ugh i should just give up

my feelings after watching 13 reasons why

1. Hannah and Jeff didn’t deserve ANY OF THIS TOMFOOLERY! My poor little babies.

2. Bryce can literally choke and fall off a fucking cliff! He is a scumbag and he is the reason all this started.

3. Clay is such a smol lil bean and doesn’t deserve to believe he had anything to do with Hannah’s death. It is really hard to tell people you like them. And Hannah herself said it wasn’t his fault and that she made the mistake of letting him go because she thought she wasn’t good enough for him.

4. Courtney may be a gay woc, but she is such a bitch for no fucking reason. Like really, bitch. I hated the way she kept denying things and the fact that she was actually sticking up for Bryce bitch ass.

5. Justin is cute and all, but is an asshole for letting Jess get raped. If he loved her as much he claims he wouldn’t have never let that happen. And even though Bryce sent the picture, he shouldn’t have take it in the first place. I know that Bryce and his family helped him though tough times because his home life sucks, but if you love someone you would never let anyone or anything hurt them.

6. Ryan is such a douche. Hannah specifically said she didn’t want her poem published and he did it anyway and still doesn’t even look like he is sorry about it.

7. Mr. Porter lied in one of the first few episodes. The principal asked if Hannah came to him and he said no. And I was angry when i realized cause I was rooting for him.

8. I can’t believe people were surprised when Tony told Clay he was gay. At the dance when Tony and Ryan were talking you can tell by their body language that they both liked each other. And in that moment I was like: YES A GAY MOC WITH A KICK ASS RIDE!!

9. Jessica was such a great friend to Hannah and didn’t deserve any of this, but I hated the way she got mad at Hannah for the list and should really have been Alex.

10. Tyler is super creepy and he is just ugh to me.

11. Zach was a really nice guy, and he really liked Hannah but he didn’t have to get so mad when she told him no. I mean Hannah did get upset when he was trying to talk to her but after all the shit she went through with Justin and Marcus she didn’t really believe he actually liked her and thought he just wanted to have sex.

12. Marcus was a dick and the way he treated Hannah thinking she would just give it up to him was disgusting.

13. Sheri was really sweet, but I can never forgive her for what happened to Jeff. Even though she tired to make up for it, she let Jeff die with people thinking it was his fault for drinking and driving.

14. Alex was wrong for putting Hannah on the list, but he only did it to try and fit in. I mean don’t get me wrong what he did was horrible and it made people think she was a slut, but trying to fit in in highschool makes people do dumb things. I really hope he makes it.

Taking a break from finals studying! I wrote this one shot where none of the Red Queen characters can get a jar open, and basically, everyone just slowly gets angrier and more annoyed.

Takes place sometime in the second half of King’s Cage at the Scarlet Guard camp. Enjoy!

A loud thud followed by a distraught “UGH” is what brought Mare into the kitchen that morning.

“Here Gis, I’ll do it,” she says, reaching for the jar that was in her sister’s hand.

Gisa shuts the sink off and lets out another huff. “I swear I’ve been trying to open this for twenty minutes.”

“Oh come on, now your just being dramatic,” she says with a smile.

“Mare calling someone else dramatic?” Kilorn says, walking into the room. “The irony…”

She fixes him with a glare and debated punching him for that. Before she could get violent, she gives the jar a twist and unknowingly started what would be an infamous story for years to come in the Scarlet Guard camp.

“Damn, that IS stuck!”

“Let me try,” the fish boy says.

“No just give me- a second- I almost-”

“Yeah, looks like it,” Kilorn says, laughing at her aggravated expression. “Give it to me.”

Mare scowls, but hands it to him with a sigh.

“All that training with Mr. Perfect Prince and- you can’t even- op- shit.” The lid didn’t budge.

“Ha ha,” she teases.

“Told you,” Gisa sighs.

“Give it to me let me try it ag-” Mare starts to say, but gets cut off by Kilorn.

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Room for Two

Summary: When Dean helps his girlfriend Y/N move from her apartment to the bunker they spend the night together. The next morning, a spider leads to a steamy session in the shower. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Shower sex, NSFW, dirty talk, language, self doubt??

Word Count: ,2,388

A/N: This is is not beta read, and I’m exhausted forgive me. Thanks to an anon, @seenashwrite and  @emohermione for the ideas for the story! need to get to bed soon but I needed to finish another Dean fic! I hope you enjoy!

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Play With Fire

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: OFC x Thomas


Word Count: 11,023 

A/N: So this is my first Thomas fic and it’s really fucking long lol. This takes place in The Scorch and none of it is canon, I just thought it would make for a good story. I could have split it but I said fuck it and just left it as one long story. So I hope y’all enjoy it because it took me a while to get this done. Also, instead of Googling names for different explosive devices, because I’m paranoid lol, I just made up a name so that would be the name in Bold.  

Names. They give everyone their identity. Your name is part of who you are. I don’t have a name. Not one that I remember anyway. I was known as Subject 2184, according to WICKED. I have no memory of who I was before they got their hands on me. I spent most of my life locked in the facility.

Until he showed up.

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The Beginning of Sebastian and Ciel's Contract

High Level Demon: (to Satan) Sir, we have a live one! This kid has just renounced God and is willing to give up his soul for a chance at revenge.

Satan: Perfect! Now, who should I send?

High Level Demon: There’s one catch, sir. This kid is going to need cared for completely for an undetermined period of time, and he’s rather helpless. He can’t even brush his hair.

Satan: Ugh. Just send up that dork from the mailroom. Tell him it’s his first chance at a long term contract, and he can have a chance to play with those blasted felines he likes so much for some reason.

And that’s how Sebastian ended up being the one contracted to Ciel.

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I thought of one yay if you're still doing them: Sid and Geno and a relaxing night off. (Could totally also apply to actor!Sid if you want).

Geno wonders if he’s saved a bus full of children in his past life to deserve Sidney puttering around in his Team Russia shirt, with flour somehow speckled in his hair and cream cheese filling splattered on his arm as he tries yet again to make his own cheesecake from scratch. 

Sidney turns to Geno and holds out a spoon full of filling like an invitation. 

“Taste?” he asks.

Forget the bus full of children. The bus was probably on fire and there’d probably been at least two nuns on the vehicle. There’s no way Geno was this lucky without having done a good deed. He opens his mouth obediently and lets Sid stick the spoon in, swallows, and nods his approval. 

“Compliments to chef,” Geno says. “You earn one kiss, can redeem now.”

“Only one?” Sid says wryly.

“I give more later–”

“Guys, stop, I came here because I was promised cheesecake,” Olli moans from the armchair, looking up from his PSP. “It’s like watching my parents make out.”

“You should be happy they’re making out,” Conor points out. “It means they’re still in love.”

“Yeah, but they’re both like, a hundred,” Jake says. “How long until the cheesecake is done?”

Ugh. Geno ropes Sid in for a resounding kiss just for that last comment (Olli’s horrified “Nooooooo” is kind of worth it). 

You’re a Dancer?- Cole Fluff

Request:  request where you & cold are dating but he doesn’t know you dance until your choreographer ( kyle hanagami )come to your house to talk about a class and cole gets kinda jealous until you tell him and just fluff?????

Warnings: Mild language, fluff

Notes: ← One of Kyle’s work also, pretend you’re the lead girl in this. Brandon is one of the backup dancers in the video.


A knock as placed on the front door, and I get up off the couch, from where I was watching ‘Once Upon a Time’.

“Oh, hey Kyle”, I smile at my choreographer, who was at the door. I was a dancer that was performing in L.A in a few months for a dancing competition. My boyfriend, Cole, didn’t know and I wasn’t going to tell him anytime soon. Why? Because I want the spot light to be on him - as he just started to act again and is everyone’s celebrity crush once again.

“Hey, Y/n. Can I come in for a minute?”, he asks. I nod and step aside, allowing Kyle to walk past me. We go into the living room, and I reach over to the remote to down the volume down of the TV.

“So, I was thinking to add Brandon as an extra backup dancer. Is that okay?, Kyle asks.

“Of course! Have you talked to him about it?”

“I wanted talk to you first”, he laughs. A small giggled escaped my lips.

“Oh, I didn’t realise we had company”, Cole says, leaning on the wall of entry to the living room. His arms were folded across his chest and he gave me a look, indicating that we needed to talk.

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“Ugh, Cole, this is Kyle. Kyle this is C-“

“Cole, her boyfriend”, Cole interrupts, raising an eyebrow at Kyle.

“Whoah, man. I’m not trying to get in with her. I’m just her choreographer”, Kyle replies, standing up and walking over to Cole, extending a hand for him to shake. I closed my eyes and waited for the dreaded response.

“Choreographer? You’re a dancer?”

Originally posted by alyciadubnamcarey

“Yep”, I say, looking away and biting my lip.

“I should probably go. I’ll make a group chat and we’ll plan out the dance”, Kyle says, giving a small smile to me then showed himself out. Cole walked over to me, smirking slightly.

