ugh i miss her hair suddenly


Still going by Devereaux?


Liam was more excited than he’s been since his step dad showed him how to play lacrosse. His big sister (Y/N) was coming home!

Their parents’ divorce hit her harder than Liam, he thinks its because she saw how happy they were before. Liam grew up listening to them go for each other’s throats.

(Y/N) had decided that she needed to get away and clear her head so she went off to some boarding school on the other side of the state. She was supposed to be there another year, but she decided to go to summer school and graduated early.

Liam was at his house waiting for his parents to pick up (Y/N) from the airport, even tho though they literally left thirty minutes ago he wanted them to be back already.

So when he got a knock on the door he flew to answer it, only to deflate when it was only Scott and the pack.

‘Oh it’s just you guys. What do you want?’ Liam asked in disappointment.

‘Well we’re glad to see you too Liam.’ Lydia said as they all came inside, despite not actually being invited in.

‘Who did you think it was?’ Scott asked.

‘Yeah, did you invite a girl over or something?’ Stiles teased.

‘No, my sister is coming home from boarding school today.’ Liam said.

‘Sister, you never said anything about a sister.’ Malia accused.

‘There was no need to, wasn’t like you guys would meet her, but she graduated early so she’s coming home.’ Liam explained.

‘Well we can’t wait to meet her.’ Kira said.

‘She can’t wait to meet you guys either.’ Liam smiled.

‘She knows about us?’ Lydia asked with a tilted head.

‘How much about us does she know?’ Scott asked his beta.

‘Uh..heh heh, everything.’ Liam said guiltily.

‘What!’ Stiles yelled.

‘You told her about us?!’ Scott scolded.

‘I told some stranger bit my arm with major canines while I was dangling from a hospital roof after someone tried to eat me.’ Liam deadpanned.

‘Still not over that huh?’ Stiles said.

‘Not even a little bit.’


‘Liam open up!’

‘She’s here!’ Liam yelled as he ran and opened the door and attacked the girl at the door with a bear hug and spun her around.

‘Ugh I missed you, you little nugget.’ (Y/N) said as she hugged her little brother.

‘I missed you too big nugget.’ Liam said as he put her down.

‘Mom came to get me, but then Dad showed up and they started it again, so I took a cab.’ (Y/N) informed.

‘Just like old times.’ Liam smiled.

‘Speaking of old times, you look the same, little bulky though. No body hair, or did you already go through puberty when you got bitten?’ (Y/N) asked as she looked her brother up and down.

The room was suddenly full of giggles and snickers, making (Y/N) realize they had company.

‘(Y/N).’ Liam whined as he blushed in embarrassment.

‘So this is the sister?’ Lydia asked looking (Y/N) up and down.

‘This is the pack!’ (Y/N) said excitedly as she ran up and simply stared at everyone, even Stiles.

‘What are you doing?’ Liam asked.

‘Looking at a banshee, a kitsune, werecoyote, two werewolves and guy who was possessed.’ (Y/N) she poked at Stiles’ leg and cheek.

‘Wow you uh, you really told her everything huh Liam.’ Stiles said as he was being inspected.

‘How long will you be like this?’ Liam asked.

‘Until I get bored.’ (Y/N) said honestly.

Love at First Signing (2/2)

Part 1

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: A Swear (just one)

Word Count: 6203 (inc. part 1… will i ever write a small fic? probs not.)

Prompt (anon): Please do one where the reader takes their little sister to meet Dan and Phil and they have no idea who they really are but then when they see Dan for the first time there’s a connection between them and Dan acts like he really likes them too but its shy and cute and broody? Idk if you can make a fic out of this lol? Thank you!

(N.B. I didn’t attend a book signing or a tour show, I have winged it for the sake of plotline, please don’t yell at me for not getting the fine details right, it’s all hypothetical.)


“Come ON!” shrieked Y/S/N, stomping backwards down the busy path in front of you, holding your hand in both of hers and pulling at you with all her tiny strength. Your train had pulled in only 10 minutes ago, having been delayed for almost an hour a few stops back, and that definitely meant you would be late to Dan and Phil’s meet and greet. Rumour had it, if you weren’t there on time, you didn’t get to meet them.

