ugh i loved the first season


tbh its disappointing to know that after EVERYTHING, belle still went back to her abuser (rumple) and neither rumple nor regina were ever made to face the consequences of their multiple, harmful actions?? like yeah, i’m not here for any version of the charming family that involves regina and rumple, bye felicia.

Honestly I was so happy to see the rave part. The episode from the first seasons was honestly one of my favorites. And to see Olivia again older but still kicking it, dedicating a song to Jack and being a DJ to a possibly more healthy and positive environment for a rave for teens just makes me so giddy. Ugh! I just want Jack to see how much good he brought to this world and how much he inspired others to take a stance against evil and wrong doings. (And also so many people protective of this samurai aaaaagghh! Literally everyone was protective of him!) I loved it!

Boyfriend! Guanlin ♡

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I’m doing two parts to this so… this is the general one the other part will be a boyfriend! guanlin x idol/trainee! reader and will have a storyline kinda

♡ ah yes the s-swaggy rapper as a boyfriend

♡ took him so long to confess like seonho threatened him to confess cause even he was getting annoyed

♡ he tries to act so cool in front of you like wow look at me aren’t I cool but in reality he just looks like a fluffy awkward marshmallow

♡ so you just randomly laugh at him cause he’s so awkwardly cute and you love him?

♡ he’s so shy

♡ he likes to steal glances at you 

♡ you caught him looking once and his ears were so red

♡ you just giggled at him and he got more red

♡ “Guanlin I love your gummy smile so much”

♡ blushes and he flashes his famous smile

♡ his typical skin ship would be arm around your shoulder or waist

♡ likes to coordinate outfits so you two always be looking cute on the street

♡ likes it when you rest your head on his shoulder

♡ he loves your laugh so when someone tells a joke he just looks at you cause he loves it so much

♡ also tries to make you laugh

♡ also gets lowkey sad when you laugh harder at jisung or ong then him

♡ he just likes to see you happy and to see you smile

♡ when he sees you cry for the first time he freaks out and doesn’t know what to do

♡ but then he just holds you in his arms and that’s all you need

♡ he says he’ll fite anyone who hurts you 

♡ he raps to you and writes raps just 4 you

♡ ugh I’m emo :)

♡ when you can’t sleep at 3am he softly raps for you and ugh his voice

♡ he gets so apologetic when he can’t spend time with you and your like it’s fine but he’s like I’m sorry pls forgive me, guanlin it’s o k

♡ he loves you so much :))

~Mon-El Appreciation Week~
day 3
: favorite heartbreaking/angsty moments

1. 2x13 - Kara tells Mon-El she’ll be marrying Mxyzptlk

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“You’re right. You’re right, okay? I’m jealous. I wish I could snap my fingers and give you everything you wish for, and it kills me that he can do that stuff for you and I can’t. And I acted badly, okay? Very badly. But please, please do not marry him. I will be better for you.

Oh my poor space puppy. I almost didn’t include this to my favorite heartbreaking moments, as I already had two of them, but I remember watching this episode for the first time, and damn… My heart had broken so badly when I saw the tears in Mon-El’s eyes, and it was literally the first time I had such a strong reaction to a scene. I might’ve even had tears in my eyes as well, and for someone who rarely cries to TV shows or movies THAT says something. Especially when he says “I thought we were gonna do that.”… I wanted to throw my laptop to a wall or something, it was THAT heartbreaking. This maybe isn’t my top favorite heartbreaking Mon-El scene, but since it is the FIRST scene in any TV show or movie that utterly destroyed me, I feel like I should include this to the list. 

2. 2x16 - Kara breaks up with Mon-El

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“I just wanted to, um, say a few things Before I lose you forever. ‘Cause I owe you a lot, but most of all, I owe you the truth. My name is Mon-El. I’m the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled, useless person, but I didn’t know. Until I met you. And I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you’re honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you.”

I remember the first time I watched this scene. Occasionally I watch Supergirl in school as early as I possibly can, but for 2x16 I knew angsty stuff was coming so I opted to watch it at home, alone, where I could scream as much as I wanted. And boy I was right. The whole episode was like getting my heart ripped out of my chest, but this scene especially… I’m gonna admit, I was crying so hard by the time Mon-El got to the “I love you” part, so much so that even the happiness of him dropping the “L bomb” couldn’t help me. Just seeing him laying everything out there for Kara to see, being completely honest, completely himself, and then getting rejected by the woman he loves… I just wanted to wrap my poor puppy into several layers of blankets, hug him, and tell him it would be okay, especially when I saw him on the verge of crying… Ughhh, it just breaks me every single damn time. 