“You know, I would love to see you dance sometime”

“You will… Someday"

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Who do I have to bribe to get a hug out of Bellamy and Marcus? I feel like if they've gotten this painful part of their history out in the open maybe it's another step to actually being the father and son neither have known but it's really like a tease of when it'll happen. After kabby it's my favorite relationship.

So here’s what I think.

I think the theme of “from the ashes we will rise” is being applied very literally to a couple of these characters, most clearly so far Kane and the Blakes (which is ironic because a few episodes ago they were the three where I was the most concerned the show had no idea what to do with them, but they CLEARLY do after that fucking fantastic episode last night).  Kane, Bellamy and Octavia all are getting burned down to ashes.  They’re literally hitting their absolute lowest point.  We saw Octavia turn the corner in tonight’s episode, after being so distraught that she tried to kill herself by walking out into the black rain and then having sex with Ilian just to give herself something to feel besides crushing, miserable sorrow.  That was her “ashes” moment, everything burned away, reduced to her lowest, darkest point.  But then she woke up in the morning and she threw her knives into the water and left them behind, because after she almost died, she’s become a person who can’t kill anymore.  Ilian was right that whatever release that used to provide for her is gone.  And she’s already different, as we can see from the way she can see Ilian’s humanity in a new way that she couldn’t before because she was blinded by anger.  So now Octavia has come out of the ashes and she’s about to rise.  I don’t know what she’s gonna do but I know that every single person involved in the show who has been asked which character has the best arc this season has said Octavia, so it’s probably going to be something awesome.

I think for Kane and for Bellamy, both separately and together, what we got last night was their “ashes” moment, with the turnaround and resolution still to come.  Bellamy is overwhelmed by the sheer number of people he can’t save, by his feelings of failure, by his fear for Octavia, and by the collective series of losses he’s experienced that all came back up again at once when he was stuck in the Rover in the mud.  And Kane is in a similar position; all he wants to do is help everyone and he can’t help anybody.  He can’t comfort Bellamy, he can’t save his two stranded people, he can’t protect Harper from her guilt or heal the man she’s watching die, he can’t be there with Abby when she has to do the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life, he can’t bring Octavia home, and also - crucially - he can’t erase the things that he did on the Ark, even though he’s been trying since he landed on Earth to repent and be better as though that could wipe those sins away.  So they both end this episode at the lowest of their low points in four whole seasons, and I don’t think it’s accidental that it happens when Clarke and Abby - who are the people who keep both of them grounded and make them feel understood - are so far out of reach. 

But Octavia was down in the dark place too, and she turned the corner and came back around into the light.  She’s rising from the ashes.  So I think Bellamy and Kane are next.  I think Kane’s arc for the rest of the season was set up very neatly by this episode and that it’s going to connect in some way with Jaha’s, and that we’re going to explore the question of whether Kane becoming a better man made him a less effective leader, and whether Jaha’s political savvy and ability to manipulate a situation to his advantage was, as Clarke tells Jasper in that scene in the brig, a whole lot more vital to keeping the peace on the Ark than anyone (INCLUDING ME TBH????) ever gave Jaha credit for.  So I think a Kane/Jaha team-up where we see maybe an inversion of Season 1 (Jaha as Kane’s second-in-command instead of Kane as Jaha’s?) might emerge as the connective thread between the Cadogan story and the Arkadia story and that Kane is going to be instrumental in finding a way to lead his people and prove himself and save them.  And I think his relationship with Bellamy will be key to that; we got that “you turn the page and you don’t look back” moment from them in the season premiere that I think was really significant and it feels like the show is setting us up for their big “rise from the ashes” moment to be something that involves them working together. 

Because the important thing to remember is that every facet of their complicated relationship can be equally true at the same time; Kane is the man who floated Bellamy’s mom, and neither Kane nor we can dismiss that even if we want to; but he’s also one of the only characters in this entire show that Bellamy has ever opened up to like he does when he talks about his mom and baby Octavia in that heartbreaking scene over the radio.  So his anger at Kane for the loss of his mom, which is real, and which has always been there, does not erase the relationship they’ve built on the ground, because he’s still someone Bellamy feels safe enough with that he can let Kane see him cry.  I think looking at it like “ugh Bellamy was being a dick” misses the depth and complexity of all the different emotional truths that were contained in those scenes. 

This relationship is so, so hugely important to both of them individually and to the show, but they had to confront the one big thing between them that they’ve never confronted before - just the way Octavia had to finally, finally, finally really confront her grief for Lincoln - in order to burn all the way down into ashes so they can rise.

I’m not giving up on a Kellamy hug yet, and neither should you.  They’re still a family.

Accidents Cause Accidents Pt 2

Word Count: 3234

A/N: so I am making this into a series, even though I have two other series going on but whatever lmao. I hope you enjoy the second part to Accidents cause Accidents, I made this part somewhat low-key but next one is going to be crazy. If you think I should make this a separate book let me know, and also just give me all around feedback! Much love! ️


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  Y/Ns eyes fluttered open, her head pounding and making it hard to even think. She looked around and saw the beanie boy sitting in the chair next to her hospital bed. He seemed to be asleep, but he had a laptop open in his lap. Slowly, she tried to sit up, her head feeling light and the room spinning, but she was determined.

    “Ugh.” she groaned, waking the beanie boy from his sleep.

    “Y/N, what are you doing? Lay back down!” he said, quickly placing his laptop on the chair next to him and rushing over to her side.

    “No, I want to sit up. Laying here makes me feel vulnerable.” she complained.

    “That doesn’t matter, you aren’t. But you’re going to hurt yourself even more if you sit up.” he said sternly, trying to direct her back down into a laying down position.

    “Listen here Beanie, just because we are apparently together doesn’t mean I need you to tell me what I need to do. I am my own independent person and I can take care of myself.” she shot in pure frustration and vulnerability. He slowly backed up, a look of hurt crossing his face.

    “Sorry…” he mumbled, staring down at the ground. Y/N softened up as she watched him sit back down and start to type on his laptop, and she felt her chest hurt.

    “You don’t need to be sorry, I was a bitch. I don’t mean to be, okay? I’m just terrified because I don’t know whats going on or who I am or where I am… I’m scared.” she said, watching the beanie boy. He continued to type on his laptop and he swallowed hard, his face still conveyed hurt.

    “I shouldn’t of snapped at you! You’re the only person who has been here constantly and I appreciate it. As of the moment, you’re the only one who makes me feel anything, and that scares me a little bit too. It feels good though, my heart stops beating for a second when you say my name, and when you’re near it speeds up. I don’t know what I’m feeling, you tell me its love but I don’t even remember what that is or what its supposed to feel like… all I know is that when I look at you, it feels like I know you, and I know who I am and where I am. I feel… safe.” she whispered the last part and started messing with her hands, scared to look at the raven haired boy sitting in a seat across the room. Just then she felt hands on her face and lips on hers, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling which was gone way too soon.

    “I love you.” he said and she smiled up at him.

    “I… I love you too Beanie Boy.” he chuckled and rolled his eyes.

    “I have a name you know, baby girl.” he teased and she giggled.

    “I know, Jughead Jones the Third, I have one too. Y/N….” she trailed off, trying to remember her last name. she furrowed her eyes in concentration.

    “Y/L/N. My beautiful girlfriends beautiful name is Y/N  Y/L/N.” he reminded her, and she nodded her head.

    “Y/N  Y/L/N.” she whispered to herself.

    “You should of had that memorized before you had mine down.” he teased, and she shrugged.

    “Your name was more important to me to learn than my own I guess.” she said and he smiled.

    “Miss Y/L/N, how are you feeling?” Dr. Smith asked, walking into the room. Y/N tensed up, and Jughead noticed, giving her a worried look.

    “I’m tired, and I want to get out of this stupid bed.” she grumbled.

    “I understand. Do you think you’re well enough to talk to Sheriff Keller?” he asked. She shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her hands.

    “I guess.” she mumbled.

    “Maybe we should let her rest for a little while longer, she’s been having a tough time, or at least let her go for a walk.” Jughead suggested, and Y/N looked gratefully up at him.

    “I don’t think that’s much of a good idea. Its a miracle she is only suffering from amnesia, a concussion and a few broken ribs from her fall, I would hate to see her fall and hurt herself even more.” Dr. Smith said. “I think it would be better if she stayed here and talked to the sheriff, see if she can remember anything. I don’t know if you remember, but you woke up last night yelling about that day. We had nurses come in to help you and you started to explain things that happened when you fell off the balcony-”

    “I didn’t fall, asshat. I was thrown off.” she growled and Dr. Smith jotted something down.

    “Right, thrown.”

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean? She was thrown, we have witnesses that said it themselves too.”

    “Son, I’m going to have to ask you to leave, you seem to be upsetting my patient and she’s already having a tough time as it is.” Dr. Smith said, looking up from his clipboard.

    “He isn’t the one upsetting me!” Y/N cried, holding onto Jugheads arm.

    “I refuse to leave, she needs me.” Jughead said.  Dr. Smith placed the clipboard on Y/Ns end table and walked towards the beanie clad boy.

    “I really don’t want to have to call security on you. I understand that you want to be here for her, but right now she has things that she needs to do. You can come backtomorrow at opening visiting hour.” he calmly said, and Jugheads face fell.

