ugh i love their friendship


“Luke promise me something? No matter what happens you and I will always be friends.”

Another new print in my Etsy shop. Not too proud of this one. Made lots of mistakes thanks to CAFFEINE AND SHAKY HANDS UGH never drinking tea from there again.

ANYWAY! I… really love Natsume and Tanuma’s friendship, okay? They’re adorable and I want a friend who cares that much and who can see demons.
appendages - 5/?
Nathaniel Wesninski grapples with his life as the heir to a criminal empire, as the vice captain to the Edgar Allan Ravens, and as the person he wants to be seen as.
By Organization for Transformative Works

chapter summary: anxiety and a downplayed kinship between two heirs to criminal empires

notes: yes indeed i put a meme in the additional tags

the Louisville ritual//talking to aether

When we were waiting outside for the ghouls to come out, T was already there talking to fans. I saw aether come up and stand by some of the security behind T. I raised my head and squinted my eyes at him like I see you boy 🌚 then I gave him a little wave.
He raised his head at me and did one of those winks where you make a click sound from the side of your mouth at the same time ?? Idk how to explain it. BUT U KNOW WHAT I MEAN. It was hella charming. 😉

I motioned for him to come over and he was like aaah alright, hehe. He did a little sprint over and I was like heeey! I wanna hug. So he opened his arms all wide, “Bring it in!” He said. I latched on so fast 😂😂 Then he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my fuckin head!!! Ugh swwoonnn.

I was telling him about how I saw them in ATL a couple nights before and he said he recognized me, aw. I said I was a little worried he wasn’t coming (because usually T comes out last). Aether said, “Oh, yeah I needed a shave, haha” while rubbing his chin. 😍

After @the-human-stain-k and @misslavender were finished talking to T, they came over and we had the best conversation with aether. He was just being a duuuude, so fuckin rad and chill. We talked to him about random stuff and asked him questions. The conversation just snowballed. (Those are the best kind) I really can’t believe how much time he spent with us, just like an old friend.

He seems to really enjoy being a part of Ghost and he said he doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. (Which is good bc I love him)
We had been talking to him so long that at one point I looked over and there was maybe 10 people left. 😅 He didn’t seem bothered by us at all though. At one point he even said, “Well I better not hold you up. I know you’re really here to see __” (talking about fire).
I asked him, “You’re really great friends, you and ___ aren’t you?” He said, “Oh yes! We’ve known each other for 12 years. You know you really develop a bond when you’ve been bandmates for years too. He’s a great guy. Plus, we know the same people and all that. Hard to not stay in touch.”
“I bet that happens a lot in the industry, just having a bunch of mutual friends.”
“Mhm, oh yeah. It’s a small world really, when you realize how everyone’s connected.”

I told him we could see that on stage, him and fire have a real chemistry together. He gave me such a genuine smile when I was talking about it too. Ugh I just love their friendship. I wanna cry lol. I’m glad they are having a great time with Ghost. 🖤🖤

(I’ll probably make more posts bc I could talk about that night for hours lol)


seeley booth appreciation week | Day 5 • BROTP
Here’s to Sweets. My little brother that who I never wanted but I’m glad that I have.