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Monsta X Reaction #18 - They wake up to you wearing booty shorts/their shirt ~the morning after~

@virtualt asked: Reactions to Monsta X when they find you wearing only booty shorts/short boxers and one of their shirt the morning after

a/n: (I’m going to assume that this means the morning after your first time sleeping together~)

Hyunwoo: He would find this the cutest thing ever. He would smile widely and pull you closer to him, snuggling into you and never wanting to let you go.

He’d ask if you felt okay too and if you needed anything from him. He’d want to make sure you were still comfortable and that you didn’t regret making love to him. Because that’s how he sees it. You two were in love beyond words and that’s what he showed you last night and what he will do anything to continue showing you for the rest of your lives together in every moment he spend with you regardless of what you’re doing.

He’s a cheesy mf I’ll tell you that but he’s also cute and sentimental AF so cherish this lil cheese ball okay???

*I couldn’t find a gif to match so enjoy this gif of sexy Hyunwoo isntead*

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Hoseok: He would find this really sexy. A smirk would tug at his lips as he’d stare unabashedly into your eyes. In his raspy, deep morning voice (fuckk) he’d say:

“Damn Jagi after last night I didn’t think you could get any sexier but you proved me wrong. How did you even find that shirt of mine? I haven’t seen that thing for months” *laughing* “Did you take my shirt when we started dating??”

You: “No… Okay yes, but it’s so comfortable. It’s my favorite thing to sleep in. Is that okay?”

He’d wink at you mischievously and say, “Hell yes it’s okay. You look hotter in that shirt that anyone else ever could.” time for round 2? ;) that’s up to you

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Minhyuk: -thinking- Okay Minhyuk… Y/n is asleep right now you can wait for them to wake up… What is wrong with me? Ugh I’m sweating…

-whispers- “Jagi… are you awake…? I can’t stop thinking about those sounds you made last night and you look so sexy with my shirt and that morning hair…”

You: -laughing/half asleep- “Do you need me to help you with the little problem you have there Minhyuk?”

Him: “No jagi, I need you to help me with this big problem you’ve given me…”

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Hyungwon: He’s in a state of pure bliss tbh.

“How are you so much cuter in my shirt than I am?” He’d kiss your temples, then the tip of your nose and continue. You’re so perfect, even with no makeup on. I just love you so much jagi. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’ve truly made me the happiest man alive just by existing.”

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Kihyun: -lovey dovey and silly- “Jagi~” He’d mumble, bopping his nose against yours. “It’s too early in the morning for you to give me a heart attack like this. When did you put my shirt on?”

You: “I was cold so I picked it off the floor…”

“You could have just snuggled closer to me love. I wouldn’t have minded it at all”

He’d wink at you then, making you both laugh. He’d make sure you were laughing/in a good mood all morning, also making sure you felt okay after the night you spent together.

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Changkyun: He’d try to sound cool and a bit cocky when you two first spoke to try to hide how worried he was that you were okay since this was your first time together, However he’d be thrown off by your adorable/sexy morning voice/hair combined with you wearing his shirt.

“D-damn…You’re so cute but so hot at the same time? Like, how?”

You: -chuckling at the effect you had on him- “Like what you see?”

*gif* “Do you want me to show you how much I do?”

You: -hitting him playfully- “I just woke up and you’re already being greasy.” you’d sigh dramatically and continue, “what have I done?”

He’d frown a bit, catching you off guard. “Did I make you feel uncomfortable…? I didn’t mean to…”

You: “What? No I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. This is actually the most comfortable I’ve ever felt around another person. I love you dummy.”

The smirk would be back instantly. “I love you too Y/n. So much.”

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Jooheon: He would be that mix of sexy and infuriatingly cute.

He’d wake up to you looking at him and look you up and down like *first gif*. He’d smirk at you and you’d roll your eyes at him, flicking his nose in response.

“Hey! That hurt~”

You: “Oh it didn’t hurt that much. You’re okay.” You’d kiss his nose then, “Here, I made it all better!”

That’s when he’d switch to his cute side *second gif*. “Hmmm okay it didn’t hurt that bad. But you feel okay too right?” For a moment you’d see a serious look flash across his face, but it would be gone faster than you could blink and he’d cover it with a joking/cute tone “You still love me right~?”

You’d respond with a light and sarcastic tone, “No. I don’t. Just kidding~ If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be wearing your shirt??”

He’d laugh then and call you a jerk, playfully hitting your arm.

You two would end up joking and laughing the rest of the morning and into the day. Neither of you would leave the house until the next morning, cuddling and watching movies under the blankets the majority of the day.

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Excerpt from my Shifter!Kitty!Tony fic

ugh you guys I am having so much fun writing this! Let me share like, two seconds of Protective Rhodey and hoplessly in love Steve and Bucky.


The Colonel stood to his feet and crossed his arms over his chest. “That’s brings me to my next point. I don’t know what this whole possessive protective thing is you two have going over Tony, but it needs to stop.” His voice hardened. “Tony might be oblivious but the rest of the team is completely aware of how much you two want him. So either do something about it, or back the hell off. Because he does want to share his shifted self with you, but I will not allow it if I think for one second you two serum jacked assholes are going to hurt him or take advantage of him.”

“We wouldn’t ever–” Steve started to object, completely offended, but Rhodes shook his head warningly.

“When you have Tony pressed up against you, purring, trying to get as close as he can because he needs it, you will give him what he needs. If he needs that in cat form so be it. If he trusts you enough to need it in human form, you will give him what he needs. Tony doesn’t think you two want him, thinks you have no interest. So you are either going to prove him right, by backing the hell off, or prove him wrong by being there for him in every possible way he could imagine needing you.”

“I don’t know if Tony wants you in a–” more awkward throat clearing. “–romantic, bonding type way, or if he’s drawn to the amount of protective Alpha shifter vibes you guys give off, but either give him what he needs from you or stay the hell away from him.”

“That won’t be a problem, Colonel.” Bucky said quietly, with a quick glance towards Steve. “If Tony’s willing to share his shifted form with us, of course we will do whatever he needs to keep him comfortable like that.”

“Good.” Rhodes widened his stance a little, his hands dropping down by his side. “Have you boys ever seen my bear?” His voice dropped into a growl that seemed to rumble through the floor. “I stand eight feet tall partial shifted. Do I need to tell you what will happen if I ever hear that you have upset Tony?”

“Nope.” Steve’s blue eyes were wide with respect, and maybe just a bit of fear.

“Good Christ.” Was all Bucky managed, completely intimidated by the unassuming colonel growling at him.

“Good talk boys.”

They both jumped to their feet and saluted automatically as he left, then dropped back onto the couch.

