ugh i love that hair so much


It’s my wish, that she would choose me as her warrior.

For all he threatens to hit Oikawa (or actually does), his hands can be quite gentle.  (❛▿❛✿)

Because I can not imagine why people would think Iwaizumi is 24/7 angry. He’s not. Just a bit grumpy

I’m sorry but the… “so is cold sweat” + hair stroking is SUCH an unecessary moment. It’s Bellamy, actually making a move on Clarke, just like Clarke did with the hand-nuzzle on ep3. It’s the sweetest gesture of all, I love it so much, the way he does it so naturally, so softly. It was pure love, that tenderness your partner has just to make you feel good for two seconds in the most intimate and gentle way possible.

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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***not my gif

~ Him telling you how beautiful and smart you are every two seconds

~ “You’re so bloody gorgeous, darling. Honestly, you could tone it down a bit. You’re making me look bad.”  

~ Doing homework by the Black Lake on nice days

~ Him sneaking into your dorm late at night 

~ Stealing his clothes 

~ He would complain about it but secretly think it was so attractive

~ He would show you off with so much confidence

~ Going to every Quidditch match and cheering on Draco (even if you’re in a different house)

~ Him ordering Crabbe and Goyle to get things for you 

~ Them hating you

~ Holding hands during long walks around Hogsmeade

~ Draco would be so confident in you and believe you could do anything you set your mind to. It would just be so encouraging. 

~ Narcissa would frequently steal you away and Draco would be so annoyed

~ Professors taking points from Slytherin and your house for PDA


~ Sneaking into the kitchens well after midnight and cooking five course meals 

~ Draco would be such a good cook omg

~ Narcissa would’ve taught him how

~ Holding hands under the table during class

~ When Draco became prefect, he would give detention to anyone that so much as looked at you wrong

~ After dating Draco for a while you would turn into such a badass just like him

~ He would be so proud

~ Going to the Yule Ball together

~ Him loving dancing with you after that

~ Draco would tease you all the time

~ Christmas at Malfoy Manor

~ Baths in the prefect bathroom

~ Stupid pick up lines

~ “Are you a snitch?” 

~ “What?” 

~ “Because you’re the greatest catch here.” 

~ “Hey, Y/N? I don’t need ‘accio’ to make you come.” 

~ Really good sex

~ Sneaking firewhiskey into the Slytherin Tower

~ Draco would be so touchy 


~ He would obsessively make sure you’re content 

~ “Y/N, are you cold? Do you want some butterbeer?” 

~ “No, I’m fine. Thanks, though.” 

~ “Here babe, take my scarf. Crabbe, go get two butterbeers.”

~ Watching the Black Lake from the common room and pointing out all the creatures

~ Him taking you on broom rides and doing crazy tricks to impress you

~ Which usually scares the hell out of you

~ But you loved being in the sky

~ Harry Potter would not be allowed to even breathe in your general direction

~ A first year Hufflepuff accidentally bumping into you and knocking your books out of your hand

~ Draco pinning him against the wall and threatening him until he cries

~ “Draco, what the hell is wrong with you!”

~ “He hurt you!” 

~ “It was an accident! Bloody hell, Draco! He’s eleven!” 

~ “’M sorry darling, just instincts…” 

~ Him helping you with homework 

~ You getting so stressed because you don’t understand and just having a mental breakdown because O.W.L.S are so close

~ Him just doing your homework for you

~ Snape recognizes his handwriting but doesn’t say anything

~ Yelling at him about the word “mudblood” 

~ EVERYONE in the entire school would know that you were his 

~ When the basilisk is out and about he walks you to every class even if he’s late for his own

~ Since Draco is a literal genius you two would both put your names in the Goblet of Fire

~ He would love to kiss you

~ The kisses would rang from little pecks to him literally trying to suck your face off

~ Harry would hate you

~ Ron would think you were the hottest creature on the planet

~ Hermoine would secretly admire how smart and independent you were

~ Lucius loving you and always telling you embarrassing things about Draco 

~ Lucius would be like a second father to you 

~ He would be so hard on Draco, but the second something upset you he would be threatening to kill

~ Him and Narcissa would send you on shopping sprees all the time

~ Draco would love shopping with you

~ “Will you try on lingerie for me?” 

~ Little arguments all the time

~ Exploring Hogwarts and knowing about lots of the castle’s secrets

~ Discovering the Mirror of Erised together

~ “What do you see?” 

~ “You.” 

~ Him loving to play with your hair

~ Jealousy 


~ You sharing notes with Goyle and Draco ignoring you both for the rest of the day

~ “Draco, what is your problem? I need love and attention, stop ignoring me.” 

~ “Go get some attention from Goyle.” 

~ You HATING Pansy Parkinson

~ Her knowing and trying to get in arguments with you every day

~ Her twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes at Draco in the hallway, “Dracy, are you still helping me with my Potions later? You promised.” 

~ You just walking up and snogging Draco right in the middle of their conversation and whispering something super dirty in his ear

~ “N-No, Pansy. I,” he has to stop and clear his throat “I don’t think that I can.” 

