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hcs for keith and red?

this is going to be A Mess

  • keith: oh yeah red and i have really bonded
    red: who said that? :/ i only heard some punk who keeps getting himself into trouble so i  have to save him :/
  • keith: ugh i think i got a splinter
    red: [busting through wall] WHAT THE FUCK
  • lance: ugh yeah i totally hate keith
    keith: psh. whatever. i don’t care.
    red: [busting through wall] WHAT THE FUCK
  • keith complaining to red abt his emotions and she pretends like it’s boring but they both know she’s taking notes
  • keith: [rly stressed out]
    red: [starts playing what she thinks fall out boy sounds like bc she knows it’ll calm him down]
  • red: [captured by the galra/in danger]
    keith: [busting through wall] WHAT THE FUCK
Me when playin' video games with Daddy...
  • Me: *having a hard time with the boss* Ugh! Fuc- fudger muffin lovers...
  • Daddy: Do you want me to do it for you, little one?
  • Me: *Huffs* No! I got it on my own! *Proceeds to have a hard time*
  • Daddy: *Starts to take the controller*
  • Me: *Hisses, yet lets him have it*
  • Daddy: *Defeats the boss for me, and gives back controller*
  • Me: *Grumbles the whole time, before taking it back, and then turns with a big smile* Look! I beated him!
  • Daddy: *Sighs* Yes... yes you did, princess. Good job.
#2 Auston Matthews

Your writing is actually incredible! Could you write an Auston Matthews imagine where he gets badly injured (like a leg injury or something) and then his gf is like really cute and takes care of him because he’s in a lot of pain. Just like really cute and fluffy would be great! Thank you so much!!

aw I’m so glad you like the prompt!! I love it too! I feel like Auston would be so cute and like helpless if he got hurt and it would be so fun to take care of him and just like cuddle him all day while he sleeps because he’s in pain. Ugh he’s so soft

HERE YOU ARE! I love my soft son !!

Warnings: None

Word count:

Will i end up rewriting parts of it? WIll i not? Who knows really. Only time and my perfectionist demon can tell.

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“No,” You warned sternly as you returned to your shared bedroom to find your stubborn-as-hell boyfriend attempting to get out of bed, face contorted in pain as he struggled. He sighed defeatedly, flopping back into the pillows with a huff. “Don’t look at me like that, I made you breakfast.” you scolded, bending down to kiss his forehead.

“I want to help. You’re doing everything around here, I don’t want to be a-”

“If you say burden, I’ll kill you.” you threatened, good-naturedly.

“-hassle..” he finished with a sheepish grin in your direction. Every since Auston was injured, he’d been adamant on getting up and helping out around the house, especially in the mornings when his pain meds had just kicked in and he was feeling “fine”. He’d scared you half to death when he’d actually done his ankle and to hell if you were just going to let him waltz around the house during the day, given the pain was so intense that he could hardly sleep at night.

You shook your head in disbelief, setting the plate of food on the bedside table as you moved to help him sit up, propping the pillows up behind him and making sure he was comfy before handing over the plate. Although he wasn’t allowed back on the ice for a couple of weeks, he’d in no way lost his appetite; practically inhaling his breakfast in a matter of seconds. You giggled as he licked his lips in an attempt to check if there was any food that had missed his mouth, bringing your thumb up to wipe away the bit on his chin that he couldn’t reach.

“I have to say, your cooking really has improved.” he commented, causing you to smirk.

“compliment taken.” you replied. It wasn’t that you were a terrible cook, more that you only knew how to make like three things. Quality over quantity. But even you had to admit, it was getting a bit dull eating the same things over and over.  “Your mum’s being giving me some help in the kitchen.”

He shook his head with a laugh. “I swear you call her more than I do.” he was teasing but, being the momma’s boy he is, you knew he loved it. You grinned, planting a kiss to his cheek as you savoured you few hours of tranquility before Auston’s ankle would start to ache again. You’d spent the first few days he came home holding back tears as your boyfriend yelped and whimpered in pain. It physically hurt you to see him in agony and remain utterly helpless to aid him. It had been difficult, but you were finally settling into a routine and Auston was getting better at coping. So far he’d watched every season of Friends in existence, had seen Lets Be Cops three times over and was banned from watching hockey because it only made him moody and upset, as well as strengthening his will to get out of bed. Now he was just stuck to flicking through random cooking shows on the lifestyle channel.