Also I have to mention, the parallel between this scene and the scene in 2x13, where Kara opens the door for Mon-El so that he can leave, and he walks away without objection despite the obvious heartbreak… I don’t know how it’s possible, but it still physically hurts me whenever I think about it. So yeah. Thanks Supergirl for making me cry a second time in the span of a few episodes.

3. 2x22 - Kara and Mon-El’s goodbye

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“There’s something I need to say. Wherever I go I’m gonna be better because of you. You’ll be in my heart. I promise I’m going to be the man that you thought I could be. I promise.”

As expected as this was for me, considering all the spoilers we got for the finale, this scene just caught me so off guard. It was 4 a.m. when I was watching this, and I was in a hotel room with my friends trying not to wake them up, but DAMN it was so hard to stay silent when all I wanted was to scream and cry and punch something and throw my computer to the wall at the same time. This was literally one of the saddest goodbyes I’ve watched in my life. The raw emotions in Kara and Mon-El’s eyes, the shakiness in their voice, how they desperately try to hold onto each other, the “I love you”s, Kara giving Mon-El her necklace… It was just…ugh. Heartbreakingly perfect. Painfully good. I don’t know how else to explain it. But I know that my heart definitely won’t be healed from this, and I’ll be left scarred forever, even though they’ll be reunited next season. 

Also, I just want to say, kudos to Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, seriously. The first and foremost reason Karamel affects me this much is that their acting is just so on point in every scene that I feel their emotions as if I’m experiencing them. They’re just incredible, making me feel so grateful to be a part of this fandom. 

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Hi! I just finished reading everything from your masterpost. Like wow. Thank you so much!!! I needed that. I was just wondering if you could recommend some of your favorite johnlock fanfics? Uni life is so stressful. I need sth to keep me alive haha

OMG THANK YOU!! I am so pleased my Masterpost was a nice stress-reliever for you! OH MY GOODNESS, asking me to pick my favourite Johnlock Fanfics is like asking me to choose only one puppy in a room full of them. GUH. I have over 300 faved at Ao3 and over 400 faved at FFNet.

How about I give you the list of my “always go-to” fics, ones that I ALWAYS go back to in my bookmarks when I need to read a good fic? There’s still a lot, but it narrows down my list a teeny bit. You’ll notice a lot of them are Sherlock POV or pining Sherlock, because UGH I love it. And when the characters are portrayed like on the show. AU’s are a bit hard for me to enjoy unless it’s well written. And I LOVE pre-slash. I cannot get enough of these idiots falling in love over and over again.

I’ll separate these into “Ao3″ links and “” fics, because one has a “mark for later” feature, and the other is LOL. That and the ones on, I haven’t read in a long time because I get annoyed that they log me out every two days and they’re hard to read on my phone, where I do all my primary reading. Hah. Anyway. Enough of my ramblings, here we go.

