfucker

muggle verse draco looks: spent like 3 hours trying to get his hair to do that Just Rolled Out Of Bed thing, probably paid 200 dollars for the t-shirt he’s wearing, sunglasses indoors so he doesn’t have to look at the common public directly