Auston’s sleep had been suffering as well, he’d attempt to nap couple of times a day but continued to wake in the early hours of the morning in utter agony after he’d slept off his medication You’d let Auston take the bed for himself while you slept on the couch in the other room because you didn’t want to risk accidentally kicking his ankle as you slept.You did miss falling asleep with him as it was usually a rarity for the two of you, but you cared more about helping him get better.

Due to all of this, you didn’t much mind when you looked up from a great British bake off rerun to find him fast asleep beside you after you’d been absentmindedly tangling your hand through his hair. You smiled before kissing his forehead gently and snuggling against him, wrapping your arms round his torso as you rested you head on his chest.

It was only another hour after Auston woke up when the pain began to return. You could tell by his constant grimaces that he was trying to conceal how much pain he was actually in. You fished a couple of icepacks out of the freezer but they only seemed to provide a little relief. He was trying so hard no to make a noise that it looked like he might explode, his face redding as he squeezed his eyes tight shut.

“Auston, it’s okay.” you murmured, dabbing at his forehead with a wet tea-towel. He let out a whimper and your heart almost broke. You smoothed back his hair from his forehead as he rested the back of his head against your shoulder. “I’ve got you.” you assured quietly as he gripped your hand painfully tight. He let out another cry, his voice breaking as he threw his head back, close to tears. You kissed his forehead gently as you attempted to soothe his pain. “I’m going to get some more ice, okay?” you murmured as you slipped out from behind him, easing him back into the pillows. 

“No,” he moaned, another wave of pain washing over him, making him cry out again. “stay here.”

You forced yourself to extract your arm from his grip, returning with your emergency ice bucket. You helped him up till he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He let out a relieved sigh as soon as his ankle hit the water. You smiled, kissing him gently as you went to retrieve his next dose of medication. Which began to kick in a couple of minutes after he’d swallowed it. The boy hummed, pulling you into him and snuggling against you, gently nuzzling your shoulder with his nose. “You’re the bestest.” he mumbled, though the words were muffled slightly. 

You smiled, rolling over to face him. “Anything for you, huh?” you teased, kissing him softly.

“Something like that.” he chuckled, wincing when he went to roll over properly. You smiled a little, trying to hide both your amusement and pity. 

He hummed happily as you nussled his nose gently as he pulled you on top of himself. You giggled as he craned his neck up to chase a kiss from you as you carefully cupped his face in both your hands.

but twink!cas doubling as not only dean smith’s boyfriend but his personal trainer since cas has experience in that department, even though he’s young, he’s constantly at the gym or taking yoga

cas lying lazily on their couch on his phone eating a twizzler whilst he tells dean what to do and dean is like sweating, trying to do ten more push ups whilst cas just hums, glancing over at dean occasionally to make sure he’s got the right form and everything.

then dean will be like on his last sit up or something and cas will smirk to himself and say ‘if you do ten more i’ll let you spank me tonight’ and dean’s abs are like burning but it’s definitely worth it if cas keeps his promise which he always does


Ugh. Sometimes I’m a huge chicken for no reason. The first two shots or my front yard this morning. We had the mainline back up into our house, and the landlady sent out plumbers on Monday. It was supposed to be done yesterday. I got home early today (only worked eight hours) to take my daughter to her basketball tournament. I actually would’ve had an hour to sleep, but the plumbers are still here. Incidentally, that’s not our house; it’s across the street.

So instead of going home, I took a little light pictures as the sun went down and waited for them to leave. I’m not actually afraid of dealing with the plumbers, but I’d say uncomfortable is accurate. It’s so odd, because I deal with vendors all day long at work.

Unfortunately the Tumblr app is terrible, and I’ve barely been able to scroll my dash. Naturally it lets me upload easily enough. The Tumblr app is my only way to access you guys, and I sure wish it weren’t so glitchy. I could read 80 Facebook posts in the time it takes me to read 10 here. But I don’t want to.

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Mark and Tyler trying to "out dad" each other at every turn and Amy is just like ugh Kathryn help

Tyler: Mark, it’s chilly, she needs her coat
Mark: No, no, no Tyler, it’s only 63 degrees, and I don’t want her to die of heatstroke, you absolute melon.
Tyler: we talked about you not letting me take care of this child
Ethan: he’s got you there, Ty

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Dude take your time you don't need to rush writing when you have a serious problem

( I will answer the rest I swear I just woke up from being knocked out ) and ugh I know my parents legit had a serious talk with me :/ they said I can only “seriously write” if it’s for school and that I need to take a short break :/ short break for them is a week for me it’s 2 days LMAO 😂😂 but I know I need to relax a bit and ugh I just need to put my health first for this week since it got really serious :/ but thank you for all the good wishes :/