    “Why tomorrow, its only 10 in the morning now!” he said, and Y/N held onto him tighter.

    “She has a long day ahead of her and you are making her quite rebellious. She doesnt need that right now, she has just lost her memory and doesnt realize how much danger she is in. The last thing i need is one of our star witnesses disappearing, or even worse trying to and getting killed in the process. Now i am not going to ask you again, leave or else i’ll have to call an escort to remove you from the area.” Dr. Smith shot, and Jughead reluctantly nodded his head. He turned to face Y/N and leaned down, kissing her. Y/N felt tears stinging at her eyes and fear settling in her stomach and she watched as anger and sadness washed over Jugheads face.

     "Don’t go!“ Y/N called as Jughead backed up, turning towards the door.

    "Have a good day, Mr. Jones.” Dr. Smith said as he passed.    

    “You too.” Jughead gritted through his teeth




    Jughead opened his eyes slowly, staring off into the darkness. He could of sworn he heard something downstairs, but it stopped so he wasn’t really worried.




    Okay, he couldn’t of imagined that, there was definitely someone at the door downstairs, but who the hell could it be. He slowly got up off his mattress on the ground and stood, stretching. He quietly opened the door, and crept downstairs, looking out of the peephole.    

    “Oh my god!” he yelled, quickly unlocking the door and swinging it open.      

          “Hey there Beanie Boy.” Y/N smiled, and Jughead pulled her into the house.       

        “What the hell are you doing here!” Jughead exclaimed, and Y/Ns face fell.         

     "I hated that place, so I came here.“ she said bluntly. Jughead placed a hand over her forehead and pulled it back quickly.

    "You’re hot!” he said, running his hand through his hair, trying to think of something that would help.

    “You’re not so bad yourself.” Y/N said cheekily, and Jughead rolled his eyes and shook his head.

    “No I mean you’re burning up! How’d you even know I was here?” he asked, rushing off towards the medicine cabinet to grab some ibuprofen.    

    “Its just a little fever Beanie, I’ll be fine. And I’m not quite sure how I found you, I just kind of walked and ended up at this door.” she said shrugging, following him. He rummaged around the medicine cabinet, looking at bottle after bottle.    

    “And you decided to knock?” he asked worriedly. “You could have ended up at the wrong persons house and then you would have gotten hurt. What if there is still people out there after you? You aren’t exactly liked by the serpents at the moment, and night time is when they go out and cause problems. What if they had found you? You would have been killed on the spot!”    

    “Okay! Okay! I get it! I’m sorry, I just figured that you’d be willing to help me. I hated it in there, I’m a sitting duck!’ she yelled, and Fred and Archie ran into the kitchen.    

    "Y/N? What… why are you here?” Fred asked, walking up to the girl, but she slowly backed away.    

    “Don’t worry, that’s my dad.” Archie said, pushing past his dad and slowly walking up to Y/N. “Can I… can I give you a hug?” Archie asked quietly, and Y/N slowly nodded her head.    

    “Well, you don’t make me feel scared so sure.” she said, and Archie wrapped his arms around her.    

    “I was so worried about you!” he said, and Y/N wrapped her arms around him as well.    

    “I’m sorry.” she whispered and Archie pulled back.    

    “Don’t be sorry, its not your fault. You did a good thing and the town is really appreciating of your sacrifice. I’m the one who should be sorry, I should have taken you straight to Sheriff Keller, if I did then maybe this wouldn’t of happened.” he said, hanging his head.    

    “I don’t quite remember what happened or what I did, but I can assure you one thing, you are totally fine. You did nothing wrong, I’m sure you had important stuff to do.” she said, grabbing Archies shoulder. He smiled up at her and nodded.    

    “Well if you ever need anything again, just tell me, okay?” Y/N nodded her head. “Do you remember anything about me?” he asked.    

     "No, not exactly. I don’t remember much about anything, I’m not even sure how I knew to come here.“ she said.    

    "You come here all the time, you have ever since you were little.” Fred said, and Y/N nodded her head. “Archie, Betty, Jughead and you were constantly here, playing outside, causing havoc throughout the house.” Fred laughed to himself. “You four were quite the group, still are.”    

    “Oh. And you are Archie?” she asked, looking towards the red headed boy.    

    “Yup, thats me. Archie Andrews.” he said, a tinge of sadness in his voice, and Y/N caught on.    

    “Whats wrong?” she asked, leaning against the counter.    

    “You still know me so well.” he teased. Jughead handed Y/N a few pills and a glass of water, and she took the medicine.    

    “Stop avoiding the questions Archie, just tell us whats wrong.” he said, wrapping his arm around Y/Ns waist. She quickly tensed up and pulled away slightly, but relaxed after she realized it was Jughead.    

    “Its just weird, having to reintroduce myself to one of my oldest friends. Its kind of sad.” he admitted, and Jughead slowly nodded his head.    

    “I know, its weird having to reintroduce myself to my girlfriend.” he said, and Y/N felt tears sting at her eyes.    

    “I’m sorry.” she whimpered, not handling her two friends looking so sad very well.    

    “Woah, its alright!” Archie said, pulling Y/N into another hug. “This isn’t your fault, im sure you will remember soon enough.” he said, trying to comfort the sad and confused girl. Archie released the girl and yawned. “I’m going to head back to bed. Goodnight guys.” Archie waved and turned for his bedroom, exiting the room.

    “You are welcome to stay here if you would like.” Fred said, giving a small smile. “I’m going to head to bed too, now i already woke up once to a girl in my house, i dont want to wake up again to any strange wrestling, do you understand me?” Fred teased and Jughead rolled his eyes, giving a small smirk.

    “What do you mean strange wrestling?” Y/N asked.

    “Wow, your amnesia made you innocent did it?” Fred joked and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “No I’m just confused, thats all.” she argued.

    “No ruining your girlfriends innocence, is that understood? I want this to last as long as possible.” Fred said, giving a small laugh.

    “Yeah whatever.” Jughead huffed, and Fred turned to go to bed. Y/N crossed her arms across her chest and rolled her eyes. “What?” He asked.

    “No one ever tells me anything.” she mumbled and Jughead laughed.

    “How would you know?” he joked. “You forgot pretty much everything.” Y/Ns jaw dropped and she glared at him.

    “Oh my god.” she said, turning for the door.

    “Wait, I’m sorry, that was a bit insensitive, I didn’t mean to offend you.” he said, catching the girl in his arms and snuggling his head in the crook of her neck. She tensed up quickly but relaxed again. “You okay?” He asked, his hot breath tickling Y/Ns neck and making her stomach feel warm. She turned and Jughead stood straight, looking worryingly down at his girlfriend. She returned his stare and leaned up, pressing her lips to his.

    “I’m just adjusting to having someone around and touching me.” she said, pulling away slightly and looking into his blue eyes.

    “Do you want me to stop being so handsy?” he asked quietly.

    “Not a chance.” she smirked, placing her hand at the back of his neck, pulling him back down. Their lips melded together, seeming to be perfect puzzle pieces. Jughead lifted Y/N up onto the counter and deepened the kiss. Y/Ns hands went from his neck to his chest, slowly inching their way down his abdomen and pulling him impossibly close. Jughead breathlessly and reluctantly pulled back, earning a whimper from her.

    “If I keep this going, we’re going to start that strange wrestling Fred was talking about, and we’ll both be in trouble.” he said, chuckling. Y/N looked down at him confused, and he laughed. “Don’t worry about it.” he said. Y/N jumped off the counter but right as her feet hit the ground she stumbled, suddenly feeling very dizzy. Jughead caught her quickly and pulled her into his chest.

    “I’m sorry.” she whispered and Jughead shook his head.

    “Don’t be, let’s go lay down, maybe you’ll be better in the morning.” he said. Y/N stood up, trying her best to stand straight and walk but her head was pounding and she stumbled again. Jughead caught her and picked her up bridal style, making his way to the living room.

    “I’m sorry.” she mumbled and Jughead chuckled.

    “You’ve got to stop saying that, you have no faults to be sorry for.” he said, placing her on the couch.

    “Yes I do, you shouldn’t have to take care of me. I should be able to walk and do shit on my own but instead I’m here dizzy and confused.” she rambled.

    “I don’t mind taking care of you baby girl, I’d much rather it was me looking after you than that asshole doctor.” he said, earning a giggle from Y/N.

    “You mean Doctor ShitHead Smith?” she said and Jughead laughed.

    “Yeah, him.”

    “That’s what I’ve been calling him in my head anytime he comes around.” she explained, and he sat down beside her.

    “Did he come in often?” Jughead asked.

    “Well yeah, he was my doctor.” she said, earning a chuckle from Jughead.

    “I’m trying to be serious. What did he do when he came in?” He asked, and she shrugged.

    “Just constantly asked how much I remembered. He got really mad one time because I answered with ‘Well most of what I remember is a jackass doctor asking me the same question every three seconds.’”

    “Wow, I love you so damn much.” Jughead said, laughing.

    “Well I love you too. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Beanie. You’ve helped me so much during this, thank you.” she said, and pulled her into him.