“Did you know Rhodes was a bear?”


They sat in contemplative silence for a minute.

“So. Tony wants us both?” Bucky said hesitantly. “Because that’s what Rhodes said and I–”

“–yeah, I don’t know.” Steve finished. “Maybe cross that bridge when we get to it?”

“So we would be sharing Tony–”

“CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN WE GET TO IT!” Steve said even louder, and folded his arms.

“Steve.” Bucky’s voice sounded hoarse. “Can you imagine what he’d feel like between us?”

Fuck me. All Steve could think about was Tony and Bucky in his bed. Rolling around beneath his sheets. So many hands and mouths and bare skin and tongues and–

“I’m going to go take a shower.” He announced and nearly ran from the room.

Not fast enough to miss Bucky’s soft moan, and not quick enough to miss watching his best friend push the heel of his hand over the erection outlined behind his zipper, his head dropping back onto the couch as he groaned louder.

We are in trouble.

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 18

“Because of us”

Warning;sexual content…

Luke’s Pov

i stood in the background of the party just watching.

Mikey was grinding against a girl i’ve seen him with before, i think her name is crystal she’s older than us.

i lost Cal 5 minutes in till the party when i arrived.

he’s either fucking some girl or laying sleeping somewhere drunk.

Ashton is somewhere around here.

he usually doesn’t get drunk at theses party but he is the sociable one, we can always count on him being the one who gets us home.

i know i brought my bike but i can just collect it tomorrow before school, this party isn’t far from where i live.

i’ve just finished my 5th drink and i’m starting to feel it.

i walked back into the kitchen for a refill when i felt someone touch my arm.

“Hey Luke” the girl said

oh i know who that is..

“Ashleigh what are you doing here?” i asked her as i refilled my drink

i didn’t need to turn around to talk to her, she is probably wearing a really short dress.

“i got an invite just like everyone else.. why don’t you come dance with me?” she said trying to pull me around

i pushed her hand of me and turned around and said “ no, go dance with someone else”

i turned back around and took a sip of my drink then she spoke again

“what’s going on with you lately? you never turn down a dance and i know your not sober” she said

i rolled my eyes as i turned around and yes i was correct she is wearing a very short dress, i’m not impressed.

“nothing is wrong with me, i just don’t feel like dancing right now” i said then i walked past her and outside the back

i found Ashton so i walked over to him and to who ever he was talking to.

i don’t think i’m going to stay here much longer.

“Hey Luke” Ashton said as i approached him

whoever he was talking to walked away and it was just me and him now

“Hey bro” i said

he looked at me weirdly and then asked “What’s wrong?”

“nothing” i said to him trying to play it cool but it’s hard to do that because Ashton knows when i’m talking crap.

“somethings up, it’s not hard to tell your not you’re self” he said

maybe telling someone will help and he doesn’t go to our school so he won’t know who she is.

but what the fuck do i say? how do i explain what’s going on..

“it’s nothing man” i said

he will never understand, i don’t even fucking understand.

“are you sure?” he said

ugh okay i’ll tell him.

“okay but you can’t mention this to Mikey or Cal alright” i said to him

he nodded his head so i began to tell him all what’s going on..

“your not serious?” he said

i thought he was going to be on my side..

“This is why i didn’t want to tell you, you wouldn’t understand” i said to him

i threw my red plastic cup on the ground and went to walk away but Ashton stopped me

“it’s not that i don’t understand man, i just can’t get over you telling her that you used her when you clearly like her, fuck what other people think if you like this girl who for it” he said

i was going to speak but he continued talking

“to be honest i’m surprised you like a girl at all”

the fuck?

“what’s that suppose to mean?” i said to him

he looked like he was going to laugh which was starting to piss me off then he started speaking

“i know i haven’t known you that long but even i know you have a problem with emotions, i mean when we met you had already fucked 3 girls before you came to practice” Ashton said

i rolled my eyes at him and said “well i hate to admit it i’ve changed, before tonight i hadn’t had sex or fucked a girl in weeks”

he smiled at me making me feel uncomfortable then he spoke

“i’m proud of you man, i really want to meet this girl who has got Luke hemmings wrapped around her little finger” he said smirking

he’s right Hailey really has me wrapped around her little finger and i’ve fucked everything up.

i said bye to Ashton and i left the party sober.

i had enough of that party.


thank god i don’t have a hangover because my bike wouldn’t fucking start this morning and if i had a hangover i think i would have broke it.

i had to walk to school but luckily i got there before 9 o'clock.

of course my mum did offer to help but i was in to much of a bad mood that’s why i decided to walk to school.

i really wanted to go over to Hailey’s and offer to walk her to school but after last night i thought that would be a bad idea.

after that talk with Ashton i have decided i’m just going to try to distract myself with girls today to take my mind away from her.

maybe give her some space for a while even though i don’t want to.

she probably won’t show up because of me, because i am such a dickhead and lied to her.

ugh why did i have to lie to her.

“i thought you would have dying this morning” Cal said as i stood beside him and the others outside of school,we were all having a smoke before the bell rang and i was just standing out here to see if Hailey was coming to school.

i’ve smoked 2 cigarettes and she still hasn’t showed up..fuck!

“Looking for someone Luke?”


Hailey’s Pov

“As a date…” i stuttered

i couldn’t believe he’s asking me out.

this has never happened before, yeah a month ago i would have been going crazy but everything with Luke

do i even want to go out with Neil?

but then i remembered exactly what Luke told me last night

“yeah would you like to go on a date with me?” Neil asked

i could tell he was nervous and i knew the whole class was listening

i think i’m going to cry.

i turned to see that yes everyone was watching including Luke, he looked like he could murder someone

he isn’t jealous is he?

i turned back to Neil and said “i would love to”

i walked into Art class with every eye on me, this is so awkward!

i sat down in my seat i sat in earlier, i wasn’t going to sit near Luke or Calum at all.

i thought that maybe they wouldn’t say anything but of course 15 minutes into class the teacher said that she was just popping out for a minute and of course Calum spoke

“So little virgin has a date” he said as he walked over to where i was sitting

ugh why now!

i turned around to see Luke behind him and he didn’t look happy but right now i didn’t care.

“So what?” i said to Calum

he smirked and then he leaned against my desk as if he can just do whatever he wants

is he forgetting what happened in the bathroom?

Luke doesn’t know about that still.

“i’m surprised Neil wants to date someone who is so fridget” he said

oh now i’m pissed

“oh so is that why you kissed me 2 days ago because i’m so fridget?” i said back to him

his eyes widened but Luke looked even more pissed


“WHAT?” Luke said loudly he was looking at Calum who for one had nothing to say

“Mr Hemmings and Mr Hood sit back in your seats” the teacher said as she came back into the room

i smirked at both Luke and Calum as they sat back down.

that felt so good.

