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Nonbinary and trans people can wear dresses. Your gender is not invalidated or limited by the clothes you wear. Clothes are just clothes; wear what you want. Trousers aren’t just for guys, skirts aren’t just for girls. There’s a whole spectrum of genders and clothes for you to enjoy!


aaaah i just had to draw part of the confession scene of this wonderful gold/silver slowburn fic. (silver isn’t actually as blushy in the fic as i drew him here but he was still kinda flustered from some dialogue before … at least i interpreted it that way)

some extra stress doodles from the same fic under the cut

edit: the fic itself contains some heavy stuff at certain chapters, proceed with caution!

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I added some flat color so the strawberry dress would make sense.

Here’s the last of the cross hatch prizes, Newt in a Summer dress requested by @omgaflyingpig ! Hope I drew her right… and hope you like it <3

The last 3 prizes are going to be full drawings (maybe with speedpaints we’ll see) so they’re gonna take a bit longer… I’ll try to get them done quickly though.



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You like clothes and fashion so much I'm surprised you're not a k-pop stan (From what I've seen they have really cool clothing. All of them)


I’ve actually became k-pop trash this october you could notice that because of my latest drawings ha and honestly their style is like G O A L S

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What sorts of powers do you think each court has? What things do you think each court wears?

I love this ask and I’ve been thinking so much about it because I’ve fallen in love with each court and I have so many things in mind and I know they wont show up in ACOWAR, but these are my thoughts. 


Night Court: I think the High Fae each have a small slither of some of Rhys’s powers, except his damaenti powers. I think his mind-controlling/reading is something special only meant for a High Lord and his Heirs. But I think the others can control darkness (to an extent) and maybe some of them can winnow (but only to a small degree) and maybe even some of them can mist small objects. But obviously Rhys is all-powerful. 

Spring Court: Either we don’t know much about Tamlin’s powers or I’ve somehow forgotten literally all of them but winnowing and shifting, but I think the Spring Court can control plants. I think some of them can make plants grow (or die) on command. They use them as weapons. The Spring Court doesnt have the best High Lord and we don’t know a lot about them but I think they’re a pretty cool court. 

Summer Court: I think the Summer Court has powers over water. Tarquin, having the High Lord’s power (however that works), he can creat tsunamis and rainstorms and thunderstorms and even lightning, and god I hope this is true because Tarquin is gonna DESTROY THE WORLD in ACOWAR (hopefully. I’d trust Tarquin to save my life, honestly). Some of the High Fae can control waves, some can summon water, some can summon lightning or thunder, some can create a storm, but only Tarquin can do it all. The Almighty Tarquin. 

Day Court: Helion, my mans (Tarquin is my first mans), he controls sun light. Straight up will burn your flesh off, can block out the sun/sun light. The sun is his …. well you get what I mean. The High Fae can control wind and sunlight, obviously not as well as Helion can. There’s a lot of sand, so at least someone can create a sand storm and I’m waiting for that day to come even if I have to write it MYSELF. 

Dawn Court: Unlike the other courts, their magic has nothing to do with their environment. I feel like they have healing magic, and the High Lord of the Dawn Court can either bring someone back from the brink of death, and push them over. I think his power is very tricky. I also feel like magical healing blood makes sense for them as well.

Autumn Court: Fire. Fire. And more fire. I feel like Lucien can control hellfire/hell itself. It’s obviously just a head canon and I have no proof to back it up, but its a pretty cool concept. Well I think it would be cool. But basically fire magic coming from their hands, their ears (lol, idk), their mouths (shout out to Dragos), anywhere, really. Did I mention fire? Someone in that Court is a human fire-ball. I know it. 