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re: tony stark and his fighting skills. one day i was talking with one guy at college and when i comment iron man is my fav, he goes on about how "he can't do antything without his armor" and i got SO mad, not only because he played that card, but also because i couldn't show him in his face the panels where tony is like *easily winning* a trial by combat in an warrior alien planet or when he wipes the floor with skrull warriors while going into cardiac arrest and i'm just "ugh, sure jan"


Like, son, this man can shoot a missile by “winging it” and will down the target in one go. We have SEEN him take down enemies outside the suit. Also, Tony is a skilled fighter, as can be seen by the use of the suit?? He’s INSIDE the damn thing, controlling it. He directs the movements with his body. He KNOWS how to fight. Not only that, but in IM 1 we also see him actively using a weapon (which was why in IM3 when they were like he can’t fire a gun I was like ????? have y’all watched your own fucking movies??? ANYWAY) 

Tony stark is a badass and I will fight anyone that refuses to see that tbh 

Plane Rides (REQUEST)

(I literally got so annoyed with Justin writing this, hahahahahaha)

“Ugh, this is taking forever!” Justin whined, fidgeting in his seat.

We were flying to New York, and although that was only a 5 hour flight, Justin was incapable of sitting still and waiting patiently, God knows what it would be like to fly internationally with him.

He never knew what to do with himself, meaning I would have to keep him occupied, somehow - he was like a 5 year old, one of those annoying ones.

“Justin, we’ve been in the air for like 30 minutes.” I announced, rolling my eyes, flicking through my magazine.

“That’s all?! It feels like forever.”

I was planning on getting a little bit of reading done, along with some paperwork for something or other - but with Justin around, I knew I was going to get slim to none of that done.

“Do you think birds think planes are just really really big birds?” He asked, looking up at the ceiling, making me look at him with wide eyes, “You’re such an airhead.”

Filling out the paperwork, I couldn’t concentrate because all I could hear was Justin singing Mariah Carey really obnoxiously, I mean, Mariah Carey? Really?

“All I want for Christmas, is youuuuuu!”

“Justin, it’s April.” I said.

“You don’t just sing summer songs in the summer time.” He replied, dancing to the imaginary music. Sighing, realising I wasn’t going to get any work down, I set the papers down and picked up my book and my earphones.

A chapter in, I felt my right earphone being pulled out, “Hey, whatcha listening to?” He whispered, “Rihanna.”

“Ooh, can I listen?”


I went back to reading, before Justin started humming along to the song, making my jaw clench.

Trying to tune him out, I turned the page, “So what’s that book about?”


I felt like screaming, can’t a girl just have some peace?!

Setting it down, I closed my eyes and sighed, hoping sleep would shut him up.

“Can we cuddle? I’m in a cuddling mood.”

“Oh my God, Justin!” I exclaimed, laughing in disbelief. “What?” He asked, looking at me confused.

“Babe, you’re literally so annoying.” I whined, making him pout. “I don’t mean to be…”

“I know you don’t, you do it without realising.” “I’m sorry, I’ll stop.” He said, pulling the divider up and resting his head on my shoulder, his arm draped lazily over my waist. I sighed as I finally got some quiet.

“So how long until we land?”

This is @natroze‘s fault but isn’t it always 

Oikawa’s been told on more than one occasion that he works himself too hard, that he doesn’t know when to take a break and that’s true, usually. But what most people don’t know is that Oikawa loves lazy afternoons like this, sandwiched between his two boyfriends. Iwaizumi’s got an arm curled around Oikawa’s waist, Bokuto’s face is buried against the crook of Oikawa’s neck, and Oikawa could happily stay like this for the rest of the day, only…

“Ugh, my arms fell asleep,” Oikawa complains, shifting slightly as he tries to pull his arms out from where they’re pinned beneath him. “I think I need to get up.”

Iwaizumi’s still sleeping, his hold instinctively tightening around Oikawa’s waist.

Noooooo, stay,” Bokuto murmurs. Oikawa can feel Bokuto smiling against his skin. The broad hands that slip beneath the hem of Oikawa’s shirt make a compelling argument for never leaving the bed, as do the lips tracing a path along the underside of Oikawa’s jaw.

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Request - Harleen Quinzel

Sorry that I posted until today, I’ve had so much homework and projects, I’ve been so busy but I hope you guys enjoy!

Warnings - none

Harleen Quinzel x Reader 

GIF not mine! credits to whoever made it!