Luke’s Pov

she can’t be foreal!!

she can’t seriously want to go on a date with him.

she’s mine.

fuck! Luke no she isn’t!

she will be mine.

i shouldn’t have lied to her last night, maybe i will try to talk to her later at Lunch and get her back..

what the hell am i saying??

oh fuck it!

she walked in and sat in the seat from earlier, why the hell is she sitting away over there.

she’s too far away.

i know i hurt her but really? does she need to stay away from me this much.

i rolled my eyes as Cal got up i knew where he was going, ugh why did the teacher have to leave?

“So little virgin has a date” Cal said loudly making everyone stop what they were doing including Hailey.

i followed Cal over to her and she turned to look at us, she could see i didn’t look happy because she gave me a weird look and i’m not happy.

she shouldn’t have agreed to go on a date with him.

she’s mine.

“So what?” she said to Cal

he leaned against her desk and i just stood beside him staring at her, she hasn’t looked at me she’s only focusing on him.

“i’m surprised Neil wants to date someone who is so fridget” Cal said

i wanted to laugh but i didn’t.

i really wanted to say she wasn’t a fridget at all especially after last night.

fuck i can feel my jeans tighten at the thought of her moaning my name again.

“oh so is that why you kissed me 2 days ago because i’m so fridget?” Hailey said

what the hell?

what is she talking about??

“WHAT?"i said out loudly, i couldn’t help it i was confused as fuck and Calum stood there saying fuck all

so is it true?

did he really kiss her?

fuck! why am i only finding out now?

"Mr Hemmings and Mr Hood sit back in your seats” the teacher said

fuck i didn’t even hear her come in.

me and Cal turned and walked back to our seats but i wasn’t going to let this go.

the bell rang meaning Art was over, Hailey rushed out of class i bet so i wouldn’t talk to her but i was going to leave that to later i want to find out from Cal what happened.

we walked out of class and off to our next class which was History and he’s awful quiet.

does he like her?

i hope to fuck not.

she’s mine.

“so Cal did you kiss her?” i asked him as we walked to history class

he looked around to see if anyone was listening, what the hell?

“i regret it okay it was a spare of the moment thing” he said

i still need more.

“when was this?” i asked casually trying not to seem bothered by it because i really was.

i wanted to hit him.

“Just leave it man,why do you care if i kissed her anyway?” Cal said as he got to class

he walked into class annoyed,i can’t tell him why i care so i just shook my head and walked in and sat down.

it’s going to be a long day.

i need to talk to Hailey badly.

Hailey’s pov

Finally it was lunch time and i could finally eat.

although i know Lauren and Sophie are going to grill me for answers about last night so i took my time walking to the canteen.

i made my way to the bathroom first and i just walked in when someone else came in behind me, i thought nothing of it until i heard the door lock

i turned around quickly to see Luke standing by the door.

ugh i thought he would leave me alone from now on since he just “used” me.

“ come to use me some more?” i said to him as i looked at him

he didn’t say anything for a minute and then he moved towards me but i didn’t move back because i wasn’t going to show him i’m scared.

i’m done playing this game with him.


“when did Cal kiss you?” he asked as he stood in front me of

i couldn’t help but smirk, i knew he would be bothered by that.

but why didn’t he ask Calum himself?

“why do you care?” i asked him

he moved closer making me strain my neck to look at him

“tell me Hailey” he said sternly

okay well he asked.

“it was right here, he came into the girls toilets after me and he pushed me up against this sink and kissed me..hard!” i said slowly and smirking

Luke looked disgusted, i don’t know why though he used me so..

he backed away from me finally and then he spoke

“I’m going to kill him”

i screwed my face up at him, i don’t understand why he’s reacting like this..

“What for? he used me just like you have” i said then i turned and went to walk into a stall and i just made it and managed to lock the stall before Luke could stop me

“open the door Hailey” he said

i made no such movement.

“Let me explain okay” he continued


“explain what? you told me all what you needed to say last night,just leave me alone” i said

he banged on the door making me jump fuck!

“i lied” he said

i stopped breathing.. what did he say?

he lied?

i don’t believe him

“Lied about what?” i said quietly

i heard him sigh and then he spoke “ okay yes at the start my intentions were to use you but things changed”

i don’t believe him

“how do things just change?” i asked him

i feel like crying right now

“because i got to know you” he said

i unlocked the door and pushed it open to find Luke staring at me then things just happened so fast.

Luke grabbed my face and pushed me against the wall and kissed me but he pulled away too quick

“do you regret last night?” he asked

i just shook my head because i didn’t trust my voice right now

he leaned his head against mine and then he kissed me again hard

“you drive me crazy, you are mine and no one else’s got it” he said

All I could do was nod.

his hands gripped my hips and my breath got quicker as we kissed then his hands moved up more then soon he gripped my top and pulled it over my head resulting in us breaking away from one another.

we locked eyes but I couldn’t take it no more when I looked in his eyes I saw how much he wanted me and that was enough for me to grab his neck and bring his lips down to mine again.

I loved kissing him.

I loved the feel of his hands on me, I wanted no one else but him.

I was going to make sure he knew I wanted him and only him.

He pinned me up against the wall more and licked my bottom lip begging for an entrance which i granted.

“ i need you so bad” He said

I wanted to fuck him really badly,Luke detached his lips from me which I was sad about because I didn’t want to stop kissing him.

He smirked at me and I said “ What are you going to do about it Hemmings?”

I moved my hand down his body until I got to his pants and I grabbed his growing bulge.

“ I want to fuck you right here so bad” Luke moaned while I massaged his bulge.

I leaned in and our lips almost touched and then I said

“ Then fuck me” and then I leaned back.

He smirked and said “ Oh dont worry baby I plan too” he went to unbutton his jeans and then I stopped him and then I bent down and said

“ Let me help with that”

I pulled down his jeans along with his underwear making his erect cock spring out of his boxers.

FUCK! I never wanted him more.

I loved seeing Luke like this.

I wanted to see him like this everyday.

I massaged his cock while I stood up.

“Hailey what if someone catches us?” Luke breathed

I couldn’t care less if someone saw I wanted him now.

"You locked the door remember but we need to make this quick” i said

he smirked at me and he grabbed both my boobs over my material of my bra in his hands hard, it didn’t hurt it just turned me on so much so i tighten my grip on his erection

“ I am going to make you feel so fucking good baby” Luke moaned.

He stopped touching my boobs and then he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my pants but not off, this needs to be quick.