You glanced at your watch, you were already half an hour late and the theatre still had to be around 10 minutes away.. Shit.

“I don’t think we’re going to get there sweetheart” you say, rather out of breath because of the speed you were moving. “I’m not even 100% sure I know where we are right now!”

“Then move FASTER”, she cried, voice squeaking. “Get your phone out and do that map thing! WE HAVE TO MEET THEM, THEY SAID THEY WOULD REMEMBER ME!!” She screamed at you. People began to turn their heads.

“Don’t yell at me! It wasn’t my fault the train was delayed!  I think it’s this way… Look there’s no point in pulling at me Y/S/N, we have our tickets and we will still see the show.” You pull you hand away from hers and rub your fingers, red from how tightly she was squeezing.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t want to see them! You might be older than me but I’m not a dumbo, I know you fancy Dan! I read your diary!!” She shouts at you, running ahead down the busy London street.

“Y/S/N! YOU DID WHAT?! COME BACK DON’T YOU DARE RUN OFF!” You hold your bag against your body and zip in between the people headed your way. You can just about make out the top of her head as she disappears off through the crowd.

“Sorry sir!” You say, as your shoulder collides into a strangers. You run off again before he has time to react.


You finally catch up to her and grab hold of her t-shirt.

“Are you listening to me?! Don’t you ever run off like that! We’re in London Y/S/N.” You swing her round to face you. “I don’t know London very well. I don’t know where we are and neither do you!”

“BUT I DO I FOUND IT!” She squeals, completely ignoring you and jumping up and down on the spot. She lifts her hand and points up to your left. You follow her finger to see the grand London Palladium roughly 20 meters away from you. The billboards hanging against the stone had ‘The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire’ glowing in bright letters. The doors were still open.

“Oh…thank god.” You say… Probably a little too flatly. You realised a growing part of you felt anxious. And your heart was much beating faster, not just because of the running.

It had been exactly 74 hours since you were at the WHSmith book signing, and exactly 73 hours since you had fallen for  Dan Howell.  The 73 hours between then and now had felt like a lifetime.

You had been excited to see him again, knowing you had that spark with him a few days ago had given you soft butterflies. In the 21 years you’d been alive, no boy had had an affect on you quite the same as he did.

Now you were here though, it suddenly felt ridiculous. He is a world famous YouTube star, he had met hundreds, if not thousands of viewers these past few weeks, he was gorgeous and kind and smart and so many people probably fancied the crap out of him. What the hell made you think you stood a chance? You had spent minutes with him. There’s every chance he’d completely forgotten you. Who even says he was interested? What if he was just being nice? The soft butterflies turned harsh. Your stomach almost ached with nerves… Yet… the way he’d looked at you…

But then your little sister grabs your hand and you both run towards the doors.

“Can we come in? Can we come in?” She squeals at the man stood in front of the doors. “We have our tickets don’t we Y/N! We’re here to meet Dan and Phil!” She grins at him sweetly, panting a little through her words. You couldn’t be selfish, this was her treat, you just had to suck it up, nerves or otherwise.

“I’m sorry girls… I can’t let anyone else through to the meet and greet. Cut off time was 30 minutes ago, and the room is stuffed full, we’re almost breaking health and safely regulations as it is.”

“What?!” You say. You feel your sister drops her hand from yours.

“How has that happened? Surely the number of tickets released shouldn’t even come close to breaking number rules or whatever it is.” You wave your hand around dismissively. “There’s only two of us, she’s small! Please let us go through.” You plead. The man sighs.

“A lot of the people that have arrived have bought mums and dads, and sisters and stuff.” He says, nodding towards you both. “We’ve had to let other people through to accompany the under 16’s so now the room is tightly packed. Are you attending the show afterwards?”

“Yes.” You reply, not trying to hide the annoyance in your voice. Also trying to ignore the tiniest part of you that was relived you wouldn’t potentially embarrass yourself in front of Dan.

“Then the best I can do is let you into the lobby. You can wait there for the show, but I can’t let you into the room with the rest of them. Sorry ladies. Show me your tickets.”

