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Sitting alone on a park bench, his tea long since gone cold, 
John takes a deep breath and tries saying the truth out loud 
for the first time in his entire life.

“I’m bisexual,” he tells the pigeons looking up at him.

They seem remarkably unimpressed by his bravery.

The world continues to turn.

The Moonlight and the Frost, chapter 3.


A/N: Omg I don’t even know how old this prompt is. I’m so sorry :’D and I was sooo inspired for this so I have no idea why I waited this long. I found the No Trespassing tickle thing on Etsy (wished I had the guts to buy it hahhaa) and then thought it’d be funny to involve it in a fic.

I even made a matching pic to go with it because these two are just too cute, and this fandom is too underrated. Had fun writing this, thanks anon! - ugh I love Nozaki as a character so much, he’s so weird and random that this could actually be canon haha.

Summary: Sakura is very confused when she shows up to Naoki’s place and finds this sign on his door: “No trespassing - violators will be tickled to death.” 

Word Count: 1441

“Nozaki-kun?” Sakura cocked her head with worry when she got his voicemail again. Why wasn’t he at school? Why wasn’t he picking up? An entire school day had passed without his presence, without even a notice.

“Ah, Mikorin!” she called out when the familiar redhead passed by as they made their way out of the school building.

“Oh? Yo. What’s wrong?" He joined her and Sakura clenched her phone, putting up a serious face.

"It’s big trouble. Nozaki-kun skipped classes and I can’t reach him! Let’s go see him together?” she cried out, on the verge of freaking out.

“That’s strange. Sure!” he said, and Sakura was relieved to have found a buddy to go with. If Nozaki would turn out to be really sick or something… She shook her head. She wasn’t ready for nursing him or anything affectionate like that! Her heart would explode!

“And here we are,” Mikorin said when they reached Nozaki’s apartment, and both of their jaws dropped when they saw the front door.

“No trespassing - violators will be tickled to death.“

Both of them read the text out loud, and Sakura shuddered. What the hell? Was this another one of those… weird Nozaki-actions?

"Heh. Now what could he be hiding from us huh?” Mikorin said, and he chuckled when he could just open the door and enter the apartment.

“B-but Mikorin!” Sakura stuttered when the fearless teen trespassed without worry, turning to wink at her.

“Don’t worry. I’ll check on him,” he said, seemingly not taking Nozaki’s note seriously, and the door closed again with Sakura standing awkwardly outside.

Oh well, as long as Nozaki would be alright, she thought with a frown on her face as she looked over the sign again. Tickled to death? Ha, probably a joke indeed. A weird, stupid jo–

Wait. Was that…? Leaning closer to the door and holding her breath, Sakura’s eyes widened when she could hear a laughing voice. A hysterical laughing voice, high pitched and girly, and this could be no one other than… Mikorin!

Gasping in shock, she immediately opened the door to dash inside for his rescue, but just at that moment Mikorin came storming out of Nozaki’s room, his hair tousled, clothes a mess and a face as red as a tomato.

“B-b-byeehehee!” he shrieked, and before Sakura could say anything, Mikorin fled out of the apartment.

“So…” She could hear fingers cracking, and she looked up in shock to meet with Nozaki’s dark and threatening glance.

“Who’s next?” he said, smirking. What the fuck! Sakura’s lips twitched up into an awkward smile while she backed away, her hands flying up in defense and head shaking.

“W-what are you doing Nozaki-kun? Can we talk about this? Y-y-you don’t need to-” her stuttering got interrupted by a low, uncharacteristic chuckle that came from her crush.

“You trespassed,” he said, and Sakura’s eyes bulged out of her head and she quickly looked down at her feet, confirming to herself that she was in his apartment.

“Nooooo spare mehehe!” Giggling and squealing in anticipation, Sakura spun around and ran, but Nozaki made a powerful jump and managed to wrap her in his arms before she could make it outside. With his leg, he kicked the door so it closed again, and he hoisted the tiny girl with ease over his shoulder.

“Let go of meee!” Sakura screeched, and she squirmed desperately when he kidnapped her into the dark hole where Mikorin had come from in that state. Now being brought there too, of course she knew what would happen.

“Please wait! Nozaki-kuaaahh!” Sakura’s view of the already closed door of his bedroom changed and her world turned around while she felt how she landed on what felt like a bed. The next thing she knew, Nozaki was pinning her down and fingers found their way to her sides. Okay, the sign was no joke.

“EYEeeheheha! N-Nozaki-kuuhuhun!” Sakura was one helpless pile of giggles, and Nozaki smirked down at her cute reactions. The hysterical redhead flailed her arms and kicked her legs, but Nozaki crawled fully on top of her and sat on her legs, pinning them down and trapping her completely.

“You just shouldn’t have trespassed.” This guy was unbelievable. Sakura hiccupped and squealed uncontrollably when he tickled her tummy with all ten fingers, and her powerless hands tried to push him away with all her might.

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UGH I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER PIC. AND YOUR NEW VIDEO. AND YOU. It was soooooooo cool to see a different place than where I live! I don't travel that much so to see a whole new country like that, it was like I was there! :D Thank you for that video!!! Definitely want to come to England! Maybe I can pet Cloud & say hi to You while I'm there!

aahhhh thank you!!!!! i would love to do more videos like that of different places here if it was interesting bc i love filming. <3

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Can I just say that I might be slightly obsessed with Evan peters and find him not only to be an amazing actor but also crazy sexy and I've had that bathtub pic as my desktop for 3 months ......... also I love your blog

thank you so much <3 !!! and ugh i know he’s talented AND attractive aka actual perfection dskjfjjfj i love him so much 


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An assortment of WonKyu pictures (2/2) from the last two days ~ These two love birds, from Kyuhyun’s sister’s wedding to Incheon airport, were inseparable ❤️‍ And they both seemed to be in a very good mood having each other company ❤️‍ In the last two pics, don’t they look like a couple going on their own honeymoon? 😍

I do not own these pictures. All credit goes to the owners.


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i really love alllll your pictures they stir up all these emotions in me (cant quite explain but like nostalgia joy and mystery rolled into 1). youre so so incredibly talented!!!! so much love for u & ur pics 💕🌹🐞

thanks ;( thats so kind of you ugh im super glad that my work makes you feel like actual emotions lmao. thats like the best compliment. tysm for letting me know. and so much love for u and ur pure soul :)