    “You shouldn’t be thanking me,  I can’t help but feel like this is my fault.” he mumbled, intertwining his fingers with hers.

    “What do you mean?” she asked. Jugheads gaze went to their hands, and he felt his words catch in his throat.

    “I couldn’t protect you. I pushed you into a closet at the first sign of danger and I stood in front of you, ready to make sure nothing was to happen to you. I wasn’t scared, I was ready to do whatever it took to make sure no one would hurt you, but I failed. He threw me aside like it was nothing, knocking me out cold for a good 5 minutes and he threw you over the edge. If only I could have…” Jugheads voice cracked and he choked back the tears that were threatening to spill. Y/Ns heart broke at the sight of him like this, and she lifted his jaw so he’d look at her.

    “You tried to protect me Juggie, which is more than anyone else can say. Thank you for that.” she whispered, smiling sweetly and hoping for a smile in return. But instead he shook his head.

    “Exactly, I tried and I failed. I failed at convincing my mom and sister to stay, I failed at getting my dad on track… they-I just fail at helping those I love the most.” he said, his head falling back onto the couch.

    “That’s not true. Look I don’t remember what’s going on with your dad, or why your sister and mother are gone, but there’s one thing I do know;

you have not failed me Jughead. You were knocked unconscious, there was nothing you could do. It’s not your fault that you got thrown, you tried to protect me and for that I am forever grateful. And not only that, but you stayed at the hospital watching over me to make sure nothing else happened. You have been so kind and patient and you’ve helped me so much… you are the farthest thing from a failure in my eyes.” This time when she smiled, Jughead smiled back. She pecked him on the cheek and leaned down, resting her head on his chest.

    “Thank you.” he whispered, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms tightly around her.

    “And thank you. I love you.” Y/N murmured, sleep slowly washing over her body.

    “And I love you.” Jughead felt as sleep took the beautiful (Y/H/C) haired girl laying on him and he cherished this moment. He knew for sure that in the morning the police and hospital were going to be pissed that she was here, but he didn’t want to worry about that. All he wanted to do was spend some quality time with the one person in his life who had never betrayed him, promising to himself that this time if danger would show its ugly face again, which it most undoubtedly would, he’d do whatever it took to protect her.

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TURИ S3E1 Deleted Scene
  • (For those who don't have access. Keep in mind, this is very bare-bones and fails to capture the full effect, but should give you some idea of the scene. There's a lot of back-and-forth, close-up cuts between Ben, Washington, and a medium shot of both of them. I did not detail every time this happens.)
  • -
  • [The shot looks out from inside a tent. It is Night. Ben approaches, walking past one guard to enter the tent.]
  • Ben: Sir.
  • [The shot turns to reveal a long table. Washington sits at the other end, quill in hand and surrounded by paperwork. He glances up, studies Ben for several seconds before taking a breath and laying his quill down.]
  • Washington: I'm reviewing General Orders to be published tomorrow. I seem to recall requesting you write the report on the execution of Col. Bradford and Sgt. Hickey.
  • [Ben seems taken aback]
  • Ben: Yes sir (he approaches) you should have it, sir. (touches a piece of paper) It's, uh, it's right here in front of you.
  • Washington: (casually) You were to detail their final words. Their confession to counterfeiting. Instead, you make them sound like villains, and unrepentant ones.
  • Ben: Which is the truth.
  • Washington: (smiling) Yet it doesn't ring true. Men seldom revel in their evil in the gallows.
  • Ben: Well, I don't see them as men.
  • Washington: You don't?
  • Ben: No, sir.
  • Washington: (looking at his paper instead of Ben, speaks softly) What do you see them as?
  • Ben: ...scum. traitors. Tories.
  • Washington: (keeps writing) My mother could be considered a Tory...
  • Ben: (visibly distressed) Sir, you know that I mean-
  • Washington: -that's not the point. (looks at Ben) The point is discretion. As you yourself have stressed.
  • Ben: But don't you see? In the interest of discretion, we're protecting the reputation of /snakes/.
  • Washington: (smiles broadly, as if amused) And what do you think the Tories would call your friend, Woodhull, if they catch him?
  • Ben: (pauses, shifts) The same thing that they called my friend, Nathan Hale. An enemy spy.
  • Washington: Hm. The low sort. Not even a man. (evenly) Your thoughts were with Hale when you saw those men hanged.
  • Ben: (looks away) Yes sir.
  • Washington: When you see /any/ man hanged.
  • Ben: (looks down) Yes, sir.
  • Washington: And how many executions have you witnessed?
  • Ben: (looks to Washington) Fourteen, sir.
  • Washington: But Hale is not like Hickey. For his cause was just.
  • (Ben Nods)
  • Washington: (pauses, seems to consider) Do you remember his final words?
  • Ben: Of course. They were inspired by Cato, which we performed together at Yale.
  • (Ben looks away, seems to struggle for a moment)
  • Ben: "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country,"
  • Washington: (smiles, nods) Hm, very good. (with a small laugh) Except, he never said it. (lowers voice) /We/ did.
  • [Ben frowns, confused. Washington reaches over and pushes out a chair for him. Ben hesitates before sitting.]
  • Washington: When I received the news from Captain Montressor, Gen. Howe's Aide de Camp, it described Hale behaving with great composure and resolution. (Ben nods) Before hanging, he said he thought it the duty of every good officer to obey any order given him by his Commander in Chief.
  • (Ben appears greatly troubled by this)
  • Washington: He wished to be seen as a soldier, not a spy. He wasn't selflessly thinking of his country, but rather his own reputation. How his death would be received by his family, upon learning their son was a spy.
  • (Ben remains silent and still further troubled. He mouths he word 'no' once.)
  • Washington: (softly) Yes. We altered what he said. And thus converted a failed mission into an act of martyrdom. I imagine Captain Hale would approve.
  • (Ben continues to look uncomfortable, shifting and closing his eyes, finally looks up at Washington)
  • Ben: And so you think the Tories will turn these assassins into martyrs as well?
  • Washington: (emphatically) Not if we brand them as forgers first. Though it must be convincing. Our conflict with His Majesty erupted into full war over a single page of words on paper. The great contest we now find ourselves in is over whose word will be the final one.
  • Ben: (somewhat thickly, forced) I understand, sir. But, with respect, I'm afraid I cannot be the one to write it.
  • Washington: (momentarily looks away, looks back) Then I will write it.
  • (Ben immediately and wordlessly stands, returns the chair, and after a minute bow hurries away. Washington watches him leave, expression neutral.)
I Have A Confession

For the @jonxsansafanfiction​ 15 days of Valentines Event Day 3: Confessions

“Jon I found a girl for you.”

Jon paused mid sip of his beer, only momentarily glancing across the table to where Sansa was sitting beside her brother before looking at Robb for confirmation he had heard him correctly.

“What was that?” was all Jon could think to say.

“I found a girl for you.” Robb repeated.

“She works at my office, just started there a few weeks ago. She’s attractive, athletic, outgoing, she’s perfect for you. I showed her your picture and she said she would be interested.” Robb spoke between bites of his steak, more focused on his plate then Jon’s reaction

Jon didn’t know what to say under the circumstances. Nothing like this had come up at their weekly get togethers since things had changed.

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A/N: So, this is my first smut, and I’m super nervous about posting it. Sorry if there’s any mistakes, it was a bit rushed since I wanted to finish and submit it in time for Smut Week. So I did the best I could, especially since all my knowledge of what sex is like comes from fan fiction or friends. Hope you enjoy some AU Negan!

Summary: Being the kind and helpful student you are, you join Coach Negan after school to help grade some Health quizzes. One little accident occurs, and one thing leads to another.

Word Count: 3,033 words

Pairing: Teacher! Negan/ Student! Reader

Warnings: Smut, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Inappropriate behavior in a classroom, Swearing

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network

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jughead living with betty would include... pt. 2

- them opening up betty’s window on warm summer days enjoying the soft breeze while listening to some songs blasting out from the radio/speakers/etc.
- jughead would be writing his novel at betty’s desk
- betty’s on her bed writing in her diary or smth
- them struggling with their insecurities and helping each other with those insecurities
- ugh the aNGST
- betty feeling like she’s not pretty enough (or even being stressed about her school grades)
- she’d be standing in front her mirror frowning and jughead comes up to give her a back hug
- “i think you look amazing. and you should think that way too. because it’s true; you’re beautiful, betty. ”
- or jughead holding betty in his arms stroking her hair
- “they’re just numbers. they don’t define you, betty.”
- same for jughead btw
- him feeling bad about his family’s situation and betty would be there to comfort him
- she’d caress his cheek and whisper encouraging words to him
- betty being in a really good mood after a day at school
- she’s so happy to the point she feels like dancing
- so she does
- and she keeps bugging jughead to get up and dance with her
- he’s just like “lol no let me be woman”
- she turns up the volume real high and just starts dancing around the room
- and jughead tries to distract himself but he keeps looking back at her
- he smiles like a dork while watching her be all happy-go-lucky
- then he realizes how much he loves this crazy girl
- when the song finishes she turns to him and he just pulls her to him
- he kisses her passionately like woah i rlly love you betty cooper
- and at first she’s just like “????”
- but then she smiles and kisses back
- betty putting on her makeup and jughead stares at her like “lol what is all this”
- one thing leads to another and betty leans in
- and she draws a line across jughead’s face with her red lipstick
- he tries to look real pissed but gives up and just grins
- bughead brushing their teeth together in the bathroom
- they keep making funny faces at each other in front of the mirror with their toothbrushes in their mouths
- they invite archie over to study and stuff
- but then archie gets ignored bc bughead be in their own bubble
- he just watches them act like cute like jughead bopping betty’s nose
- and betty playing with jughead’s fingers or hair
- like ugh guys archie’s still here
- “aHEM”
- “oh hi archie when did you get here”
- lol #justiceforarchie
- k i’m done
- or am i
- sooo part 3???? :D


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So, what bullshit is it that 18 wasn't going to join the tournament unless there was a prize, like the universe not being erased is the prize, why should Bulma pay up money anyway, didn't Satan give 18 a big chunk of change when she beat him in the World's Tournament.


