ugh i really miss them


Screencap redraw - Lunyx Anastasia AU

Lunyx was like my first ship in the game/movie so I’m curious what they look like in my drawing. and since I’m getting addicted with screencap redraw/crossover, these happened. My curiosity has been appeased.


Maggie Siff + her boys

“They do a lot of roughhousing and insult each other really badly. But for the most part, they love me. They are so protective and sweet. They tease, but really in much gentler ways. They don’t often hurt my feelings actually.”

Clara asked Danny on a date.

She didn’t profess her eternal love.

Clara is completely unattached and hasn’t been in a romantic relationship in all the time we’ve known her.

And here she dares to take initiative an asks out a man she lies immediately and finds attractive - who she can assume she shares interests with, because he’s a teacher as well.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We even get to see the moment of hesitation, in which she works up the nerve to do that.

If you hate on Clara for this, this might be the time to ask yourself what the fuck you are doing.

oh man that infinity video made me miss their live performances so much. I’m so happy to get to experience their solo projects but there is nothing that will compare to when I am finally able to spend a fortune on front row tickets when they come back cause I’ll go to half of the tour and live on peanuts just to hear them perform wolves every night


we will miss you.