~ Him just loving you so, so much 

~ Draco would just be the best boyfriend

~ Like despite everything he goes through he always puts you first 

~ He just loves you so much ugh 

~ It would be so good

This was probably entirely too long but I love everything about Draco Malfoy so I can’t help it.

This is actually something that I drew a few days ago bUT I really wanted to draw something and I wasn’t sure what exactly and I’ve had this particular idea for a long time so I GAVE IT A SHOT AND I’M SO SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT CAME OUT.  I’ve always thought that some of Robin’s hair styles that had her braiding or doing something with the sides of her hair were really pretty (though the short style that Carinus has is my fave obvs iaeirg.)  So I just had this idea of mama Carinus braiding and pulling Lucina’s hair back in a pony tail for her one day and putting white flowers in it because she thought it looked pretty on her and Lucina would love it and (*’v`丱)☆+゜

This was so, so much fun, I think I had the most fun with her hair.  I originally had it down and then the parts of her hair that were braided pulled back but I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it too so I tried putting it all up and I LOVE IT SO MUCH *゜✲ฺ(✿◕ฺ ∀◕ฺ)ฺノ゜* This whole thing I just couldn’t be happier with like uGH aoerihg  Also fun fact, with the flowers, I was trying to carry over the flowers from Lucina’s (just S?) support with male Robin.  I DON’T KNOW THE FULL CONTEXT BEHIND THEM I haven’t seen their support yet but I thought mama Carinus would find them pretty on her baby girl.

Flower Shop AU

AU Made by starydraws on Tumblr.


Star rubbed her head, her face heating up at nothing. She groaned as she put her blonde hair in a ponytail.

She knew she was sick, from her cough to sore throat. Her eyes were watery and walking seemed to be a problem.

Star then rubbed the freckles on her cheeks, feeling them heat at her touch.

“UGH! ” Star sighed. “ I’m sick so I should stay home… But then again… I don’t want Marco at the shop by himself…”

Marco, the teenager that she helped, ran his grandfather’s shop while he was in retirement.

The shop wasn’t much. Marco could run it by himself. But, Star loved seeing his face everyday

Yeah, she wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she did carry a heavy crush on the boy ever since high school. And him walking up to her one day and asking for help in his grandfather’s shop let her be closer to him too.

Now they were proud to call themselves best friends.

Star gave another sigh as she grabbed her bag and walked out her apartment, closing and locking the door behind her.

The flower shop, David’s Petals, wasn’t far from where the sick girl lived. So she didn’t have to use her bike to get there since she still didn’t have a car.

Star felt sweat on her brow as she walked, her legs even more wobbly each step she took.

When she finally got to the shop, she slung open the door and plopped down at a waiting table.

“Star?” A deep, gentle voice spoke to her, feet pitter pattering on the ground as they moved towards her. “Are you okay?”

Star looked up to see Marco. Her heart skipped a beat.

He looked the same as he ever did. Handsome.

His hair was brushed to perfection and his black pants were pressed perfectly. Under his white apron, a green shirt rested. Marco’s brown, chocolatey eyes stared at her in concern, a cute little mole cradled under his right eye.

“You okay, Star?” he asked once again, his face brimming with worry.

“I’m fine… ” Star said in a raspy voice.

Marco looked at her suspiciously, his eyes boring into her blue ones. She gave an unnoticeable gulp with a wobbly smile plastered on her face.

“Okay.” Marco said, still staring at her. “Go wash your face. There’s sweat on your eyebrows.”

Star nodded as Marco walked off, releasing a breath she didn’t know she was holding.

Standing up from the table, the girl went to the bathroom upstairs and stared into the mirror. Her reflection stared back, doubt singing in her eyes.

C'mon, Star. She thought, taking a deep breath before turning on the water and splashing the liquid in her face. You are fine. You are fine. You can make it through this day.

Turning off the water, Star gave another look at her face. The bridge of her nose to right under her eyes was a noticeable pink, her blue eyes watery. Red tinged around her nose, making her sniffle.

She brought her hand to her forehead and frowned at the burning sensation under her fingers. Star inwardly groaned, hoping her fever would ease throughout the day.

She walked out the bathroom, her legs shaking.

As she walked down the stairs, she felt them shake violently, making her fall.

“AHHHHHH! ” the girl screamed, grabbing hold of the railing before she could tumble further.

“ Star! ”

Star looked up to see Marco grabbing her bridal style and taking her down the stairs.

“ Marco… ” Star whispered.

“ Are you okay Star? ” Marco asked, looking down at her.

She gave a nod, the pink on her nose and cheeks getting redder.

“ What happened? ” Marco placed her in a seat, letting her relax. “ How’d you fall? ”

Star really didn’t want to leave the shop or be a bother. So she lied. “ I tripped. ”

Marco sat down at the counter, staring at her suspiciously. “ If you say so, Star. But to be careful, I just need you to fill out the orders of flowers. We need to get them to those people. ”

Star nodded, standing up only to be told to sit back down.

“ I’ll bring the paperwork to you, Star, ” Marco said, grabbing a stack of paperwork from behind the counter and putting it on the table. “ There is no need for you to move. If you do need something, just call for me. Understand? ”

Star frowned before nodding at him.