  • Someone I Love by hudders and hiddles (M) (Pining, Fluff, Canon Compliant, Bittersweet End, Angst) - So of COURSE I’m going to recommend my gift fic from the lovely @hudders-and-hiddles! It’s got a lot of my favourite tropes in it, so could be why I love it so much. It’s Sherlock-centric, and he’s pining, lovesick, and loves John so much it actually hurts. It’s Season 3 canon-compliant, and the ending is bittersweet. UGH. It’s so beautiful. I want to frame every page up on my walls. You can see my “first read reaction” here
  • The Green Blade by verityburns (T) (Post-TRF, Casefic, Hurt/Comfort) - Oh, I just found this one recently on Ao3 after about 2 years of non-stop reading it on FFNet. I was SO happy. This was one of my first long fics, and works with or without shipper goggles on (so if you’re looking for smut, none here… it’s more a “i love you your my best friend” fic, and glad I read it BEFORE I became a hardcore shipper because I probably would have never finished it). Because I know it so well now, I tend to skip over to all the little Johnlock moments in it, the domestic-y ones. There’s a really great case in it, some adorable little moments (like Sherlock constantly stealing John’s food and Sherlock doesn’t realize he’s doing it), and it really feels like it could be a show-canon story. Very in-character. Love this one. Oh, and there’s some BAMF!Sally in it too :)
  • The White Lotuses by SilentAuror (E) (Mutual Pining, Fluff, Post-S3, Slowburn) - GUH this one is so lovely. It’s a nice slow burn fic, with a great payoff at the end. John’s POV, and I just really really love every single word in it.
  • Iris by slashscribe (Ao3) (E) (Parentlock, pining Sherlock, post-S3) - You know I was really surprised I liked this because I am not big into parentlock, but UGH this one hurts so good. I ADORE pining Sherlock, and I love how in-character everyone is. Sherlock is literally the bestest friend ever. I love this one SO. MUCH.
  • Because Blah Blah Blah Happy by cwb (E) - (Unabashed fluff, smut, and silliness) - This one never fails to put a smile on my face! It’s short enough to read on the bus, and it just so cute and silly. I love it.
  • Love Is by SilentAuror (E) - (Pining Sherlock, John is kind of an ass but only for a bit) - UGH this one is painfully beautiful. About halfway through it gets all UH OH, but it has a happy ending. Promise!
  • Second Chance by SilentAuror (E) (Pining Sherlock, Fluff, Sherlock attempts to woo John badly, post s3) - This one is actually really really cute. I don’t know, it’s Sherlock being Sherlock, SO much UST, and happy endings for all. 
  • Matters of National Security by mistyzeo (E) (Jealous & Pining Sherlock, John dates a man) - I really REALLY also like jealous!Sherlock when John dates someone else and Sherlock spends most of the story trying to convince himself he’s not jealous, but he is, and UGH, the end, I love it.
  • Right Hand Man by SilentAuror (E) (Mary is not nice, post S3, Sherlock is a good friend, and shameless smut, Hurt!John) - John is injured and Sherlock takes him in because Mary thinks he’ll be too much to take care of along with a baby. It’s good. But if you like Mary and think she’s a nice lady, you won’t like the Mary parts of it.
  • Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction (E) (Bartender for a Case, Drugs, UST, Pining) - I’d be surprised if you HAVEN’T read this one, but if you haven’t: Sherlock and John go undercover to a bar for a case, they silently pine for each other, and there’s some nice smut in it too. There’s also mild violence, so heed that. It’s a fan favourite, you won’t be disappointed.
  • A Shipless Ocean by myswordfishmind  (M) (Post-TRF, 10 Years Later)  Another one I was surprised I ADORED. John has a 7-year-old son and no longer lives in London, and Sherlock has been “dead” for ten years and returns to him. Sherlock POV. It leaves an open ending, for the most part, but they still get together. 
  • Vena Cava by SilentAuror (E) (HLV Fix It,  John POV) - UGH I love this one. It’s been awhile since I’ve read it, i just know that I love it every single time I read it. It’s achingly beautiful, and a nice slow burn as two idiots find each other.
  • Last Christmas by Mazarin221b (T) (Christmas, Sherlock is a lovesick idiot) - OMG I LOVE THIS ONE. Sherlock realizes he made a mistake and tries to rectify it in the most soppy manner ever. He’s such a romantic dork.
  • High Tide by stardust_made (T) (Jealous Sherlock, Oblivious John, Sherlock is not happy) Ugh, I love this one too. It’s a play on the “John dates a man” trope but John doesn’t realize it. Sherlock is pining and jealous and this one is so wonderful. 
  • Turbulence in the Sky by esplanade (T) (Embarassed Sherlock, Pining Sherlock, John isn’t as clueless as you think) - Oh gosh this one is SO CUTE. Basically Sherlock keeps trying confess his feelings for John and instead spouts random facts.  Ending is SO precious.
  • Laid Bare by esplanade (T) (Sherlock POV, Pining) - Story told from Sherlock’s POV, him basically analyzing John and coming to realize he cares for him. I can’t describe it, I just really enjoy it.
  • The Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst (T) (Ao3) Who doesn’t love a good “for a case” trope fic?? This is one of my absolute faves. Sherlock and John are forced to face their feelings for each other as they attend a couples-therapy retreat for a case. It’s so good. A nice amount of Angst, humour, pining, and flirting. Ugh, I want a fic like this from Sherlock’s POV. I have yet to find one.
  • A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver (T) (Unabashed shameless fluff) - I’m not even kidding. This one is SO fluffy I love it. Sherlock pays John back with kisses. 
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G) (Bedsharing, fluff, cuddling, annoyed John)  - This one is also ridiculously cute. Sherlock is doing a sleep study, “FOR SCIENCE!” and insists he and John must share a bed. Sign me up.
  • The Strait of Juan de Fuca by mightypog (T) (Mutual Pining, Sherlock and John go on a trip, Angst, Happy Ending) This one is lovely. Basically Sherlock and John hash out their differences in the Canadian Wilderness. It’s good, trust me.
  • Loving John Watson by Spark_Writer  (T) (Second Person, Pining Sherlock) - I love this one. Written as if you are Sherlock, a discovery into your relationship with John. Beautiful.
  • Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by what_alchemy (E)  (Meeting Mrs. Holmes, Johnlock road trip, Mutual Pining, “As a Couple”) - Sherlock and John go to meet Mrs. Holmes, except she thinks they’re a couple. This was done pre-S3, so not COMPLETELY canon compliant, but it’s SO achingly beautiful. The burn is good in this one.

