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So this is a light little Sterek drabble I’d ALMOST finished ages ago and then forgotten about until tonight, in which Derek and Stiles are neighbors.

Word count: a little under 2k

EDIT: just posted this to AO3 as well.

Laura tells him it’s cowardly and unromantic to confess feelings over text, but too bad. Derek can’t think of anything more terrifying than showing up on Stiles’ doorstep (conveniently, the apartment right below Derek’s) to tell him to his face. And Derek wants to know, okay? Has to know. He needs closure. He can’t keep second-guessing every microsecond of every interaction with Stiles, trying to guess how he’s feeling, and he can’t keep hoping like this. He’ll go insane. Stiles has been his neighbor/friend/hopeless crush for almost six months already, and Derek definitely can’t take another six.

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✄ Hiking with Dino

@leechansthighs​​ happy birthday binch

  • So you and Dino are that couple who like to work out and exercise instead of going on really elaborate dates
  • And okay before some of y’all are like “work out? mE?” let me just say that working out with Chan doesn’t feel like working out
  • Like sure, you’re sweaty and gross and afterwards you feel like death
  • But it’s a peaceful passing !!
  • Because you and Chan don’t just go to the gym or the studio and take cute couple selfies in the mirror
  • No, y’all are the fun couple
  • You’ve known each other for ages, keeping in contact when Chan moved to Seoul to become a trainee and reuniting closer than ever when you moved to Seoul for university
  • He took you for your first tour around Seoul and after a long-overdue arcade battle (you’ve been waiting to crush his ass since middle school), everything merely fell into place?
  • You’re always texting each other too and Hoshi still nags about the morning of his birthday where Chan continued to text you instead of sending him a birthday text at 12AM
  • And you laugh until he fixes you with a glare and complains that you also didn’t send him one either so you’re equally as bad
  • You guys only really put a label to your relationship after one day you show up at the Pledis studio to drop off snacks for the boys and Jeonghan was like “are you here to corrupt Chan again?? (but thank u for the food, you’re an angel)”
  • And Chan almost rolls his eyes so hard that they disappear into the back of his head and he snappily responds to Jeonghan
  • “We all know you’re just jealous because you wish you could be dating someone as great as Y/N”
  • He immediately realizes what he’s implying and snaps his head over towards you, although he doesn’t take anything back because he’s sorta hopeful and 200% means everything he said??
  • And when you kind of just fleetingly nod your silent approval, he lets out the grandest smile that lasts about half a second before Jeonghan whines a retort and the two are back to bickering
  • But yes, that was the day you two officially started dating
  • ANYWAY, back to working out, you guys don’t just go to the gym and work out with the machines
  • You try to experiment out in the world, and often take the fun classes instead
  • Hula-hooping, trampolining, suspension yoga, dragon boat, ganja yoga, gymnastics, circus classes, and that one pole dancing class that Chan did surprisingly well in – you know, the one Pledis is still giving you shit for because of the risk factors involved,,,
  • Actually, I take what I said earlier back, it gets pretty elaborate
  • You guys try something new every week because you’re both young and Seoul is a city made for the bustling youth
  • So this week you decide that you’ll keep it low key because of Seventeen’s busy schedule
  • Which is fine, because you don’t need to be suspended 10 metres in the air for the two of you to have fun
  • And you decide to go on a hike and end up in Bukhansen, what is known to be an entrancing forest park destination that is easy to access within Seoul
  • You both show up like the excited little chipmunks you are
  • And the two of you are carrying about twice as much of everything you need, just in case the other person forgets
  • Because y’all look out for each other like that
  • When he sees your full hiking gear and backpack that’s almost as big as you are, he immediately starts to fuss
  • “No no no, put some of the stuff in my bag! I’m stronger than you might think, I can handle it.” And you’re hesitant because you’re handling the bag just fine but you know just how much Chan is hellbent on impressing you with his ManlyDancerStrength so you just kind of let it happen
