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(W)rapped Around Her Finger

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A/N: I had my first request sent into my inbox. Thanks for trusting me enough to write something for you, I feel like what I write is trash. I don’t want to make this a series but I can see this being longer than one part haha. ALSO I suck at coming up with titles as you can see

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Pairing: J-hope x Reader (Ugh I love this little ball of sunshine so much I can’t stop writing about him.)

Summary: You and J-hope are both rappers and he seems to have a huge crush on you although you have always failed to see it. 

Genre: Angst,Fluff.

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19+21 from the "things you.." prompt list!! also i love you and your blog so much, shawn is so so so lucky to have u!


So i combined 21 with 16 because they ended up workin kinda the same so here is 



“Pleeeeeaaassseeeee, just tell me where we’re going?” You ask Shawn, holding his arm that is extended with his hand resting on your thigh and leaning your head on his shoulder. You even try batting your eyelashes and giving him the puppy dog eyes that usually win him over every time, but he is still keeping quiet. You can see the slight smirk start forming on his face, but it quickly goes away when he remembers that he can’t let the secret slip.

For your two-year anniversary, Shawn decided that he was going to take you on a secret trip, but it had to be a surprise. For weeks you have been trying to squeeze it out of him, but he would never budge, so now you’re playing every card you have to try and get him to spill. It’s not that you don’t like surprises, you just find great pleasure in weaseling them out of him.

“Fine, then no more kisses from me!” You exclaim in a huff, leaning back into your seat with your arms crossed over your chest and your eyes forward on the road.

“What? Babe, that’s not fair!” He yells at you, flashing you a hurt look. You and Shawn have this tradition that you have to give him a kiss at every red light you come to, no matter what the circumstances, whether you are in the middle of a fight or there are people in the car with you. You absolutely adore this special tradition that the two of you have, so he knows you’re desperate to get him to crack.

“You heard me! No tips, no lips!” You argue with a smug look on your face. You see that you’re rolling up on a red light, and you think he’s bound to cave now.

“Fine, deal,” He starts, and you gasp with joy thinking that you’ve won. “We’re going to the top of the world.”

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Hey so I'm Hispanic and I've rped as one of the patil twins before. I would just like to say I'm sorry, I should have realized it would be offensive. I do however, understand what it's like having few characters that look like yourself, as there are zero Hispanics in the hp series. I'll take down my posts now:)

Oh sweetheart. Thank you so much. 

And don’t beat yourself up to hard about not knowing before. We all learn, and as long as you’ve seen your mistake and corrected it, it’s okay. 

Thank you for understanding too - that shows a lot about you :)

I look forward to seeing other cosplays of yours up on my dash at some point - I do love the idea of a Hispanic Weasley family… ^_^

thanks @wonhopes for the tag, you’re a babe! ;-)

rules: list my 10 current favorite songs and tag 10 people

ugh i’m such a kpop hoe, some of these are big hits atm so don’t @ me

. bts - spring day

. anda - touch

. day6 - i wait

. k.a.r.d - don’t recall

. giriboy - i’m in trouble

. nct127 - baby don’t like it

. xxxy - flower selling woman

. hanhae - i used to

. sik-k - i call it love

. primary ft. jinah & rapmon - u

mm, i tag the lovely @realvalor @lunarimagines @jespere-hope @causekpop @unforgettaeble @hallyuscenarios @jisoo-17 @thisisjustmywritingblog @astro-away and all my noona loves @noonanet ~!

this was easily my favorite moment of season 4. when Viggo was holding Astrid “hostage” he was telling Hiccup basically “Are you seriously going to risk your future wife, and maybe your children, for the Dragon Eye?” i absolutely loved how he worded this and it made me so freakin happy he threw it into the lava. the way Hiccup chose to throw the Dragon Eye, the thing he’s been fighting for, into the lava for Astrid just UGH. it’s so amazing and i absolutely loved this. but im wondering, did Astrid run to Hiccup and did he hold her? 🌚


my inbox has 19 requests left hELL YEA BOIS!! I went from 80 to 19 within a few months hOO BOY i feel accomplished :’) sunday ( i’ll let you know if things change ) is when requests will open back up!! so think of some good ones to send in for me! ᵔᴥᵔ

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ugh yes Murphy helping Raven that was so good. I loved it. And damn yes I noticed that earth cleavage at the end. Gonna give Clarke a run for her money lmao. SUCH an amazing episode, wow. I have more fun watching it when I don't have full on shipper goggles on. I appreciate Bellarke and all, but the show is so much more than that at times!


