ugh i miss you two


Good morning, I couldn’t sleep anymore so I just went on Youtube and bumped into this work of art. YOU ALL NEED TO WATCH IT.

I don’t wanna say that I’m crying but I think I don’t have anymore tears in my eyes.  


Made by: @red-jamie and @gaysweaters, you both are incredible. Thank you for doing this. 

I’m just gonna keep crying, WATCH IT PLEASE! 


its winter break and dex is back home and is v happy classes r over for a few more weeks but hes also v sad bc he misses his boyfriend, derek nurse, and yea they text the whole time and call each other once in a while but like it’s just weird not being w him p much every day
but one night at like 1:30am dex is in his room about to go to bed when his phone rings and he grunts and reaches over to his phone and of course it says nursey’s name and he rolls his eyes (but blushes obvi) and answers and is all “what do you want nursey, it’s late” and nursey just replies w
“heyyy babe, i miss youuu” and like he’s obviously drunk af bc one if his friends was having a party tonight and there was gonna be alcohol but the last thing dex ever expected was a drunk call from nursey and dex blushes even harder and covers his face w his hand bc hes kinda really happy that nursey drunk called him and just smiles and says “hi derek, i miss you too”

"Bonnie Bennett."

The Bennett witch smiled hearing the familar voice. She turned away from trimming her white rose bushes towards the woman walking towards her. Warmth clawed at the witch’s heart seeing her childhood friend. Fourteen years had passed with only phone and email to keep in touch. Today they finally reunite.

“Your husband let me in. Handsome face with the devil in his eyes. Scary but handsome.”

Bonnie scoffed. “Klaus is a teddy bear…a evil one but a teddy bear. Hopefully, your husband can handle him on his own for awhile.”

“Hopefully.” The woman agreed. “Are you crying, Bennett?”

Bonnie shook her head blinking back her tears. “Shut up. And just so you know,” She held up her hand showing a black wedding band on her ring finger. “That’s Bennett-Mikaelson, Mills.”

Abigail held up her hand displaying her white gold wedding band. “It’s Crane, thank you very much.”

Bonnie snorted snatching Abby into a bone crushing hug. The women laughed as they rocked side to side in their embrace. “Ugh! God, I missed you.”

“Missed you too girlie.” Abby rubbed Bonnie’s back.

The two held on to each other for a few more minutes before they broke apart. They both shared a laugh noticing their cheeks were wet.

“Look at us.” Abby shook her head. “Crying like a bunch of babies.” She sniffed as she wiped Bonnie’s tear stained cheek with her thumb.

Bonnie held her friend’s hand in hers. “Yeah well…” She shrugged her shoulder not knowing what else to say. She really missed her best friend. “Thank you for coming, Abby. I know this was short notice -”

Abby waved her hand dismissing her words. “Don’t even bother finishing that sentence. The Bennetts and Mills have been close friends for generations.“

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Still, Abby. I know you’ve been busy on your side. Being a witness, Pandora, demons popping out of nowhere.”

“Headless Horseman.”

“Headless Horseman.” Bonnie scratched her brow. “I still can’t get over that one.”

“You’re a witch married to a vampire werewolf hybrid and have like twelve little hybrid babies.”

Bonnie smacked her arm. “I only have five. Stop adding on imaginary children.”

“And,” Abby continued. “You are Queen of New Orleans which I hear is THE Supernatural Central Mecca of the world -”

“- That’s a lie. It’s actually Santorini, Greece.”

“- and yet you can’t wrap your head around there being a horseman who is headless?”

“It’s the Headless Horseman, Abby. Give me a break.” Abigail raised her eyebrow. “Put your eyebrow down. Don’t give me that look.”

Agent Mills bump her shoulder against Bonnie’s still laughing at her pouty friend. She laughed harder when said friend announced it wasn’t funny. “So, are you going to tell what we’re dealing with?” Abby asked finally settling down.

Bonnie grabbed Abby’s hand into hers leading them to the wrap around porch. “Some angry druids somehow summoned a Eliogos.”

“The Great Dukes of Hell.”

The Bennett-Mikaelson witch nodded. “It said its name was Astaroth. Ring any bells?”

“Naked guy with wings? Wears a crown on his head?” Bonnie nodded head again. Abigail sucked air between her teeth. “Well, this is going to be fun.”

“I didn’t know who else to call.”

“Sam and Dean Winchester.”

Bonnie snorted shaking her head. “They have their own problems.”

“Ha! Doing what? Restocking cases of salt?”

“No! It’s just…” She really couldn’t explain the complications with the Darkness and the situation with Castiel. “Trust me.” Bonnie made it her business to keep in touch with the brothers, especially Dean. “It’s bad, Abby. They’re going through a lot.”

“And I’m not?”

“Yeah but,” Bonnie threw her arms around Abby snuggling into the small woman. “My problems are your problems.”

“Says who?” Abby pushed at the witch. The more she pushed, the tighter Bonnie held on. “Don’t drag me into your crazy supernatural mess.”

“Too late. You’re here.” Bonnie pointed out. “PIus, I would let you pull me into your mess.” Bonnie said in a small voice as she buries her head between the crook of Abby’s neck.

Abigail rolled her eyes. “You’re such a baby.”

“So.” There was no reason to deny it.

“I can’t deal with you.” Abby sat them down the bench. Bonnie leaned her head back on her shoulder, arms around the waist, and leg crossing the agent’s lap. Abigail groaned annoyed with her current position. “Fourteen years and you didn’t grow out of this?”

Bonnie pouted cutely. “It’s comfy.”