  • And Chan seems fine for a while but it’s a long hike up and you swear you start to see him sweat a little too quickly
  • He just about topples over when you come to your third bridge and so you say nothing as you readjust the loads in your bags so that they’re even once more, him smiling sheepishly towards you the entire time
  • It’s a humid day but your surroundings are beautiful and you stop to take many pictures by the waterfalls
  • You almost fall in a couple of times because you still need to break in your hiking boots
  • But Chan is always extremely quick to steady you
  • He checks you over to make sure you’re okay each time before pressing a small kiss to your forehead
  • Although he’s a teasing boyfriend, he’s extremely caring and holds you in the highest of regards
  • After about two hours, that heat really starts to settle in
  • Chan complains about how he’s going to feel terrible at practice tomorrow and you’re all “oi buddy we didn’t even take the direct steep mountain path we just chose to go around”
  • And he huffs because he knows you’re right but then mutters about how this took so much longer than he expected it too
  • You assure him that a picnic stop is nearby and he shuts up immediately, excited at the prospect of food
  • When you settle down to eat, the two of you eat everything way quicker than expected
  • And it leaves the two of you in a lil food coma for a bit
  • He lies down on the blanket, looking up at the sky and pats his side, noticing for you to come closer and cuddle for a little bit
  • “Chan, we just ate!”
  • “So?”
  • “We need time to digest.”
  • “We have our whole lifetime to digest, just cuddle me please.”
  • “Ugh, fine, you big baby.”
  • The only time he accepts being called a baby lmao
  • In fact, he’s kinda proud of it and so when you lie next to him he buries you into his side and the older ladies in the pack that you were practically following croon at how cute the two of you are
  • You’re not sure if the blush you’re sporting is from the heat or your embarrassment
  • You blame the heat
  • But when the embarrassment dies down and you settle into his side comfortably, you treasure how nice and peaceful it is
  • The forest is such a serene and peaceful pocket hidden from the loud and busy streets of the city
  • And you’re with Chan, with makes it even better
  • Your food coma doesn’t help and before you know it, the two of you are dozing off
  • The old ladies choose not to wake you up and instead position your bags so that you have a nice comfy pillow
  • ((You will later on admonish how that was probably a dangerous decision to make, but no pics got leaked out online and nothing was stolen so perhaps someone was looking out for you, whoever that is))
  • ((And you’re thankful))
  • Chan wakes up before you to discover that it’s evening now
  • Which means you’ve been sleeping for a while since you guys arrived in the afternoon
  • He’s got 15 missed calls from the boys plus their managers and he shoots Cheol a text to assure him that the two of you are alright
  • But he doesn’t wake you up because he doesn’t just yet want to disturb the peace that is your sleep
  • Plus, you’re drooling a little bit and he kinda wants to snap that to everybody he knows
  • He finally wakes you up with small pecks across your face
  • And watches as you slowly open your eyes
  • It’s romantic, really, and you expect what he will say next as he opens his mouth to be romantic as well…
  • “Y/N, you have eye boogers.”
  • His laughter can be heard for miles as you shove him away and scramble to get up and start heading back home
  • He hurries to catch up with you, running up and clasping your hand
  • You don’t glance over to your side, but you know he’s smiling
  • And yeah, maybe you are too

Something you never knew you needed but totally needed. But seriously, happy birthday love <3 (I give you shit but it’s all in good jest)


The Crush (Raulson).

A/N: This AMAZING prompt was sent by an even more amazing anon! Love, I really really hope it went out good enough for you to like it <3 I had a terrible writer’s block and took WAY too long than I planned to post it, and I apologize sincerly. ALSO, I just want to make three things clear before you guys start reading it: 

1- I don’t intend, in ANY WAY, to hurt anyone with this story; This is a TOTALLY fictional work; I just used real people because that’s what AU’s are all about.

2- I love Hamish and Lily, as well as I love Sarah and Holland; Again I want to make clear that I don’t, IN ANY WAY, want to hurt anyone and I just want you guys to know I support Lily and Sarah on whoever they want to date, I want them to be happy since that’s the most important thing ever; This work is FICTIONAL.

