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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  That’s it. I’m sending these boys down to the second floor. I AM IN RENOVATION HELL AGAIN!
I live on the fourth but they’re renovating the second and I CAN HEAR IT ALL DAY LONG. The amount of headaches I’ve had over the past week is ridiculous. And I actually really rarely get those.

Ugh… screen redraw, because.
….. I might have fallen a bit for Mr. Eyebrows……. who am I kidding I’m hopelessly lost *curls up in a corner staring into space*


(pt.1/??) If you haven’t read national hot dad alliance you desperately need it in your life

honestly i have never laughed at a fic so hard before and also cried bc omg, just go read it, re-read it if you already have read it just ugh, it’s perfect 

Artist Line-up: #2 Amalas (^O^)~♪♫♪♫♪

Tumblr: @amalasdraws

“Amalas’ art is like reading a really good book. Their characterizations are very earnest.” - anonymous

“And the colors. AND SWAG! HIP-HOP AU! HAVE YOU READ THAT!?” - anonymous

“Way too perfect shadow and folds! Lovely colours and I am sorry but they draw one of the most perfect Iwaizumi for me! ;;;” - anonymous

“I admire the art style and the person too. They are so kind and amazing to interact with. When it comes to their art, the fashion, colors, shading and BGs too. Poses, lines, mood, UGH! I love it all!” - anonymous

“Amalas’ art has an intense narrative. =u= I think they explored themes that aren’t often dealt with in fandom and they do it very respectfully.” - anonymous

Best known for their contribution to the HQ!! fandom with their HIP HOP AU, we welcome Amalas! ღවꇳවღ Thanks for joining the project!

“We needed an artist that’s as different from ‘em all, Amalas came around and answered our call!”  - inspired from ‘The Seasons’ by Prof  б(>ε<)∂ [I TRIED, AMALAS _/\_]

[P.S. Kindly click the image and read through the content to know more about the artist!]


“Koganegawa’s basically still a baby as a setter. So, you need to help him out, Sakunami.” - Coach Takurō

ll Haikyuu!! Season 2 (Ep. 19) 

CUTIE BB! why didn’t I notice him before?!?! SO ADORABLE :3

  • Kuroo: If we're gonna teach you, we're gonna do it my way, okay? First I'm gonna need to break you down to nothing, and then build you back up, piece by piece.
  • Tsukishima: The training camp ends tomorrow.
  • Bokuto: Then we'll just break you down to nothing and see what time it is.
I have to win and stay on the court! | Kageyama Tobio Haikyuu!! 20

Halo - Beyoncé by Seungkwan [ft. a cheering Joshua & Vernon]
This is frickin beautiful, even with the not hq audio, i love his voice so much, like SEUNGKWAN SINGING IN ENGLISH, HELP- I live for this. I NEED A STUDIO VERSION OR SMT. PLEDIS PLEAASE.

In the room are Jeonghan, Joshua, Vernon (pretty sure that’s his voice) Jun, Mingming & Dongjin (ex members)

ok… i have no excuses.
(╯▽╰) i’m just in love with radio-silents genderfluid!kags so… here i am..
i’m really sorry Becca i usually do traditional art so this is just a try but i hope you like it.  (///.///)  
*throws love on you and your kags and runs away* (╯ಊ╰)

(yeah.. and sorry for my english again)