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Protecting the Hokage. Or, fighting beside the Hokage

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For @yawpkatsi….thank you for drawing Bucky Barnes with a service dog…As someone who has had a service dog, (my doggo is now retired and is currently asleep at my feet.) I love it more than words could ever describe. Thank you so so much. In an effort to show my appreciation, here is a little thing.

It had been a good day. Up until the point when his brain decided to stop being a properly functioning brain and instead try an impression of fried and scrambled eggs.

 He and Steve had gotten breakfast at a little diner that was nice and quiet, Steve made sure that Bucky got a corner seat so he could watch the room.  FUBAR had laid underneath the table, his head resting heavily on Bucky’s feet. Bucky had made sure to ask their waiter for a couple extra pieces of sausage that he put into a doggy bag so that he could give them to FUBAR once they were home and he was “off duty”.

Technically speaking, FUBAR was always on duty in some form or manner. His training meant that he had to be ready to help Bucky at any time. Even in the middle of the night, like after Bucky had had a bad nightmare. That didn’t mean he didn’t get to be a regular dog and get to enjoy regular dog things, it just meant that people would askance at Bucky if he started to feed his service dog table scraps while they were in a restaurant.

 After breakfast they’d gone on a long walk and then Bucky had spent a little while sparring with Natasha, whenever they were able to spar together it automatically became a good day in Bucky’s book. Then he and Sam had gone for coffee at a tiny little cafe that Sam loved. Bucky was fine with cheap bitter black coffee that resembled tar more than something that was supposed be consumed by human beings. But he had to admit that the caramel, Irish cream and white chocolate monstrosity that Sam had gotten was really nice. Especially because he got to tease Sam about the whip cream on his nose.

 Sam laughed, and moved to swipe Bucky’s handkerchief out of his pocket when FUBAR emerged from under the table and placed a large paw on Bucky’s lap, whining and nudging him gently with his nose.

 “What? Now?” Bucky asked, recognizing the trained signal that FUBAR used to alert him when he was about to have a seizure. He felt a yawning pit of icy fear open up inside his stomach at the familiar gesture from the dog.

 He hated this moment so much, when he felt fine, but FUBAR was alerting him to a seizure. Sometimes he hated knowing that he was about to have a seizure even more than he hated actually having a seizure. And he really, really hated having a seizure.

 He hated the loss of control and the way people would stare at him afterwards. Speaking of people, his gaze darted around the little coffee shop, body tensing when he noticed the few patrons at the counter staring at him and FUBAR. He could hear them whispering about the giant dog and how cute he was but he wanted them to go away. His head was starting to spin and he was feeling a bit nauseous and he just wanted to be left alone for the embarrassing thing he knew his body was about to go through.

 “James, hey, Bucky, look at me alright?” Bucky wrenched his gaze away from the teenagers when FUBAR nudged him with a cold nose again. “Why don’t we go to the bathroom, alright? You can have some privacy in there.” Sam suggested.

 Bucky’s gaze flicked towards the counter again, when he saw who was working the register he let out a sigh of relief.

 “We can go to the employees lounge. Dylan’s working today so it should be okay. She knows about my seizures, she has a deaf and epileptic little sister.” Bucky said nodding towards the back of the employee who happened to glance over. Bucky raised a hand and quickly signed that he wasn’t feeling well, she nodded and signed back that Bucky should go lay down.

 “Alright, if you’re sure.” Sam said, noticing the exchange and rising to his feet, watching closely as Bucky did the same, his hand placed behind FUBAR’s shoulders for balance as he stood.

 “Yeah, they try and keep the bathroom floors clean but I still don’t want to do this in a bathroom. Gross.” He muttered as they walked through the door, the employees lounge was pretty cramped, but it was brightly lit and the floor was thickly carpeted. There was a couch with thick cushions, as well as a small table that was already pushed off to one side of the room, so it was small but almost in a cozy sort of way.

