ugh i love this picture so much

Anon: can we discuss kook/min’s size difference lately?? jimin’s tiny in general but seeing him next to jungkook, someone 2 years his junior, looking so petite and delicate gives me such intense feels omg!! like during bts gayo track, maybe it was jungkook’s sweater that made him look bigger but jimin looked so small and precious, i wanted to cry omg.. btw i love u and ur my favorite kook/min shipper~ <3            

Anon: Ugh, I might be stupid right now, but looking at kook/min sitting next to each other yesterday, all warm, they looked so much like a couple 😭😭😭 a beautiful one, let me say that.            

I want to compile an anthology on Kook/min’s size difference. It’s that cute and important to me. Just look at this chemistry:

The first two pictures aren’t recent (obviously) but I needed to put it there. I for sure thought there would be less of a size difference if JK took off his jacket or sweater. I was wrong. But do you know what’s the best part about all this? Jungkook is getting buffer.. 


It’s been a while since I’ve actually drawn something lol.

I’ve been playing a lot of Don’t Starve Together and playing with a few character mods :3 (Peridot and Lapis are two of them lol). I loved the Christmas outfits so much that I just had to draw these two in them. Course this was back last month. I have just been lazy to finish them.

First two pictures are free to use icons :3 Just make sure to credit me!

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I just saw a picture of your ring and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It's honest-to-God the prettiest, most perfect thing I've seen all week. All month even. How are you and Cliff doing today? I send you all my love <3

Thank you!!! I love it so much <3

We are both doing so great, but ugh, TIRED! We both worked like CRAZY today and we’ve exhausted ourselves. Now Cliff is relaxing with Netflix, and I’m still *trying* to get work done O_O Running on fumes. 

Needed More

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Ugh, it had been two months. Two months of tortuous phone sex, and teasing pictures. Two months of being apart, and it had killed both of you.

You knew that Harry had to work, and he loved his job, and you respected it. You really did, but it had been two fucking months. Two long, hard months of fingers not being enough and climaxes that weren’t reached. And you couldn’t wait for him to get home.

And when he did, it was all hugs, and joyous tears because you missed him so much. And it was jumping on him, and kisses on any skin that the both of you could reach, and oh god he missed you, and oh fuck you missed him. And it was a dinner of take out and so many kisses and talking and affectionate gestures. And it was good, but the soaking of your panties said you needed more.

Harry looked good. It had been two months since you saw him, and you knew that Dunkirk was going to tone him up, but woah. He was bulky, and all you wanted was for him to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder, and pound you into your mattress like it was the last time. But no, you had to sit through a dinner where you two caught up, and it was good but you needed more.

“Wha’s up with you, love?” He asked, noticing you shift ever so often, and as much as you were trying to make it unnoticeable, he was so attentive.

“Nothing.” You brushed off, and he squinted his eyes, but respected that you didn’t say anything and ignored it.

And then you had to sit through another twenty minutes of talking because you didn’t say anything, and Harry really picked up on the fact that you kept fidgeting. You were biting your lip, and shifting positions on the couch, and when he noticed you rubbing your thighs together one too many times to be just a coincidence, he picked up on it. But he didn’t say anything, just leaned forward, and kissed your lips.

And you were so needy, and you shuffled so you were so much closer, and linked your arms around his neck. And he thumbed circles into your thighs, but it wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t were you needed, and you needed more.

“Harry.” You pleaded, but all he did was kiss your cheek multiple times, and you knew he was teasing you.

“Tell me wha’ yeh need.” He spoke, and you whimpered, his hands going to grip your hips, and he nudged his nose into your neck.

“Harry.” You pleaded once more. And he growled, moving so that your feet locked around his waist as he carried you like a child into the bedroom.

“I said, tell me what you need. I won’ ask again, little girl.” He warned.

“Please, daddy. Please, please, please. Fuck me.” You begged.