UGH. There’s SO MANY MORE on Ao3 I want to share with you but these are the ones I have recently read so I remember what they are about… Let me know if you want any more! Now, FFNet ones that I remember… I don’t read them often because they were from my “pre-shipper” days, so a lot of them are friendshipfics, but I still love them so very much:

BAH! That should keep you going for a bit… I’ll need to post more FFNet ones when I get a chance to read through them again.

Hope this curbs your Johnlock needs! Feel free to contact me again when you need more. I have TONNES more.

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So my new manager is a young guy. He's very very good looking. Kinda built. Perfect face and everything. When one of my supervisors told me to help him out at the register. ( he's runs the register and I bag) While I was bagging there were tears running down my cheeks. I was crying because he was that beautiful. He actually asked me why in was crying and I got super flustered. It was super embarrassing. >///<

oh my god, that’s the literal “I saw a man so beautiful I almost cried??” meme brought to life hahahaha. I love it.

So I laughed really hard when I saw this, but I kept thinking “who would this fit?” and then I mentioned it to @longhairpidge​ and she straight up was like “This is Shance.” – SOOOO what do you know! This is my first ever attempt at Shance! :)

(Okay, I know in canon, Shiro and Lance seem to have only “officially” met for the first time in season 1 episode 1 but… just roll with it lmao.)

“Ugh, I can’t believe I was the only one who got caught,” Lance groans to Hunk when he arrives back in their dorm room. “You get away with everything.”

Hunk looks up from his book and shakes his head.

“Dude, I warned you about stalling in the corridors but nope. Ms. Quintana shows up and you had to stop and stare.”

“Thanks for your support,” Lance rolls his eyes.

“No problem,” Hunk says proudly. “So what did Iverson give you?”

“Just the usual disciplinary stuff,” Lance drones as he changes out of his uniform and into more comfortable clothes he can work in. “Cleaning out the engines in the east hangars today.”

“Oh. That doesn’t sound too bad,” Hunk shrugs.

“Says the mechanic,” Lance sighs. “Whatever, I should probably go now before Iverson finds more shitty duties to tack onto me. See you at dinner?”

“Yup. Good luck, buddy,” Hunk says, turning back to his book as Lance leaves the room.

Lance drags his feet in stubborn annoyance towards the hangar. When he arrives, the doors open to him and his breath catches in his throat.

Takashi Shirogane — THE Takashi Shirogane AKA Garrison’s resident Golden boy — turns to look over at him.

“Hello, cadet,” he nods. “You must be Lance.”

“H-hi,” Lance squeaks with an awkward wave of his hand. “Uh — what are you doing here? How do you know my name?”

“I was scheduled to supervise you today,” the Takashi Shirogane answers him. “Are you ready to get to work?”

Supervise?! Lance almost forgets to breathe. His hero, Takashi Shirogane, is supervising him? And Lance, a lowly cargo pilot, gets to be in his presence? For an extended amount of time?!

Lance gulps and takes a deep breath. Although the older man is just wearing his uniform, Lance can’t help but notice just how well the guy fills it out — especially in the arms area.

And not to mention, his face in general, and just, everything, is so damn handsome.

Don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out, Lance runs through his head. It’s too late, I’m freaking out, I’m freaking out. Shit, that’s what Hunk would say. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

“Are… you alright?” Takashi Shirogane asks with a polite tilt of his head. “It’s a pretty hot day outside, but we’re indoors, which is nice.”

It’s only then that Lance realizes there are quite possibly tears forming in his eyes. He’s only ever dreamed of getting to meet his hero in person, and being in such close proximity to him for several hours? Lance can hardly handle it.

“I know it sucks to have to do disciplinary work on your day off like this,” he continues, “but don’t worry. I’ll take it easy on you.”

“T-take it easy? On me?” Lance laughs nervously, fidgeting with the collar of his shirt. “S-sure. I’m fine with that!”

“Um, okay,” he replies uncertainly, though there’s a ghost of a chuckle behind his voice. “Well, if you’re ready, maybe you could start at the end of the line over there.”

He gestures with his thumb to the leftmost corner of the room where a bunch of hovercrafts sat.

“Let me know if you need anything, alright?”

“Y-yeah,” Lance stammers as he ducks his head and starts walking towards the vehicles of his duties. “I’ll probably be fine…”

Nervous and giddy, he picks up the cleaning supplies and bucket and gets to work. But not without stealing glances every now and then at the Takashi Shirogane.

Perhaps disciplinary actions weren’t all that bad.