Originally posted by harlzquinzel

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Jaylee won’t take a nap, and she’s so fussy that I can’t put her down so I can shower. I’m about to go crazy. I’ve only got another hour until Jermain’s here, but if I don’t shower before then, I’ll have to rush and get ready for work. Ugh.

[Jason is about to head out on a solo quest. Remembering he left his backpack in the Zeus cabin, he heads back in only to discover Drew holding it, sitting on the bed.]

Drew(Winking at him): Hey, Jason. Heading out so soon? How about a kiss for lu-

Jason(Taking the backpack from her): Save it, Drew.

Drew(Insulted): WHAT did you just say to-

Jason(Checking to make sure everything’s still there): You heard me. I’m not interested. Enough is enough, and Piper-

Drew(Flopping back on the bed with a noise of disgust): UGH. Piper. What’s she got that I don’t?

Jason(Dryly): A soul.

Drew(Outraged): HEY! Just wait a minute here, Zeus boy, I-

Jason(Ticking off incidents on his fingers): Bully the other campers, bully your own siblings, set people up just to break them up for whatever weird reason… I can go on.

Drew(Scowling): But we’re the same!

Jason(Incredulous): How?! Because people follow both of us around?

Drew: YES!

Jason: I don’t WANT them to do that! Maybe you get some kind of power trip from people fawning over you, but I never asked for that. I work hard. I help whoever needs it. I try to be a good person-

Drew: I’m a good person!

Jason(Disbelieving): Drew, the way you treat everyone is not what good people do. You know that, right? 

Drew(Fists clenched): BUT I WANT YOU!

Jason(Sighing): No, you know what you want? You want everything that Piper has. And like a certain princess once said, ‘I am not a prize to be won’.

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I'm just gonna... leave this here... >.> ... <.< ... [Plushie Game:] Sitting at your keyboard, judging your tumblr page

Ayato’s responses will be in quotes, while mine is without.

As you can see, he’s already taking a gander at my theme and admiring himself. 

“Hmmm…. as expected, the chichinashi is full of thirst for ore-sama. Hehe, I even got a cursor!!”

Ugh….let’s just, get this over with… = =;;

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Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet -  Issue number 28 : Clawdia Wolf (Part 3 : Middle picture + quick translation of the diary entry)

Made for each other

I’ve been very busy getting ready for Londoom lately and I haven’t really had the chance to fang out with the pack. So when Clawdeen ask me to come with her to the thrift store, I said yes because, even though I don’t really like shopping, I do enjoy spending time with my sister. Watching her walking down the store as if it were a catwalk is really awesome! I always take my notebook with me in case an idea comes to me in between two costume changes. I only realized when we got to the shop that I had forgotten my pen. I told Clawdeen I was going to look for one. “Ok, no prob’” she said while holding out a tacky dress with a triangle print. “I think Toralei wore that to the school dance last year, ugh.” I went to the register to borrow a pen from the cashiers, but there was already a monster line there. While I was standing there, waiting, I noticed a basket filled with costume jewlery, with an old black foutain pen sticking out. It was only 50 cents, so I went to the register to pay for it. When I wrote my first sentence with it, I almost ran away from the shop in case they changed their mind and didn’t want to sell it to me anymore. The ink is flowing like magic and it rests in my claws as if it had been made for me. I’ve never written with anything so perfect, and it seems like it’s screaming “Write stories with me!”. It’s a good thing I came today!

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

@greyhood99 Not sure if this was intended for me or if you were just commenting his name for the heck of it (me too, lol) 😂 But here we go~ 😉

Shay Cormac is, without a doubt, my all-time favourite fictional character ❤ I could list all the reasons why but that’d take forever and I don’t got time for that 😂


This happen to me today. Jess is new. But I’ve been working with Anthony since I got this job (5 MONTHS) and the dude can’t tell apart the black women yet??? There’s only 3 of us??? HELLO? Ugh!
Minority friends, how do you feel when this happens to you? Are you also annoyed? Because Anthony’s a nice man and all but I distinctly remember telling him my name before. We work together all the time. Get it together! Omg. I won’t take that “I’m bad with names” crap. You better learn my name!

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{ seduce meme } Lemme take you to my home, tie you up, and give you such unearthly pleasure that you'll only want me for all eternity.

Never been less turned on | Ugh no | I’d give you a try | Yes, yes, YES | I’M READY NOW DAMMIT

[ he’s got pretty high expectations now. and “get a new fucking line” might have been uttered. ]