I just finished watching the new Super episode and, boy, there were like a million things wrong with it…

Yeah, the whole “there’s no prize, so we’re not participating“ thing is such bullsh*t, I mean, do you want the Universe to be erased? Don’t you guys have a daughter? I understand that in DBZ they made 18 out to be a materialistic woman at times, but you’d think she would have grown out of it, at least for the sake of a bigger cause, by now.

Also, even though I love having female Saiyans, the fact that now you can become a Super Saiyan by “feeling tingly on your back“ seems like such a joke when you think of how hard it was for Vegeta to become one, or how specific Goku’s circumstances were when he ascended first.

And, even though I knew it was going to happen, seeing Frieza and Goku together in the preview made me sick.

I just can’t…

And I can’t imagine what Vegeta will say/do when he has to face that bastard.

DBS better not disappoint us in the Tournament of Power, I swear…

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Tony has created a chat

Tony added Sam, Clint, Bruce, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, Thor and Steve

Tony: Please tell me that you have some awesome plan for tomorrow, so Y/N’s birthday won’t be completely ruined.

Thor: Lady Y/N has a birthday tomorrow? Why wasn’t I informed about that?

Bucky: I’ve bought her flowers and a big fluffy unicorn. She’s gonna love it.

Sam: Unicorn was my idea and this lamsy ass jerk went and bought it before me.

Wanda: Couldn’t you just put your suit on and flew there before him?

Clint: Give him a break. You see he can’t think so much ahead.

Sam: Fuck off.

Nat: Cap.

Steve: Are you ever gonna stop.

Steve: Never mind, don’t answer that.

Steve: But I think maybe we should just make breakfast in bed? It’s not much but it is a sign that we care?!

Clint: And how the hell you’re gonna do that when she always wakes up before any of us?

Wanda: Just because you wake up at 1p.m. doesn’t mean everybody else do.

Bruce: Maybe we could take her out somewhere? Maybe to that place, you know.

Bruce: Ugh, the one with all that things that she makes us watch.

Tony: You mean Disney world, big guy?

Bruce: Yeah that thing.

Bucky: She has been there more than all children combined.

Nat: it would make her happy though.

Sam: Pizza would make her happy too.

Thor: True. I’ve never see anyone enjoy food so much like Lady Y/N.

Tony: C’mon guys we need to do something special.

Wanda: I can make her see unicorns and pizza all day. That can do it.

Steve: Wanda be serious.

Clint: actually not a bad idea.

Clint: She will be happy, we don’t have to stress about organising the day.

Nat: Barton, you’re just lazy.

Tony: I hate to say this. But I agree with cap. Be serious. We need something extraordinary.

Thor: what if we took places and everyone spent an hour with Lady Y/N and take her somewhere?

Sam: At the beginning of the sentence I thought you were going in a completely different way.

Nat: Calm you boner down before I cut it off.

Bucky: Daaamn you go girl.

Tony: That is actually a great idea.

Thor: Thank you.

Steve: yeah we just have to agree in which order we are going to do it.

Bucky: Well the hardest part.

Bucky: Who’s waking her up?

Clint: I know who isn’t.

Sam: Oh hell no.

Steve: Wait guys, why not?

Nat: Have you ever woken y/n up before?

Steve: No.

Wanda: Then don’t touch lion while he sleeps.

Bruce: Trust us, you don’t wanna wake her up.

Tony: yeah she can be a real bitch if you mess with her “beauty sleep”

Thor: Maybe I can wake her up?

Sam: Yeah, you do that.

Nat: Okay, I am in charge for next hour.

Thor has left the chat

Nat has left the chat

Tony: Well I know I am going to be last, because I wanna take her to fancy dinner.

Tony has left the chat.

Wanda: I am after Nat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Bucky: I am after Wanda.

Sam: Oh hell no you’re not.

Sam: I am after Wanda

Bruce: Actually I am

Bruce has left the chat.

Bucky: Well I ain’t auguring with him

Sam: Same.

Sam: But I am next.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky: Oh we will see about that.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: Cap you wanna go next or?

Steve: Oh no, have planned to take her to the cinema, and the movie starts latter so you can go.

Steve has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Scott has joined the chat.

Scott: Hey guys.

Scott: Oh there no one here.

Scott: HEEY when is my turn.

Scott: Idiots.

Scott has left the chat.

Premonition (m)

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Rated m for fingering, dirty talk, ddlg kink, public sex

Summary: What if you had the power to dictate your future? What if the things you wrote down on paper became reality?

Word Count: 6,980 words

The words on the piece of paper blur together before your eyes, and no matter how hard you try to focus them again, it doesn’t work. Heaving a sigh, you toss your assignment rubric aside and slam the lid of your laptop closed.

The noise attracts the attention of your roommate, Do Yeon, who is sprawled out on her bed working on her own research assignment, and she shoots you a concerned look.

“You alright ____? I haven’t seen you this stressed about an assignment since… well never. What mod is it for?”

“It’s for Creative Writing with Prof Park… ugh I can’t seem to get a single word out without just deleting it all. I’m screwed this time, it’s due in a week!” You thread your hands through your hair in desperation.

Do Yeon let out a mock horrified gasp, “And you always need to have all your assignments written and proof read at least 2 weeks before! You’re dead this time ______.”

You give her an eye roll in response, not bothering to come up with an actual retort.

“You need to relax Y/N ah, you still have a week to go! You should come out tonight with me and the guys from the basketball team, it’ll be really fun I promise!”

You narrow your eyes at her, unfolding your legs from your seat at your desk and joining her on the bed.

“Ya, since when did you get to know guys from the basketball team? Is there something I need to know? Kang Do Yeon, you’d better spill right this instant!” You reach towards her waist with threatening fingers, knowing exactly where her weak spots are.

She squeals in response, wielding her laptop as a shield as she scrambles back on the bed. “It’s nothing, I just met them when I decided to take up a sports elective! There’s nothing to update I promise, unless you count a teeny tiny kiss and hand holding as the start of something…”

It’s your turn to let out a gasp. “Details, now! What’s his name? Major? Does he live in the dorms too?”

“You’ll know everything if you come out with us tonight… maybe we could even find you someone,” Do Yeon says with a saucy wink.

You groan audibly and sit back on your heels. “Yeon-ah you know I don’t like to go out when I have unfinished assignments… where are we even going?”

“It’s a secret, but I promise I’ll tell you everything. You’ll even get to see him in the flesh! C’mon ______, all work and no play makes Jackie a dull boy!”

“It’s Jack,” you grumble under your breath, almost ready to cave in to her pleading. Glancing at the clock on your desk, it reads 8pm. “Alright, if I can get at least 2 pages written before 10, then I’ll come along.”

The following exclamation of triumph is nearly deafening, and you push yourself off her bed before Do Yeon can envelope you in one of her bone crushing hugs.

Situating yourself at your desk again, you plug your earphones in to drown out the sounds of your roommate chattering about plans to someone, probably the mysterious guy, on the phone and try to focus on the five thousand word assignment that lay ahead.

The clatter that sounds in the adjoining bathroom is enough to alert you that it was already almost 10. Blinking wearily and rubbing your eyes, you indulge in a luxurious stretch before saving your work and skimming it briefly. Not bad, almost 2k words in and your plot was developing nicely.

You pull your headphones out and decide to get dressed, heading to your shared closet and giving its contents a critical once over. Do Yeon emerges from the bathroom, already dressed in a crop top and mini skirt combo, putting the final touches on her makeup. Seeing your hesitation, she nudges you aside and selects a hanger from her side of the closet, pulling it out to reveal a glittery black bodycon dress.

Putting two and two together, you take the hanger from her. “So, we’re going to a club tonight?” You surmise, immediately stripping and pulling the dress over your head. It reaches slightly above your mid thigh, a little shorter than you were used to. You release your hair from its bun, causing it to cascade in loose curls over your shoulder as you reach for your foundation compact.

“Yeah, but it’s not just any club, and the company we’re going with is to die for I promise. Did you get your work done?”