A love I wasn't expecting

Thanks to Malec I’m now watching seasons 1 and 2 of Shadowhunter! Ugh! I hate (secretly love) when I find a ship on Tumblr, don’t even know anything about the show but fall in love with the pair cause they’re cute first and they’re story is so heart warming. Just like that time I fell in love with Nagron ( Agron and Nasir from Spartacus)


Alex Kamal Appreciation Week: Day 3 | Favorite Relationship: Alex & Holden

Late thanks to work and my computer ugh. I wanted to do something a little different since my first choice hasn’t met up with Alex in the show yet and while I love him and the Roci as much as the next gal, I wanted to focus on an actual interpersonal relationship. I’ve talked to a couple of friends about how much I love a few scenes between these two boyos in the books, over things I probably can’t discuss yet (though… can we bring the happy laughing hug forward a few seasons????). But I love their friendship, so I chose them.

Alex has almost always been friendly and respectful with Holden. He was his boss and he’s a smart, good guy who tries to do the right thing. Alex is the one character who has argued with Holden the least, but he also is willing to talk him down or tell him when he’s wrong like in one of the scenes above. 

I mostly chose those scenes because of their similarities. Holden, Guilt Machine 9000, tries and fails to connect with Alex and talk him out of his spiral after the losses at Thoth Station. His approach isn’t great, but it’s clear Holden cares enough to try, going up there and reminding him that he did save Amos. And during the blockade of Ganymede, Alex tries and succeeds in talking Holden from the ledge, reminding him that their “family” needs them. They both appealed to the GOOD they did/can do while acknowledging the pitfalls. 

Holden respects Alex enough to give him all the credit for saving the Somnambulist, because he did. Alex’s refusal to let anyone else die not only led to him stopping Holden from getting Naomi and Amos killed, it saved refugees. I mean even seeing it back to back, it feels like Alex is using his experience to keep Holden from making a decision that kills more people, as well as people he loves. Even in private with Naomi, Holden acknowledges that. The two of them saved their family together, with Holden’s dreaded open channel thrown into the mix. They care enough about each other and their family to try, even if Alex had been more successful than Holden. Respect, friendship, and family.

I love these bros, and I can’t wait to see more of their relationship unfold.