 “You did good buddy. Such a good boy.” Bucky whispered to FUBAR as he laid himself down on the floor, the ovcharka positioned himself so that he was laying curled protectively around Bucky’s head.

 “You got anything other than your psychic puppy there to say what’s going on?”

 “Sam, he ain’t psychic and you know it. It’s like neurochemistry or something. I don’t know my scent changes, I think.  And yeah my tongue feels weird.” Bucky said sticking his tongue out of his mouth and scraping it against his teeth in an effort to dispel the weird feeling.

 Recognizing one of Bucky’s more familiar auras, Sam double checked that the area was clear of anything that he might hit if this turned out to be a bad seizure. Then he grabbed a cushion off the couch and moved to put it under Bucky’s head, only to realize that FUBAR had already taken up the job of being a cushion for Bucky.

 “Alright, you’re doing great buddy. You’re in a safe place.” Sam murmured when he noticed Bucky looking around confused, he startled at Sam’s voice and started moving as if he was going to sit up, only to be stopped by FUBAR laying his head down on his shoulder and pinning him to the floor. “Me and FUBAR will look after you. You just relax alright. We gotcha.”

 Bucky’s eyes started to flutter open and closed rapidly and Sam gently rubbed a hand up and down his arm, calling his name softly. When Bucky didn’t respond, Sam took this to mean that the seizure had started, so he glanced at his watch and noted the time so he could keep track of how long the seizure lasted. FUBAR had medications that they could use to help stop a seizure in a small pocked of his vest, but they were only to be used if a seizure lasted more than five minutes. After that, the medicine would have to administered and an ambulance would have to be called.

 Bucky’s head jerked back and his throat spasmed, making several painful sounding clicks. His right arm was practically vibrating with how hard it was shaking and every muscle seemed to be pulled tight, his back arching off the floor.

 FUBAR licked Bucky’s face and mouth through the whole seizure, whining softly because his handler was hurt and there wasn’t any way that he could help him.

 Sam knew that FUBAR hated it when Bucky had a seizure more than any of the other things that happened to him because it was the one time that the dog really couldn’t do much. If Bucky was having trouble talking, FUBAR knew over fifty different hand signals. If Bucky had a panic attack or was in the middle of a flashback, FUBAR was able to help him get to a safe place and calm down. Before a seizure he could lead him somewhere safe and make sure he didn’t hurt himself or others if he got confused. He could even help Bucky after a seizure, but during one, the only thing he could do was cushion Bucky’s head and it seemed that in the dogs opinion this was not nearly enough to be able to help.

 Sam continued to talk to Bucky gently reassuring him that he and FUBAR were there and that they would keep him safe, all while keeping careful track of the time as well as Buckys pallor and breathing.

 Three minutes after the seizure started, Bucky relaxed with a long sigh and went still. Sam waited a moment, carefully  watching to make sure that the seizure was over before he gently rolled Bucky into the recovery position.

 Almost immediately after he’d gotten Bucky moved into what he hoped was a comfortable position Bucky’s hand shot out and snagged Sam’s wrist, squeezing hard enough to make him wince. FUBAR boofed, both happy to see Bucky moving and also warning him not to try and attack Sam.

 Bucky’s eyes flickered open briefly then slid closed, “FU-BAR?” He murmured weakly, releasing Sam’s sleeve to try and clumsily wipe drool off his cheek from where FUBAR had been licking him. The move was made redundant when FUBAR licked him again, delighted to hear Bucky saying his name he wiggled a little closer and then settled down beside him with his head on Bucky’s side, sighing loudly.

 “Yeah, your boy’s okay.” Sam said, the statement addressed to both of the figures lying on the floor. “You just had a seizure James. So just lay still for a little bit me and FUBAR will watch out for you.”

 Bucky nodded and relaxed with a quiet sigh, burying his face in FUBAR’s fur to the point where Sam worried about whether or not he could breathe before he heard Bucky snore quietly.