It is really more enjoyable without the goggles. I mean you want to keep them handy so you can catch how random Arkadians know that Bellarke is a thing, but there’s so much else going on.

Murphy, Luna, Raven, Emori knows something, Jackson crying out “Abby,” The trikru being on Octavia’s side, Marcus and O, Shut up Echo, Roan, man, come back to us and be our ally. Clarke and Jasper and Monty confronting Clarke on her white savior/Jaha reborn crap. The awesome, awesome pranks. That fancy lab. Bellamy and his tragic awful pain. 



I love Yellow Diamond, but she’s a villain, and so I expect her to be one???? Same with the other diamonds. Like. They are basically a thousands of years old dictatorship, have killed countless gems over the centuries, have taken over planets, etc, etc. Like, they can still have dimension, as in, not be stereotypical villains with stereotypical evil intentions, but they’re still characters that have committed many terrible crimes. I don’t understand when people over-sympathize with BD crying or PD being shattered. I just. Does not compute.

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Liam's always so sweet in his speeches… Ugh I love that they are doing their solo material and are grown up but happy to hear that 1D will always be apart of them


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Hi! First to say that I love the fic and the pics, they're wonderful! so thanks for creating them <3 So, I was wondering... In SU, when Pearl and Garnet fused into Sardonix, Pearl was kind of addicted to becoming her because she felt so good. That had me thinking if in your universe, there is or will be some gem that feels so good in a fusion that would like to repeat it when possible? Also, the possibility of two gems in a similar situation as Garnet? I hope this is not too spoilerish... Hugs!

Aww! thank you! And Mimu’s art is the best, right? Ugh, i love it so much. As for fusions that can be addicting… well… not so much addicting but there are for sure some fusions which the participants enjoy and want to repeat more than other people want. Varis, for example, is enjoyable to be but she’s not the most popular lady amongst other people. 

There is also going to be another fusion who is perhaps more similar to Sardonyx, in the respect that one of the participants far prefers the feeling of being in that fusion than alone. However, in that fusion both parties are aware of that and there’s no lying to each other like Pearl did to Garnet. 

And as to your last question, I presume you’re asking if there’s going to be a relationship fusion like Garnet amongst the crew? Well, yes and no. All of the core crew are single gems, none of them will unfuse to be two people like Garnet does with Ruby and Sapphire. But, of the relationships that the crew form there will by the end be some fusions which are around far more than others and be around without an obvious reason to be there. We don’t have any plans for anyone to be entirely forever replaced by their fusion though.

- Liz

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Lord above, 20 is a lot!  I’ll just do a couple.

@seaspacesolace @dontevengetmestartedok @penseravecmoncoeur @anxious-geek @liliths-posse @thehobbitnextdoor @alyxiares @borntobegaysonice @lizardabidopsis @justahyphen @just-french-me-up @isdividedbyzero

Name: Olivia

Nickname: mostly based off my last name - Netz, Chocolate Milk, Netzel (the Pretzel), Livvy

Gender: female

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5′5

Sexual orientation: gay af, played around with bi and pan for a couple years before deciding I was just a homosexual ™


Favorite color: dark green, bc I am a forest gay

Favorite animal: ugh, so many.  I love animals so goddamn much.  Probably otters?  Or sharks?  Or moose?  Even as I typed this I realized: I love porcupines so much.

Average hours of sleep: 6 :( 

Cat or dog person: Definitely dog person, but cats are fantastic too

Favorite fictional characters: Peregrin Took, Melkor, Elizabeth Bennet, Grantaire, Hermione Granger, Rey/Finn/Poe EVERYONE, Padme MF Amidala, Data from Next Gen

Number of blankets I sleep with: currently 3, but that’s because I have to share!

Favorite singer/band: I love The Decemberists, Jim Croce, and Death Cab for Cutie.  I’m always a sucker for Disney songs (especially the Tarzan soundtrack lmao) and musicals.

Dream trip: Fucking everywhere.  But I would really love to visit Germany or Austria so I can actually use my German skills.

Dream job: Zoologist!  I had an internship at a wildlife rehab center and loved it, but I couldn’t stand going to college for it, so I switched my major.  I’ll probably always miss that “maybe” part of my life tbh

When was your blog created: I…have no idea.  Two?  Three years???

Current number of followers: 259

What made you decide to make a tumblr: I think I came for the fanart.  Not sure what fandom, maybe Harry Potter?  But now I’m just a mash of bs