A cold breeze hit my legs but I didn’t care I knew I was going to get warmed up soon.

Luke bent down and he started licking my Vagina.

Fuck me.

My hands went in his hair, gripping and pulling because FUCK ME this felt good.

Luke took more one lick before he stood up.

“ Jump" he said.

I jumped on him wrapping my legs around his waist.

His hands went to my ass, he grabbed my ass and spanked me.

I could feel how wet I was.

” Hurry up and fuck me hemmings" I moaned.

He positioned his dick and at my entrance and we locked eyes.

He pushed in while staring at me, I couldn’t help but moan his name.. “ Luke…Shit…”

Once he was in me, he began to thrust into me.

I bit my lip because fuck me it felt like fireworks were going off inside of me. It felt better than the first time. I never wanted this to end.

“ Harder” I moaned

Luke ran his tongue down my neck and started to suck making goosebumps appear.

“ Fuck me harder Hemmings” i moaned again

i needed more. I needed more. I wanted more.

He started speeding up thrusting harder “ Fuck” he moaned as he kept going.

“ Fuck Hailey ” Luke moaned while I was digging my nails into his back.

“ I’m gonna cum” I said

“ Shit me too” Luke said

He thrusted harder and harder and then I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“ I’m cumming” I yelled


“ Fuck Hailey I’m gonna cum” Luke said while I was coming down from my high

I kissed him and said “ Cum for me Luke” he came when I finished saying that.

“FUCKKK”! He moaned….

We were both breathing heavily trying to calm down. I was still wrapped around Luke, his arms were around my neck and my arms were clinging onto him while he was still inside me.

the bell rang meaning lunch was over.

fuck sake!

i know my friends are going to kill me and i’m sure people have been wondering why the girls toilets are locked, i’m surprised we haven’t heard any knocking.

Luke let me down and it suddenly got awkward, we started putting our clothes back on and i didn’t know what to say until Luke spoke which i was happy about.

“your not actually going on this date with Neil are you?” he said

i wasn’t expecting him to say that

i turned around as i put my top on then i spoke

“why wouldn’t i be?” i asked

he screwed his face up and i almost laughed i love seeing him jealous.

“because of us?” he said as if we are together which we aren’t

“we aren’t together Luke, if your aloud to do what you want then so am i” i said then i turned around and unlocked the toilet stall door and walked out over to the sinks and started washing my hands.

i looked up after i finished to see Luke standing behind me through the mirror,we locked eyes and then he spoke

“please don’t go on this date” he said

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This was supposed to turn out cute, but then I decided to switch to Drama™ because why not.

Skittles/Vorpal Swords (AoKaga)

Words: 557

“Kagami, do you know what today is?” Aomine asked, a grin stretching across his face as he leaned closer to Kagami.

Kagami looked at him, eyebrow raised, and leaned back, wary of what Aomine had up his sleeve. “Tuesday?”

The grin was still on Aomine’s face. “It’s May 23rd.”

“Congrats on being able to read a calendar, then.”

“Idiot. It’s Kiss Day. So pucker up, buttercup.”

Kagami was used to this, but that didn’t mean he liked it. As much as it confused him, Kagami actually liked Aomine, and the constant teasing didn’t make it any better. He knew Aomine didn’t like him, so he had to play it cool because who knows what would happen if Kagami acted on his feelings. He had had enough.

Aomine leaned forward and Kagami quickly got up from his seat, causing Aomine to fall forward.

“What the hell Kagami?”

“Knock it off, Aomine, I’m not going to kiss you. Besides, who knows where your mouth has been.”

“Well if I recall correctly it was on your cock.”

Kagami turned as red as a tomato and began spluttering. “Wha- that’s not- how could you- that’s a lie!” he turned to others so they could know his innocence. “He’s lying!”

The others, though, hadn’t been paying any attention to what the two of them were doing. After years of experience dealing with the two lights, they all knew it was best to ignore what was going on.

Turning back to Aomine, Kagami glared at him, picked up his things, and walked out. Aomine groaned, following after him.

“Kagami, wait.”

Kagami ignored him.

“Oi!” Aomine snapped.


Aomine finally caught up, grabbing Kagami by the hand. “Kagami, stop!”

Kagami stopped, but pulled his hand away, glaring. “What?”

“Why are you so upset?”

“Why am I- are you serious?”

“If it’s because of what I said in there earlier, I was only joking. There’s no need to get so worked up.”

Kagami sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “It’s not what you said, it’s the fact that you do something like this every chance you get. It’s getting old. You should think about other people’s feelings for once before opening your damn mouth.”

“What feelings?”

“Ugh, you idiot! I like you!” Kagami snapped.

Aomine looked at him dumbfounded. “Why?” was all he could spit out.

Kagami threw his hands up, exasperated. “Fuck if I know! I need to get over you though, clearly. How do you think it feels to have someone flirt with you when you know they don’t mean anything by it?”

Aomine still looked dumbfounded. “Do you really like me?”

“Unfortunately. So I’d appreciate it if you’d knock it off with the antics and just let me like you in peace. I’d rather you leave me alone with the knowledge that I like you, than keep flirting with me and not mean anything by it.”

“How do you know I don’t mean anything by it?”

Kagami snorted. “Please, I know you. This is who you are. You’ve always toyed with people.”

Aomine grabbed Kagami by the collar, pulled him forward, and pressed a kiss on his lips, then pulled away and whispered in his ear. “You don’t know me at all.”

He turned, not even looking at Kagami, and walked off, leaving Kagami standing there more confused than ever before.

I want to reach out to my therapist and ask for a session this week (we generally do every other), but also I have never asked her for more time before. It is really hard for me to ask for support and help even after years of therapy and it is frustrating. I don’t put this out here for pity, I put this out here because I want to share what it is like. I may be doing a lot better, I am not suicidal nor have I self harmed in over a year, but I still struggle. Some days are worse than others, in fact, some weeks and months are worse than others, and this is one of those times. The stress of work, my thesis, my classes, my job applications and just life are getting to me. 

Don’t take this the wrong way, I am perfectly safe, I am just feeling miserable and that everything is kind of shitty. I want to feel good and have good friendships and less depression and less anxiety and I want to stop struggling with food. This shit takes time though and recently I have been so busy that I haven’t been giving myself the time to do what I need to do. 

It is just like UGH … I want to reach out for help but something is holding me back, and right now I think it is the fact that even if I do reach out for help I don’t know that I will be able to open up. Alternatively I may subconsciously not want to reach out for help because I am afraid I will open up and that is almost worse. The mental gymnastics at work just to decide if I should ask for more support is amazing to me. 


Things that Bitty probably has had to edit off his videos some time.