“ Good. Stay put while I do the rest of the work around here. ”

And Star did just that. Stay put. But she felt guilty about Marco doing all the work for the shop. Well, she was doing work but he was doing the most work.

Every now and then, someone would walk into the shop and say the ordered some flowers and ask if they could get them. Marco, who would be organized, frantically ran to her to receive the paper. Only for her to frantically search for it.

Finally, it was Marco’s break and since it was rush hour, no one wanted to come to a flower shop. Only fast food places where they can grab a bite to eat and get back to work.

Star felt a tickle in her throat that she tried to stifle. But it didn’t work.

Star quickly covered her mouth as she went into a fit of coughing. Each time she got a breath, she would just cough even more.

“Star?” Marco called to her from the counter.

Star looked up at the boy before coughing once more for good measure.

“Are you okay? ”

That was probably the millionth time he asked that. And this might be the millionth time Star would lie.

“ Yes…”

Her red eyes widened as she heard a deep sigh. Marco had pushed himself up to his feet, now walking towards her.

Once he got to her, he leaned down and stared at her.

Star gulped as he slowly brought his arm up to her face. She instinctively closed her eyes tight as his hand got it closer. Finally, she felt soft yet rough fingers on her forehead.

“Your temperature is way to high. ” He whispered softly, dropping his hand onto her cheek.

She slowly opened her eyes to see Marco’s chocolate brown ones staring right back at her. He had a concerned look on his face.

The doorbell rang, signaling that someone had entered.

“ Oh! Am I interrupting something? ” asked a feminine voice.

Marco’s eyes darted behind him to see a girl with blonde hair, a teil strand blending in with her eyes.

“ No. ” Marco said, leaning up from Star who was red with both fever and their once close proximity. “Star, go home. You have a high fever. I’ll be over to take care of you after we close.”

“But… But… The shop! ” Star whispered, bringing her voice lower.

“ I can take care of the shop. Go home. You are too sick. I want you to get better. ”

Star stood up and stared at Marco who was staring at her. “Okay…”


AU Is not by me. It is by starydraws on Tumblr. It was this cute little comic.


Copy and pasted from Random Starco One-Shots on FFN.


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When you in labor pains and used your bf to released the pain

mymisstina said: Hello, could you please do a BTS reaction when you have labor pains and scream their names, squeeze their hands and pull their hairs? Thank you.

Kim Namjoon : 

You told one of Namjoon’s friend to call him because you’re going to give birth your first child. He said he was doing his jobs and he told you to call him if something happen which is now.

“This is so fuck*ng hurts…” You growled but you maintained your expression so you don’t look like a monster. “Calm down, babe. Don’t you feel happy?” He asked. You glared at him, “you want me to smack you or what?” He smiled to reassuring you, “ it’s okay, I’ll stand beside you.”

He soon regretted for saying that, he grinned in pain as you squeezed his hands, “babe,I cannot feel my hand,” he said. You screamed, “well, obviously….I cannot even feel my fuck*ng vagi**!” He widened his eyes as you swore to him a lot but couldn’t say anything because you seemed in pain. A big pain. 

“Congratulations, Mr. Kim, Mrs. Kim, it’s a boy. A healthy boy.” You smiled widely as you held the little creature in your arms. “He has your dimples and eyes, Namjoon,” you said. He didn’t say anything and hugged the two of you, “thank you, y/n. I forgot how pissed I am when you swore.”

Kim Seok Jin : 

He was going to record the birth of your first child when suddenly you started to scream loudly. “Sir, can you please give her your support?” He walked to your side right away and gave you his support by caressing your hands and cheek. 

“It hurts, like hell. Yah, Kim Seok jin! You’re going to responsible…-” He accepted when you grabbed his shirt and pulled it tightly, he widened his eyes as a mini version of you were being cleaned by the nurses. 

“It’s a lovely girl.” You smiled softly to the baby, “what a cutie.” 

“She is.” You stared at him and gave her so he could held her. 

Min Yoongi : 

He didn’t show any expression but deep in his heart he worried about you because he saw a lot of movies where woman could die for laboring. He didn’t bother when you pulled his hair when you gave your son labor. 

“You pulled some of my hair here, not my fault if I became bald soon.” 

“Sorry Yoongi, it’s just hurt so much. Ugh, you don’t want to feel it. But I like when the doctor showed us our son,” you said with your exhausted face. He smiled and caressed your hair, “thank you, hun. You can rest now.”

When you were asleep, he would stroke his hair because it hurts like hell so it’s a lie if he didn’t know how hurt does it fell when you give labor. All your pain was his pain also. But he forgot as soon as he found his son sleep soundly on the carriage.   

Jung Hoseok :


“Shut up Hoseok!” You screamed.

“You’re pulling my hair!”

“I know! Shut up except you want to replace me!”

“No, thank you!” He’s going to be traumatized for several hours. 

Park Jimin : 

He ran through the corridor because he had call that you’re giving labor right now. He thought he would see you in braid hair and holding the twins instead of you screaming and yelling with several cursing. 

“Yah, Park Jimin! Come here, you asshole!” You yelled, “this is because of you.” Poor Jimin he “volunteered” to be your punch-bag. And also he didn’t want you to feel in pain so he would hold his tears by giving you his hands. 