My personal thoughts on all of the Nicktoons (so far as of May 2017)
  • Doug: Cute, sweet show. I love it. Sad how it tends to be labeled as "boring" now- it's still a great show. And of course it kicked off the whole "slice-of-life cartoons" trend so that's pretty cool. And yes, I did like the Disney version. But it's nowhere near as good as the Nick version.
  • Rugrats: Probably one of my favorite cartoons ever. Funny, clever, great characters, great music, great '90s aesthetics, and Klasky-Csupo's style is perfect. One of THE best Nicktoons..too bad it got dumbed down in 2001. was such a great show and then I don't know what happened there. Rugrats in Paris should've been the finale. But...even the later episodes are better than it's spin-offs.
  • The Ren and Stimpy Show: While I'm not the biggest fan of most gross-out shows, I LOVE this one. I'm pretty much with Mr. Enter on how most gross-out cartoons seem to be TRYING to be R&S but rarely getting it right. The characters are hilarious and it's so weird, it's funny. But the less about Adult Party Cartoon; the better.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: Amazing show and I'm really excited for the TV movie...whenever that's coming out. I love the visual style, the music, the characters, and I'm sure I love it even more as an adult than I did as a kid (and I did love it as a kid)
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Another great show (really, Nick was at it's highest point in the '90s, but the early-to-mid '90s especially). Love the characters, the intentionally ugly's just great. Shame it tends to be so underrated.
  • Hey Arnold!: One of the greatest cartoons ever and probably the best Nicktoon ever. I love how it never tried to shy away from more mature themes that other kids' shows wouldn't try touching and it did a great job at it. Looking forward to the Jungle Movie, and of course...Helga was the best.
  • KaBlam!: I loved it as a kid. As an adult, I REALLY wonder why. The wraparounds try way too hard to be "hip", just akwardly shoehorning in references attempting to be the next TTA or Animaniacs, but falling completely flat. Characters were annoying but the voice acting was awesome. I do need to give the show credit for making me a ska fan. Most of the individual shorts kind of sucked but Action League Now! was hilarious and The Off-Beats was cute. And of course...
  • Life With Loopy: Yes I had to give this it's own mention because it's just that good. Nick really needs to give this one it's own series because the campy and surreal nature mixed with the overall sweetness was just a perfect blend, and the animation style was pretty awesome. The title character is just so perfect and so underrated. And I LOVE how aesthetically '90s the whole show is.
  • The Angry Beavers: Another one that's pretty underrated. I always really loved this show. I love all the banter and ad-libbing between Norbert and Daggett. And the music was great. I still listen to "Beaver Fever" and "I Think I Like You" now and again (also...Salem and Zim as beavers. How could you go wrong there?)
  • CatDog: Everyone hates this show but I really loved it. I love the character designs, CatDog themselves, and the theme song is NEVER going to leave my head. Sure, it's no Rocko or Hey Arnold!, but it's still a funny show.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons: Unlike KaBlam!, this one had different shorts in every episode rather than just four main short series, so it would take too long to go over all of them (not to mention that a good chunk of them aren't even online!). A lot of the shorts on this show were really funny and had some great visual styles. And Mina and the Count still needs a TV show.
  • The Wild Thornberrys: Really loved this show; I was the "animal kid" in my class so obviously I really liked this one. I just really love Klasky-Csupo. The movie was awesome and so was the show.
  • SpongeBob Squarepants: One of the funniest cartoons ever. While it got annoying seeing it become a schedule clog, the earlier episodes are still great. I heard that it got itself out of seasonal rot (look, let's pretend most of what came in-between the movie and the second movie never happened), but I rarely watch Nick anymore so I wouldn't know. Let's hope so.
  • Rocket Power: Not one of my favorites as a kid or as an adult (I wasn't really into the extreme sports craze), but my friends really liked it so I watched it with them and yeah, I enjoyed what I saw. It does have it's funny moments and while it's incredibly cheesy and way too late '90s/early 2000s that it hurts, it's a fun watch just for the cheese.
  • As Told By Ginger: A great show that I don't think I really appreciated enough until I got older. I guess I was just a LITTLE too young when it was new and by the time I was older and getting more into it...the show got cancelled. It's a really great show and one of Nick's best slice-of-life shows.
  • The Fairly OddParents: Really funny...for the first four seasons. S5 was when it started to slip and everything after that just got worse and worse. I still have fond memories of watching the older seasons and they're still good...but let's hope that jump to Nicktoons meant something.
  • Invader Zim: Great show, great animation, great character designs...did NOT deserve to be screwed over. I'm really looking forward to the TV movie. But...while I do love GIR (though he's not my #1 favorite character), the whole Hot Topic worship of GIR was pretty annoying. Let's face it- 2006/2007 on the internet was a bad time.
  • ChalkZone: Really cute. Admittedly I like the worldbuilding elements and characters a little more than the actual episodes (I did love all of S1 though; I think it was the best season), it's still great. S4 was...not the best though. From what we know about the canned S5, it was probably gonna be a lot better but...Nick had to be Nick. Let us have S5, already. And really- why didn't we get a ton of Snap merchandise?
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Good show but I liked the movie more. Had some really funny moments and is so aesthetically early 2000s that it's pretty fun looking back on.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Loved this one and I wish it got more recognition. Jenny was absolutely adorable and she was a hero to me as a kid (okay, looking back...I'm sure I had a crush on Jenny). Sad that the network treated it like shit.
