ugh i really miss this show


“The idea of soul mates actually originated with Plato. His theory was that, humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus was threatened by their power and split them all in half. Condemning us all to spend our lives trying to complete ourselves” -TB

First of all - a Happy New Year to all you out there!

I really miss ranting about YoI. Maybe I should just do it anyway lmao. I’m currently re-watching the show - something I’ve refrained myself from while it was running (and I haven’t done yet because … ugh … other obligations).

I wonder if I’m gonna find a lot of things that I missed watching it the first time around. Probably lol. 

How did / do you guys experience your first re-watch? Or are some of you even watching it for the first time, maybe? 

What are your feelings about season 1 being over? Are you still suffering from withdrawal symptoms, or have you already gotten over it (or are currently in the process to lol)?

What are your wishes and hopes for season 2 (and yes, it will happen because it has to happen - for the sake of my sanity!)? 

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So, the "Le Fou is gay" aspect of the movie. How was it? Was it handled well?

It wasn’t handled well. At all.

It didn’t bother me as much as it bothered some of my friends, though I think that’s because I was in a theater with like five people in it and none of them laughed at the jokes. Which. There are a lot of jokes. He doesn’t ogle Gaston’s ass or anything like that, but he is very physically close and clingy - and there’s a joke about how he’s clingy, which is ugh - and he comes across as a less over the top Sassy Gay Friend. I missed the part of the film where he had an Explicitly Gay Moment - I guess I blinked or something? It really wasn’t obvious - but that goes to show you how important this is to his character.

I will say that I liked two things about him: I like that he grew a conscience and switched sides, saving Mrs. Potts in the final battle (though I wonder if that’s because Disney realized that having an effeminate Sassy Gay Friend stereotype end as a villain was not a good idea) and I liked that during “Gaston” he was actively paying off the townspeople to help cheer up his buddy. That was funny, and not because Hello I’m Gay. (though that goes back to my “the townspeople veer wildly between being realistic people with hearts and minds and Crazy Caricatures” complaint? because they still follow Gaston around like puppies, and earlier they dumped Belle’s laundry on the ground because holy hells you guys she’s teaching a girl to read!!!)

A lot of my LGBT friends are very upset about this. A lot of them are not upset at all. I’m somewhere in between, but I don’t think this was a good move.

Tan Minx (smut): MARCO REUS (for Anon)

(AN: Ugh this sucked I’m sorry anon x)

I groaned back at my reflection, noticing that I was just about matching the cream white bathroom tiles. Since moving to Germany to live with my boyfriend, I’ve been missing the sun and it really shows through my pale skin.

With a shrug, I stripped off my clothes and pulled on the first bikini I grabbed. I wandered down the stairs and settled myself on a sun lounge by the pool. Germany’s weather can be pretty moody and during my time here, I’ve learnt to never take the sun for granted.

With a sigh, I laid back and enjoyed the warmth beating against my skin. The sun kissed me passionately and I could feel my topless body darkening beneath its wrath.

Just as I was dozing off peacefully, I felt a harsh tug on my nipple. My body jolted up in alert, a gasp ghosting from my lips in shock.

“Marco!” I frowned, only seeing my boyfriend latching his lips against me hungrily. I denied the pleasure that was surging through my chest, composing myself enough to push him away.

We were outdoors for God’s sake.

“I’m trying to get a tan” I retorted and he smirked boyishly at me, licking his lips as his eyes raked down my nearly-naked body.

“Now-“ I began, flipping over to face him with my back.

“Can you rub this lotion on my back?” I asked, closing my eyes and handing him the bottle of tanning lotion. I gasped when the cold liquid pooled against the small of my back, only to sigh blissfully when Marco began massaging it into my skin. His palms worked up my spine, rubbing the greasy lotion over my shoulders and down my arms. With a low grunt, he harshly sucked on the back of my neck, drawing the blood to break against the surface of my skin.

“Marco-“ I attempted to push him away, but his firm hand on my lower thigh kept me pressed against the sun lounge.

“I need you” He begged, flipping me over to allow him to access whatever he needed from me.

“I don’t feel like it” I mumbled, clamping my teeth against my lip when he slipped two fingers between my folds. Laughing brightly, he shook his head and I knew I had been caught out.

“Wrong. You’re as wet as that pool” He smirked, yanking his fingers out and sucking away the slippery juices. With a snarl, I clawed off his shirt and tugged at his pants. His confidence thickened, when I took him in my mouth desperately. Running my palm along the rest of his length, his moans and huffs of appreciation encouraged me to suck harder and harder, until he was a twitching, trembling mess inside me.

