ugh i loved this movie

I just want to talk forever about Moana. I need to go see it again, but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all morning and I have new thoughts I need to put down. 

For one thing, Moana’s agency. Every single thing she does in this movie is her choice. Early on, Grandma Tala lets her know that if she stays and does what her dad wants and puts her rock on the pile (which I fucking *adore* btw) then she’ll support her. She knows she was chosen to be the ocean’s champion, but Moana has to make that decision for herself. When Moana decides it’s too much and she doesn’t want to do it anymore, she holds the heart out and the ocean takes it back. She doesn’t just fling it away. The ocean accepts that it’s her choice. When she changes her mind, the ocean doesn’t just plop the stone back in her hand like all the times it plopped her back on the boat. She has to swim down there and get it. When Heihei is captured, she’s the one who fights and goes after him. When Maui tells her to stay put so he can get his hook, she climbs right up past him and jumps in without being pushed. Everything she does is her choice

The other is the emphasis on knowing. If you listen to the lyrics of the songs, it’s always “we KNOW the way.” “Come what may, I KNOW the way.” “Do you KNOW who you are?” “This is not who you are. You KNOW who you are.” How Far I’ll Go is literally filled with lines about not knowing and then the movie is about discovery, but it’s not “I’ll find the way” because it’s intrinsic. It’s internal. It’s about listening to yourself. “I am everything I’ve learned and more” It’s about her heritage, her culture, her descent from voyagers and this inherent knowledge she possesses if she just listens. I think that’s why Know Who You Are the second half of I Am Moana are my favorites. They’re both about listening to yourself, trusting yourself, and being confident that you know who you are and who you are meant to be. 


Love the Coopers (2015) dir. Jessie Nelson.


He’s fast and she’s weird.


Jackie (2016) dir. Pablo Larraín.

Okay but can everyone shut up about the voice actors?
I’m pretty sure that they were chosen for their voices okay? I get it, people are mad but honestly does it truly matter to the point where you have to get pissy about it? I understand people’s anger yes, but they did an amazing job and without them the characters wouldn’t be themselves so please calm down about it. No one hate on me, I just want the movie to be accepted for what it is and what it is is an amazing masterpiece that I’m obviously obsessed with

I just had a revelation about the imagery at the end of Batman v Superman. When they’re in Lex Luthor’s house and the painting has been flipped to show the demons coming from the sky and the angels from below…

Which is actually incredibly powerful because it’s very likely in the next film Superman is going to literally rise from the earth and help save the day.

Take that, Lex. 


“The one person that’s got it figured out in this family is Cole. You know, he sits on that can and he takes his dump, and he’s super happy.”

Films (re)watched in 2015: This Is Where I Leave You (2014), dir. Shawn Levy