“I guess… Prof Park specified a realistic romance this time, and I just don’t want it to be cliché or too cringe worthy, y’know? So far all my protagonist has done is make out with a guy in a club,” you mused grimly. Swiping a little gloss over your lips, you step away from the mirror and gather your essentials for the night into a small purse and slide into your favourite pair of strappy heels.

“Well hopefully that’s what you’ll be doing tonight too…” Her voice trails off when you shoot her a look. “Just forget about it for tonight… I’ll help you proof read it when you’re done, if that makes you feel any better.”

You give her a thankful smile, watching as she locks the dorm room. “Where are we meeting this company that’s ‘to die for’?”

“We’re meeting them there directly. Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are they? Did they ditch us?” You struggle to be heard over the loud bass sounding throughout the dance floor and the mesh of sweaty bodies around you. Do Yeon only shakes her head in response, mumbling something that gets lost in the cheers and hoots when the beat drops yet again. You see her turn around suddenly, and glance up behind her only to see a mint haired boy greeting her with a smirk upon his lips.

Ah, so that must be her mystery guy. Not bad, he had an air of arrogance about him that only seemed to add to his attractiveness, and his milky white skin stood out even in the darkness of the club. You follow his piercing gaze to somewhere behind you, and it registers that the rest of his friends must have arrived as well. Do Yeon’s cheery smile and wave confirms this, and you spin around. Surely enough, there are three others standing behind you, but your eyes are drawn to the tallest of them.

His silver hair is swept off his forehead and styled in place with gel, but his dimples had to be his most defining feature. You faintly recognise him from one of your classes, but he usually dons a pair of wire glasses and wears his hair down then, sporting caps or beanies that allows him to hide his bright hair and blend in with the rest. His gaze pins you in place, and the sexual attraction is undeniable. Suddenly aware of your staring, you immediately shift your gaze to his companions, thankful for the dim lighting of the club.

You catch a glimpse of Do Yeon’s teasing smile from the corner of your eye, and shoot up a desperate prayer that she wouldn’t do anything embarrassing, at least not in front of this handsome not-so stranger. A sudden nudge at your lower back catches you off guard, causing you to stumble straight into his arms. The firmness of his chest against your cheek makes you gasp in mortification.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, did I step on you?” You sputter, all semblance of coherence and calm vanishing at the feeling of his large hands settling on your waist.

A low chuckle emits from his chest, one that you feel more than hear, and it sends shivers down your spine. He brings his plump lips closer to your ear, and you tell yourself that it’s because of the sheer volume of the music in the club that’s playing, not because of anything else.

“Not at all. We’ve met before, haven’t we? In Prof Lee’s psychology class. You’re ____ right?”

It’s an uphill battle with your racing heart as you struggle to get your next words out without your voice trembling. But it’s a relief to finally place the handsome, tall boy.

“Yeah! You looked so familiar, you’re Namjoon right? The one who questioned me continuously for five minutes about my presentation on the spotlight effect.”

He chuckles again, and you suddenly feel like you would do anything if only to hear the rich, melodious sound from him again. You remember him as the studious one in class, always asking questions and raising doubts with whoever was presenting content. It would have been weird to be discussing a presentation whilst in a club with anyone else, but with Namjoon, it feels perfectly normal.  

The crowd of people around you are moving along to the beat, but Namjoon and you are relatively calm in the sea of bodies. He pulls you in closer to his chest so that you can stay out of the way of a stray elbow, and you relish the feel of his strong arms around you. The warmth of his lithe body is intoxicating, and before long you find yourself winding your arms around his slim waist as well, leaning your head onto his chest and feeling more secure than you have in a long while.

His proximity serves a dual purpose when he tilts his head down, “I’m glad you came out today, ___. I’ve been wanting to ask you out for ages.

His blunt words shock you, and you glance up at him uncertainly. But his brown eyes are unwavering, and his unbridled honestly brings a flattered smile to your face. You’re unsure of what to reply to such an outright statement. Instead, you reach up to run your fingers through his silvery hair, something you’ve been wanting to do ever since you saw him. Your next move shocks even you, and you’re not sure if it’s Namjoon’s spicy cologne that draws you in or the three shots of liquid courage that Do Yeon forced down your throat earlier on at the bar, but as you reach up to press your lips against his, the bugging question lingering at the back of your mind is finally answered.

His lips are as soft as they look.

The loud blare of your alarm the next morning jolts you out of your sleep, and you awaken with a groan. Fumbling in the sheets around you to locate your phone, an unusual grin makes its way onto your lips when you see the message waiting there, even though it’s only 8am.

Namjoon: Hey I’m really sorry last night got cut short because of Taehyung… but I’d love to see you again. Have dinner with me today?

You allow yourself to stare at his message with a grin on your face for a while longer, before realising that Do Yeon is still asleep and about to miss her morning lecture.

“Ya Kang Do Yeon, it’s 8am, you’re going to be late for Econs!” You flip the covers off the lump in her bed. She whines in response, and you have to physically drag her out of bed and push her into the bathroom before she’s awake.

You’re just typing out a response to his message before Do Yeon’s hung over voice sounds from the attached bathroom.

“So… how’s you and Namjoon? I hope you guys were safe last night.” Her words elicit a blush onto your cheeks, and you quickly exit the app on your phone before you mess up and send something unintelligible.

“We didn’t do anything for your information… he had to go take care of his friend who was drunk off his ass and making a scene. And you didn’t spill about yours like you promised!” Your effort to change the topic succeeds, and there are gargling sounds before Do Yeon replies.

“His name is Yoongi, and he’s majoring in architecture. He’s pretty chill, I kinda like him. Pity last night had to end so soon huh?” She steps out of the bathroom in a manner too calm for someone who’s late for class. Sensing that she’s about to question you about Namjoon once more, you stand and grab her bag from her desk and shove it into her hands, pushing her out the door.

“You don’t have time to waste, you’re late for class! We’ll talk later, bye!” You slam the door in her face, heaving a sigh of relief at her retreating steps.

Pulling up the message on your phone once more, you type out a proper response before setting your phone aside and pulling your laptop towards you to work on your assignment. The moment the word document comes up on your screen, you frown as you glance over your brief attempt at writing, finding it a little too similar to what actually happened.

You brush it aside. People make out in clubs all the time, and this happened to be a coincidence. There was no way you’d predicted meeting Namjoon and making out with him at the club last night. He’d simply lingered in your sub-conscious since you knew him from another class, and it all just ended up on paper. Right?

But every detail, even the silver hair and his black dress shirt paired with dark washed denim jeans ripped at the knee down to the scruffed brown Timberlands were exactly on point. A chill comes over you, and you sit back in disbelief. The faint buzz of alcohol last night may have prevented you from realising anything at the club, but at the very moment, even with the slight pounding headache of a hangover, everything is crystal clear.

No way. Such things only happen in the realm of fiction. Your phone buzzes with an incoming message, and you glance toward it, a flutter of butterflies erupting in your stomach when your eyes scan over Namjoon’s affirmative reply.

It clicks, and there’s only one way to prove your crazy theory wrong. You take a deep breath, and begin typing at your laptop furiously.

The strain of sitting through 2 lectures after a late night out has taken its toll on you, and you tiredly massage your shoulders while balancing your laptop in one arm. You rotate your shoulders and sigh in relief, your thoughts flashing back to your assignment that you’d slaved over that morning. Finishing the dinner date that was about to happen left you about a thousand words from the limit, but you can’t decide if your newly discovered ‘power’ is an advantage or not. What’s the fun in being able to predict everything, leaving nothing to chance? Variety is the spice of life, the more rational part of your mind argues. It’s as if you are dictating someone else’s thoughts and actions, and it feels wrong. A rush of nerves floods your chest as you glance at your watch, standing outside the café you and Namjoon had agreed to meet at earlier.

He was late, just as you had written him to be.

Telling yourself firmly that it was another coincidence, you push open the glass doors of the café, deciding to get a table first. Situating yourself in a cozy corner, you close your eyes briefly and try to fight the tendrils of fatigue tempting you to call off the date and snuggle in your bed back at your dorm.

Before long, there are footsteps coming toward your table in the relatively quiet café, and the drag of a chair against the floor alerts you to his presence. You keep your eyes closed for a moment longer. Maroon shirt, black snapback and black ripped jeans. You pray that you’re both right and wrong.

“Do I put you to sleep already? Am I that boring?” His timbre voice sounds from directly in front of you, and you can’t avoid the moment any longer. Opening your eyes, they immediately land on his, taking in the silver blob of hair poking out from his black snapback positioned backwards on his head. His smile is broad, and it makes the corner of his eyes crinkle in the most adorable way, but you can’t focus on that right now. Especially when you see his maroon shirt with sleeves that cut off at just the right length, exposing his toned biceps.

You’re shell shocked and tongue tied, and it doesn’t help when Namjoon engulfs one of your hands in his in concern.

“____, are you okay?”

His words bring you back to the situation at hand, and you blink rapidly to focus again.

“Yyeah, just tired from a long day. How was yours?” You manage a smile as he runs his thumb across your palm soothingly.