I coughed and gasped for air against his member, choking breathlessly when he shot his salty load down my throat.

“Shit baby” He praised, snatching my bikini bottoms down and scooping my thighs up to line me up with his length.

My mind was a blurry haze when he mercilessly pounded into me. Every thought and worry in my head was seduced by the pleasure thundering from my core. The sound of slapping skin filled my ears, the anthem of lust.

“Come on baby” he grunted, nipping at the supple skin of my neck. Numbness tided over me, along with euphoria and lust, mixing together to make a thigh-trembling cocktail.

“Cum Y/N” He growled another demand in my ear, pounding his frustration into me angrily. Throwing one leg over his shoulder, Marco plunged even deeper into my sloshing pussy.

“Oh god” I whispered, throwing my head back and screaming out in ecstasy. The knot that laid in the pit of my stomach began to loosen, unraveling into a shaking, squirting orgasm all over my man.

“Good baby girl” He praised, slurping up the mess at my slit. I snatched up tufts of his perfect blonde hair, tugging it in appreciation for what he was doing to me. His tongue roamed over my clit sloppily, leaving me desperate for another release. Just when my high was peaking, he pulled away and licked his fingers.

“You should tan more, you little minx” He smirked, rising up and disappearing back into the house, leaving me hot and bothered in ways I didn’t imagine I would be. 

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This is so fucking AMAZING i think you could post them just reading a paper or something and it would be incredible. I really really love all of these snippets. I can’t wait for the whole thing :)

a-eliz replied to your post “Show Me The Sky”

OH MY GOD. This is incredible!!!! You guys write emotion so well and it’s somehow not cheesy and I’m stupid jealous but also THIS IS SO GOOD. UGH!!!! And I think I missed five somehow, not sure how that happened. Shall have to remedy. YOURE AMAZING.

Ahhhhhhhhh these made me all squeaky and happy and I had to bury my face in my hands to try to contain myself. Thank you so much!!!!! I really can’t tell you how much this means to me- I love them so irrationally and intently, so seeing that other people love them too makes my heart want to fly! You’re too sweet, thank you :) And @colourful-dots, ha, that is so exciting to hear and sounds like quite the challenge, I want to take you up on that! It’ll definitely end with them fucking on the newspaper though- they have terrible self control :)

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Ugh I really hate when people still insults Finn for what he did to Flame princess.I mean, he did wrong but they are friends now,she forgave him,they get on well. Did they miss the entire show?

Yeah, well, fortunately it’s not something I hear often today, mostly from people who are catching up with the show, so I trust they will come around when they watch the newest eps.

tagged by @darkvalkyria​! thanks so much! :D

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Relationship status: Nonexistent as always

Lipstick or Chapstick: uhh chapstick i guess? Lipstick gets really annoying after a while but i dont wear makeup most days anyway. 

I wear chapsticks when my lips crack or if its dry

Last Song I Listened To: I’ve been listening to Arc V’s endings and openings on loop this week. ugh im gonna miss this show so much ; v ;

Last Movie I Watched: Dark Side of Dimensions dub. I like it well enough, and Diva was ridiculously pretty. i should see the sub soon

Top 3 Characters: 

Right now? hoo boy i have lots. but ill try to limit it to the first three that pops in my head.

1. Totally not Sakaki Yuya. Pfft it’s not like i have him as my phone and desktop wallpaper nor do i have a folder of him full of pictures and its not like i take breaks from watching arc v just so i can take screenshots after screenshots of him. worst protag ever. 

(i have never been so in love with a character before please help i literally have dorkiest smile on my face every time i see this boy’s beautiful beautiful face)

2. Pearl from Steven Universe: She’s my favorite part of the show tbh. dont get me wrong i love all the gems but Pearl just stands out to me more.

3. Sunset Shimmer from EQG/ Rarity from MLP: ugh i cant pick i love them both so much.

 i could in depth on why i love these characters so much but that would take too long.

Top Three Ships: 

uhh I can ship most people with Yuya I guess…but Fruitshipping because i love Yuya and Yuzu’s relationship in the anime and maybe Rottenshipping just becasue im biased and i love both yuya and yuri so much

Applejack and Rarity is still my main ship in EQG and MLP. they’re totally married guys.

Kobayashi and Tohru. I love this dragon maid anime.

tag: uhh just tag yourself i guess

liveitout replied to your post “I think it’s fair to say now, after delving into S5 that it could’ve…”

yup. it’s not the same. i’m not enjoying it as much as i thought i would bc of vera’s lack of screentime. ugh.

