ugh i love this flawless movie

I think I’ve watched Sanam Teri Kasam like 4 times since yesterday. And you know what I absolutely loved about the movie that keeps drawing me in? Because it wasn’t the plot in the beginning, I couldn’t relate to it at all, it started off stupid because I was like all of this could be resolved if she just told her dad exactly what had happened and come home. But what keeps bringing me back to the movie are the actors who are so fucking amazing at their job. The feelings, the emotions, the hurt, sadness, pain, love, anguish that they are able to portray through their expressions and the way they deliver their lines…ugh I’m dead man. Both of them are so fucking flawless. And Harsh. Oof. The way he plays his character, that hurt and anguish, I literally felt like I was right there with him feeling that same pain. Ugh I actually cannot stop crying over this movie. 

Also the songs in this movie, holy hell. Cannot stop listening to them. They are just so so fantastic and so touching and heart-wrenching. I love them so so so much. So yes I’m at work right now and I have a huge pile of stuff to finish before going home today, but this movie and songs will replay in the background for like the 34985745th time today.