 At that moment, Dylan opened the door, smiling nervously.

 “Is he okay?” She asked, keeping her voice soft so as not to disturb Bucky.

 “Yeah, he’s sleeping now. As seizures go, at least for him and the fact that it was a tonic clonic, this was pretty mild.” Sam said smiling in reassurance.

 “Would you like me to call a cab?”

“Yeah, that would be great.” Dylan noddded and slipped out of the room. Sam waited until she poked her head back into the room before he even tried to wake Bucky.

 “Whhhyyy?” Bucky moaned shoving his face further into FUBAR’s fur.

 “Because if you get up, you can go home and get some sleep in a bed that’s comfortable instead of sleeping on the floor.” Sam suggested. This seemed to be the right thing to say because Bucky started struggling to his feet. He wound up having to stand braced against FUBAR waiting for a dizzy spell to pass for a couple minutes before they were able to head out to the cab. On the ride home, Bucky dozed and FUBAR sat on his lap and turned so he could pant into Sam’s face.

 “Gross.” Sam muttered, trying to pull away from the caucasian ovcharka, which was practically impossible with how much space he took up in the cab.

 When they finally pulled up the curb Sam practically flew out of the car so he could get away from the dog’s breath.

 “Hey James, get up we’re home.” Sam called as bent down to pay the driver.

 “I know.” Bucky said, from right behind him, causing him to startle.

 “Don’t do that!” Sam gasped, whirling around to glare at him.

 “Do what?” Bucky asked, yawning widely as he twined FUBAR’s leash around his fingers.

 “Never mind. It’s not even worth it. Let’s get you inside.” Sam grumbled, moving to open doors for the pair. Once they made it upstairs to their apartment Bucky made a beeline for the bed, not even bothering to greet Steve and Natasha who were hanging out in the kitchen, FUBAR trailing along behind him.

 “Hey, is he okay?”  Steve asked sotto voce.

 “Yeah, he’s fine, probably really tired though so let him rest. He had a seizure while we were out. Three minutes, tonic clonic, he came out of it pretty fast though and didn’t lose control of his bladder either. He did get a little confused for a second there and tried to grab me but FUBAR got his attention. Hey, did you guys make cookies while we were out?” Sam asked eyeing a tray of chocolate chip cookies that were on a plate. Natasha snickered softly.

 “Make cookies? Sam you know Steve can’t cook to save his life, and none of you appreciate my cooking skills. That job falls to you and Bucky. We got these out of a package and we were going to sit down and watch a movie and enjoy them but now…” She glanced at the bedroom. “Now I think they can keep for little bit. We should go make sure he’s doing okay.”

 They all crept into the room and smiled down at Bucky and FUBAR who were twined around each other in the middle of the bed. Bucky’s head was resting on FUBAR’s side and FUBAR’s head was resting on Bucky’s side.

 “Pretzles.” Steve muttered, kicking his shoes off and sliding into bed next to Bucky. “Don’t know about you two, but a nap sounds great right about now.” Sam and Natasha glanced at each other and shrugged before they too sidled into the giant bed.

 Bucky peeked through his lashes at the group around him and smiled.

 Later they would eat cookies and watch a movie together. They would argue about what pizza to get for supper, “Pineapple does not belong on pizza!” Sam would grumble for the thousandth time, and they’d fight over whose turn it was to wash the dishes “Not me!” Bucky would declare, pressing a finger to his nose, the move quickly followed by Sam and Nat, and when they finally settled into bed again for the night, Bucky would think to himself, that it hadn’t been bad day, even if his brain had turned to fried eggs there for a little bit. He’d press his face a little deeper into FUBAR’s fur and decided that it had actually been a pretty fantastic day.

But for now, he closed his eyes and let the peace and the knowledge of being surrounded by people who cared about him wash over him and lull him into sleep.


It’s been a while since I’ve actually drawn something lol.