“The tickets I paid well over £100 for? Sure.” You say bitterly. You pull them out of your bag and force them into his palm. He quickly nods and stands aside. You grasp hold of your sisters hand and pull her into he building.

The lobby was incredibly grand, the carpets were a dark red and the wood finishing was shining. Various seats were scattered around the walls and theatre show posters were hanging on every space of wall. Double doors to the left of you caught your attention the most. You could hear chatting, laughing, squealing and and crying noises floating through the wood. That must be where the meet up is. You should technically be on the other side of those doors right now. And that’s where he was.

You glance down at Y/S/N who is sat on a seat under an bunch of posters, her bottom lip pouted and her eyes full of tears.

“Sorry sweetie. We will still see the show. Don’t cry.” You say, sitting down next to her. She rests her head on your shoulder.

“But they won’t see us.” She replies.

“I know.” You look down at your lap. “I was hoping we could have a chat with them again..I guess… But we’ll still see them, I’ve heard good things about the show!” You say positively, nudging her gently with your elbow. You feel her nod.

“And listen you, don’t ever read my diary. It’s not a shared item, it’s not open for discussion either. You don’t touch it. Ever.” You say sternly.

“Sorry Y/N” she mumbles. “But I think he fancies you a bit too.”


Around an hour had passed, you were scrolling through tumblr on your phone, and your sister was asleep on your lap. The loud chatter and laughter still drifting through the doors. Aside from a few staff members, no one had been through the lobby in a while.

Things suddenly go quieter through the doors, and you hear a loud, collective “BYEEE!” come from all the viewers.

You stroke you sisters hair and pop your phone in your pocket. “Up you get, they might let us into the show now. I think the meet and greet is done.”

“Ugh, finally.” She grumbles, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

You take her hand and walk towards the large grand staircase. As you reach the top step, you turn to her.

“You best cheer up miss,” you say, “I’ve technically paid a hell of a lot of money for this bloody show.”

“Well we’ll have to make it worth every penny.” A deep velvety voice says from behind you.

You know that voice, and your heart beats uncontrollably fast in your chest.

You swing round and see both youtubers stood at the base of the stairs, with various tour organisers wandering behind them. Dan was wearing his black jeans and red jumper that suits him so well, his hair was swept to the side and you could see his eyes shining from where you were stood. A smile spread across his lips as you gazed at him.

“AAAAAAH!” Squeals your sister. “DAN AND PHIL!” She jumps up and down and begins to head down the stairs.

“VIP Y/S/N as Y/N! Stay there we’re coming to you.” Says Phil, smiling at you both. He starts to walk up the stairs towards you. Dan follows.

“You remember us?!” She giggles.

“Of course! We read your letter and we wanted to say thank you for it today, but you weren’t at the meet and greet,” says Phil, a genuine wave of sadness in his voice. He was so incredibly sweet with all his viewers, and Y/S/N absolutely adored him. He was now stood 4 steps below you, his face level with your sisters. Dan however, had moved to only 2 step away from you, level with your face, and a flurry of air hit you, intoxicated with his gorgeous scent.

“We weren’t let in. Trains screwed us over so we were late. We’ve been waiting down there.” You say to Phil, purposely leaning away from Dan and nodding down towards the seats. He was making you dizzy, and he’s only been around you a few seconds. You hadn’t even looked him in the eye properly yet, but you can see out the corner of your eye that his facial expression has changed.

“Are you serious? They didn’t let you in?” He suddenly asks, looking directly at you. You drag your eyes up his body and feel your stomach twist as you look at his face.

“Yeah… well…  uh… it’s okay, we’re heading to the show now.” You say, stumbling on your words. It was a stuggle to form a sentence with a guy like him gazing at you with a really sexy angry look on his face.

“So are we,” replies Phil. Well, we’re heading to the dressing room first. Do you guys want to come? Make up for not getting into the meet and greet. You can help me get ready for the show Y/S/N. I need someone to help me fringe check! And I guess Y/N can help Dan with whatever he needs…“ He gives your sister a cheeky smile, and she giggles as you feel your cheeks flush bright pink. Dan also looks down at his feet, but a cute smile dances on his lips.

