ugh i love jessie so much

yuri250  asked:

🎶 Jessie ware: - Stay Awake, Wait For Me - Your Domino - Alone - First Time The whole album tbh SZA- 2 Quinn XCII: - Fake denim -Flare guns - 60 seconds - Always been you This is a lot lol, but enjoy! :3

YASSS, I’m going to quickly listen to all of them!

aaand OH GOD I love Jessie Ware’s stuff!! (especially First Time & Stay Awake, Wait For Me) I immediately added the album to a playlist and I’m gonna give it a proper listen this weekend!

uGH I love SZA so much, she’s so GIFTED.

okay, I’ve never heard of Quinn XCII but his music is FUN – I’m definitely going to look more into his music (but I’m jaaaamming to 60 Seconds and Flare Guns!)

thanks for the recommendations!