I’ve been playing a lot of Don’t Starve Together and playing with a few character mods :3 (Peridot and Lapis are two of them lol). I loved the Christmas outfits so much that I just had to draw these two in them. Course this was back last month. I have just been lazy to finish them.

First two pictures are free to use icons :3 Just make sure to credit me!

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What are your thoughts on Canadian's welcoming refugee's around the US-Canadian border? I personally love it, but a lot of people are complaining. The recent comment I read was "I feel so sorry for Canadian taxpayers" ugh, okay then???

We’re not welcoming them automatically. The police are arresting them right after they enter, then later taking them to immigration processing.

If they do not qualify for refugee status they will be deported.

I hope they are accepted as refugees, but this is far from guaranteed.

A lot of these photos are being shared around social media without any context. Its frustrating when people keep saying that refugees are automatically free in Canada when they cross the border. Its far from that simple.

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I love all the theories in svtfoe and I enjoy all of them but I have difficulty in acknowledging the trans Marco one. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the transgender community (I actually support them!) but a part of me doesn't want Marco to be a closeted trans girl. I don't know, is it bad that I don't want it to happen? A lot of ppl are talking about how they loved the latest episode while the entire time I was hoping for Marco to say he was a guy. Ugh I'm conflicted. Opinion?

What being autistic means to me

For me, being autistic means being extreme. There is no way to explain it differently.

I am extremely human.

In many ways, I’m very rational. I rely a lot on my thinking and well, I think a lot. I am extremely interested in getting knew knowledge and in discussions about almost anything I can get extremely opinionated. I am very direct and honest. I speak my mind. I love solving problems which is why I often get extremely involved in them. I can spend hours studying for college – because I love everything I learn so much. Because I like to understand things. I have an extreme eye for details, patterns and logical connections. I am very analytical and I love analyzing – I can focus so perfectly on it that it almost feels like I never think anything else. I am philosophical, I like taking many and different approaches. I rather collect and connect the details myself than see the whole picture. I think extremely often about myself and analyze me and my behavior a lot. I talk to others about it and take their opinions into account. I try to learn about myself and improve through that. I am dedicated to take as many details as possible into account and connect them with each other. And it feels like I’m making progress every day, even if it’s just a little and even though it sometimes might need a few setbacks.

But I can be extremely emotional as well. I am so unbelievably passionate about the things that mean something to me. I can see beauty everywhere, in the strangest places. I can feel deeply. Sometimes, I like people so much because they approach me in the right way. Because of how I can speak to them. I enjoy their presence. But I can get extremely overwhelmed, too. I stress easily and worry a lot – about myself, others and just life in general. Sometimes I feel so strongly that I can’t describe it or even become numb. I love deeply and I love a lot of things. With all my heart. In my honesty, there is often a lot of kindness as well. I can get really involved in music, stories, art and people, even to a point of dedication.

I am extremely sensitive. I hear too many sounds and they are way too loud. Some of them even hurt – like a police siren, or the sound of chairs moving across the floor. And all these noises are tiring. Light blinds me extremely. You can easily scare me or make me jump. I am extremely ticklish. I can be sooo picky about my food, you wouldn’t believe it. And I am very aware of every aspect of my body, even though I can be extremely insensitive to pain. Sometimes it all gets overwhelming – then I often need to either sleep or cry.

For me, being autistic means being extreme. Extremely human.

tropes → woman in black // man in white

Mercy Graves and Lex Luthor from BvS

Another Promptis/FFXV AU

Because i have far tooooo many and i need to get them out of my head. ugh.

I don’t really write fic, so rambling a bit will have to do. And if anyone wants to use any of these id love you forever lol.

I have like 34 different AU’s and ideas at the point with roughly this same level of thought in them. im going crazy.

