ugh i miss suits so much

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I just can't stop thinking about how excited Lucretia must have been to give the boys the best suites in the BOB and how she probably knew exactly what Merle was doing on those secret solo missions and secretly manipulated the schedule to give him extra days off for his kids and ugh she is so good I love her

i love this so much and she just slightly drops hints that if he does miss his kids enough that he could bring them there and just she gives him whatever he needs for his kids and i bet she feels a bit like an aunt to them at this point (let them interact!!!)

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#despite the amazing finale the season was still a let down i stand by that #i’ve missed the team ups and them talking to each other #the bonding over disinterest in Marvel movies only reminded me how much I missed them just genuinely chatting and being friends that are on #on the same page #they are just so well suited for each other ugh #honestly them being together would not have stopped them from following their dreams #that’s such a narrow view of things #also focusing on the age difference so much misses the fact that if Jeff was in their 20s right now they actually would NOT be good for each other #like we can only IMAGINE what big of a douche and fratboy he was in his 20s #for their dynamic to work as well as it does Jeff actually HAS to be older #people mature at different ages and Annie in her mid20s is probably more mature than Jeff will ever be even in his 80s:p #so instead of trying to find reasons why their age difference would make it hard for them to work they should have focused on why it actually #makes it possible for them to work #in the first place  #just my two cents i guess #because i’ve always thought there was a lot of ‘i ship them despite the age difference’ kind of thing going on even amongst j/a shippers #which always baffled me because the age difference is not a despite kind of thing for them #it’s an integral factor of the dynamic #Annie simply would not like a douche-y green frat boy Jeff Winger #she likes the seasoned distinguished version #and if Annie was Jeff’s age now she simply wouldn’t have patience for someone that immature while being her age #she would see him as Frankie does probably lol #so really Jeff and Annie could only work with age difference while retaining their personalities (via teruel-a-witch)

I thought Katya’s fabulous tags deserved a post of their own so here you go. :-) The bolded tags are the parts that I especially agree with 1000%. 


Girls Generation 7th Anniversary Countdown [5 days]


Today’s Hyoyeon turn!

An, Kim Hyoyeon. This girl has the sharpest humour I have ever seen.

It saddens me the amount of hate or dislike she gets in the kpop industry. I know she is quite popular among the western kpop fans, though. Because she doesn’t have the standard korean beauty, people easily discard her. 

But everyone does this; judging a book by its cover. 

I was attracted to Hyoyeon from the beggining. Her wild, funky personality and dance moves really amazed me. She’s such a strong woman and I am proud to be her fan.

Total favourite Hyoyeon style change: the blonde hair, side parting. OH MY GOD. I went crazy when The Boys was out. It suited her SO MUCH! She looked like a Goddess. And The Boys was probably one of my fave eras for her, just. Ugh. Love it.

I really miss when she had longer lines in ballads. She sings really well, and I feel like she doesn’t get enough recognition. I don’t wanna be one of those Hyoyunnie/hater fans who bash other members for singing more lines than Hyoyeon - she is not a lead vocalist, after all. But I do recognize that SMT doesn’t give her enough attention. 

Her dance really amazes me. She moves with such passion and focus, you can feel it. And she loves to be on stage; she’s just amazing.

She’s definitely an special girl. You’re specialm Kim Hyoyeon.