"I’d like that.” Dan mumbles, whilst Y/S/N squeals and chatters at Phil. It seems only you heard him. Or maybe he only meant you to. Either way, your heart picks up pace and he lifts his head to look at you, his eyes glittering. God damn.

“Sure.” You say loudly to them all, “that will be fun huh Y/S/N?”

“YESYESYESYESYES!!” she yells in response, letting go of your hand and reaching for Phil’s. He climbs the other 4 steps and nods at you.

“Let’s go get ready for the show!” He says, raising his fist in joy.

“After you.” Says Dan, holding out his hand after the direction your sister was dragging Phil. For a split second, you almost take it just how Y/S/N had taken Phil’s, but you don’t. Why would he want to hold your hand? You give him a weak smile and turn away, and as he climbs the 2 remaining steps, he brushed his shoulder against yours, and for a second you swear you do feel his fingers on yours…


“Do I look okay?” Phil asks your sister, poking at his fringe and looking in the dressing room mirror. She was sat opposite him on the dressing table, her legs swinging.

“Yep!” She grins, before chattering away to him about her favourite animals. Phil was being so patient with her, she could honestly talk the hind legs off anything. You knew this wasn’t the sort of thing they do with any viewers, so right at that moment, looking at how happy Y/S/N was, you were eternally grateful to these two guys.

You were sat on the other side of the small dressing room to Phil, on a blue plush sofa littered with huge purple cushions. Dan had chosen to sit next to you, however he was leant forward, turned towards a small mirror propped on a box next to his legs. He hadn’t said a word to you since the stairs, and after 20 minutes of sitting in silence with him, you were beginning to think he wasn’t going to bother at all. When all of a sudden…

“Um.. Y/N, can you help me with something a sec?” He leans back against the sofa, and turns his head towards you. Your shoulders were barely touching but you could feel his warmth.

He was looking right into your eyes, and you saw his pupils dilate as you found yourself rather embarrassingly staring back.

“Achem..” coughed your sister, bringing you back to consciousness.

“Oh.. yeah OK sure. What is it?” You ask nervously, as he smiles and stands above you.

“I need someone to… uh… fit my mic pack.” He holds his hand out to you. This time there was no mistaking his intention.

“Do you… I mean don’t you…. isn’t there someone who does all that stuff for you? I don’t really know how to…” You stare at his open palm, and your heart beats faster in your chest. What are you doing? Making excuses?? Go with him for God sake!

“Yeah… there is… I just…don’t worry.” He takes a step back away from you, and he looks down at his feet, his open hand curling into a fist. He looked a little hurt. Did you just reject him? Was he trying to be alone with you? Oh God. Your eyes flicker over to your little sister, who was staring at you, a little open mouthed and her brow furrowed. She gestured over at Dan with her head and gave it a little shake in disbelief. Jeez, even she knew what was going on.

“Of course I’ll help you.” You say suddenly. You stand up in front of him and grab hold of his fingers. Adrenaline flowing through you. You wouldn’t exactly get this opportunity again…

He smiles down at your fingers locked in his and looks up to meet your eyes. They shone gently. At that moment, a flurry of their tour team burst through the dressing room tour.

“Okay guys if you want to…Oh, sorry girls, who are you?” Says a lady carrying what looks like two mic packs and a load of wires.

“It’ alright, they’re our friends and they’ve come to see the show.” Says Phil. “Is it that time already?” He pulls out his phone from his pocket and glances at the digital numbers. “Wow.. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise how much the meet and greet had overrun. We didn’t get to spend much time with you…” He says, pouting.

“That’s alright..” You drop Dan’s fingers, and you realise his gaze hasn’t wandered from you since the team had come in the door, who were now all bustling round the boys doing various preparation things. “We need to go and find our seats anyway. Come on you.” You say to your sister, who’s little pout had returned.

“Okaaaaay…” She sighs. Hopping down off the table, and lunging towards Phil for a hug. As she squeezes him around the middle you hear her say “Thank you for being the best ever!”

“Thank you too!” He says as he gently rubs her back.

Your eyes flicker up to Dan’s again, and you see he has moved a little closer to you.

“Um… listen thank you for letting us..” You say, gesturing around the room, and nodding up at him.“

"You’re welcome… I’m sorry you couldn’t help me with my mic pack…” He replies, smiling softly but sadly.