“But I’m not.” Bonnie snickered lowly. “Bonnie.” The agent started pulling away.

“Stop it.” Bonnie whined.

“You stop it, Bonnie. We have a demon to capture. We have to make plans.”

“I know that. Just give me ten more minutes.”

Abigail noticed the sadness laced in her best friend’s voice. “Hey,” She brushed loose hair strands from the witch’s face, irritation placed on the back burner. “Are you okay?”

Abigail felt Bonnie nod against her neck. “I just missed you.”

A smile pulled against Abigail’s lips at her friend’s confession. She kissed Bonnie’s forehead then laid her cheek on her umber colored mane. “Such a baby.”

“You love me though.”

“A baby octopus.” Bonnie shook with laughter as Abby did the same leaning heavily on her .

Ten minutes went and gone for the two women as they reminisce of laughter and old times. Demons could wait for a another ten minutes or so.

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“You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you…”

Happy birthday Laura!


outlaw queen meme → [4/7] scenes

This Scandal (404) episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olivia Pope, bitches!!!!

DO NOT PISS off Olivia Pope! She will ruin you. I wonder if those parents picked their jaws up off the floor yet. Hahahah, bitches! You got Poped.

So, Karen had Olivia’s personal number still. Interesting. I don’t think it’s just because oh, she’s a crisis manager. I want to see more.

I will say it again, Scandal is ratchet at hell. Eiffel tower, doe?

Y’all see how Olivia is playing house with Jake. His presence and dependability (and penis) are the best things he has going for him. Olivia is trying out that “normal” life. Didn’t I just say in my 402 piece that she kind of fetishizes normalcy even though she thinks she’s not built (or entitled) to it? But then there was a call to remind us that Olivia doesn’t live that normal life for a reason. 

And um, y’all really expect me to believe Olivia—flawless skin, body, hair—is eating Gettysburger every night? On what planet? Fauxlake is junk which is why they are always eating junk. Lastly, it’s a gotdamn shame that the Gettysburger logo has no top hat. Where is your sense of decency?

And yaaaaaas! Cyrus for telling Abby to check that unwarranted hate at the door. You can Pope Lite all you want to, but we all know that you would not be where you are were it in no small part to Olivia Pope. So cut the crap. You know your personal feelings are the ones that are hurt, Abby. So woman up and talk to Olivia about that stuff.

Tom, I’m going into my liquor cabinet right now, homie. You dead

Rowan, Rowan, Rowan. You shady ass mothafucka! Damn, stitching Jake up like that. And you had the nerve to give Tom the “thanks for taking one for the Republic, bruh” look? Woo.

Everybody had chokes this episode, I see.

Speaking of which, Jake, I’m not even gonna say amen on your ass because you’re good at being saved. As much as I can’t stand you, I don’t want you to go out for some ish you didn’t do. But bwhahahahahaha, Fitz, was like I’m not fittin’ hear from your bitch ass right now. You can wait with Lauren. See ya.

I was like

When Fitz read Mellie like a bad tabloid (h/t @spectaclesinscript ) and her ass had no retort for his accusations except to focus on the sex tape and call him a bad father. You’re not lying, but, ok, selfish mother. But nice job on the moment with Karen. Seriously. And I loved that Karen actually asked about her well-being.

But then Fitzgerald had to go be Fitzgerald and be vindictive because he was mad at Olivia for going away with Jake. He is really grasping at straws with how he behaved towards Olivia. Not the initial approach, but his physical reactions. Boo, I know it hurts. You feel like Olivia is all you have left in the world even when she wasn’t really there. But you CANNOT treat her like that! You should thank baby jesus that she loves you and that I do, too. Fuuuuuck, Fitz! Fix yourself because I’m feeling a Rihanna song coming on. Sometimes I love you, sometimes I wanna push you away. Sometimes I wanna kiss you, other times…punch you in the face…Why is everything with you so complicated? Why do you make it hard to love you. Oh, I hate it. But if you really want to be [an ass], I’ll throw my hands up, cuz [Fitzy] I tried. Everything with you is so complicated. Oh I….

Yellow card, dude. Yellow card.

But gaaaaaahhhh! That breathy Olitz scene and “I miss you”. Ugh, the two of you. Fuck y’all, man.

And umm, I don’t wanna say anything because  I have no receipts it’s probs totes a coincidence, but…

In this episode, Fitz said he was failing at being president, father and now man. Then he said, “heavy is the head that wears the crown”. My 217 essay was titled “Tilting the Crown” and I described Fitz as a beautiful tryptich (3 components) art piece: President, father and man. I said the ‘man’ portion was specifically related to Olivia.::hair flip::

He’s failed at all three sides to his character. The emperor is naked. This is good.

I’m actually really happy that Fitz is going to get to see Olivia differently this time. I think his view had been myopic. Yes, he knows she’s brilliant, beautiful and flawless at her job. BUT, I don’t think he sees her as someone’s daughter, someone’s friend, someone’s boss. As a fucking person. That she is not “his”, and certainly not his salvation. I loved the parallels between Olivia’s childhood and how Fitz is attempting to parent Karen. Sweeping problems under the rug has consequences. Fitz you know that from your own childhood. And Olivia for damn sure knows. 

Dependency is like addiction. And addiction is abusive–to the self and to others.Y’all didn’t I say that Fitz must learn to not need Olivia this season. Been saying it since 318. AND  from my S4 poster commentary, that I want these two people to rediscover what they like about each other as people—without the desperation, without the Vermont fantasy life, just Liv and Fitz. Ugh.

OK, those are just my initial reactions on one viewing. Later.