“Yeah, I should think twice before I make you pregnant.” 

Kim Taehyung :

He won’t feel mad at all since he knew you’re in a big pain, but it was quite funny to see you screaming his name and cursing at the same time. 

“Hun, I’m here. It’s okay.”

“Shut up, Kim Taehyung. You need to buy me Gucci after these shits!” You screamed. 

Jeon Jungkook : 


He hide behind the wall 

He manly lent you his muscles for you to punch it or his abs. “Jungkook, you need to loosen up your muscle, you little brat!” 

“Not my faul-”

“Shut up, Kook!” You yelled and smacked his head. He was shocked at the moment but couldn’t do anything because you were in a big pain so instead of roast you he calmed you down. He tried. 


Pairing: BTS Yoongi (Suga) X Reader

Genre: Fluff, v v light smut

Warning: Alcohol usage

Word Count: 1684

156: “How did I lose it?”

183: “Car sex looks so much easier in the movies.”

send me a number + an idol

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“Hey, Yoongs,” you said, tossing your phone in front of you and watching it land on the cushion.

Yoongi grunted in response, not looking up from the laptop resting on his knees. The two of you were sitting together on the downstairs sofa of his house. You were both in your pyjamas at mid-afternoon, sitting in a position facing each other at each end of the couch. Blankets and cushions were splayed in all directions around the room, mainly draping from the sofa.  

“How did you lose your virginity?” you asked, shamelessly.

Catching him off guard, Yoongi looked up from his laptop, eyebrows raised.

“How did I lose it?”

“Yeah, I was reading some dumb snapchat article about losing your virginity, and it reminded me that you still haven’t told me. You know how I did,” you stated, eyes fixed on his.

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when a Leo’s crush isn’t flirting back:  hey wassup hello?! I’m like giving all of me to you right now. I just told you my best joke and you didn’t burst out laughing. wtf NOTICE ME!!!!!!!! I’m so funny and cute and I even did my hair for you. You know what? No. I’m a queen. I don’t need this and I’m SO much better off without you anyways and you’d be lucky to have me. ugh but you’re so hot. JUST LOVE ME ALREADY!!!

Come Home Harry, Come Home Part 1 (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: Y/N is 5 months pregnant, and Harry gets into a car accident.  The car accident affected Harry severely with a loss of memory.

Requested: yes

Warning: car accident

A/N: Thank you to whoever requested this! I hope you enjoy it!  Also, thank you and hello to all the new followers and readers!!


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Come Home Harry, Come Home (Harry Styles Imagine)

“Good morning, love” you hear whispered softly in your ear, and you feel a light kiss on your forehead.  

When you open your eyes, you see your loving husband of a year, sitting on his side, smiling down at you while brushing the hair out of your face.  When he sees that your eyes are opened, he plants a kiss on your lips.

“Sleep well?”  He asks, rubbing his thumb against your cheek.

“Mhm, I mean, the best sleep that I can get.”  You say rubbing your stomach.

“Our baby girl is getting big.”  He says smiling down at your growing stomach, placing his hand on yours.

“I can’t wait to meet her.”  He says moving down so that he is right above your stomach.  He then lifts your shirt up so that your stomach is exposed.

“We can’t meet you baby.  We’re so excited for you to be living in the room we have been setting up for you.  Your mommy and I have been working so hard, and we can’t wait for you to be living with us.  So, you stay in there and keep growing.  We love you.”  He says smiling very big, kissing your stomach.

“Harry you have to get ready for the studio.”  You say brushing your fingers through his hair, as he places kisses all over your stomach.

Harry is the best husband, best friend, and  father to be of your child you could ask for.  He loves you and your daughter to be so much.  And you can’t wait for your daughter to be born to see her and Harry together.

“Ugh, I know.”  Harry groans.  “But I don’t want to leave.” He says wrapping his arms around your stomach, rubbing his cheek against your stomach.  “Do I have to leave?”

“Well yo udon’t want you to leave, but if you want to finish the album by the date, then you would have to.”  You say, lighting scratching his head, and him humming at the lovely feeling.

“Ah, I know.”  He says, groaning getting up, and getting ready.

After Harry gets ready, he walks over to say goodbye giving you a kiss, and then gives your stomach a kiss.

“I love you both, I will see you two in a few hours.”  Harry says giving you another kiss.

After Harry leaves, you decide to continue to work on the nursery.  When you get into the nursery, you smile at the thought of your baby girl living.  Walking in to see her sleeping there, playing with her toys, or when she gets older doing her homework.  You can’t wait to see who she grows up to become.

Then, your thoughts are disturbed by your phone ringing.  You don’t think much of the call, until you hear,

“Is this Mrs. Styles?”

“She is speaking.”  You answer confused.

“Hi Mrs. Styles, I am calling from Good Samaritan hospital in Los Angeles.  Your husband has been in a car accident.”  She explains.

For a moment you freeze, you feel like your entire world has just been ripped from you.  You start to freak out, you feel your heartbeat quicken, your palms begin to sweat, but the sound of the nurses voice breaks your from you worrying thoughts,

“Mrs. Styles?” She asks, “Are you still with me?”