“Well.. we’d probably have gotten all tangled up anyway.” You giggle, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“I was counting on it.” He replies confidently, not bothered by the room full of people overhearing. You feel your cheeks flush pink. There was nothing you could say to that, but if he could hear your heartbeat right now, he’d know exactly how that made you feel.

“Come on now please ladies, I’ll take you to your seats.” Says the one with all the wires. She dumps them on the sofa and open the door for you, smiling kindly but encouragingly.

Y/S/N walks over and gives Dan a quick hug too, before joining your side and giving them both a wave.

“Bye.” You say, smiling at them. Dan bites his lip, but says nothing. You can’t help but feel an ache in your stomach. You had so much time with him, and nothing even happened. But you knew one thing, he liked you. Whether it was as much as you liked him was questionable, but he definitely liked you. And that was enough.

Their dressing room door slowly swung shut behind you and Y/S/N skipped ahead with the tour lady, telling her every detail of your encounter with the lovely Dan and Phil. Just before the door closes you swear you hear Dan say something to Phil again, just like he had a few days ago at the book signing. And once again Phil replies.

“You had plenty of opportunity.”… Or something that sounded like that anyway.

You carry on down the long hallway, past dressing rooms, prop storage, maintenance offices, green rooms, kitchens until you see large double doors leading to the seating area. Y/S/N was still skipping ahead with the tour lady, who was now definitely just 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing in response to everything she was saying.

You take in a deep breath and try to push all thoughts of your failed opportunity with the one guy you’ve ever really really liked, maybe even loved, to the back of your mind. You were just another viewer now. A viewers sister in fact. Give it a week, and he’ll have forgotten you completely.

All of a sudden, warm fingers grip your waist, and you’re pulled backwards round the corner. You gasp out when-

“Shh! I’m sorry! Hi, don’t freak out!”

It was Dan, he had you ever so gently pushed against the wall, one hand holding your waist still, and the other raised in the air as a 'sorry’ gesture’. He put a finger to his lips and smiled down at you, trying not to laugh at your expression.

“What the hell?” You say, trying to sound shocked when really, the tiniest part of you had been hoping for this. You look right into his eyes and a smile breaks across your lips. “You frightened me!”

“Liar.” He replies, his hand moves to lean against the wall next to you. “Look, I um I need to be quick and… I need to tell you something before you go out there, because there’s a chance I never see you again, or there’s a chance that no one ever tells you this and you deserve to hear it, not that no one will ever say it to you I don’t mean that I just mean that.. well right now, I have to tell you because you’ve been driving me a little crazy ever since the signing and Phil told me to tell you but I’m not doing this now because of him I’m doing it for me… and for you…and I just have to say that…”

Your heart is beating ferociously in your chest. Your eyes are glues to his, and right now, he could say anything and you’d probably melt, but he goes for something that almost makes you explode..

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I mean it Y/N. It almost hurts to look at you, and you have to know I mean that in the best way, and like.. when I do, I can’t stop looking at you because you’re gorgeous and I’ve never met anyone like you. There’s something about you I can’t shake, its like I have to be around you…You’re incredible Y/N I need you to know that. You have a right to know when a guy is… probably falling in love with y-”

In a moment of pure crazy emotion, you take a chance and lean forward, pressing your lips against his. He doesn’t attempt to pull away from you. Your stomach flips and you can almost feel your heart beating in your ears. It was a soft kiss, gentle but with passion.

You feel him inhale and he winds his hands round your back, holding you against him for a few seconds, before you break away.

“This is crazy… is this crazy? We don’t know each other at all! This is…”

“Crazy.” He replies, resting his forehead against yours. “I guess now, you’ll have to wait for me after the show. We’ve got a lot of getting-to-know to do.”

You laugh against him. “Perfect.”

“Yeah, you are.” He lets go of you but gives you one small kiss again, sending you all the way to heaven and back. He then turns away from you and heads back down the hall towards his dressing room. It takes you a few seconds for your head to stop spinning, and then you head back towards the double doors, and towards your little sister. Whom without, you’d never have even met him.