And he chuckled lowly, throwing you down on the bed, and you looked up at him with wanting eyes, desperation clear in them. He climbed on top of you, tugging down the joggers that you wore, feeling the smooth skin you wore on your legs. As soon as they were off of your limbs, he grabbed your left ankle, kissing up the skin to your knee, then doing the same to your right.

“Think yuh deserve some spankings, little girl. Don’ you?” He taunted, looking up at your eyes as he rested right where you wanted his fingers, his cock, anything that could pleasure.

And all you could do was whimper, and gasp as he flipped you, then pulled you so you were over his knees. You balled your fists in anticipation as he peeled your panties down your legs, slowly, tauntingly.

“Rings o’ no rings?” He asked seriously, not wanting to push you further than you were ready to go.

“No rings yet.” You breathed, and he nodded, and slid them off of his extremely talented fingers.

And he rubbed your smooth and firm cheeks, and breathed out heavily. He brought his hand down, causing you to gasp, stifled moan in the back of your throat. And again, another loud smack resounding through the room, making you open your mouth in pleasure. And more, until she was literally dripping down the inside of her thighs, her butt red and beautifully bruised.

“Yeh okay, baby?” He asked, trying to soothe the pained skin.

“Yes, yes. Just please do something.” You said, and he smirked, sitting you up on one leg, kissed you and slid one of his hands in between your thighs.

“Fook, little girl. Yuh’re soaking.” He hissed, dipping a finger under your panties, and tickling your throbbing lips.

“Mm, daddy. It feels so good.” You told him, as he poked his finger at you enlarged button.

“Oh fook, yuh gonna feel s’ good ‘round my cock with tha’ dripping little cunt.” You moaned at your favorite triggering words, and he knew it.

“Daddy, please!” You yelled, as he unexpectedly filled you with two of his fingers. “Fuck, please!” And he slapped your thigh.

“Watch yuh mouth.” He warned.

“Daddy, daddy. Please fill me with your cock, please.”

And Harry decided to twist his fingers to tickle your G-spot, making you shake in his grip, grasping his silky shirt in your fist. And your eyebrows furrowed, and he kissed your neck.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy.” Your volume increased every time you said it, and at the last time, he felt you convulse around his fingers, and shake in his lap, and your face contorted, and your juices slipped into his palm.

“Tha’s a good girl.” He praised, laying you back on the bed.

He pulled off your shirt, gently taking off the bra you had on. He sucked on your hard nipple, making you moan loudly, and moved down your body slowly, leaving wet kisses. He bit lightly on your waist, making you giggle, and then trailed down to your core. He licked at your slit once before rising up again.

“Ready, little girl?” He reassured, and once you bit your lip, he entered, with you already clenching.

“Oh, Harry.” You groaned, and he smiled, thrusting up harshly. He slapped your ass on the leg that was hooked around his hips.

“S’ a good girl.” He praised, kissing your collarbone.

“Daddy, feels so good.” You moaned.

“Yeah ’t does.” He agreed, going faster and harder. He grunted as you clenched around him, closing his eyes. “Fookin’ hell, such a good little cunt fo’ me.” He spoke. “Clenchin’ an’ shiiittt, fook little girl.” He added.

“Daddddyyy!” You screamed, your orgasm rolling through your body, clenching around him, and shaking underneath him.

“Ah, baby girl, gonna make me cum.” He grunted. You kept clenching as he thrusted into you through your orgasm, which edged him on. “FUCK!” He yelled, thrusting especially hard, spurting hot cream deep into her. Strings and strings of it seemed to never end as he thrusted deeply a few more times before slipping out of her.

He watched as his cum poured out of her, breathing out as he realized something. He glanced at her, watching her sweat dry as she recovered from their wonderful ‘I miss you’ sex. He placed his hand on her cheek, kissing her lips quickly.

“Baby.” He said, and she looked over at him with tired eyes. “We didn’t use a condom.” Her eyes widened slightly, and she breathed out heavily. She cuddled into his chest, her hand resting on his cheek.

“We’ve been together for just over two years. We’ll figure it out, if it ends up that I am pregnant.” You told him, and he nodded.

