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I forgot to say with Pride, ugh I got too excited….. sorry m'dude “It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy. What’s hard is loving someone when they’re crying on the bathroom floor at 2am because everything came crashing down at once 

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The only thing Pride could do at the moment was just hold you. The sounds of your sobs reflecting off the bathroom walls made his stomach churn; he hated that sound. He much preferred to listen to you laugh. It was your smile that always reminded Pride of how much loved you.

But he also knew this came with the territory of loving someone so deeply. Being there for them when they need you the most. There’s been more than enough times when you listened to Pride’s troubles. Now it was his turn.

When you gripped his shirt even tighter, Pride started to move his hand up and down your back, trying to his best to calm you down. “Everything’s gonna be okay.” Pride murmured. “I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

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Not a request but sometimes, I think about bby Archer and how all he wanted to be was an explorer and instead he had to fight this interspecies war and save the entire planet. I think about this smart, nerdy man who puts so much pressure on himself to save everyone and how he lost so much anyway. This captain who is supposed to lead and yet he's unsure because no one has done this before. How he will sacrifice himself because damnit, he will not draw lots. Ugh, Archer needs all the hugs.

my dude I love Archer so much and he does not deserve all the shit that gets thrown his way okay

all the other captains had rigid rules and experience and protocols for pretty much every situation. by their time, humans have been exploring space for years and years and they have all this technology and shit

but Archer’s Enterprise didn’t even have fucking shields okay and he was tasked with saving the entire planet and his species from getting blown up. he had to dive in headfirst into a region of space that even the Vulcans were afraid of because he had to save his people

and im not saying Archer made good decisions bc frankly he was a little problematic at times but he did what needed to be done. If Picard when into the Expanse, he would have failed because he wouldn’t have done the shit that Archer needed to do. He wouldn’t have tortured that alien guy MUCH LESS stolen a fucking warp coil

so yeah i totally agree with you I will defend Archer forever

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Do you like horror video games?

Ugh dude! I live for horror games! I love horror games hard core. Not only for the jump scares/goose bumps but just for the amazing work and stories put into them. So yes…yes i do like horror games.


“Lukey (said in bad Australian accent), this is a picture of you with a chicken breast gently placed on your hand. I’m pretty sure for entertainment I put it there while you were having a conversation, and instead of acknowledging it you just continued talking and then walked out with it on your hand. WHO DOES THAT? THATS INCREDIBLE! It’s unfair that someone could be so talented, funny, and kind all at the same time. At least your not good looking. That would just be unfair. Anywayyyy, UGH you know how much your friendship means to me. I love you dude. Xx” - via IG

“This guy. Three years ago I met this guy in a parking lot in the middle of the valley, he was the first person on the cast I met. Who knew the incredible journey we were about to begin?! Look at where we are! Bretty boo, the show is what it is because of you. Your talent is undeniable…and so are your puns…. And your buns. I digress.. 😊 I love you. You are my brother for life. XX” - Via IG

“last day of shooting @imbrettdalton @lukemitchell17” -via IG

Severus Snape is just so slimy. I can’t understand just…

“harry I love your mother and hate your father, and I’m bitter because your mother didn’t love me back and she stopped being my friend because I called her the magical world equivalent of the n-word once and she still wouldn’t be my friend even though I said sorry like seven times- and I actually just hate Gryffindor house as a whole if we’re being completely honest- so I’m going to treat you like scum because you have your father’s last name and look exactly like him, but I’m going to stare into your eyes unsettlingly often for way longer than necessary because you have your mother’s eyes and I get a boner, but I hate you and am going to torment you- BUT IM ACTUALLY SUCH A GOOD GUY LIKE DUMBLEDORE TRUSTS ME AND I AM SO GOOD UGH Y WOULDNT LILY LOVE ME”

like fuck dude I still cry when I get to the part where we’re in your memories but you were a huge fucker…

an actual conversation i had with someone on instagram
  • random fangirl: ugh i love carl grimes so much, he's my favorite character.
  • me: dude same, i can't wait for him to get his eye shot out.
  • random fangirl: OMG!! WHY!! HIS BEAUTIFUL EYE!!
  • me: it makes him overall a better character, and he'll probably get more than 3 seconds of screen ti—