3- I know you can find someone hot and not be defined by that; This plot on the story is only to be a funny thing, like friends mocking themselves on a NOT hatefull way. 

Okay, I think that’s it <3 Enjoy guyyys xoxo

It was the usual warm Sunday night in L.A. and, since the shootings for the next season of American Horror Story were starting on Monday, Sarah was more than happy to share her apartment with her best friend. Both women were sitting on the couch, watching some random TV show and catching up on one another;

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halfthealphabet  asked:

11. Annabeth to Percy please

thingsyou said when you were drunk

The second morning she wakes up in Las Vegas, there is an unusual weight on Annabeth’s left hand.

It’s the first thing she notices – aside from the wicked headache pounding away at her skull, courtesy of one of the worst hangovers of her life, that is. She nearly pokes her eye out with it when she reaches up to rub sleep and crusty mascara out of her eyes, and when she pulls her hand back to glare at the offending weight, it sparkles like a diamond in the morning light.

No, it’s sparkling because it is a diamond. A diamond ring, actually.

Weird, Annabeth thinks, her brain fighting to put all the pieces of this puzzle together through the groggy haze of her hangover. It almost looks like a…

Realization hits her like a freight train and Annabeth bolts upright in bed with a strangled gasp. Her head spins at the sudden movement, but the nauseated lurch of her stomach everything to do with the piece of jewelry on the fourth finger of her left hand.

The ring is glittery and gaudy and everything Annabeth’s worst nightmares are made of; it looks like diamond encrusted fly’s eye, so cumbersome and ridiculous that it will undoubtedly get caught in her hair, on her clothes, and maybe even in the door. It is not a ring she’d left her hotel room wearing last night.

It is, unmistakably, a wedding ring.

Di immortales,” Annabeth swears, staring at the ring in shock. What on earth had she done last night?

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You Don’t Know Me (Part 2)

“You did not do that Y/N” Scotty says.

“Yes I did and now I’m fucking embarrassed… What am I gonna do?” You say. You’re at a fancy restaurant with Scotty and you just told him what happened. “I mean we’re gonna do a damn photo shoot together and it’s for a damn underwear line… Oh my God I don’t want to go”

“Don’t say that stupid. This is your dream come true. Come on Y/N, I mean how bad is it gonna be?” He says.

“I don’t know and I don’t want to think about it” You said.

“But you’re gonna go right?” He asks.

“Of course I’m gonna go… I just feel so uncomfortable right now.” You said. You really don’t know how you’re gonna explain to him why you left. “I mean I don’t even have to tell him my reasons… I honestly don’t even care anymore”

“But you know he’s gonna ask…” Scotty says.

“Ugh… You’re not making this any better Cunha.” You get frustrated and he laughs.




You’re brushing your teeth. “SCOTTTTYYYYYYYY” You yell. He runs to the bathroom like his life depends on it. “WHAT?” He says while trying to breathe.

“I don’t wanna go” You pout. You don’t want to see Neymar, it’s gonna be embarrassing and you don’t handle embarrassing situations very well.

“You fucking scared me you shithead…” He says still trying to breathe. “Seriously Scott I don’t want to go” You say still pouting.

“Get your head out of your ass Y/N. This is Calvin Klein we’re talking about. Do you know how long you’ve been talking about wanting to work with them? Well this is your only chance to do it, so do it right. I’m gonna be there with you if you forgot about that… Seriously Y/N it’s not gonna be as bad as you think it’s gonna be” Scotty says. You just stare at him not knowing what to say.

“Ugh you’re right…” You finally spoke. “Aren’t I always?” He says winking at you.

“I love gay people” You say as you walk out of the bathroom.




You finally arrive with Scotty. Some young lady leads you to the photographer. You talked to him for a while and then he tells you to get ready, so you go to the dressing room and there’s people handing you the first underwear to wear from the Calvin Klein underwear line.

