ugh i really miss them

oh man that infinity video made me miss their live performances so much. I’m so happy to get to experience their solo projects but there is nothing that will compare to when I am finally able to spend a fortune on front row tickets when they come back cause I’ll go to half of the tour and live on peanuts just to hear them perform wolves every night

I mean, on the plus side, had quite a good night out. But on the other hand, still haven’t slept because I’m so worried about this training today (in 3.5 hours…) and at this point I’m scared to because my worry over sleeping through my alarm nowadays is bordering on obsessive, and I’m also worried I’m going to be too tired today to work on my coursework properly.


Maggie Siff + her boys

“They do a lot of roughhousing and insult each other really badly. But for the most part, they love me. They are so protective and sweet. They tease, but really in much gentler ways. They don’t often hurt my feelings actually.”