Completely valid and what a lot of people are feeling right now (myself included.) *sighs* Lets see how the other half of the season goes but I feel like it goes without saying that Vera is sorely missed as *live* Norma…

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Artsy missing fandom anon here, sorry, I spaced! Magi please!

ugh sorry for the wait


Hakuryuu Ren

▪Hakuryuu would respect you keeping to yourself until others knew you, and would admire your creativity

▪The prince would be surprised by your sassy outburst the first time he saw, and would be slightly flustered

▪In the area of trust, you are exactly like Hakuryuu where it is hard to forgive others; something he really can’t blame you for

▪In those rare moments where the male is feeling happy, he’d crack a joke with you or two; just to show he cares

▪Lastly, the guy would be thankful for your loyalty where he lives in a world where such is hard to find

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Destiel shipper: “I miss SPN episodes with lots of Cas and Dean interactions in them! :(”  Tags: #spn #destiel #wank for ts 

Destiel hater: *reblogs post* “You’d better stop watching the show then, since SPN is about SAM & DEAN, not stupid destiel! UGH delusional destihellers only care about their ship, they’re not TRUE FANS!!! Oh and SAM WHO btw??!!”

~15min later~

Destiel hater: “When will Castiel die?! He’s so useless and annoying! Plus, Misha is ugly, a terrible actor and he queerbaits the destihellers and the minions!!! Btw, here’s a really offensive and unsourced rumor about him. I hope he gets fired. Also: fuck him!” Tags: #destiew #anti-Misha #anti-minions #destihellers

Destiel shipper: *reblogs post* “Wow! 1) You’re wrong 2) Stop spreading hate and offensive rumors 3) RUDE!”


Missing Nine

I don’t want to write this because I am still angry about the ending but I want to get it out of the way. Lets start with the good things, the beginning of the show was really pretty great. The plot was really engaging, thrilling, and interesting. Many of the characters were really likeable and unique. There were so many different relationships and examples of different kinds of bonds, I loved seeing the variation as they struggled on the island. The best character by far was Bong Hee, she was the best part of this drama and she every so slightly saves the whole show for me in terms of the later mess. Bong Hee was amazing to watch and she definitely is one of my favorite kdrama heroines. I also loved Ji Ah, Ki Joon, Yeol, and Prosecutor Yoon.

Where this show fails for me is the second half and when they get back from the island. I had big hopes for this show because it seemed like they were going to continue to play with the aspect of Bong Hee’s amnesia and keep us guessing on what was true and what wasn’t, and there was a bit of this early on in the show. But then they just dropped all this for this ridiculous cat and mouse game where they focus on this murder from before and chase after a cell phone for like 5 episodes. And with kdramas I think there is a certain understandable and expected amount of plot holes but with this drama its ridiculous. There are so many plot holes that this would be 10x as long if I listed all of them. In the case of this story that was so much about the truth and surviving, the plot loses its weight as it continues to make less sense to the viewer as truths are revealed. The entire plot around that murder/suicide before the island makes almost no sense and yet they focused on that the entire second half of the drama instead of all the other murders on the island. Speaking of murder, how the writers dealt with Tae Ho was the biggest flaw of this entire show for me and usually I try to not spoil to much with these but I must mention this. The writers set him up on the island as a serial killer, he kills the pilot, Yeol, So Hee, the reporter, the men on the boat, and also tried to kill basically every other character in this show. And up until the end he was definitely a decent villain he was menacing and I hated his guts. You would think after killing so many people the other survivors would remember and act accordingly. Instead they only focus on how he killed Jaehyun and So Hee and never even mention anyone else. The survivors also treat Tae Ho like he committed some small crime instead of so many murders, in connection with this I don’t think the humor worked for me. Instead of adding to the darker aspect of the plot it weakened it for me. I would get whiplash from one humorous scene to Tae Ho murdering. In conclusion what makes the end so horrible for me is not that it was a mess and we didn’t get a kiss and it was confusing. It was that Tae Ho does not get punished at all and everyone just forgives him?????????????????????????????????????????? I have seen a couple comments saying that its a great ending because its about forgiveness, like what the fuck. He didn’t do some small crime, he killed so many people and none of them were slightly justifiable or understandable on any spectrum. And I can watch the show and try and forget Tae Ho but when all the other characters are shown having fun with Tae Ho and painting acting like nothing has happened I start to dislike them as well. Joon Oh forgiving Tae Ho the first time when he accidentally killed Yeol I understand but how can he continue to forgive him and value Tae Ho’s “feelings” over the people he selfishly murdered? What about justice for all those innocent people?

