ugh i love snakes



It’s crazy to think that three months ago, today, it was pouring rain. I’d walked around the whole cramped, crowded room and no little snake had grabbed my attention. The three hundred dollars in my pocket was burning, and I was yearning for for a snake, any snake, to come home with me and make use use of all of my efforts. I started to worry that I’d done all the work, crammed it all in just to go home with nothing. I took a step outside. Water poured off the roof of the commerce center, and the lighting and thunder clashed softly in the distance, the light echoing through the reflections on the puddles and rainsiaked street. I remember it so vividly. I’d put down $20 on a $200 3 month old male banana. I regretted it immediately. I’d also offered money down on a mimosa girl, but the breeder insisted he’d hold her for free. I made a compromise. I liked mimosas. I hadn’t wanted a girl, but she certainly wasn’t the worst choice. So I walked back. The breeder produced her sister, and her tiny, intricate patterns still didn’t grab me. Then, someone pointed out the only other champagne at the show; a black pastel champagne, het. Ghost. The first thing I remember about seeing Kabuki was the ringers. I thought he was was a champagne pied, and $225 was a steal. But the ringers came with the black pastel. I quickly apologized to the breeder for having him hold the mimosa for me, and asked to hold the bp champ boy. I was so entranced, I barely heard him ask for me to put on hand sanitizer. When I first held him, I already knew his name. I went in looking for a pied, and left with Kabuki. I coughed up the money with out any negotiation. I ran to the car on the 5th level of the parking structure, the storm making it cold and wet. I had his tub wrapped in my sweater; I’ve never has goosebumps that bad in my life. That was just three months ago. Now he’s gained close to 100g, put on a few inches, and is more spoiled then the first son of a billionaire. I love him so much. My Kabu. ♡