-Lardo opening his door and saying “froyo.” with the straightest face in the world. 

 -Jack yelling in the hallway “Shitty, stop hugging me!”. 

 -When it was late while he recorded, Jack yelling ‘go to bed’ to him. 

 -He falling out of his chair because Shitty knocked on his window out of the blank. 

 -Dex and Nursey arguing on the hallway. 

 -Shitty yelling at the tv. It can be heard from his room, yes. 

 -Someone having sex. 

 -“Bittle, we have a game tomorrow!” 

 -“Bitty you can’t be here talking to, I don’t know, your mom, there’s a party downstairs!” 

 -Probably like a lot of footage of himself drunk trying to make a video. 

 -It was awful. 

 -Shitty opening his door being like really high and hugging him. 

 -Jack knocking at his door to ask him to go out for a coffee. 


 -“Whoops I have a text– Did you really just text me to shut up, Jack Zimmermann? It’s ten pm!” 

 -“Jack stopped twice to take pictures of a really weird thing, but he was beautiful.” 

 -“I MEANT ‘IT’” 

 -“I MEAN” 


 -“Bitty there’s no pie in the kitchen your mom would be ashamed of you!” 


 -He regrets so much making videos when he is drunk. 


-“I am not jacking off!” 


 -“Did you call me?” 

 -“Oh my god, Jack–” 

 And when he leaves his door open: 

 -Shitty going through the hallway completely naked. 

 -A flying pillow. 

 -Probably Jack and Shitty. 

 -Like the pillow was probably Jack and Shitty’s fault but Jack and Shitty wrestling in his room too. 

 -Naked Shitty. 

 -“Bitty I have a date tomorrow and I don’t really know how to dress and oops sorry you are talking to your mom I’ll come back later I’m sorry!!” 

 -Why does everyone assume that he is talking to his mom. 

 -“Shitty please put on some pants when you are sitting on my bed.” 

 -“Do you want to look at this pictures?” 


 -“Shhh let me love you Jack” 

 -“Bitty, the oven is working again so– oh you are talking to your mom?” 

 -“Dex, chill.” 


 -Did I mention naked Shitty. 

 -His mom calling him. 

 -“Do you want to come take pictures of the snow?” 


 -“Bitty have you seen Nursey it is wild down there and we have to look out for him when he is drunk for a reason.” 


 -Naked Shitty. 

 -“Is that your mom? Tell her my dad says hi.” 

 -“Chowder if you have six jock straps in that box I just want you to know that they were joking, honey.” 

 -“And I am really nervous about tomorrow’s game–” “Well if you go to sleep you won’t be nervous.” 

 -“Look at this beautiful player of the Providence, Bitty” “Shitty stop hugging me” 

-“Farmer told me to thank you for the pie she says that it is awesome and– oh wow you and your mom sure skype a lot right” 

 -“Do you want to go out for a coffee” “It’s snowing Jack” “So…” “Okay no you are chirping me get out” 

 -Someone yelling “DEETS DEETS DEETS” 

 -“Shitty, really, put on some pants. Please.”

🌅 🌃

8 PM Okay I’ll just read one more chapter then get a good
night sleep for that chem test tomorrow

12 AM So maybe not a full night of sleep but I’m at a really
good part right now so I can’t stop

3 AM ……Welp…. I’m still not tired so fuck it

6 AM Ugh. Why do I do this to myself every single time?
Tonight I will go to bed early.


Ugh. So this is different than my usual posts but I need some advice guys. I have a really close friend that I love talking to but we’ve stopped talking recently and I wanna talk to them but I’m worried about messaging them first. So what do you guys suggest I do? I just am unsure whether I should leave them be and let them come to me or message them first and risk bugging them.


by Plaid-Peaches

-You look cute for your size.

No. I look cute. Point blank. My body does not restrict how cute I can be.

-You’d be so pretty if you lost weight.

No. Once again, I do not need to lose weight to be pretty. Only to meet your standards of pretty.

-Have you tried exercising?

Actually, yes. I used to exercise all the time. Tess Munster/Holliday works out 3-5 times a week and is still a size 22.

-Should you really be eating that?

Should you really concern yourself with what I am putting in MY body?

-Ugh, I feel so fat!

Why is that a bad thing? Last time I checked, fat does not mean ugly so don’t treat it like it does.

-If you want people to stop judging, why don’t you just lose weight?

I happen to like myself the way I am. Is that so bad? Why is it so bad that I don’t meet everyone’s beauty standards, but am happy on my own? Why can’t people stop judging me for loving myself?


At what point of financial stability do I stop panicking about potentially big purchases?

I have enough in my accounts (and 2 paychecks this week) to buy a brand new MacBook if I have to, make my rent, pay utilities, and still have a couple hundred left over. So why am I so anxious? How many months does rent not have to be an issue before I finally relax?

Simple Requests

I do not need you to be telling me what you think I should be doing. 

Do not tell me that you “had high hopes” for me. 

Do not imply that you know how I learn or that you have the answers to everything. 

Do not look down on me because I am not as quick in one subject like you are. 

Do not assume that I do not have some control of my life. 

Do not make me feel as if I am constantly making mistakes, just because you would not make the same choices as me. 

I am my own person. You are not in charge of me. You cannot give me looks as if I am stupid. You do not have the right to ever try and make me feel like a failure. 

Ashton Irwin- HAAM

So this one concludes the HAAM series. Hope you like it!


“Are you serious?” Ashton said next to me.

We were sitting on my couch talking about random stuff that we thought about. My head was on one side of the couch while my feel rested on Ashton’s lap. “I’m dead serious. Do you know how frustrating that is?”

“Wait, let me get this straight. You and Josh have been dating for two years and he’s never made you have an orgasm?”

“Not once. It’s annoying.”

“Why don’t you bring it up?” He asked.

“Because it’s too late. I’ve faked it too many times.”

“Oh my god, you faked it?” He laughed.

“I don’t have a choice. I mean, yeah sometimes it feels good but never enough for me to actually have an orgasm. When he’s done, he stops.”

“Wait, he doesn’t finished you off?” Ashton sat up.

I shook my head, “Nope.”

“Wow, what an asshole.”

“It really sucks because when I’m horny, he doesn’t ever fulfill my needs. It’s so…ugh I don’t even know. It’s more than frustrating.”

“I still can’t believe you’ve never had an orgasm.”

“Am I missing out?” I asked.

“Most definitely.”

I groaned and laid my head back on the pillow. I’m always pretty sexually frustrated since I’ve never been able to finish. I’ve even tried to myself, but I just can’t do it. I always get so close, but it’s never enough.

“I have an idea.” Ashton said.