  • All Grown Up!: The special was good. The first season was pretty good. After that I felt like I was reading glorified Rugrats fanfic. All it was really was "Ginger Lite" as ATBG was dealing with the heavier stuff while this was all the leftover stuff. Rugrats was great and had an interesting premise. AGU! was more of the same.
  • Danny Phantom: This was the last Nicktoon I REALLY loved as a kid. A really good show that could've gotten even more awesome had it's own creator not fucked it up. Ugh...I want a revival but PLEASE let it be by Steve Marmel and not Butch. Also Sam was a preteen. And I've got tons of purple and black in my wardrobe (and the same purple lipstick) now that may or may not have been influenced by her (well, that and/or the fact that those are my favorite colors anyway). Like many others...I totally had a crush on Danny as a kid.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Okay, admittedly...I was never into this show. But I praise it for it's themes, animation, story...while I personally couldn't get into it, it still is a great show and probably the last really good Nicktoon for a while. And yeah- we don't talk about that movie.
  • Catscratch: I didn't really see enough of it but what I saw I liked. Wanted to see more but it came and went really fast.
  • The Xs: While the previews for it looked pretty good, I...did not like it. I watched it when it premiered and everything but it was a letdown. Felt like they were trying WAY too hard to make their own version of The Incredibles but with Erin Esurance-esque animation. Voice acting was great though (I noticed that Wendie Malick was the saving grace for TWO bad 2005 cartoons)
  • El Tigre: Okay this was RIGHT around the time I was starting to lose interest/outgrow Nickelodeon. Had a great premise and could've been a really good show and I was looking forward to it, but it felt like tons of other flash cartoons at the time and the voice acting could've been a lot better (great talents- direction-wise though...). Maybe if I were a younger kid when it came out, I would've liked it more, was annoying. But the creator has made some other great stuff and I STILL need to see The Book of Life. I'm kicking myself for not seeing it in the theaters due to my work and college schedule.
  • Tak and the Power of JuJu: Didn't play the games but I already knew the franchise was pretty much dying by the time the show came out. It was awful. And we never heard from Tak again...
  • Back at the Barnyard: The movie had it's problems but was at least watchable. The show was just annoying and unfunny.
  • The Mighty B!: Unpopular opinion, but...I really loved this show. It has problems, but there was something about it I couldn't hate. Bessie was just such a great character. Wasn't a big fan of the grossout elements but otherwise it was really funny. Not a great show, but I was entertained enough.
  • Rugrats Pre-School Daze: YES THIS IS A REAL SHOW. Ugly art style (I'm pissed that K-C didn't use their signature style and went for something more "cutesy"; it just looked awful), bland writing, and really not a very interesting series. No wonder why it only lasted four episodes and didn't even air in the US until 2008 after all the episodes were released direct-to-video as bonus features on those Tales of the Crib DVDs (the less about them, the better). All it felt like was a desperate attempt to keep a dying franchise alive.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: I was pretty neutral to the Madagascar franchise- saw the first movie in theaters and it was alright; wasn't dying to see the sequels so I never did. The show however never did anything for me.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: While I was already losing interest in Nick around 2005-2007, this was right around the time where I was officially done. I was a teenager at this point and not into this stuff anymore, but I stuck around for the old SpongeBob or FOP rerun and well...guilty pleasure Mighty B!. Then they changed the logo. And then this show came out. was SO annoying. Annoying theme song, annoying characters...animation style would've worked a lot better if it was in 2D rather than CGI; it just fell way too deep into the uncanny valley for me. I wouldn't say this was the final nail in the coffin for me though; it was definitely the logo change.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: Didn't like it. Jokes weren't that funny. I did love the character designs though.
  • Planet Sheen: Sheen didn't need a spinoff. This was one of the worst ideas ever.
  • Kung-Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness: Liked the first movie (I need to watch it again), haven't seen the sequels but I should. Was bored with the TV show.
  • TMNT: Haven't seen it but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Maybe I should check it out.
  • The Legend of Korra: Heard it was pretty good, but as I wasn't really into Avatar I probably wouldn't be too interested.
  • Robot and Monster: Never saw.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: Saw the movie and it was...alright. Didn't think it was warranting of a TV series. Didn't watch it.
  • Sanjay and Craig: Saw some of it while waiting for another show to come and...I never wanted to watch it again. Not a fan of the character designs and it was really unfunny. But it's better than Breadwinners.
  • Rabbids Invasion: I did like the Rabbids games as a preteen this time, I don't think they were that popular anymore. Didn't watch it. How is it still running?
  • Breadwinners: Worst Nicktoon ever (so far). Ugly characters, awful animation, shitty did this get greenlit? Nick...just because "it's for kids" doesn't mean "we can half-ass it"
  • Harvey Beaks: What's this? A GOOD NICKTOON? Yes- it's such a cute show with cute character designs, really nice's got a nice, nostalgic feel to it while also feeling like something brand new that Nick hasn't done. I'm pissed that it was screwed over.
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket: Like Monsters, I like how it's "intentionally ugly" and some of the jokes/line delivery managed to be pretty funny, but is otherwise pretty meh to me overall. I'd like it more if I were seven, because hey, that's the show's target audience.
  • The Loud House: I'm glad it has positive representation (thank you for including gay parents in one of your shows, Nick!), but otherwise it's just too bland and cliched for me. Nice character designs; animation could be better. Again, I'd probably like it more if I were in the target audience.
  • Bunsen is a Beast!: Haven't watched it. Don't plan on it, either.