I am going to stop now but I just forever will be disappointed because this show had so much potential. And now that its over I hope someone will make the show that I thought I was watching. Or even make the show I wanted when I first read the premise which was a kdrama version of Gilligan’s Island, cause that would be great.

okay but the writers of once upon a time missed such an amazing opportunity with ruby. she’s such a different character with an interesting story. i think it would have been really cool to explore her character a little more… but they completely pushed her aside. not to mention her relationship with dorothy. they could have represented the lgbt+ community in such a cool way, and made them canon. can you imagine what it would be like if ruby and dorothy’s relationship would have been portrayed and pursued more? it’s all a little disappointing i guess.

I finally got around to finishing Flip Flappers and I don’t think I’ve ever been so conflicted about an anime, not even Kill la Kill, which I was very conflicted about. 

Show has some amazing animation. It also has some… not so great animation. 

Show has some really amazing episodes. It also doesn’t really hold together as a whole, to me at least. 

Show has some really interesting concepts, high and low. It also has truly unfortunate, occasionally molesty, borderline rapey, fanservice involving young girls (it is anime, after all).

So… it’s like, would I recommend this? UGH! I DUNNO! There are at least three episodes that were truly great, and I would have hated to miss out on them. The animation, when it’s good, especially during fighting or action scenes, is amazing. Anyone who likes animation should at least see these parts. There’s a lot of fun references to other shows (from magical girls to live-action sentai and martial arts films), books, and art. There’s genuinely hilarious bits, and there’s genuinely heartbreaking bits. Heck, there was even a scary bit, and that’s hard to do with me. But, I kept finding myself saying, “Jeez. Really?” at each new bit of fanservice. 

I guess I can say I’m glad to have seen it, but it has enough issues that it’s not really one of my favorites. It’s mostly great until they get to the episodes where it’s like “Time to make sense of all this.”

It’s unique, at least. 

Like an hour ago this lady came in with two kids. She was part of a big group of people that came in but only took like 10 mins to get their orders and give them their drinks. Long story short this lady comes in, was probably only here for like three minutes. I ring her up, she pulls out a hundred. “I’m sorry I can’t take this I don’t have enough change, and I only have 5s and 1s. ”
‘This is all I have.’
“No card of Starbucks card?”
'No. This is ridiculous, you’re not gonna take my money?’
“Miss, I’m really sorry but I can’t.”
My supervisor said we would give it to them for free.
'Ugh. No. Whatever. I’ll go to another Starbucks.’

Like. Cool. Showed us. Go drive to another Starbucks and have the same thing happen. We were literally gonna give you three drinks for free. But. Yknow. Do you.

I can’t even form a fucking opinion on this show anymore, other than making a cringing face. There’s been good moments, but they’re so few and far between that it’s like… ugh. I don’t know. Last week I said I was casual-watching now. And I am I guess. But this week got me fucked up.

I’m not even watching Debbie’s storyline anymore because it’s awful, and makes me really fucking uncomfortable and Frank’s there so… (also it makes zero sense to me that Frank is violently anti-abortion, but whatever) Also Frank is essentially getting two fucking storylines every episode. Because that’s what the show was missing before. More Frank. Yes. Thank you.

I’m bored to death with Carl’s grossly offensive shit. Vee finally unleashed on him and I don’t think I’ve ever cheered so loudly at my TV before. This is really upsetting that I’m not invested in Carl like I used to be, because he used to be my baby, and I used to be SO invested in him. 

I’m bored to death with Lip and Helene. Saw this shit coming a hundred miles away. He took that pic of her in the first ep and I was like welp that’s ending horribly. It’s such an overused storyline & I’m bored bored bored.

I don’t really have much to say about Fiona right now. On one hand, I guess I can appreciate that it seemed like (???) she was trying to make her fuck-ups right. But now it just seems like she’s given up on the family –everyone’s going their separate ways? Debbie and Carl are teenagers, they can’t just go their separate ways. It’s basically everyone for themselves and it’s like… cool. Wonderful. Glad the Gallaghers really stick together. Nice.

And Ian… like lmao… please stop. Just. Stop. STOP. I get that he’s never been perfect. He’s always had traits that were not okay, and pulled some fucked up shit. I get that. I understand that. And I get that “””people change”””. But like… bitch, I don’t even know you. I’m not even going to talk about the disrespect for Mickey because everyone knows. But like… this idgaf I just wanna fuck wtf is a date person is… not… Ian? At all? Why was this a writing choice for him? I’m back to trying to make sense out of nonsense, and I hate it. Fuck.

Svetlana looks good tho & I liked her setting Fiona straight. That was good.