“Of course. I love you.” He called, and you kissed his peck.

“I love you too.”

^well shit^

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I work on this picture for so long…..UGH.
But…it’s beautiful~ O my gosh. ;~;
I love this ship way too much, guys….help!

So this is an AU I have going through my head. It’s like the Nutcracker, but also A Monster In Pairs. It’s one of my favorite movies to say the least. ^^
I’m a dork, anywhos. I got the pose from the Nutcracker play.

I'm in love ❤️ ...

((…with snakes, haha jokes on you, thinking I was getting shit together. I went to another reptile show/market and I’m in love with the ball pythons, I got to hold a 900$ snake dear lord I did not realize it at the time O^O but the she was such a sweet heart and so squishy. Y'know i’d very much like to be reincarnated as a hot Norwegian prince or something along those lines, not too picky. I’ll show a picture of the beautiful snake(s cause I didn’t take many pictures, whoopsie) ugh so many gorgeous morphs, my heart can’t take it. Now I’m even more pumped to upgrade Gertrude’s terrarium, she gonna luv it))

(picture is of Papa with his new haircut!) Almost 22 years of marriage; 32 years together total—and Maman and Papa are sTILL so into each other eUGH!!!!! (but also so cute ugh I love them and miss them very much :-()

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Chapter 16 made me sob right along with Elena 😭😭😭 I feel so bad for Kaden. I know it's not the real reason Az didn't want to tell him, but everyone else thinks so. And now Elena and Felix won't trust Az anytime in the near future and good God the amount of angst that's going to come out of this, I'm not sure my poor hear can take it. But regardless of my heart, this chapter was absolutely beautiful and I loved how we got fluff in other side relationships. I hope work is going well! Thanks!!!!

Thank you so much!

Don’t worry, I cry for them all the time. I’ve never cried for Kaden before I wrote 16, but there’s this one other character where I cry every time I think about what I’m going to do to them and ugh I understand the feels. Can you just picture how Eleana would’v wanted to tell Az about the Room? And now she won’t feel comfortable enough to?  

And like I needed pregnant Nesta in my life. Like I need it to survive. 

And work is good fam! Uni is cool too. Super random, but I’m psyched and feel like sharing, but I’ve started applying to study at other uni’s and I’m going to go to New York City and France over the next two years! Whoo! 

Yay the picture is done. Hope I didn’t disappoint, but boy, do I really hate doing clothing.

Anyway, Levi deserves so much better and ugh. Idk why he’s so sad. Maybe he lost his squad again. *backs away into shadows*

Feel free to use this picture, in whatever the heck that may be, but pls give credit to me.

Why are you sleeping on Kookiemon?

Once again it’s time for another serie for my new project called “Why are you sleeping on kookiemon?”, where I have the mission to make you all fall in love with this gorgeous ship by rewinding to some adorable moments (excluding events that happened in 2016)

For this week the theme is called:

Eyes speak louder than words. (Namjoon edition)

As promised, since I did the Kookie version a few days ago.

Before the set of pictures start, just a little notification: the following pictures are from fansites (see logos) with the “do not edit” policy, please respect this.

↪︎Looks like Monnie couldn’t take his eyes off Kookie during this event.

↪︎ Namjoon’s fond eyes are killing me!

↪︎ These three pictures provide me so much pain! *Sobs*

The next pictures are from different sources.

Ugh, I’m such a weakling for them. Please, love this cute duo!

Part 1: Classic moments 

Part 2: His gaze fixated on him (Kookie edition)

Part 4: Rookie years

Frank Herbert: Duncan Idaho? ugh i don’t even care about him. didn’t i kill him off that one time??? [trips and hundreds of Duncan Idaho gholas fall out of his pockets] w-what a useless character listen ok these aren’t mine i don’t even like Duncan Idaho i’m just- [trying to gather them up frantically] listen i- just listen- [thousands of Duncan Idaho gholas spill out onto the floor] fUCK i’m just i’m holding them for my son ok just LISTEN