“Yes I’m here.” You choke out.

““How is he?” You ask, feeling your heart beating fast.

“He is in stable condition, but still unconscious.” She says.

“I will be right there.  And if he wakes up, tell him we’re on our way.”  You explain.

After a twenty minute car ride, you find yourself sitting at the side of your husband of two years hospital bed.  You are sitting there with one hand rubbing your stomach, and the other holding Harry’s hand rubbing your thumb on his hand.

“We’re going to be alright baby girl.” You whisper to your daughter.  “Daddy is just sleeping right now, and when he wakes up, we’ll be home safe and sound.”

After to say this, you feel Harry’s hand move, and you get excited standing up, and rubbing your thumb on his cheek.

“Baby, hey, how are you? How are you feeling?” You whisper to him, looking at him with concern on you face.

When Harry looks up at you, his face is confused.

“Who are you?”

Part 2

Want a part two? Tell me.

A/N:  AHHH.  Sorry to keep you guys on the hook.  But I feel like this needed to be split up into two parts, or else it would be really long.  Tell me guys what you think!! Thank you so much for reading!  I appreciate every single one of you.

BTS and PDA (Public Displays of Affection)


Jin… Jin and PDA… Well he likes it. He likes to show to everybody that you are his. He will hold your hand and interlace your fingers. He will kiss your cheek softly and will put a strand of hair behind your ear while looking and smiling at you

‘I wanna tell the world how much you mean to me’

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Yoongi isn’t okay with PDA. He have difficulties to show his emotions and feelings publicly. The most he can do when you are out with other people is to smile at you and whisper ‘i love you’ so no one can hear.

‘Ugh please wait until we are home alone then i will show you all the affection i have for you’

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Hobi loves PDA. He loves hugging you and kissing you. Putting his hand on your waist, holding hands… Hoseok love doing that. He doesn’t care if people are watching because he only see you.

‘You are my sunshine baby. I love you so much’

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Namjoon is so protective with you. He will hold your hands, hug you, kiss you, because he loves that, but also to show other men that you are with him and ONLY with him. When he sees a guy looking at you, he will kiss you gently to show this guy that you are already taken and that he better not approach you

‘You are mine and I’m yours’

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Jimin loves PDA but is too shy to do it. He will brush your hand with his and smiling at you. But when no one is watching he will give you a kiss on your forehead shyly. Then his cheeks will turn a bit pink and he will be the cute small bean he is

‘Why do you got to be so cute’

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Taehyung is so touchy so PDA isn’t a problem for him. He will hug you tightly, play with your hair, hold your hand, carress your cheek, kiss your forehead. And he will not be embarrassed if people see. He will just laugh if the members tease him about this

‘I don’t care if other people see. And if they do then it’s great because they will know that you are mine’

(That honey skin tho)

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Jungkook wants to play the though guy so no PDA… At least no PDA when people can see you. If you are watching a movie at the cinema (where it’s dark) he will put his arm around your shoulders and his hand will stroke your shoulder or he will caress your tight

‘Not in public… Only us two got to know how i show my love to you’

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I'll Be A Better Man Today (2) - Reggie Mantle X Reader

Summary: part two to ‘better man’. reggie attempts to win his girl back, but it backfire spectacularly.
Warnings: mentions of bullying, like one swear word.
A/N: there will be a part three to this. the inspiration just flowed when i started writing, and it’s been a while since that happened so i’m going with it. hope you like it!


The week passed by painfully slow. Every day meant another attempt by Reggie as he tried his best to win you back. Tuesday morning saw him waiting outside your house in his Jeep, waiting for you. The car hummed quietly, the radio playing a selection of your favourite songs. You spotted him the moment you stepped out the front door. You froze, not expecting to have to face him just yet. He smiled cautiously out the window, and waved.

You turned on your heels and reentered the house. After a few uncertain seconds, he saw you leave - with a set of keys hanging from one hand. Without sparing him a second glance, you unlocked your fathers sleek silver Ford and got into the drivers seat, tossing your backpack into the passenger side, and starting up the engine. Reggie’s car blocked your exit; you met his gaze, expectantly. His face fell, and he pulled away from the kerb. You turned out the opposite way; it would take longer to get to school this way, but you took that route anyway. Reggie was in the parking lot, Moose by his side, and he waved again as you parked, on the other side of the lot. You walked towards the building, not looking back once.

But Reggie wasn’t ready to give up just yet. He waited outside your math class, and walked alongside you toward your english, and then sat down next to you at lunch. Jughead, Archie, Betty and Veronica looked a little surprised, exchanging glances, what should we do?

They didn’t have to do anything. You simply got up and left, disappearing into the large crowd of students in a matter of seconds. Reggie groaned and lay his head on the table. He glanced up at Jughead, and Archie immediately tensed. Jughead shot him a sideways look, but Reggie just left.

You weren’t sure if you were more annoyed or secretly happy that Reggie was, once again, waiting for you Wednesday morning. You followed the same routine as the previous day; ignoring him, getting in the car, ignoring him, driving to school, parking, ignoring him, and going to class. However, Reggie knew it was time to start stepping up his game.