Winter Court: Ice. Ice. Elsa called, she’s at the Winter Court. Kallias, my little button, snowflake son, can freeze someone from the inside out. I think it’s an amazing torture technique. He can slow down the heart rate, freeze your blood, turn you into a snowman, the usual. I think (just like the Day Court) someone can create a ice storm. Someone can also create one of the worst blizzards that it could destroy Prythian, quote me on that, if will happen even if I have to WRITE IT MYSELF (the sequel from the Day Court)


Night Court: Ugh. God. I love their clothes, the Fae in the Court of Nightmares always dress up, because they like to feel important. The females always wear low cut dresses, which long thigh gaps, and probably chokers and jewelry (the amount depending on what works with the outfit) and its a lot of blues, purples, reds, and of course black. The males wear nice crisp button up or tie-up shirts, the same colors, and expensive trousers and they’re all incredibly good looking. Where as the Fae in Velaris, I picture them in simple short sleeves shirts and loose trousers, most likely creams, whites, beiges, greys, and some color here and there if they want it. 

Spring Court: I’m not that into Spring Court clothes because it just isn’t my style. But I think the females wear light colored blouses, most, if not all of them, are sheer. (Light pinks and blues and yellows and oranges). They also wear shorts and thin trousers. Or they wear lacy, frilly dresses, most of them short, some of them long and thin. Most of them short-sleeves or no sleeves. The males wear simple white tie-up shirts and trousers, maybe some light blues and greens here and there. 

Summer Court: MY PEOPLES. MY MANS AND WOMANS. I love their attire (that I made up). I think the females wear a lot of sundresses. In my mind everyone in the Summer Court is super tall, so long dresses look so good on the females. Most of the dresses are white, with beige belts around the mid section (some of the dresses are two-pieces). The dress style is basic thin straps, with maybe different wrap-arounds to cover their shoulders from the sun. Also different shades of blue (maybe some gold) for their dresses and white/beige sandals. The males wear open-chested white/blue/gold tunics and simple trousers. Open-chested meaning they have ties but they leave them open. They also wear sandals. Some body jewelry. 

Day Court: Since I head canon the Day Court is like 95% sand, they wear headpieces. Male and female alike wear skin-made head wraps to block out the sun and the sand. The females (in the Day Court palace, or whatever) wear golden and bronze dresses that leave their midriff open. And body paint using silver and gold. Earrings, lots of body jewelry, and everything like that. Where as the males in the Day Court palace-type-thing just wear trousers. Day Court is the hottest Court so the Fae probably dress in the least amount of fabric as possible. White and gold trousers, possibly silver. Also lots of body paint and body jewelry. Where as the males and females who live out in the sand wear a lot more clothes. They cover all their skin to prevent sun or sand burn, but you can’t avoid sand forever. It gets to them at some point. They also have body paint and body jewelry, but less of it. 

Dawn Court: I get the Indian-vibe from them and this is canon until SJM writes that its not. No. Scratch that. To me, this will always be canon. So they were Indian inspired clothes. Lots of soft pinks and oranges and golds (other colors such as red, blue, orange, purple, etc. as well, just not as common). Nose rings and earrings. The High Fae obviously have more expensive clothes and garments, but everyone is pretty well dressed. It’s a very happy court I don’t care what you say it’s a very happy, peaceful court.

Autumn Court: Leather. Leather. Leather. So. Much. Leather. Mostly browns and black, but some times they dye their leather blood-red or orange. Leather corsets, leather pants, leather jackets, leather shirts, leather jackets, leather dresses. Lots and lots of leather. Also leather boots too, they somehow make it work. These males and females are leather freaks. But they look really good. And the High Fae have fur overcoats that hang off their shoulders. Some have fur capes. Did I mention cool finger-less leather gloves? Because they have those too. 

Winter Court: The Autumn Court is obsessed with leather, these guys are obsessed with fur. Fur dresses, fur courts, fur skirts, fur shirts, fur pants, fur jackets, fur over coats, fur gloves and mittens, fur hats. The High Fae in the Winter Palace tend to wear less layers, because it isn’t as cold or they’re just pretentious idiots who need to look good. The females wear simple, flowing, white dresses. Probably some sheer blue or grey top-layer to add a sparkly effect so it looks like the ice. The males wear white as well, tunic and trousers, same as always. But they wear fur sometimes to be extra. Ice head pieces as well. 

I hope that anyone who read this was entertained and maybe it motivated you to write more about the courts.