You push your way through the doors and look out at the huge audience all chatting and singing excitedly, waiting for the show to begin. You instantly find your sister who is probably singing the loudest, and plop down in your seat next to her. A fixed smile on your face. She stops singing and turns to you.

“Where’d you go?” She asks innocently.

“Turns out Dan did want some help with his mic pack.” You say quietly, so no one around you hears.

“Oh reeeallly?” She giggles, nudging you. She really was too smart for her own good.

“Yes, shush.”

“Wait does that mean we’ll be seeing them again?!” She grins excitedly.

“I think so sweetie” you smile into your lap. “I definitely think so.”


(Honest opinions please, I feel like this was all waffle scene setting and no fluff in the end… idk.. hope you enjoy.)


I got this idea when I was driving home from the post office lol. It was originally gonna be a short ficlet but scenarios just kept popping into my head that I HAD to make it multi-chapter.

Just a little pearlapis fic where Lapis is a fast food worker and Pearl is a busy college student that runs food errands for her roommate Amethyst. Not that she’s complaining.

Anyway, here’s a preview!

“Peridot! Peridot!!” Lapis dodged her co-workers and a confused manager to get to her friend. “Let me take this one!!”

“Hi welcome- wait, Lapis?!” Peridot covered her microphone in time to shout the last bit.

“Let me take this one!” Lapis repeated while attempting to grab at the green haired girl’s headset. She was met by a face full of cold plastic.

“Ow! Peridot! No using your robot hand!” Lapis shoved aside the appendage and resumed her seizing. Peridot, insistent that she would not let her friend distract her from her job, continued working.

“Welcome to BC Burgers, how may I-” Peridot was interrupted, however, when she felt her headset being ripped off her head.

-Meanwhile, on the other side-

“Welcome to BC Burgers, how may I- *scratch* HEY! Lapi-*scratch* GIVE IT- hello! Welcome! How may I help you?”

“Uh… Hi. Can I… just get the Double Boardwalk Combo, medium please?”

Sure! Would you like any sauces?”

“Um, no thank you.”

Great! Will that be all for you today?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Alright! Your total will be $4.69 at the window please. Thank you!”

Pearl nodded to the speaker, but at the last minute regretted to because they wouldn’t even be able to see her. She drove around the bend of the restaurant, adamant to get Amethyst’s food and go home so she can continue studying.

That was probably the weirdest food order I’ve gotten.

She was greeted at the pay window by the usual green haired girl with the prosthetic hand, but looking grumpier than usual.

Her voice over the speakers certainly does not fit her mood.

Pearl passed her the money and handled the change she was given back. If Pearl wasn’t in a hurry, she could have heard what the girl had mumbled before she drove away. Finally at the order window, she was expecting to see the cute, little blue haired girl give her her food, but today it was a pre-pubescent boy with braces and a lisp.

Pearl physically deflated in her seat.

She accepted her food with slight disappointment and went on her way.

Maybe tomorrow…

-On their break-

“Dammit!” Lapis slammed her cup of soda on the table, startling the few customers that still remained after lunch rush. “I missed her today!!”

Across from her, Peridot sipped at her water cup, “Well you could have seen her if you weren’t so spassy on your way back to your window.”

“Ugh, I should have looked where I was going..” Lapis grumbled, scowl obvious on her face. “I can’t believe the manager forced me to pick up ALL the fries that fell on the floor.” Lapis’ frustration was short lived when she suddenly beamed at Peridot.

“So! What was she wearing? Did she do her hair today? Was she alone?”

“Yes, 7, and the capital is Ottawa.” Peridot deadpanned. She then flicked her straw wrapper at her blue haired friend, spurring her on even more.

“I swear you’re bordering creeper status with this girl. If you keep this up, she’ll think you’re weird.”

“But I have to see her! It’s what I look forward to in the day! They say constant exposure to someone will make them grow fond of them more.”

“Yeah that only works if you’re NOT a fast food worker. This is the last place to start a romance.”

“Oh pipe down you fart monkey-”


“-My plan will work. My plan has to work.”

I’m thinking about calling it, Love in the Fast Lane, ahaha get it? Cuz, fast lane is… yeah..