He waited by your locker at eleven am with a cup full of your favourite coffee. You slammed the door; ‘I just had one.’ Reggie’s shoulders slumped, and he dumped the coffee in the first trashcan he came upon. That evening, he got your favourite Pop’s order and brought it to your house - after an extremely generous tip he convinced Pop to break the takeaway rule - and again, your dad had to open the door.

'Did he hurt you in any way?’ He asked you, later, as he devoured the meal meant for you. You shook your head, running your hands through your hair. 'No, not me,’ you muttered, looking down at the table.

'He seems like a sweet boy,’ your dad told you. He is, you think, just not to everyone.


Thursday morning, and Reggie waited for you again. You ignored him, again. Halfway through the day and the only gift you’d received was a handwritten note shoved through the open vent in your locker. It read 'you look beautiful today. love you, r x’. Crumpling it in your fist, you’d nearly thrown it away, but changed your mind at the last second, instead tucking it into your personal journal. You were wary; was he giving up?

No, of course not. Cheryl and Moose ambushed you on your way to science, and dragged you off to the gym. You protested, the whole way there, but Cheryl shut you up with a snippy retort about how much she knew you hated the class. The gym was empty, save for the entire squad of River Vixens, clad in their cheer uniforms, and Reggie, who was earnestly talking to Betty and Veronica. Both looked unsure, and my stomach clenched uncomfortably.

'Reggie! The guest of honour is here!’ Cheryl called, cheerful. The tall boy turned, a face splitting grin brightening his face the moment his eyes fell on you. For a moment, you almost smiled back - you forced it back, turning to the redhead on your left. 'Cheryl, what is this?’

'Sit, sit!’ She insisted, pushing you toward the bleachers and giving you a shove so you hit the bench, hard. 'Ouch!’ She rolled her eyes, and stalked back towards her squad. You climbed a few benches further up, Moose settling next to you. 'Do you know what this is?’ You asked, nerves writhing like snakes in your belly. He simply smirked.

'Okay, ladies! Lets go!’

Music filled the airy room, a high-tempo, upbeat rhythm, and the cheerleaders began to dance. You stared, not sure about what was going on. You could feel Reggie’s dark brown eyes on you, never once moving anywhere else. You kept your own eyes on the girls. The music quietened down, and they began to chant.

All the blood in your face drained away, embarrassment overwhelming you. The urge to cringe was almost painful; when you risked a glance in Reggie’s direction, he was blushing, a bashful smile on his lips.

'1, 2, 3, 4, who does Reginald adore?

5, 6, 7, 8, (Y/N), don’t say it’s too late!’

The squad finished their routine, bowing, Cheryl clearly pleased by their - or her own - performance, if the smug smile and flip of her long red hair was anything to go by. The music stopped. Silence stretched out endlessly; you could have heard a pin drop. Betty and Veronica were watching you - well, they all were, Reggie looked nervous but hopeful, Cheryl and the squad expectant. But Betty and Veronica were watching you with concern in their eyes. After a long moment, you stood up, shakily. 'That was really, really great, girls. Well done,’ your voice was strangled, and the hopeful look dropped off Reggie’s face. You headed straight for the exit. Footsteps followed - three sets, one you recognised as Reggie’s, the other two lighter, Betty and Veronica.

'Just - give me a minute with her, please!’ Reggie pleaded with the girls - you heard them sigh, giving in.

You rounded a corner, into the empty hallway. Reggie caught up with you, skidding to a halt in front and grabbing you by the shoulders. 'Wait, (Y/N), just talk to me-’

He was slightly out of breath, his hair falling over his forehead endearingly - you snapped. ’Talk to you? What do you want me to say? What the - what the fuck was that?’ Reggie cringed at the curse as it slipped from your mouth - you only ever swore when you were pissed beyond belief.

'I’m trying to prove to you how much I love you!’

You rolled your eyes; 'That’s not-! Ugh!’ Frustration hit you like never before, how could he still be so blind?

'Tell me what I can do, and I’ll do it, baby, please,’ he begged, trying to drag you closer to him, but you resisted, standing your ground.

'I told you! I asked you, a million times, to stop being such an ass to Jughead and everyone else you think is 'lower’ than you!’ You yelled, really losing your temper now. Not caring if someone heard, you kept going. 'You said you would but you never did! Is it really so hard to treat people as human beings, Reg? That’s all I wanted! I can’t date a bully!’

The words were like a slap to the face for the football player, the last one in particular. But he knew he couldn’t deny it; he was a jerk toward certain people, at this point, it was just a habit. He knew you and Jughead were friends, and, okay, maybe he was a little jealous of your friendship so maybe he had pushed the school loner a little harder than usual.

As what you said really hit you, you looked away and suddenly found more tears burning behind your eyes. You were sick of crying, sick of pining after Reggie. He wanted to know how to get you back? Well, now he knew. The ball was in his court. 'Get your shit together, and then we can talk,’ you said finally, firmly. You walked away. Reggie let you, still feeling guilty as he thought back on all the times he knocked Jughead into a locker, called him something nasty, even punched the smaller boy. He stood, alone in the hallway, until the next bell sounded out, and students poured from the mouths of classroom like prisoners from a cell. He didn’t even realise until the sea of bodies began shoving past him, and then he snapped back to reality. Turning, he slammed straight into the one and only Jughead Jones.