Dragon AU

  • Okay so first off what if instead of having the warping and weapon summoning the line of Lucis instead can turn into Dragons. 
  • Like Noct would be trained from when he was little to not accidentally transform or breath fire on things when he gets angry or upset because a lot of it is emotion based
  • The first time he ever transforms is in middle school when he gets angry at someone for bullying prompto. This is post the Pryna incident, and Prompto and Noctis become friends much sooner. 
  • He has a bit of control of the size of his transformation, but the smallest he can go is like the size of a large horse when he’s fully grown.
  • His full  size is huge. Like can eat a human in one bite big. But it takes a lot of magic to stay that size for long, And he can sleep for several days straight afterwards.
  • He even Intimidates Gladio and Ignis a bit when he’s transformed, not they’ll admit it. Not Prompto though. He’s not sure what he’s done to deserve it, but he knows with 100 percent certainty that Noctis would never ever harm him. 
  • He’s extremely possessive of his friends. Their essentially his hoard. Although sometimes he gets on a kick and starts hoarding random crap. One time Ignis cam over to his apartment and found exactly 156 empty cup noodle containers in the bathtub. It took a week before noctis would let him toss them.
  • Instead of collecting weapons at the tombs of the kings, They are instead collecting bits of tooth, Claw, and horn that noctis can then use for new powers. Like one gives him ice breath, or one lets him manifest his wings in human for for short term flight. But they are all really exhausting. Much sleep is needed. 
  • Also he eats a ton. Half of their budget goes to feeding noct and gladio even with all the stuff they hunt and gather.
  • Prompto is the only one Noct will let ride on his back. Gladio keeps talking about the tactical advantages but nope. The next time he mentions it Noctis grabs him in his talons and flies off with him. Gladio doesn’t ask again.
  • Ignis is finally given up on ever getting the prince to eat his veggies. He hates them even more because his dragon self is pretty close to carnivorous.
  • The first time Noctis throws himself out the window and transforms on the way down, he was 11 and Ignis about passed away at that moment. He flew fine but accidentally knocked over a fountain statue and flooded a courtyard. Ignis fed him carrots every night for a week straight. 
  • Noctis’ Clothes are forever getting burned and they smell like smoke all the time. its not as bad now that he’s older and has more control, but Ignis usually has to toss some piece of clothing or another at least once a week.
  • Noctis’ Horse size form takes very little magic to hold up, and since his body temperature runs high, sometimes the chocobros all cuddle up to him when its cold. 
  • He’s not allowed near the tent like that tho. After the 3rd replacement tent the realized that apparently dragon snoring involves snorting fire. 
  • He has occasionally used his wings as umbrellas for the rest of the guys. 
  • When Prompto is feeling down sometimes Noctis will transform and tuck Prompto up under his wing where no one can see him, and Prompto just curls up and listens to if best friends heartbeat and breathe, and feels safe. and if he cries a little, well its okay, because Noctis has always had his back.
  • IDK im a little too deep in this at this point lol. 
  • I could totally keep going. 

So I am not that good at explaining things but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and a bit worried too. So you all know Stevonnie right? I love her and I cried when she was introduced (and any time she is brought back but thats another story..). So I love her first outfit, very cute, shows them together and all adorable and whatnot.

At first I liked how the star was there but it not being a big part of the outfit kind of bothered me. Eventually I got over it and just accepted it. But her 2nd most recent outfit, with Connie’s work out outfit is what has me worried.

Would you see what has me worried? Its small but, its there.. Maybe another photo..

Do you notice how, not only the star is barely visible like before, but its looks like something else.. Oh yeah, A DIAMOND.

Like what in the world is that about?? I’m like having a mini heart attack that that is a thing. Maybe it was just how it worked out or maybe its more.. I mean her most recent fusion has the whole star and its the strongest they’ve been together so far.

Again, I am just worried about the whole YELLOW diamond showing up on their clothes, mostly because all of the Crystal Gems make sure to have a star somewhere, and them fusing together I feel they would get to choose a little how they look but thats just my two thoughts.. Anyone else worried about this??