“What?” I asked.

“What if I help you out?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, what if I give you an orgasm?”

I laughed, “You’re joking right?”

He laughed, “I’m serious! We don’t have to tell anyone. And plus, I know you’re itching to know what an orgasm feels like.”

“What about Josh?”

“He doesn’t have to know.”

I sighed and thought about it for a second, “Won’t it affect our friendship?”

“Nah, it will just be a one-time thing.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“What else are friends for?”

I laughed and rolled my eyes, “I guess we can try. What makes you think you can make me orgasm when everything else can’t?”

“I can try, can’t I?”

“Okay, let’s give it a shot.”

“Alright, come on.” He moved my legs off his lap and stood up.

I sat up, “Wait, now?”

“Yes, right now. Let’s go.” He started walking to my bedroom that was down the hall.

I stood up from the couch and followed him into my room. He shut the door behind me and locked it, just in case my roommate came home. He turned around and faced me and I scratched my arm, “What now?”

“Well, for starters, you should take your clothes off.”

“Right.” I said and I lifted my shirt over my head, “You’re going to undress too, right?”

“Yeah.” He said as he lifted his shirt off his head.

I unclipped my bra and threw it to the ground. I can’t believe I’m doing this with my best friend. I feel so…dirty. I unbuttoned my jeans and wiggled out of them, throwing them onto the ground.

“Keep your underwear on and get on the bed.”

“Okay, bossy.” I got on the bed and laid on my back.

He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and threw them on the ground with the rest of our clothes. He kept his boxers on and he climbed on top of me.

“I never thought we’d ever be in this position.” I said.

“Really? The thought never crossed your mind?” His fingers started to move up and down my torso slowly.

“Well, I guess I’ve had a few dreams.” I admitted.

“Oh really? How did they go?” He asked before placing his lips on my stomach. He crawled further and further down, his lips leaving a trail of soon to be purple marks.

“Uh…they uh…um…” I tried to think of what to say, but I couldn’t think straight. I could feel the familiar wetness start to form between my legs. He better know how to give me an orgasm or I might go insane.

“Come on, think, Y/N. Tell me, did it feel good?” He slowly pulled my panties down my legs.

“Uh, I uh, I don’t remember.” My voice became shaky.

He started to kiss the skin on my upper thigh, getting closer and closer to my throbbing core.

“Did it feel better than Josh?” He whispered into my skin.

Yes. I thought to myself. But still, not enough to make me cum.

“Tell me, Y/N. What did I do in your dream to make you feel better than Josh could?”

“You u-used your mouth.” I stuttered.

“Like this?” He asked and then his lips wrapped around my clit.

I moaned and threw my head back, “Yes. Just like that.” I gripped my hands onto the sheets.

“Look at me.” He demanded.

I looked down at him; he looked so wonderful between my legs. His eyes flickered up to mine as he sucked on my clit. His tongue swirled all around me, touching places no one has ever touched before. Not even Josh.

“Oh my God.” I moaned.

His head moved back forth causing the pleasure to increase. I didn’t know it could feel this good.

“Tell me how this feels.” Ashton asked.

“So good, Ash.” I reached down and tangled my fingers in his hair, pushing him closer to me.

“Fuck.” He mumbled into me.

I bucked my hips forward involuntarily and I felt Ashton smirk.

“How close are you?” He asked.

“I have no idea.”

His tongue stared to lap around me hitting every spot perfectly. His nose was moving against my clit and I felt my body start to shake. Holy shit, this feels amazing. I started to move my hips up to his face which he gladly allowed me to do. My moans became higher pitched with each movement of my hips. And then, finally, I came undone. And holy shit, it was quite a powerful feeling. It took over my entire body. I screamed out and arched my back off the bed. Ashton’s arms hooked around my thighs holding me close to his face as he rode out my orgasm. I continued to yell out profanities as he didn’t stop. Even after I came, he didn’t stop.

“Fuck, Ashton, that was incredible.”

“I’m not done yet.” He said and continued to eat me out. He didn’t slow down at all.

He moved his tongue faster, “Move your hips again.” He said.

And so I did. I moved my hips and shuddered. I’m so sensitive, I didn’t know that happened. But it felt good to have him against me still. I kept bucking my hips forward and I felt the familiar approach of an orgasm.

“Jesus, Ashton.” I squeezed my eyes shut.

He hummed and I yelped in pleasure.

“Keep going.” I begged.

His mouth ventured all around my sex, licking in every spot possible. Josh has never gone down on me. He told me doesn’t feel comfortable with it. Fuck him. This feels amazing. Incredible. Indescribable, actually. I felt myself close to another orgasm and I continued to buck my hips forward. Ashton reached around my thigh and started rubbing circles on my clit. I cried out and sat up quickly, my orgasm washing over me. He licked me clean before he sat up and wiped the wetness off his chin.

“Ashton, that was-”

“We still aren’t done yet.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can handle anymore.” I sighed.

“Trust me, you can.” He gently placed his lips on mine and my breathing stopped. I grabbed his face and held him there so he couldn’t move away. His lips feel so good against mine. They feel like they should have always been there. It’s nothing like kissing Josh. Now that I think about it, Ashton is better than Josh. In more ways than I could explain, Ashton is much better for me that him.

“Y/N?” Ashton asked.


He pulled our lips apart, “How long does Josh usually last with you?”

“Probably six minutes.”

He scoffed, “And he’s never finished you off?”

I shook my head, “Not once.”

He shook his head, “Just wait.” He leaned down and started kissing my neck and he pushed my legs apart. I felt his tip near my entrance and I was starting to become impatient. I started rubbing my hips against his and he laughed, “Patience.”

I groaned and dropped my hands to my sides. But then, he thrust himself inside of me with no warning. I gasped and my arms reached up and clawed into his back. He filled me completely before thrusting out and then back in.

“Go faster.” I begged.

“Gladly.” He said and then started slamming in and out of me. I moaned and my mouth fell open. Ashton’s back muscles moved with each thrust and I couldn’t help but grip onto his hair.

“Fuck.” He muttered and nuzzled his face deeper into my neck.

“Oh God.” I moaned as Ashton picked up his pace. I heard a faint rattle come from above me and I looked up in confusion. I then realized the headboard was slamming against the wall. At this point, I don’t even care about the people living in the apartment next door. Let them hear how good Ashton is making me feel. Suddenly, there was a knock on my bedroom door.

Ashton stopped moving, “Shit.”

He pulled out of me and I got up slowly from the bed, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” I sighed of relief. It was just my roommate, not Josh.

I walked over to the door and opened it slightly, “Hey.”

“Could you guys be any louder?” She laughed.