You put on a robe they gave you and you went to talk to the photographer again. “Look if it’s okay, I don’t want to get to know him before the photo shoot. I think it’s unnecessary and I just want to stick to the business. I mean if it’s ok?” You didn’t want to sound rude, but you really didn’t feel like talking to him for an hour.

“Of Course it’s okay. His manager said he’s a bit shy when it comes to doing photo shoots or commercials so he said it would be better if Neymar got to know you before the photo shoot, but I’ll talk to him.” The photographer said. “Thank you so much” You say.

While Scotty is doing your hair, you’re checking on twitter and instagram. You can’t believe what you’re seeing… You’re a trending topic on twitter under the tag “Neymar and Y/N”. You go check the tweets and there are so many hateful comments.

“Of Course Y/N starts dating Neymar… famewhore much?”

“Leave @neymarjr alone you rat @Y/N”

“FUCK” You scream. Everyone turns their heads at you and you blush. “What happened?” Scotty asks while

he’s still working on your hair.

You just can’t help yourself, you look at the tweets again…

“Y/N and Neymar would actually look good together”

“@TMZ: Are Y/N and Neymar dating?”

“It’s nothing…” You lied.

You go where the action happens. The photographer is ready and he’s waiting for you. You stand in front of the big white background and you take your robe off. You’re just standing there in a white bra and panties. You see Neymar talking to the photographer and he can’t take his eyes off you. It’s like he’s staring in to your soul. The photographer obviously is telling him about me not wanting to get to know him… Wow this is embarrassing, you thought.

“OK GET IN YOUR POSITIONS” the photographer yells.

Neymar takes his robe off and he walks to you. He’s only wearing Calvin Klein’s white boxers.

“Let’s start by Neymar going to the ground. Just be there and Y/N will take control. Remember the main thing is to show the underwear and keep the focus on the underwear. OK GET READY” the photographer yells.

Neymar walks next to you and he sits on the ground. You’re behind him. “OK WE CAN START…” “NOW” the photographer yells. You’re on your knees behind Neymar. You wrap your left arm around his neck and you put your right arm on his shoulders. The photographer snaps some pics. You’re a bit uncomfortable and you don’t know what to do.

“Neymar can go behind Y/N now” The photographer says. He’s behind you now. He puts his arms around your waist pulling you close to him. “Why did you leave last night?” He whispers in your ear, it sent shivers down your spine and your heart starts racing like crazy. The photographer is taking pics of you guys and you have to be professional so you don’t answer him.

Neymar lays on the ground. First you just look at him not knowing where to go, then you go on top of him and sit on him. He didn’t move at all he just looked at you.

“YES STAY LIKE THAT” The photographer yells. You put your hands on his abs. You can feel his stare but you’re looking at the camera. “Now I’ve been in this business for years, so It’s normal if you get a boner or a little horny.” the photographer says.

Oh my God… He did not just say that. You look at Scotty and he’s trying so hard not to laugh. You look at Neymar and he’s looking at the camera. He then looks at you and you start moving a little feeling a bit uncomfortable. “Don’t do that.” He whispers with a serious face while putting his hand on your thigh and squeezing it. “Don’t do that” You say mimicking him as you move his hand away from your thigh. He smiles at you. That beautiful smile, you thought.

He sits and puts his arms on your back holding you. You look into his eyes and then his lips and he does the same. “BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE THAT” the photographer yells and you immediately look away from Neymar. “COME ON GUYS GIVE ME SOME ACTION” He yells again. Neymar puts his lips on your neck not kissing it but just keeping his lips there. You closed your eyes cause you liked the way it made you feel. Your heart is beating so fast.

“Let me take you to dinner after this” He whispers in your ear again. You didn’t say anything. You stayed quiet. “Come on answer me.” He says. He turns your head so you’re facing him. You’re so close to him and you try to breath as calm as possible. “You don’t even know my name.” You finally say.