He launches into a description of his classes for the day, and you’re happy to settle in and listen to him speak so passionately about his major. A waiter brings the menu to your table, and you open it, scanning down the dinner items briefly. Deciding to test things out once more, you glance back up at him.

“How do you feel about the bacon and mushroom truffle cream pasta?”

His eyes widen comically in disbelief, “I’ve been craving that ever since I woke up this morning. It’s like you read my mind or something.

The uncomfortable semi truth in his words makes your heart skip a beat, and you laugh it off. “Really? Nah, it’s only because I was craving the exact same thing,” you lie, passing the menu back to the waiter after placing your order.

“You look beautiful today by the way.” His sudden compliment surprises you; you hadn’t written that into his speech. Maybe there were some things you couldn’t predict, and a sense of relief threatens to overwhelm you.

“Namjoon, can I ask you something? You’re majoring in psychology right?” You continue on at his answering nod. “Is there a theory or something where um, a person is able to predict future events of their lives? Like they can tell the immediate future, kinda like premonition?”

Your cheeks heat up once your words are out. His nose wrinkles a little in the most attractive way as he seriously considers your question, and you appreciate that he doesn’t immediately burst out in laughter at your question.

“Hmmm there is something called correlation and prediction, but that’s more to do with data collection. I don’t think you meant that right? There’s also something called the schemata theory, which has to deal with the way an individual’s preconceived notions and beliefs affect the way they interpret new situations and knowledge. But that’s not really it either…” His voice trails off apologetically as he meets your eyes again. “Why do you ask, though?”

You smile at his genuine attempt to answer you, and pat his hand gently on the tabletop.

“Hmmm nothing, it’s just a thought I had while brainstorming for my creative writing minor I’m taking.” It’s not exactly the truth, but you’re not sure how he would react to the idea of you dictating his every action, so you decide that this has to be the most you can divulge.

“Damn, your mind never stops working, does it? You’re out on a date with me and all you can think about is school.”

You’re about to accuse him of doing the exact same thing, but his smirk tells you that he’s only teasing. You roll your eyes, “Excuse me, who said this was a date? Are we officially dating without my consent now?”

“We have been ever since you eye fucked me at the club last night. It would have ended differently had Taehyung not messed things up.” He licks his lips, and his gaze is almost predatory as it drops from your eyes to your own lips. The sight of his tongue sends naughty thoughts coursing through your mind, and you wonder just how good he is with it.

His boldness is unpredicted, and so are his chuckles as he reaches up to remove his snapback, running his fingers through his silver platinum hair the exact same way that you did last night. You’re unable to look away from his long, slim fingers, and suddenly you wonder how they would feel like inside you. That thought causes heat to flare in your lower belly, and you clench your thighs together, thankful that he can’t see it from his seat.

You’re caught between trying to meet his smoldering gaze and wondering where the limits of your predictive ability lie, since there were several things that didn’t go as planned. You’d intentionally written the night to end in a rather PG rated way, since you couldn’t exactly turn in erotica for 40% of your grade. Prof Park might be open minded, like most of the arts faculty, but it was still a risk you were unwilling to take. The thought disappoints you a little, but your thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of your food. Despite yourself, you reach for your phone and send a text to Do Yeon just in case.

Our room might be otherwise occupied tonight. Come back at your own risk.

The night air is serene and there is a comfortable silence between you and Namjoon as the both of you stroll leisurely back towards the dorms. You’re again reminded of just how tall he is when you barely reach up to his shoulder, and you’re just waiting from him to grab your hand when you feel his warmth as he interlaces his fingers with yours.

You squeeze his fingers a little in response, and the question he asks next is one that you remember writing into his dialogue, so you already have a response at the tip of your tongue.

“I can’t believe you almost didn’t recognise me at the club yesterday. Even after almost half a semester together, am I really that forgettable?” He feigns a hurt tone, and you reach up to poke him in one of his dimples.

“You’re always wearing a snapback or a beanie so your hair is hidden… and I usually sit at the front row too.”

“Noted. Ditch the headgear. And I’ll start sitting at the front row from the next lecture onwards, so save me a seat.” A wry grin makes its way onto your face at his inner dork.

He walks you all the way back to just outside your door, and your heart is in your throat as you try to stall for time, fishing around for your keys in your bag for as long as possible.

“Do you have a black hole in there or something?” His playful question lets you know that you’re out of time, and you sigh mentally before pulling them out and unlocking your door. You’re just about to step inside when he stops you with a hand on your wrist, and your heart skips a beat, though you try to conceal it as best as you can as you slowly turn around.

But he doesn’t ask for an invite in, neither does he push you against the door in a heated kiss like you hope. Instead he does exactly as you’d written him, placing a chaste kiss against your forehead and muttering a soft goodnight. The feeling of his lean body reminds you of the previous night in the club, and all you want to do is grab him by the collar and pull him inside and straddle him on the bed. It’s all you can do to keep the disappointment from showing on your face as you wish him in return, and gently close the door.

You immediately head towards the drawer by your bedside, withdrawing your little orange vibrator and it’s a long, heated night filled with images of his wet tongue and and glimpses of silver hair between your legs, but you’re nowhere close to satisfied by the end of it.

The next few days pass in a blur, and your progress on your assignment is at a standstill. It’s more than just a simple writer’s block, and you’re at a loss of how to end your protagonist’s romance without effectively ending yours as well. The thought of having to relive whatever scenario you write next dampens your mood somewhat, and you begin to curse whatever deity who had bestowed this ‘power’ upon you. Suddenly, being able to dictate your future doesn’t seem all that appealing anymore, and the weight of your unwritten words weigh heavily upon your shoulders.

Do Yeon offers to proof read whatever you have up to this point and give tips on how to continue, but you reject her offer vehemently. It feels much too private to let anyone but yourself be privy to, and you almost consider scrapping the whole assignment and starting from scratch again. But the deadline looms in less than a day, and you have no idea what rewriting your assignment would mean for your relationship with Namjoon.

So you have no choice but to soldier on. You pick up your rubric again, and slowly tick off every element that Prof Park mentioned he’d be looking out for. All but one item remains to be checked off: Creativity and originality. There is nothing that original so far, but a thousand words is enough to change that, with a drastic twist. You decide that the only way to achieve that is for your main characters to break up, contrary to the romance theme.

Not everything happened accordingly the last time at dinner, and it’s all you can hope for as you dredge up your muse and craft an argument to split the couple up, ticking off the last box on your list as you go.

Your calves are burning as you hurry in the direction of your psychology lecture after turning in your paper. Your vision is bleary from staying up half the night to finish your assignment, and as a result you almost miss the silver head in the front row.

You plop down beside Namjoon and he turns to look at you.

“What happened to saving me a seat? Whoa wait, let me guess, late night?” He asks as he takes in the dark circles around your eyes and your messy hair thrown in a bun.

“Yeah, pretty much. Was rushing an assignment for another class.” It’s the first time you’ve seen him ever since the previous night, and a sudden blush blooms across your cheeks as you recall your pathetic attempts at satiating your need. Thankfully, before he can ask any questions, the professor begins the lecture, and a hush of silence falls upon the entire lecture theatre.

The professor leaves you all with a partner project regarding behavioural studies, and Namjoon turns to you, using an index finger to push his glasses back in place. “What do you think of working on cognitive dissonance for our project?”

You’re distracted by his long, slender fingers again, but the flurry of students packing and leaving around the two of you buys you some time to answer him. “Yeah, sure. Let’s meet in the library later to get started.”

The walk to your next class just so happens to share the same route as Namjoon’s, and along the way he’s chatting your ear off on possible references and angles to take on your research project. But you only hear half of what he’s saying as you try to agree with everything, not wanting to tempt fate or whatever mysterious forces at work by disagreeing and signalling the start of an argument.

“Did you think of me after I left that night?” His sudden question has no link whatsoever to his previous topics, and you stop in your tracks, causing a few other students to nearly crash into you.

“Wait what? I thought we were discussing our project.” Your deer in the headlights look is much too telling, and your curse your inability to put on a proper poker face.

“I thought about you for the rest of the night, babygirl.” His blatant statement, along with his neutral expression, as if he were discussing the weather, causes a rush of arousal to slam into you, and you’re speechless as a result. Trust Namjoon to go from nerdy, studious dork to unabashed sex god in a span of less than a few minutes.

Your floundering doesn’t affect him in the least, and he only smirks at your lack of a response.

“Don’t forget, babygirl. 3pm in the library.”

You spend the rest of the day highly aware of the dampness in your panties. Your sexual escapades weren’t much to boast of other than a few bouts of vanilla sex with several exes, but Namjoon’s newly coined nickname for you ignites a heat in your lower belly, and you curse at the thought of having to endure your meeting with him in the library before you can head back and have another session with your vibrator.

3pm comes all too soon by the time you finish your last class and head for the library, both dread and excitement warring inside of you. The more you hang out with Namjoon, the higher the chance of things turning out the way you wrote them to be, so logically, you should end things with him as soon as possible and there might be a slim chance of you remaining friends.

But you were never a logical person at heart.

The library is almost empty, with mid terms just over and you claim a study pod the very back near the psychology section with your belongings. You decide to get a headstart and pick out some of the references he’d mentioned earlier, sending Namjoon a brief text to let him know you’re already here.