I giggled, “Sorry.”

“I’m going to go put headphones on. Have fun with Josh.”

“Oh, um, it’s not Josh.”

Her eyes widened, “What?! Then who is it?”


She opened her mouth to say something but I covered it with my hand, “I’ll explain later.” And then I shut the door and locked it. I sighed and shook my head and turned around to walk towards the bed again. What I didn’t expect was Ashton to be right behind me, his figure towering over me. I gasped just as Ashton slammed me against the door and lifted my leg up around his waist. And then he rammed himself into me. I cried out and reached up, grabbing onto his arms for support. My head fell forward and rested on Ashton’s shoulder as he fucked me senseless. He hit a spot that Josh has never hit before and it sent me moaning in hysterics.

“Right there.” It came out as a whisper.

“Fuck, Y/N. Are- ah, are you close?” He managed to blurt out.

“So fucking close.”

One of his hands reached down and started rubbing circles on my clit, something Josh has never done before. I screamed and my entire body fell forward as my orgasm hit me hard. My nails dug deep into Ashton’s arms and my head fell back as I yelled out. A couple seconds later, Ashton shouted out a few profanities and my name. His thrusts slowed down and he shuddered with each movement.

When he pulled out of me, I slid down to the ground unable to move. I closed my eyes and rested my head against the door. And then I was lifted up and brought to my bed. I kept my eyes closed as I felt Ashton’s touch leave mine and I heard his belt buckle shake.




It became silent again, and then I felt the bed dip in next to me. I rolled over and rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his lower torso.

“Remember what you said about how this wouldn’t affect our friendship?”

“I know.” He said, reading my mind.

I sighed deeply and let my mind wander. And then I fell asleep next Ashton, not having a care in the world.

- Brooke XD

i rly need to stop going on here as much as i do bc im mentally ill and stupid so i genuinely internalize all the ridiculous shit ppl say 2 me no matter WHAT but i also am. completely cut off from the world this summer and this is one of my only forms of social interaction so i feel So Stuck


*I lost my header that I was set on using. Guess this is the new one!*

He always infuriated her. Ever since they were children and she lived on the next farm. She was glad the day he left with his mother, and a smile came to her lips when she thought she’d never see him again. Then.. well, he came back. And stayed. And as much as it pained her to admit — he was a lot better looking then when he left. But by this point, he’d just gotten back from Paris. He was in charge, to a point and seemed to always look at her. And that annoyed her.
“Do you always stare at people, or is it new?” She snapped as he followed her around the market.
“I only stare at people that I think need to be stared at.”
“What is that meant to mean?”
He smirked. “It is meant to mean nothing.”
“Answer properly, Bjorn.”
“I don’t need to.”
“Ugh!” She groaned. “You are so annoying! Stop being annoying.”
“Nice choice in words.”
She sighed, and kicked her foot out. Hitting him directly in the shin. “Do not speak to me like I am nothing, Bjorn Ironside.”
“Don’t hit me like I am no one.”
She screamed internally and groaned again. She left the market and cursed all the way to her house.

Once she had calmed down and come to peace with what had just happened, he opened her door.
She sighed. “Get out.”
“No.” He leaned against the door.
“I will hit you again.”
“No you won’t.”
“Why don’t you think I will do it, huh?” She walks over to him, and they stand just inches away from each other.
“Because I will do this.” He kisses her, but she just goes stiff. “I love you.”
“Okay.” She says. “Are you hungry?”

Mabel’s Mind Palace - Ch. 9 - FINAL CHAPTER

Mabel’s Mind Palace - Ch. 9 - FINAL CHAPTER

Hey guys, so the last chapter was well-received, and I have decided to make this one the final chapter. Sorry for those who expected more content on this story, but I feel like where I ended off the last chapter was a pretty good place to stop. This final chapter will be the epilogue to the whole story, basically giving a little recap as to what’s been going on with the Pines twins since discovering their new-found magical abilities. The Pines twins were juniors in college when this story began, and now they’ve finished college and are about to graduate at the top of their class. Of course, they’ve had all that time to practice and master their magic and the Mind Palace, under the careful observations of Grunkle Ford.

I could extend the story, but seeing as the story is based on the Mind Palace technique, there’s really not much else I can expand on.

Thank you guys for sticking with this story, and keep an eye out for future stories. This particular story may be finished, but I’ll definitely keep the MindPalace!AU alive forever, in my heart and in my memory.

(Word Count: 4163 words)

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Save Me - Chapter 13

“Can you believe he sang to me? I can’t believe it! You got lots of pictures, right, Auntie Vivie?! I gotta text them to Jessica!” Mackenzie was still on cloud nine and I don’t blame her. Jared serenaded her with 3 songs and literally made her thirteenth birthday one she will never forget. I had hoped I’d be able to see him and thank him again but as soon as the last cord played of Kings and Queens, he had already walked off stage and with the show being over he was done.

We gathered our things from the main room and were then escorted out of the venue. Jared was nowhere in sight, believe me, I looked. Since I didn’t want to look like a psycho fangirl, I tried to be discreet so I didn’t ask to see him. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed because I was, who wouldn’t be?

Now back at the hotel, I thought we were all heading straight to bed since it was well past midnight and I know I was exhausted but the girls seemed to have gotten a second wind. And they were hungry! Pizza topped the list so I placed an order to the only place open and willing to deliver, Papa John’s. We had about 45 minutes before the pizza would be delivered so I decided to take a shower and put my pj’s on while the girls did the same.

Standing under the hot water, my mind started to wander back to Jared and all the things that happened throughout the night. Was it me or was he really flirting? I couldn’t tell. I thought maybe but why me? Nah… Well, maybe? I mean, he really went out of his way, we had lots of eye contact, lots of smiling, special treatment and let’s not forget the whole pulling me on stage bit. But then he disappeared after the show. If he was really interested, you’d think he’d send a message or something, right? Send me a little email, text me? AIW has my information. Or, maybe, and definitely more likely, I’m completely off base and he’s like that with everyone or the kids made him extra sweet. It’s more than possible. It’s obvious how much the fans mean to him and the girls were clearly huge fans.

Yah, maybe that was it, my judgement was clouded. Not having someone special in my life just might be getting to me, shit, how long has it been since I last had sex?! Off the hop of my head I couldn’t even remember…I need a calendar. Am I that sad and desperate to feel someone is attracted to me, I would imagine all that?! It has been a while since I’ve put myself out there, I know… That’s what a bad break up will do to you, I guess. But standing here and needing a calendar to figure out when I had sex last? Ugh, FML. I need to stop thinking.