“That’s what I’m hoping to find out. Come on, let me take you to dinner.” He says still whispering and smiling at you. You couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Okay” You whisper back.


Okay so I’m sorry if my english is a bit weird or something, please know that my “mother language” is not english so lol. But here’s part two and I know it’s a bit short, but there’s gonna be so many more parts so don’t worry. And I’m glad that you liked my first imagine so here’s another one and I hope you like this too. I’m gonna do the ones you requested on the weekend cause I have more time but yeah. I just wanna thank you :) Enjoy <3

Matching for Prom

Little ficlet I wrote, inspired by this post, because it just screamed Everlark! (Mistakes are mine!)


I dump all my text books on top my bedroom desk, readying to complete homework, before plopping down on the desk chair, that’s in desperate need of a replacement.

I just got home from work, at Sae’s Diner, where I’ve been picking up extra hours, to help mom with my own expenses. I’m pooped and moody, not that I’ve ever been a cheery person, but today has been borderline foul, since I had the displeasured to serve Haymitch Abernathy, a war veteran, turned Panem County’s resident drunk, who only seems to function of off white liquor, sarcasm and chili fries.

He’s the most antagonistic human being I’ve ever met, and I think he hates me, as much as I hate him. One thing I can’t fault the bastard for, and the only reason I put up with him, without spitting on his food, is his generous tips. I made more money today just waiting his sorry ass, than all the last three days combined.

I just wished his tips were reduced, only to the monetary kind, but the old coot has a mouth on him, and believes himself cleverer than everybody else.

My feet, along with my bruised ego, are killing me, after an hour with Haymitch!

I cross my leg over the opposite knee, grunting, when I yank off my combat boot of my foot. I throw the boot across the room, into the open closet where it lands with a clank. I’m about to repeat the process with my other boot, when my cellphone starts vibrating on top of the desk, where I’ve tossed it carelessly not a minute ago.

“I swear to all that’s sacred, if this is Jo, calling to swap shifts again… So help me… Imma scream at her ass!”

Lucky for Jo, it’s not her ‘Gene Simmons’ impersonation, the picture displayed on the caller ID screen.

My first smile all afternoon, comes effortlessly, as I see the goofy face of my best friend, smiling back at me. I already feel the stress of the day melt away from my shoulders.

I pick up the phone, and switch the silence button off, then quickly answer the call.

“Hello!” I sing-song breathlessly, with repressed laughter.

“Uh… Hiya there… I think I might have a wrong number or something,”

“What do you mean?” I whine at his confused sounding voice.

“Yeah, well you see, I’m calling Katniss Everdeen, petite, dark hair, always scowling, not a very people person, and I know for a fact, that today she had bad day at work, which most likely made her very grumpy,” he lowers his voice, as if he’s telling me a secret, “I’ve heard, she had a run in with her least favorite customer!” Then, in his normal, happy voice, he tells me, “But you ma'am, you sound too happy to be her. So, I’m sorry I bothered you… tootles!”

“PEETA!” I scream choking up on my laughter. “Don’t hang up, you doofus! I really did have a horrible day with Haymitch, and you’re possibly the only one, fit to salvage this terrible evening,”

He chuckles on the other side of the line. “Fine, I won’t hang up. Geez, now I know how Ben Kenobi felt… Since, I’m your only hope and all.”

“Help me Obi Wan!” I say in my best Leia imitation, making him chuckle again. “So, how did you know anyway?” I ask curiously, after a small pause.

“Word of mouth,” he says nonchalantly, “You know how it is. I was minding my own business, building a fondant masterpiece, when I overheard the melodious, chatty voice of Delly, lamenting to Rye, having to witness the debacle with her own eyes.” He paused for comic effect, “Although, I have to admit, I’d take her gossipy chatter, any time, over having to see them sucking face for one more second… Ugh!

“It’s disgusting! They look like a multi-arm monster, with a bad case of drooly mouth. ”

“Thanks for the unwanted visual!” I tell him, laughing at his aggravation, “You poor thing, your bother’s PDA bothering you?” I say in mocking, baby tone, cracking a big smile.