By the time he arrives, your cosy study pod is already piled high with books, and you’re so immersed in your research that you don’t realise he’s here until he slides into the seat next to you. The proximity of his jean clad thigh next to your own bare one throws you off focus, and you have to read the same sentence three times before finally grasping its meaning.

Wanting to get your meeting with him over and done with as fast as possible, you shift away a little to regain your focus and keep your eyes fixed on the text in front of you. “The references you stated earlier don’t really fit the angle we’re going for, I think we should- why is it so dark in here?”

“Oh. I drew the privacy screen when I came in. There were a couple of consultations going on outside and I didn’t want us to be interrupted.” Namjoon pulls off his hoodie as he speaks, leaving him in just a thin white shirt that makes you swallow hard. His double entendre, along with being alone with him in such a small, enclosed space reignites your arousal, but he seems totally unaffected. “What were you saying earlier?”

“Um, it’s just that uh, I think we should change our topic, since Prof already lectured quite a bit on it today. It wouldn’t be very impressive if we just copy all his references.” Your voice trembles at the start of your sentence, but you manage to regain your composure by flipping to the notes you’d copiously taken earlier that morning.

Namjoon frowns in disagreement, “But if we can put a new spin to whatever Prof mentioned and convince him that we’re right, it’ll be more than enough. Isn’t that what you did for your last presentation?”

“Yes but that was a brief presentation, this is an essay assignment. I’m not so sure how effectively we can go against years of research done by renowned scientists and still sound reasonable.” Your voice is raised now, eliciting a few hushes from outside and that’s when you realise the pod isn’t soundproof. Your heart sinks as you’re suddenly aware of the escalating argument, seeing as neither of you are the type to give in when it comes to academics. You decide to take the passive aggressive approach and pacify him.

Lowering your voice, you stand slightly and grab your laptop that’s sitting right in front of him, having prepared a few other theses to persuade him to change your essay topic. “Maybe we could work on these instead, I’ve already-“

“You’re so wet that I can smell you from here.”

And there he goes again with his out of the blue sexual comments that affect you way more than they should. Your frustration with him has reached a peak and you consider throwing one of these heavy tomes of research books at his smug little head, but considering you’re in a library, it doesn’t seem like it’ll go well.

“Shall we see if you’re as wet as I think you are?” His hand crawls up your inner thigh, causing the hem of your skirt to rise higher and higher. You open your mouth to protest, but he silences you with a hand cupped over your core. “What a naughty girl you are, so wet for me, in the library too…”

“I’m going to ask you a few questions, and you’re going to be a good girl for me and answer them truthfully. Or else I’ll put you over my lap and spank you so hard the entire library will hear.” His voice is calm and collected, as if he’s still discussing your project, but there’s an edge to it that makes you nod in reply.  

“Did you touch yourself after I left that night?”

“Yes.” Your voice is small and meek, but you admit to it nonetheless. Namjoon smiles in satisfaction, and dips his hand beneath the waistband of your underwear, fingers seeking out your clit. He rewards you with three swift, quick strokes, and you whine in protest as his fingers still again.

“Did you want me to come inside and fuck you till you forgot your own name?”

“Yes,” it comes out in a gasp, and his fingers dip down toward your entrance enticingly, gathering the evidence of your arousal and glossing it over your sensitive bud with his coated fingers.

“What do you want me to do to you babygirl? Use your words.” The nickname has you squirming in your seat, trying to angle his fingers to where you need them the most.

“I want to feel you inside me. I need you to make me cum,” your eyes lock onto his own lust filled ones, pupils blown wide, and you realise that you’re not the only one who has been spending the entire day in low key arousal after all.

His long fingers surge into you, and you’re so wet that he slides right in. The resulting noise that echoes in the study pod is positively filthy, but the delicious stretch distracts you and you thrust your hips up towards his hand. His tongue traces the shell of your ear, and you turn towards him, desperate for more friction, for more of his touch, for him in his entirety.

His lips meet yours in a heated kiss, and you moan into his mouth when he grinds his palm onto your clit, and you tighten around him.

“Fuck babygirl, you’re so tight.”

The thrusting of his digits accompanied by the swirling of his thumb around your clit makes the heated coil in your belly tighten even more, and the white hot pleasure has you gasping for air, writhing under his touch. With each stroke of his talented fingers, Namjoon brings you closer and closer to the edge, and towards an orgasm better than any that you’ve ever had with your vibrator or even your previous exes. He seeks out the spot within you that makes you grasp onto his shoulders and bite your lip in an attempt to hold back the sounds of your ecstasy.

You angle your body toward him so that he can reach deeper inside your slick cunt, and one of your hands makes its way up his thigh toward the tent of his jeans. You fumble at the zipper for a few seconds before grasping his steel length from the opening of his pants, and swiping your thumb across the engorged, red head weeping with precum. He mumbles a curse under his breath and you’re delighted to be able to have such an effect on him, but at that moment, his fingers dance over that spot once more, and combined with the consistent pressure against your nub, hurtles you off the edge. You’re too consumed in the feeling of bliss that spreads from your core all the way down to your toes that you slacken your grip on his cock.

Namjoon helps you through your orgasm by giving you a few more thrusts with his fingers, before withdrawing them entirely and you watch with hooded eyes as he licks your essence off each finger individually.

“Take your panties off and straddle me.” His commanding voice has you sitting up and pulling off your white cotton panties off with one hand, and he snatches the garment from you, tucking them into the back pocket of his jeans.

“White hmmm? You’re pretending to be so innocent but here you are, fucking me in a study pod in the library,” his baritone voice and filthy words send shivers down your spine, and he reaches for your waist and helps you to situate yourself over him. His grip prevents you from sinking down onto his cock, and you whine when the tip of him grazes against your still sensitive clit.

“Please,” you rotate your hips helplessly over him, trying to angle yourself just so that he can slip in.

“Please what babygirl?”

“Please fuck me.”

“Say that we can keep this topic for our essay, and then I’ll pound you so good, _____.”

“What?? Namjoon I swear-“

“Come on _____, you’re just one word away from another mindblowing orgasm,” he grinds the head of his cock into your slit, and you try your best to force your weight down on him, but his wiry strength keeps you in place and you almost sob in frustration.

“Cocky bastard, who said I enjoyed the last one?”

“I think the scratches on my shoulder and your bleeding lip might attest to just how much,” He buries his face into the crook of your neck, and you can feel him sucking a bruise into your skin.

You’re so wet at this point that you’re practically dripping onto him, and the feeling of his tongue laving over your sweaty skin is more than you can bear.

“Ok we can keep it so just fuck me already!”

His grip on you loosens at once and he slides in to the hilt, and the sensation of being stretched so wide leaves you breathless and gasping for air. For once, Namjoon’s just as affected as you, as he throws his head back against the headrest, digging his fingers into your thighs so hard that you can already feel bruises forming.

The feeling of your heat gripping him tightly has him panting in your ear, and you realise that he’s just been hiding his arousal all this while. Feeling a sudden rush of empowerment, you tighten your muscles around him, causing his thighs to tense into steel beneath you.

“Fuck, why are you so tight? You’re dripping wet on my cock, do you want to cum?” His penchant for dirty words only fans the flames of your orgasm, and you forget entirely about teasing him.

You place a hand against his chest as he bounces you on top of him, and every stroke fills you perfectly to the brim. He reaches down to roughly stroke your clit again, and his hips surge into yours repeatedly. Namjoon’s harsh, staccato breaths alert you of his nearing climax, and you bring your lips to his ear.

“I want to feel you cum inside me, can you cum for me Daddy?” He lets out a deep growl in response, and his hips start to stutter, thrusts becoming sloppy as he nears his orgasm. He gives one last flick to your clit, and the tension in your core is released, and you clamp your walls down around his pulsing length.

White hot bliss erupts from behind your tightly shut eyelids, and beneath you, Namjoon gives a few more sharp thrusts before painting your walls with his hot cum, and you relish the warmth as you slouch in his arms.

“That was an interesting method of conflict resolution,” you say as you climb off his lap, feeling some of his cum leak out onto your inner thighs. “Can I have my underwear back now?”

“I didn’t know how else to make Miss Top Student shut up. And it worked, didn’t it?” He tucks himself back into his pants, but makes no move to return your panties.

You roll your eyes in exasperation, tugging your skirt back into place and standing up so you wouldn’t stain the seat. “If you think you won, then you’re so wrong. But I guess it’s a lot better than the other alternative I imagined. Panties, now.”

“I like the thought of you walking out of here with my cum dripping down your thighs.”

You punch him on the shoulder for his lewd comment, but by now you’re already used to them. He follows your cue as you gather your things, holding the door of the pod open for you.

“What other alternative were you thinking of?”

“Well, let’s just say it was a premonition.”

A/N: Thank you so much for reading!!! I hope you liked my twist on the overly done college AU. Hopefully it wasn’t too confusing? I’ll leave the actual details of how her premonition works and all that ambiguous, but let’s just say that small details can be predicted, but bigger ones are sort of undetermined.

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