Stepping out of the shower I decided it was time to end the pity party. From now on, I’m going to stop throwing myself into work and live a little. Hmm, as I yowled off I felt better already!! Just as I pulled my pj bottoms on I heard the phone.

“Hello, this is the front desk, we have a delivery for you.”

“Wonderful! We’re starving!” I laughed “Can you please send him up?”

“No, I’m sorry ma'am, due to additional security measures, deliveries need to be picked up in the lobby.”

Shit. I’m in my pj’s with no make-up on and my hair is in a wet bun on the top of my head…attractive. After a very small amount of thought I decided, fuck it…it’s almost 1am. I’m too tired to worry about impressing anyone.

“I understand, I’ll be right down.”

Grabbing cash and my key card, I told the girls I was going to the lobby to get the pizza. I think they heard me, they were still jumping around to ‘Closer to the Edge’ as I walked out the door.

Jumping in the elevator, I was in the lobby, paid for the pizza and standing back at the elevator doors ready to head back up to the room in less than 10 minutes. Which I guess is good based on the nasty looks I got from hotel staff because apparently there aren’t many people who order pizza and pick it up in their pj’s in the lobby at 1am in a 5 star hotel.

Stepping into the elevator I suddenly heard “Hold that elevator, please!” WTF.

Much to my horror, the person who needed to get on this particular elevator at this late hour was none other than Jared fucking Leto. Standing there I prayed he’d keep his head firmly planted in his phone and not look up. At. All.

“Floor 25, please.” Damn it to hell, that’s my floor too. There is no God.

We continued in silence until the ding singling we were approaching our floor. That’s when out of the corner of my eye, I saw him do a double take at the reflection in the mirror doors of the elevator. I, of course, did what any sane person would do….
I ignored him completely.

“Cute pj’s, Auntie Vivie.”

What. A. Day. I was stacking up moments that I just wanted die of complete and utter embarrassment. 'Head up, pretend like you’re not mortified. Play this off.’ I thought to myself.

“Thank you, Jared.” I smiled as I walked out of the elevator turning down the hallway towards the right. But, as my shitty luck would have it, he followed. He stopped short of me…his room was only about 6 doors down from ours.

“Goodnight.” he laughed as he opened his door.

“Goodnight.” I smiled towards him nodding my head towards him and inserted what I thought was my key card. But it wasn’t my key card. Fuck. It was my American Express. I grabbed the wrong thing. Ok, no biggie, I knocked on the door. Nothing. Knocked again. Nothing again.

“Problem?” I heard him say. He was standing in his doorway watching this whole time. Great.

“Well, it seems I grabbed the wrong card so I can’t open the door and the girls aren’t answering. I’ve got the luck , huh?!” I joked trying to hold my cool.

“Instead of going all the way back downstairs to call your room, you can just call from mine if you’d like.” He offered. It was a very gentlemanly thing to do and I appreciated that but At that point, I really wanted the ground to swallow me up. Resigning myself to the fact that I probably made an ass out of myself at the concert already this was just icing on the cake. So, standing there with my now barely warm pizza, in my pjs and wet hair, I took him up on his offer.

I quickly walked over to the phone in his room and called our room..thankfully Mackenzie answered. She said Lily just told her there was a knock at the door but because of the stranger danger rules she learned in school she didn’t answer the door. NOW she decides to remember stranger danger?! Would have been nice if she had told Mackenzie right away but that’s Lily. Ugh, that kid!

I hung up and thanked Jared yet again for his help. He was gracious, of course. Looking at him as we got to his door, I decided to just throw it out there.

“You’re welcome to join us for some semi-warm and very cheap pizza, salad and garlic bread if you like..ya know, if you’re not too tired…and hungry or something…” Ugh, I sound like a 13 year old fangirl again. *facepalm*

There was an uncomfortable silence that fell between us. You could tell he wasn’t sure what to say and quite frankly, I wish I had kept my mouth shut. I felt stupid yet again. Why didn’t I just walk out the door? Turning away from him, I didn’t even wait for an answer, I walked out. Hearing the door slam shut behind me I moved quickly down the hall returning to the safety of our room to lick my wounds.

A rose can never be a sunflower,
and a sunflower can never be a rose.
ALL flowers are beautiful in their own way,
and that’s like women too.
—  Miranda Kerr

“Ugh, do you ever stop talking?” Alec said rolling his eyes. He was annoyed at how much 

“You know what, I can’t do this anymore. I am trying to save our parents from the Clave so if you want, go be immature somewhere but if you love mom and dad as much as I do then you would put all jokes aside and actually help,” You said calm as ocean waves. 

Alec stayed quiet and got off the wall, standing straight. “Okay, I-I’m sorry. Believe that I want to help but you really need to stop being…”

“So bossy? I know. I’ll try to stop,” You say. Alec walked over to you and nudged you playfully. You two finally made amends and were ready to get back to the important stuff; saving your parents.

request box + masterlist

How would the 2p's react if thier S/O was ingnoring them after a massive fight

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: “…are still mad at me!! look i said i was sorry alright, ugh fine what can i do to make it up to you”

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “…you still ignoring me. Look i’m sorry OK, you know i’m not the best at controlling my anger,you think you can forgive me”

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: * has no idea what to do, so gives them time to calm down*

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: “Love i am ever so sorry that i yelled at you like that, you think you can forgive me”

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “Look it my fault OK,i shouldn’t of yelled at you like that, but you also need to stop acting like a child so we can talk about this like adults”

Yang Wang / 2p china: “I’M SORRY PLEASE STOP IGNORING ME” *hugs them at the feet “PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASSSSSSEEEEE”

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “HHHEEEYYYYYY, come on babe you still mad at me? 

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: *not doing anything* 

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “come on honey i know you love me”

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: *is crying* “i-i’m so s-sorry, p-please don’t be mad at m-me” 

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: *giving them the silent treatment to*

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: “…you mind, stop ignoring me it is rude…oh is about that fight, that was like three hours ago!”

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: “look…i’m sorry”


Teen Wolf AU: In which everyone - but especially the Sheriff - knows that Derek and Stiles are dating…except for Stiles, who is a little slow to catch on.

“And Stiles….if you don’t think he was trying to woo you with all those supernatural books and curly fries he bought you, you’d be wrong.”

“…still not dating.”

“Maybe you should talk about that with Derek…preferably while I’m very far away, because I don’t need to listen to the sex you’re inevitably going to have once you’ve figured it out.”

“Why do you even think I’d wanna date Dere….yeah, okay, point, stop giving me that look! You know what, I’m going to Derek’s now, maybe I won’t feel you judging me from across town.”

“Have fun, don’t forget the condoms.”

“Ugh, worst father ever.”

Happy birthday, Kirstin