“Yeah, yeah. Wait until Prim starts dating. Watching your sibling with another person crazy glued to their face, is the worse!”

“Who said that Prim’s ever dating?” I snap at him, he laughs.

“So, was Delly wrong about your time with Abernathy?” I can hear the smirk return to his voice.

I sigh, “I’d say he was in raw form today. He decided to tell me how to make friends, because apparently, I’m too gloomy for his liking.” the easy smile I had in my face falls, and I tell him morosely, “He told me, I was as charming as dead slug,” I shrug even if can’t see me. “He pay with a one hundred dollar bill, and told me to keep the change. His ticket was only nine dollars and fifty cents. I guess I can put up with him, if he plans on making me rich after every insult.”

I hear him make that growling sound he makes when he’s aggravated about something. I know he’s got half a mind to go find Haymitch, and rip him a new one, for what he said to me. But, Peeta is about the only person the drunkard genuinely likes in town; being completely friendless is possibly the worse fate that can befall a person, I don’t wish it even to confrontational Haymitch Abernathy, so, I change topics, before Peeta makes his mind about screaming at the man.

“So, other than building fondant masterpieces, while eavesdropping at gossip that comes through the bakery, what else have you been up to today?”

“Oh! Right! So, I went to the mall before my shift, and walked into that tuxedo store, intent on renting my prom garb… because, you know, I gotta look sharp for Prom pics, and end up feeling like a dumbass, when the lady at the counter asked what color my date’s dress was, so we could match it up,”

“Oh…” I stutter. I don’t know what else to say to that. I didn’t know he was going to Prom, let alone with a date! But he keeps talking on his conversational tone, completely oblivious of my slightly hurt, completely confused reaction.

“So, she’s like: ‘okay, what color dress is your date wearing?’, and I’m like, ‘well shoot, I have no clue!’ and then she suggested I called, and find out and then, come back to see my options,”

“Um… uh…” My brain must be broken, I can’t seem to give any other response, and then I feel a sharp pain squeezing my chest, because apparently it just registers, my best friend is going to prom with some girl, and this is the first I’ve heard of it.

I always thought, Peeta and I would skip prom, and instead, binge watch The Walking Dead, while eating copious amounts of pizza and root beer. I feel like I’m going to do something stupid, like cry about all this. I’m still sorting through all this conflicting, disconcerting emotions, when I realize he’s asked me a question, and is waiting for my response.

“What was that?” I rasp, clearing my throat in hopes that I can hide the shakiness in my voice.

“I said,” he says slowly, “what color vest and tie, should I wear to prom?”

“Um. I- I don’t know?” Before I can even start to ask myself why in hell is he asking ME, about this, he adds offhandedly.

“Well we have to match, according to the tuxedo lady, so… what color is your dress?”

He only gets dead silence from my end. My brain really, just tossed itself out of the window, leaving me on my own with this mess.

Peeta, sensing that I’ve gone mute, keeps talking, trying to prompt an answer from me, "Yeah, I figured it would be something in the family of forest green, but, since I’m not one hundred percent sure of that, I didn’t wanna show up to your door on Prom night wearing green, if you decided to wear red instead… You know, either color would look absolutely gorgeous on you, because you’re so pretty and all… bold colors look amazing with your skin… I think dark greens and blues make your beautiful gray eyes pop, that’s why I love it when you wear that navy sweater of yours so much…”

“Peeta?” I try to interrupt him. He does this when he’s nervous, goes on and on, on this long, erratic rants, and I usually have to end up shouting his name to bring him back to the present.

“I think it’s how I see colors, that I can tell you what’ll look nice. I’d say you couldn’t look any more hotter, if you wore flames, but that’s just my humble opinion, although, now that I think about it, you’ll look amazing wearing flames…”

“Peeta,” I try again, because by now, I’m pretty sure I know what’s this all about.