((Ooc: I was thinking earlier, and I realized that their are a few things in the magical world that would probably happen. Then I imagined Newt doing them and just ugh. So here you go lovelies!))

Okay so if you have to wear glasses, you could just get your eyes fixed with magic right? Well a lot of people don’t and it’s probably because they put a tax or fee on a magic eye-contact charm or something like that. Or if you have a prescription for certain charms you need to pay a fee to be able to use them???

-Newt having pretty blurry vision and sometimes forgetting to pay for his eye charm, so he has Pickett help him find his glasses

- “oh come on! Again?” Whenever his suitcase won’t open because he didn’t pay his wizard rent for magical enlarged living spaces

-just a bunch of silly stupid domestic things in general that he’d forget to do.

-his self writing quills stop working because they’re over used and he forgot to stop by the wizard office depot while he was out

-Percival having to extend a lot of his overdue bills because he knows how busy and aloof Newt can get

-Graves demanding that he stops studying beasts for one night and have dinner with him as compensation for his troubles

((Idk what this is I’m sorry. It’s so dumb but you’ll learn I do that a lot on this blog))

Have you ever just sat down and thought, “Oh my God I’m so proud of the Hamilton OBC like look that them, they did it.” Because seriously, look at them. They’re achieving their dreams and a lot of them are now so successful and just ugh, I’m so proud. 


            “We didn’t immediately hit it off. I may have kinda fallen in love at first sight, but after my encounter with Garnet, I decided to build a bond first.”

“We knew each other for, like, 2 weeks before you told me you loved me.”

            “Well, I–”

“And then you started reading Shakespeare love poems to me outside my window.”

           “Yeah, but–”

“And then you kept stuffing my mailbox full of love letters.”

           “I-Is that a bad thing??”



{{ this took so long! i kinda gave up near the end and added dialogue instead of, like, five more panels. here’s an extra: }}

Sequence of events I want for the rest of the episode, in this order:
  1. Isak goes to the concert, he talks things out with his parents, realises his mum can be totally fine, this prompts him to go to Even
  2. Isak and Even talk about everything, I mean it, everything. (Bonus points if we get Isak climbing the ladder to Even’s bed like in Pretty Woman, ‘I love you’s would be good too)
  3. Even and Isak go to the party together, in love and proud, Emma is bitter in the corner but Isak is too busy with Even to care, Even finally convincing Isak to dance with him (maybe to another Gabrielle song), Isak being all reluctant at first like ‘ugh you’re lucky I love you enough to do this’ but once Isak gets over the fact everyone is watching them, he has a lot of fun, and maybe there’s some kisses thrown in (I need to see them to kiss in front of everyone, just once) and their friends are watching them all excited and happy for them

Please and thank you @ SKAM writers

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"i guess i'm gonna be tweeting about a treasonous government and one direction" 2017 aesthetic tbh (i'm using my useless anonymous twitter tho)

^^^^ anonymous twitter account is a great idea. 

Although it feels strangely on brand to be like, “When will a voice of reason emerge from the cowardly GOP to stand up to the real threat of tyrannical oligarchy ps #britvidonedirection”

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Which of the Bates have you met and what were they like?

The Bates are literally so genuine. I’ve met them three times, in 2015 and twice in 2016.

So I met Gil and he was just like he is in the show. So kind and grateful, and emotional. Literally love him.

I met Kelly Jo and she’s perfect. I mean so nice and genuine and she remembered my friend and I from the first time. She asked a lot about myself and wanted to know all about me. She even invited us out to dinner with the family once (which we regretfully had to decline ugh).

I met Michael and Brandon and they were very quiet and shy. They were not interested in talking with me.

Erin is sooo precious. She’s so nice and sweet and gave me her number to stay in touch. Chad is also very sweet, and caters to Erin, not unlike we see in the show.

I met Lawson and the first time, he was very awkward. Like he seemed very uncomfortable talking to me. The second time, he seemed a little more interested in talking, and the third time he was all about it. Like we had a genuine conversation and he remembered my friend and I from the last time. He doesn’t seem as into himself in person (in my opinion lol).