Automatically, he opened his mouth to snap at him - then, he thought of you, and closed it again.

'Sorry, man, that was my bad,’ he said, quietly, seeing the look of absolute shock on Jug’s face. His eyes widened, and he asked if Reggie was feeling okay. The taller boy laughed. 'Honestly? No.’ He shook his head and looked down. Discomfited at the sadness in Reggie’s face, he struggled to think of something to say - not for his sake, though. For yours, for his best friend.

'Look, man, if this is about (Y/N)…’ something like pain flashed in deep brown eyes and Jughead wished he’d bitten his tongue off instead of speaking. He shook his head, mumbling an apology. Reggie called him back, voice brighter all of a sudden. 'I think I know how to fix things.’

Reggie was planning something big, Jughead could tell. He’d known him a long, long time, and the calculating look that had replaced the sadness on his face made him nervous.

'Oh, no,’ Jughead said emphatically, 'why do I have a feeling this fixer-upper involves me?’

Reggie smiled. Yeah, he knew what he had to do.

Michael Lee Brown as Evan Hansen

-beautiful voice. Like butter. His falsetto was so clear and smooth!!!

-“I never let them see the woooorst ooooof meeee”… just. Wow. The strength and the emotion in those notes

-so big / so small when Evan hugged Heidi I just lost it

-the fight between Heidi and Evan was so intense and so good and so hard

-snot and spit dripping off of him in Words Fail. Like he held nothing back

-he was more aggressive/angry in the first part of Words Fail but less so in the solo part where it’s just him onstage

-I wanted to hug him so badly

-I almost cried during Waving Through A Window cause I just love this show so much and MLB was already amazing as Evan

-when Evan thanks Zoe for not breaking up with him / MLB freaking out when he thought she was

-scenes between Connor and Evan were so good ugh Steven Levenson!!!

-Evan being disappointed about Taco Tuesday, or Heidi not picking him up…just so real

-Every time MLB and another actor were yelling over each other it was so intense and felt so real

-He was so cute with the Evan hair

-Him nodding at Cynthia during the scene before For Forever because Jared told him to just nod and smile omg people loved that it was adorable and hilarious

-I forgot how funny Evan is

-When Connor punches Evan in Sincerely Me, and MLB like barely touched Mike Faist in return lol

-Everyone clapped and cheered so hard I was trying to clap as hard as possible

-like seriously he was truly phenomenal. He held nothing back, he poured everything out to us, I was at first like oh no I’d love to see Ben Platt again but once I was in the theatre I was so ready for his interpretation

-I also saw Olivia Puckett in this show and the Evan-Zoe relationship was so…gentle and sweet

-I am so happy for him that he got to play the role, that he got this chance to perform and to keep growing into the character

-I seriously can’t get over him even now, I want to cry just thinking about him, he was amazing his voice is BEAUTIFUL

-his voice is so different from Colton’s and Ben’s. It’s awesome I love all their voices

-I don’t even know how to explain to anyone how much they should look forward to seeing any of the understudies

*I’m going to make another post of just the show in general cause there are other thoughts I had after having seen the show again!!

**Feel free to message me to talk about it I’m happy to talk!!!

***I am very grateful and privileged to have been able to see the show two times and I just want to make it clear that I am not taking this for granted in any way and I am so lucky


Okay so like Im still dying. But I have people asking me about this concert. 

Where do I even start? This is about to be a mess. 