He never asked me, if I wanted to go to Prom with him, but he’s so worked up, I know it’s what’s causing this insanity. I need to calm him down. Now!

“To be honest, I don’t want you look at our prom pictures, in, I don’t know… twenty years, maybe? and cringe in regret, because we looked like a mismatched pair, who randomly met at the dance, so…”

“PEETA!” I finally yell out his name.

“Uh… Yeah?” I hear the hesitation in his voice.

“So, yeah…” I take a deep breath, composing myself, “since when are we going to prom?” the question is pointed, and spoken slowly.

The line goes silent for a beat, and then he whispers, very quietly, “Shit… I forgot to ask you, didn’t I?”

I burst out laughing, "That would be correct, buster,” I keep giggling at his harsh breathing on the other side of the line.

If I close my eyes, I can clearly picture him, running his fingers through his golden curls, musing his hair as he goes, while bitting his lower lip sheepishly. I love the image, more than I care to admit.

“Um… So, Katniss?” He says quietly, “Would you, like to go to Prom with me?” He stutters a breath right after, and then rushes to add, as if I need the clarification, “Officially… as my date. As in, we wear matching clothes, ride in a rented limo, I buy you flowers and a fancy dinner, kinda date,” his voice is hopeful.

I can’t stop smiling.

Peeta and had been friends since grade school. We’ve been in the same class since kindergarten, but we only spoke in grade school, when my father passed away, and my mother was so sad, she forgot to make us lunches for school.

Peeta noticed me and my sister Primrose, huddled at a table empty handed, and broke his PB & J sandwich down the middle, sitting one half in front of Prim, and the other half in front of me, then he gave Prim his milk, even after I protested. Prim devoured her lunch so fast, I was afraid she’d make herself sick. I couldn’t blame her, though. It was the first thing we’ve eaten in a couple of days. So I finally gave in, and invited the kind boy with sweet blue eyes, and delicious bread, to sit with us. We became inseparable after that… anyone willing to feed Prim while going without, is worthy of my time and friendship, and Peeta has proven himself a thousand times over since.

The answer falls of my mouth, soft and shy, but without any hesitation, “Okay,”

He gives and incredulous little laugh, “So you’ll allow it?”

“I’ll allow it!” I say with my usual, self assured verb.

“Cool!” He gives a breathy, nervous giggle. He’s such a dork, but I love him all the same.

“Um, Peeta?”


“You wanna go dress shopping tomorrow after work, with me? I’ve got ninety bucks burning a hole in my pocket, begging to be spent, and I just got asked to Prom by this insanely hot dude… I think I saw a cute, sunset orange dress, that might be well inside my budget, but I think I’m gonna need your expert opinion, since you know all about colors go right with my skin!”

The chuckle he releases warms my insides, and I know I won’t regret my prom date.

Of Coffee, Music, and Dates (CS Modern AU) One-shot.

Follower Appreciation Prompt: “ur just a random stranger and i’ve been ranting to you for like 20 minutes about how much i hate this one band but now several groups of people came up to you asking for pics and autographs, and oh shit it turns out you’re in the band i’ve been going on about” au 

Requested by @timeless-love-story. I hope you enjoy this! Please let me know what you think!

Huge thanks to @lenfaz for looking this over. 

Read at FFN   AO3

Rating: F for fluff

Word Count: ~ 1000

Of Coffee, Music, and Dates

“Is this seat taken, lass?” A heavily accented voice murmured in front of her.

Emma rolled her eyes. She really didn’t have time to deal with some guy trying to flirt with her, especially not when she had a huge British Lit final that she needed to study for. Glancing up from her copy of The Heart of Darkness, her eyes widened as she took in the owner of the voice.

His hair was dark and had that artfully disheveled look to it. A chiseled jaw line led to the most beautiful blue eyes that she’d ever seen. He was dressed simply in a pair of ripped jeans, black henley, and black chucks. A black leather motorcycle jacket completed the look, as did the eyebrow arched in her direction. She bit her lip, he was easily the hottest guy she’d ever seen.

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