I met Nathan once and he was super friendly. He asked all about me, where I was from, and wanted to know where I went to school, what I was studying, about my family…he was very nice and outgoing.

I met Tori and Bobby once and they were so cute. You could tell they were totally in love. And they were super nice and asked us all about us. That seems to be a trend lol, they all asked us lots of questions and seemed like they wanted to know all about us.

Carlin is THE BEST. So the first time I went, we were standing around feeling awkward bc we were like the only fans there, and Carlin came over to us and introduced herself and asked us all about us. And then was like “let me introduce you to everyone!” And introduced us to the rest of the family. And most of the night, she hung out with my friend and I. And she was like “anytime you guys are in the area, stop by our house!” And the next time we met her, she remembered us. She’s so genuine, literally my favorite lol.

I’ve met Josie once and she was a little more quiet but still nice as could be. I didn’t talk to her much.

I think that’s all I’ve met!! Idk if you were looking for that extensive of an answer but oh well lol. All of the Bates were extremely friendly and outgoing. They honestly are some of the sweetest people.

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Honestly? I'm really sad that a lot of people hates DRV3 just because of the "shitty" plot twist or "shitty" plot or ending, and some of them are only making conclusions based from spoilers, I bet some of them didn't even play the game. Tbh at first I was a bit iffy when they say that DR and DR 2 was nothing but fiction, but after a few reading here and there I grew to love the game (mostly thanks to you <3). I'm just really tired of this like ugh-

I can understand how you feel, anon! Part of the reason I wanted to run this blog was specifically because I saw so much fake or mistranslated information in the first few days after the game launched, and then there were quite a few people making assumptions about the game based on that kind of information even though they hadn’t read or played it for themselves.

And while I’m perfectly fine with people not liking ndrv3 or it not being to their taste, I thought people deserved to at least have more of the facts and a reliable source of information before coming to a conclusion. Because there’s a lot about ndrv3 that people might really like if they give it a chance, and I thought it was a shame that some people might plan on missing out just because of hearsay or rumors!

The way I see it, the twist is fun, and it’s definitely its own thing. Dr1 and sdr2 being fiction in the ndrv3 universe doesn’t negate the impact that those two stories have on their own. In the Hope’s Peak Arc itself, I think dr1 and sdr2 are very much real. The entire point of ndrv3′s ending, in fact, is that fiction itself has a very real impact on the world around us, and that it doesn’t exist in a vacuum free of consequences.

The message of ndrv3 is quite literally “fiction can change the world,” and that even knowing and understanding that something is fiction or fake doesn’t make it any less real or important to people who have read it and felt impacted by it. I felt quite touched by that message, and I wanted to be able to tell other people about it since there’s so much that gets lost in translation.

Of course, ndrv3 has its flaws, and there are plenty of things that I would change about it if I could. But I do think it’s a really great game, and I think once the English localization comes out a lot of people might reevaluate their opinions on it, the same as what happened after sdr2 had been out for some time.

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Just saw your last repost and omfg agree, it's gonna be so asdfghjkl. But my question is: what do you prefer to write; young RobStar or older Nightwing/Starfire? ^_^

Hmm… young RobStar or older Nightwing/Starfire, hm?

I mean with them as young babies, they can be written all fluffy and awkward bc they’re like ahmagad feelings; well more so Robin but ya know.

Buuut, Nightwing/Starfire can be explored a lot more bc they’re older and experienced and they are easier to write with one another bc they’ve been with each other a hella long time. Also, I can write Mar'i which is a big fat win.

I love both but I’d say Nightwing/Starfire bc let’s face it, I can write them in more domestic sorta situations as a couple and ugh thats my weakness. Domestic ‘its a saturday so lets get pizza and have a movie night bc we can’ will win every single time bc its my jam. 💖