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Boyfriend Yuta
  • sssuuuppp
  • have you see his teaser pics??? i’M SCREAMING
  • i feel like yuta is going to slay this concept so much?? like i’m so fucking excited
  • but let’s start this rn bc idk what to write here
  • bc i’m a smol awkward being c:
  • okay so!!! 
  • basically, he would be the perfect boyfie that everyone wants
  • first of all, A++ humour sense
  • he never, n e v e r, fails to make you laugh or feel happy again
  • he would do aegyo or would act like an idiot just to get you to laugh a little
  • and if you’re feeling down he would be unbearable, trust me
  • he wouldn’t let you go till you finally told him why you’re feeling like this
  • he just would be extremely worried about you and he just wants to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible
  • “what do you mean you don’t want to tell me? y/n i’m your boyfriend”
  • “you don’t trust enough?”
  • “but why do you want to have so much time alone? i need you, y/n”
  • “please, tell me”
  • fucking u n b e a r a b l e
  • but you would eventually slowly open up to him
  • he would listen to you at the same time as he thinks of possible solutions
  • he probably doesn’t tolerates seeing his loved ones feeling sad at all
  • and would do anything in his power to bring a smile back into their faces
  • and specially if it’s you <33 aw
  • so then you’ll have him doing and saying the silliest things just to make you laugh
  • that and a bunch of cuddles
  • in his world and in mine cuddles can solve any problem
  • and he’s super clingy anyways so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and when he’s the one feeling sad he wouldn’t doubt about telling you
  • maybe it would be a bit hard for him in the beggining but he undestands that he has a problem and that the first step, always, is talking to someone
  • so he would make warm coffee for both of you and slowly start talking with you
  • and for every minute it passes you would notice how he feels more relaxed and calm
  • y’all probably you have a bunch of lazy dates
  • things like idk anime marathons that are a whole day long
  • or both of you playing nintendo at night while eating pizza at night
  • and honestly that sounds fucking amazing, sign me the fuck up
  • and even if he loves those lazy dates, everyone knows he’s the type who loves doing extreme sports and things like that
  • he probably loves feeling all the adrenalin in his body and he would defenetly want you to experience cool things like that too
  • so also expect crazy dates like idk going to amusement parks with really crazy rides
  • or doing weird things like when he was in idol party and obligated his fake family to do that weird thing
  • hey, a little reminder ;))
  • he would love to cook for you
  • but tbh, he would do it only to show you that he is talented enough to do it
  • also, he would want you to taste some of the japanese gastronomy and that good stuf you know
  • but what he would l o v e is you cooking for him
  • even if it’s just a sandwich, he would still love it
  • that’s basically the only thing i can cook so, perfect
  • he’s super protective and jealous with you
  • but he wouldn’t like to admit that he’s jealous??? sohe would be suffering trough the pain
  • and the complaining with you lmao
  • but he would do little things to make your relationship obvious
  • like grabbing your waist or put a strand of your hair behind your ear
  • also, he would look at you a lot, not only to see your reactions to the other person’s opinions but to make you feel nervous??
  • “stop looking at me so much, yuta!”
  • “but you’re so pretty, y/n”
  • ugh, i h8 fuckbois
  • he would cuddle with you every night before sleep
  • and there was this moment where you were like
  • “yuta, can you sing a little for me?”
  • anD HE WAS LIKE !!!!!!! WHAT
  • “singing?”
  • and after doubting a little hE DOES SDFG
  • and his voice is so soft and sweet, and specially if he’s basically whispering the whole thing in your ear
  • and you fall asleep in his arms aND HE GETS WEAK
  • “i love you so much, y/n”
  • oH MY god dfghjklwHAT¡¿?? 
  • he’s so boyfriend material ugh i love him
  • okay and the end!!
  • i hope y’all enjoyed this even if itwas bad :’) <3
  • lmao, bye 

Okay I know we all love this scene already, but aaah. I just have to pin point the moments I love.

- How plainly obvious it is that Tina is so taken with him! Like when Newt starts saying “Well it’s been…” and he doesn’t even finish before she eagerly adds “Hasn’t it?” and she’s all big smiles and 100% different from when Newt first met her!
- Newt’s reaction to her quick response! He just looks at her kinda surprised? And he doesn’t even say anything more to it. As if he’s not quite sure how he had such an effect on her?
- The way Tina’s voice breaks. She is SO full blown emotional She just really don’t want him to go and it breaks my heart.
- Newt is still not quite keeping eye contact for long.
- “I can’t think of anybody I’d rather have investigating me” *grimace* Instant classic, awkwardly hitting on Tina without intenting to.
- “Quiet life for me now” okay so this just reminds me of Bilbo Baggins at the end of the first Hobbit movie saying he believes the worst is over now. Because HA HA there’s four more f*cking movies coming Newt and you live and breathe trouble whether you intend to or not!
- “And I’ll look out for it! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and Newt looks her dead in the eye!! She just hit the jackpot right there!
- “Does Leta Lestrange like to read?” and he bloody hell says who! Who? The very woman they talked about days earlier. The same woman that has him hurting. That’s a huge thing for him to have a memory slip there. He’s found his giver! Not to mention Tina’s voice breaks when she brings her up.
- “People change” and Tina’s breathless “Yes.” 
- Newt being distracted by the ship soon to be leaving and Tina just struggling to keep her tears back. It just… ugh my heart.
- And don’t tell me Newt brushing a strand of her hair back isn’t better than a kiss in this moment? YES I ship them and YES I can’t wait for their relationship to start, but I HATE movies that forces love. This is so much more effective and fitting for these two. A slow start, but no less romantic and absolutely sweet. If there’s one thing this movie is it’s sweet and I think everyone needed a movie like this right now. Which included a slow burn relationship..
- Newt is not good at goodbyes. He leaves quite abruptly twice and you know it’s because it’s difficult for him to let her go. He just have to do it quick. It’s why he stops a last time before entering the ship, but can’t afford to look back. 
- He struggles to look at her when he’s in doubt of whether she wants him to come back. If she truly wants him. Only when she does show interest does he meet her eyes again. Like when she says the title of his future book because she gets him and now when she very much wants him back in her life.
- HER SMILE. It’s so beaming and sunshiny and nothing hurts while everything hurts at the same time
- He’s still not quite able to understand how he earned her affections. Like when he first looks at her he really looks at her as if he’s trying to figure it out.
- And he’s off and it’s all bittersweet because it hurts seeing him go, but she’ll see him again and she makes that little happy hop because she’s in love.

Okay that got a lot longer than intended, but you should really study this scene because Eddie and Katherine are just amazing with their acting. Their expressions and small details. Wow. Just focus on Tina in one go, then Newt the next. They are just brilliant. For someone who’s not much of a shipper in general it’s a big effing deal for him how deep I am in this Newtina ship <3