Okay so my dad got me the first two seasons of (New) Doctor Who.

I haven’t watched Doctor Who since it was taken off Netflix and I hadn’t realized exactly how much I missed it.

Like, I started really missing it when I was watching Torchwood a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until I put the DVD in and the theme music started playing that I was just like ASSFHLHDASFHKKSAASGKYAAGFA


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What realistic things do you think could happen between allura and shiro? I love them so much and would love for them to be canon but ugh lol plus this show is only like rated Y7 OR G. Imagine if the show was rated like pg 14 or something haha

Ooh, yes, lets going into a little depth with this! 

So, as most people know, Voltron’s show runners (Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos) as well as Tim Hendrick (one of the writers) worked on both Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Legend of Korra, which both feature some romantic relationships. These shows were rated Y-7 and I think maybe PG for some episodes? Voltron’s first season is definitely rated Y-7, but I think later seasons are going to be rated PG. 

In fact, the relationships in these shows involved characters who are between the ages of 14-21 (Aang being 14 by the end of the show and Korra being the latter by the end of her show, too). Heck, there’s even a love triangle in Legend of Korra, as well as some LGBT representation. 

Knowing that, it’s very plausible to see some romantic relationships develop between some of our Voltron characters, whose ages are said to be in “the late teens” (or maybe older since we can’t exactly pinpoint Allura or Shiro’s ages). In some interviews, Lauren and Joaquim even mentioned that if there’s going to be romance in the show, it’ll be a slow burn. And given this latest season with all those Klance moments, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some LGBT representation, too. It’s some good stuff. 

Keep in mind, a show like VLD’s main focus in more on family and friendship and teamwork, but that isn’t to say that romance can’t happen. I still think it’s very likely. I mean, heck, A:TLA’s focused a lot on family, friendship, and teamwork, too! 

Obviously I can’t say whether or not Shallura is something that will absolutely be canon, but considering the parallels between Shiro/Zarkon and Allura/Haggar, it’s kind of pointing to it, in my opinion! Not to mention that it’s very obvious that they care for one another and have a lot of respect for each other’s opinions and leadership. They work incredibly well together. 

So, realistic things that could happen: definitely kissing and a lot of sweet moments. Maybe some flirting during battle. Light stuff like that, I’m sure. LOL. And hopefully angst. Honestly, with season 3, the implications of angst are definitely there with Allura wearing pink not only for her fallen Alteans, the Paladins of Old, but also for Shiro. Like, seriously, that’s a very powerful gesture. And that’s just scratching the surface of some of the Shallura moments we’ve had so far.

Hopefully that kind of answers that?? AHH.  


Screenshots from episodes 4 and 5. Things that are important here: the use of the words team and family.

Keith doesn’t want Pidge to leave the team, but he doesn’t specifically mention the team. He mentions people’s families, which is what Pidge was worried about. No doubt he was attempting to make her reconsider by using a word she was inherently interested in and was sensitive to. Others have mentioned before how ironic/nice is is of Keith to say that specifically, considering he’s an orphan and how the reason he wants Pidge to stay is because she, along with the others, are his family now.

It’s actually Shiro who uses the word team. He tells Keith that people can’t be forced into the team, they must want to stay. He’s not talking about family (specifically), but about the team of paladins they have formed.

Then cut to episode 5 and after they’ve dealt with Sendak, it’s Shiro who starts saying he can’t help but feel like Pidge was meant to be part of the team, but won’t stop her if she wants to leave. That’s when Pidge recalls her father’s words that his team was like family. Pidge is the first person to associate the two words, and Keith immediately says “welcome back to the team”, a clear call back to Shiro’s words back in episode 4 about how a team/family can’t be forced.

Keith is welcoming her back to his family.

stealing @bratsims format because i need a less ugly way to mass answer your messages which will hopefully motivate me to stay on top of this! at least i can say i tried

so if you sent me an anon message in the past…idk MONTH (i’m bad i know) it might be here. (older ones are near the bottom) if not, check my faq because it’s probably answered there. (and if you’re the person/people who sent the twin flame & 7th house asks, i plan to answer those separately because i have a LOT to say. get ready)

game of thrones, nuclear war, real life santis, lou theories, i’m evil, HERE WE GO!! i literally had to cut it off at the last one because it was just too much for now. i’ll try to answer some more later ok

we’re starting off on a great note

Anonymous said: gaddamn rooney’s tiddies lookin’ hella ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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WAIT. What is this photo of a deleted scene in 4x21 where he helps Sara down a rope? Am I missing something everyone else has seen??

Hey wait a minute! I haven’t seen the deleted Misa pic from 4x21…Can you post it if you have it? I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it.

a couple of you have asked for the details of the missing scene from 4x21.  so if you all remember, that’s the episode where michael scales a building to get to sara while t-bag is holding her hostage.

what we didn’t see, but was definitely filmed, was how they got out of that situation.  all we see is michael scale the building (with a pile of rope),  come in and save sara.  but they never showed us the scene where michael and sara then scale back down the building on the rope that michael is carrying as he goes up, but never uses in the episode that was aired.

it was just another case of them cutting and never releasing a deleted scene that a lot of us would’ve loved to see.  because as you can see in the photos, SO CUTE.  and very reminiscent of the scene in the first season where he helps her down during the riot.  and michael knowing she was pregnant would’ve been so worried and careful.  UGH.  i assume it was cut due to time restraints, but again, where was the deleted scene for this!?  BECAUSE I AM STILL WAITING.  lol

I love the way season 7 captured the progression of Jon and Dany’s relationship, but how charming would it have been if a marriage alliance was already in talks when Jon and Dany met. Jon’s time at Dragonstone wasn’t only for dragonglass or for Dany to convince him to bend the knee, but also to decide if they would make a suitable match. They locked horns at first then as time went by and they got used to each other and developed feelings. Jon’s “how about my queen?” Moment really would have been an official proposal. Ugh my heart</p>

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