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Do you ship stony? I get the vibes from your blog that you don't like Steve so I was wondering how that works if u do ship them??

it’s not that i don’t like him, i actually love steve more than anything, just not the cacw steve

he was such a dick in civil war ugh i just can’t

but otherwise, he’s a such an adorable dork full of angst 💕 i live for avengers assemble steve, man (and yep i ship stony)

I’m not very good at making pictures of this style, but at least try ^^U!

Well … I do not have much time being on tumblr more than anything because I got a new one xD and even wear this short time, I had a great time here, and that would not change anything, and that’s thank to you guys! I’m glad I’ve met you and even if we don’t talk you know you’re awesome and ugh… I love you so much ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡


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I’m sorry if I forgot anyone!!

It took a very long time between doing and correct…~


I hope you all have a great holidays ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

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youtube(.)com/watch?v=Ow0lbyPkpnU now please imagine Derek as the dad and cry with me



Now imagine Derek kissing the top of his baby’s head before he starts the lullaby and the baby gurgling, smiling at the camera and Derek looking down at him or her with completely and utter love, like they’re his whole world, and then their baby drifts off like the one in the video and Derek stops, looks down at his sleeping baby and just MELTS.

And imagine Stiles finding the video - and like Derek wasn’t hiding it or anything but he didn’t tell Stiles either - and Stiles just has a complete meltdown over his husband doing such an adorable thing and their baby is the most the adorable thing ever, her head has lolled to the side and she’d down for the count and Stiles is gonna cry this is the cutest fucking thing ever. 

And Stiles goes to Derek and is like “why didn’t you tell me about this masterpiece, huh??” while shoving the dvd at Derek and Derek’s confused before Stiles tells him and Derek then blushes, shrugs and is like “I didn’t think it was a big deal. I was just getting her to sleep, and it worked, didn’t it?” 

And Stiles is like “YES IT DID AND IT WAS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER, LIKE I AM DYING FROM AN OVERLOAD OF CUTE HOW DARE YOU” and he likes kisses Derek senseless and rambles about Derek being an amazing dad and Stiles has a lot to do catch up to him and he just want to like, blow his husband for being so amazing at everything and Derek is like “uh no, I was catching up to you, babe, you’re amazing with her, more than I ever could be”


And basically they get in a fight over who is the better daddy but then they have to stop because their daughter - or son - is crying upstairs and they both rush to her to calm her down and - 

basically they’re both amazing daddies who love their daughter or son more than anything and it will be the same if they ever have more children and they go to bed that night still going “you’re the fucking best” 

“no you are, you asshole” 

“ugh shut up I love you so much” 

“I love you too, you dumbass” 

and then they bone, but quietly, because they can’t wake up their daughter, the daughter who they got to sleep by using Derek’s method again and Stiles was there this time and he was staring adoringly at his husband and child 

and goddamn it they would be amazing parents and YES ANON NOW I’M CRYING

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I really love how you draw these two. Not only the sexy parts, it's more their daily life and you give them so much sweet things. Or more you give them somehow the life. These cute acts and how they love each other. I don't know how you do it, but you are just doing it and I love it ;u; Please never abondon this fandom. I am sucking up every piece of art made by you like paper in water ;u;!

thank you!!! this is so nice ugh i cannot ask for anything more than this, it’s what i try to accomplish when i draw them so thank yoou soo much!!!