ugh i love this okay

  • Sherlock: *about to take the pill*
  • John: *shot the cabie*
  • Moriarty: *put John in a bomb suit*
  • John: *grabbed him and told Sherlock to run*
  • Sherlock: *was drugged by Irene*
  • John: *cancelled his date to stayed home taking care of Sherlock*
  • Sherlock: *about to shoot himself*
  • John: seen at 8:45✔️

“if I can introduce just one person to this show i’ll be satisfied.wmv”

I’ve had Making Fiends on my mind for a while now… if this video doesn’t convince you to watch it, here’s a few more reasons:

  •  It’s the first animated series ever created based off a youtube series
  • Seriously I think it deserves more credit for that alone
  • The creator (Amy Winfrey) also voices Charlotte, the overly optimistic (if not curiously morbid) main character
  • The voice cast is the same as the original series. There are a total of three voice actors. That’s it. Not three main voice actors. Three. (except Dee Bradley Baker guest stars once as a pony)
  • Aglaia Mortcheva, who was an animator/character designer on several classic shows, is possibly the most melodramatic villainess Nick has ever seen
  • It has a hilariously dark sense of humor, seriously if you like Invader Zim you will love the humor on this show
  • You can literally watch the whole show in a matter of hours; there’s 18 six-minute episodes and they’re ALL available on youtube

I could think of more but I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Please, everyone, please go watch this show

“In a Heartbeat”, a 4 minute short film created by a small animation studio, had so much better quality and heart than most of the movies in Hollywood today….


I’ve had this idea of druid/emissary Stiles capturing a kelpie in my head for a while now hah.

Kelpies are malevolent shape-shifting water spirits from Scottish folklore, most commonly portrayed as horses, who lure their victims to them and trick them into touching or riding the kelpie, before drowning and devouring them. According to one of the tales, if a kelpie appears already wearing a bridle, it can be captured by removing the bridle. A captured kelpie supposedly has the strength and stamina of at least ten horses, and its bridle has magical powers.



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whos sleepy????

*cries a little bit*

Sleepy is a rapper/producer from the group Untouchable, He is a hard working incredible talented man who makes such great music and is signed with T$ who I think forgot he exists until he goes to drop a music video. All his promotions are from B.A.P and it makes me sad (thats how I found him at least) I don’t think Untouchable has been active in Y E A R S but their music was (and still is) pretty fucking neat 

Sleepy Solos that people sleep on (hurhur) and I cry

And OFC his collab with Yongguk 

And I would link more videos but I think I’m going overboard but my fave Untouchable song that brings me so much life honestly. 

He’s in a few of B.A.Ps vlives just randomly, the members really love him and he’s such a good guy who just needs to get the fuck out of TS and I want him and Bbang to create their own studio and adopt all the TS idols and protect them from all the evils in the world sdgdufnsmdf

Okay so…. I was looking at all the discourse between people wanting to fuck the fish from Del Toro’s The Shape of Water VS people who wanna fuck Pennywise from Muschietti’s IT.  

Let me just clear something up. 

They spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to make the viewers attracted to the fish, to make the fish “sexy” (as they said) and how to make it actually plausible in having viewers see how this main character could do such a thing. 

When Muschietti wasn’t even remotely trying, nor even thinking about having Pennywise be a ‘sexy’ monster. He was just trying to make him a complex character, and horrifyingly so. But just because of the writing, how Bill played him, and overall everything about Pennywise, they got me even thirsting for the clown. And I have Coulrophobia.

( That just goes to show that sometimes, all you need is some neck ruffles, red lipstick and a sense of humor. )


Screencap redraw - Lunyx Anastasia AU

Lunyx was like my first ship in the game/movie so I’m curious what they look like in my drawing. and since I’m getting addicted with screencap redraw/crossover, these happened. My curiosity has been appeased.


So I was in the den, and Michael came over all upset. Jackie. And Steven, I asked him to leave. Jackie. And that’s when you saw us, but I swear nothing happened. Jackie! Stop talking.

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Yo I was wondering, how would Caleb and Chloe respond to/perceive someone else's nostalgia? For example, if someone was reminded of the smell of their grandmothers house, or a piece of their childhood that was extremely important to them but they know they'll never see again. Would Chloe see or smell the place they were thinking of (since memories are heavily tied to scent)? What color would Caleb describe nostalgia as?

So, first off…I’m going to answer this for Caleb. I’ll leave Lauren and/or Anna to answer on Chloe’s behalf…but I have thoughts on this. I’m going to mention a little story here…

A month or so ago I was out to dinner with my boyfriend. After our evening of IKEA meatballs and Lingonberry drinks, we decided we wanted to grab dessert somewhere. So we decided to go to a bakery in Burbank that I had never been to before…

After jamming out to some classic Cartel in the car, we arrived and walked into the bakery; I froze immediately. I froze immediately and in about five seconds I was crying. I’m not even kidding…I was full on crying. I was crying because the inside of that bakery smelled like my Great Gram’s house (she passed away 10 years ago and we were incredibly close). 

In that moment, when I stepped inside that bakery, I smelled a smell that I never thought I’d experience again; a smell that I didn’t know I missed. It all just hit me and I started crying. I was so grateful for that moment because in the span of a minute I was hit by this flow of happiness and sadness as I reflected on memories of me, my brother and my Great Gram.

So…the reason I bring this story up is because I don’t think “nostalgia” is necessarily an “emotion”…but I think it can be “a vessel that carries us down a river of emotions” (cheesy wording…but true AF).

…and therefore, my answer: While I don’t think nostalgia can necessarily be felt by Caleb as an emotion/color all by itself…Caleb, as he matures, has been able to begin to identify combinations of emotions and what those combinations might mean. Think of it like each color is a word in a sentence and the full sentence describes the complexity of a thought or experience (like nostalgia). Actually! Even better…anybody here see ‘Inside Out’? As the character Riley gets older…the colored globes in her head evolve from single colors (blue for sadness, yellow for happiness) to mixtures of them. I think Caleb in all of his fits and starts of emotional maturity (he’s a teenage boy…so…lots of fits guys) he is learning to translate combinations of emotions into more intangible concepts like “nostalgia”.

In The Bright Sessions, Caleb has said things like “Orange and smothering” I believe, to describe emotions like pride or protectiveness…and I think that’s a result of the emotions that make up that intention mixing together to produce a color that can be perceived and communicated to describe that concept.

So…there ya go! My thoughts on that. I Hope it made sense! 

- Briggon

  • Seongwoo: i'm not doing that! i'm not crazy
  • Daniel: okay
  • Seongwoo: fine, fine i'll do it!